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omg please tell me more about your school that sounds so interesting 😮

ahhh of course!!!it is called a big picture or an “innovative” high school, and basically let’s say you were v into theatre, you would get your math credits from building set designs and your english credit by writing screenplays, etc. etc!! two days out of the week you get to go to an internship of your choice as well!!! it is basically designed to make you a creative thinker with work experience, thus being more competitive to colleges as well as for jobs!!! i am very interested in current events, history (art and u.s), as well as music and pop culture, so i have my internship at an art museum! most of my projects have been about north korea, as well as poetry and gardening!!!! ye but i absolutely love it here i’m so happy :”) 

Unofficial translation by an Anon on 4chan
  • However, it took me some time to find the thread and for some reason when I visited the site again, it showed an error. If you’re lazy like me, I’ll just type it out here. The credit goes to them!!
  • *Kageyama Household, Mob is calling Takane Household while Ritsu is standing at the side, sweating nervously*:
  • Mob: Hello... It’s... It’s been a while, ma’am, it’s Shigeo.
  • Mob: Is Tsubomi-chan here? Y-yes... Please.
  • Mob: ... Ah! Hello, Tsubomi-chan?! Ah... Sorry to call you so suddenly. I only knew the phone number of your house.
  • Mob: Well, you know... Er... About you moving house... Ah... So it’s true? I see... Yeah... Well...There was something I wanted to tell you about... Eh? Ah, no, on the phone is kinda... Yeah...
  • Mob: If you’d like, tomorrow after school... No! It’d be best if we don’t meet inside the school!
  • Mob: How about we meet at the old park close to our homes?
  • Mob: That’s right!! We used to play there a lot.. Hmm? I sound weird?! Ha?
  • Mob: My voice?! It’s not trembling at all! That’s just your imagination...
  • Mob: No, yeah I’m fine... Hmm...
  • *Next day, Salt Middle School, Class 2-1*:
  • Mezato: Eh?! So you made a promise? Not bad!
  • Mezato: It’s not just one person at the back of the school building but in the park where you made memories instead..
  • Mob: Yeah...
  • Inukawa: That’s pretty unexpected!
  • Inukawa: If you managed to go out with her, please introduce me to her female friends!!
  • Mob: Hmm...
  • (Note: Dialogue encased within brackets are thoughts!)
  • Mob: [I wonder why... I’m going to tell Tsubomi-chan something very important..]
  • Mob: [But somehow, I’m feeling surprisingly calm.]
  • *Later on that day, Body Improvement Club room*:
  • Musashi: So, it’s today, isn’t it! Do your best, Kageyama!
  • Sagawa: Fight on, Kageyama-kun!!
  • Tome: So you didn’t change your hair?
  • Tome: Well, I guess it’s okay, to be honest I too would rather you stayed the way you are Mob-kun.
  • *Later, after Club duty, he encounters Ritsu*:
  • Ritsu: Nii-san... Today I’ve got a Student Council meeting so I can’t accompany you,
  • Ritsu: But I pray for your success.
  • *On his way to a flower shop*:
  • Mob: [Come to think of it...]
  • Mob: [I wonder why I’ve thought about asking everyone for advice about how to confess to the one I love.]
  • Mob: [Maybe it’s because...]
  • Mob: [I’m no longer bottling up my feelings like I used to before...]
  • *At the flower shop*:
  • Mob: I’ll take a bouquet, please.
  • Florist manager: Yes. Do you want a shopping bag?
  • Florist manager: I wonder if that’s good...
  • Mob: [With 1000 yen you get something that small.]
  • Mob: [Well, it’s not about the size, after all...]
  • *On his way to the Park*:
  • Minegishi: Kageyama Shigeo
  • Mob: !!
  • Mob: Ah...
  • Mob: Err, that’s...
  • Minegishi: Let’s change bouquets.
  • Mob: Ehhh!!?
  • Mob: Is that alright?! Why though...
  • Minegishi: Take it already.
  • Mob: [Everyone...]
  • Mob: [Thank you.]
  • (I repeat: I did not translate this!! I just retyped it out. And yes, Mob’s last line was Thanks.)

It’s stupidly late because my brain is like a sieve but here it is. @alfalfalegacy asked for a large purple family with a dark purple false heir and out popped the Totre’s. 

Defaults on DLs page

Please do not reupload/claim my sims as your own. Do not change their features. Please credit me and tag me so I can see what they get up to. I track the tag #indielectualll. You can change her hair style and clothes but hair and eye colors need to stay the same. I suck at remembering traits so some of my sims have 3 instead of 5. If so feel free to add a couple more but don’t change the three they have.  

Sorry there were late! I hope you love them as much as I do :D

Traits and LTW under the cut

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Be Warned! Be Vigilant!

Just got a phone call I am ME, he was TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE

ME: Thank you for calling blah blah inn, my name is ravendarklord76, how may I help you?

TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: Hello ravendarklord76, this is TootyMcFruityDerpFace, I’m the Assistant Director for blah blah inn.

ME: Hi

TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: Hi, I need to ask you for a favor.

ME: Hmmm (you don’t sound like your in a professional setting) Mkay?

TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: Our system is down…and you know how much of a pain that is uproarious laugh


TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: continues laughing for a sec So could you grab you dfsvlikujnflblnb binder?

ME: I’m sorry? What was that?

TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: Could you grab your Night Authorization dwfgkje n please?

ME: My what? (can you not speak bro?

TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: Credit card authorization binder, please. could you pull it out?

ME: No…

TOOTYMcFRUITYDERPFACE: Hello? [must have thought I said huh or what again] Yes could you get your credit card authorization bind out for me please?

Me: No!…No, I cannot do that for you.


ME: …


MORAL OF THE STORY KIDS (i.e. newbies to the industry): Credit Card authorization information is STRICTLY for the hotel property and the Authorizer of the card. Best practice is to not even have a binder on the line, they should be set up in the system for the card to charge room and tax (sometimes incidentals, but that’s few and far between) and then given to a manager to hold in a secure location. Anyone that’s asking about authorizations that is not the card holder or company is more than likely a scammer.

By: ravendarklord76

True Colors/// Teddy Lupin x Reader

Request:Hey, just asking, can you do a Teddy fan fic or a Remus fan fic or a Fanfic with Remus and Teddy? If not sorry for wasting your time :)                       ( @cutegirlygirl1223 )

A/N: The most iconic #wastehertime2017. I decided to go with Teddy cause it’s time I widen my fanfiction horizons or whatever. This is based on that one text post about Teddy Lupin that went around a while ago so idea credits to whoever made that. Enjoy!


   You felt someone cover your eyes and a slight smile creeped onto your face. You knew exactly who it was. 

   “Guess who,” Teddy called in a sing song voice. 

   “Who other than the one, the only, Quidditch legend Teddy Lupin?!” His hands were removed from in front of your eyes so that you could actually see him. You were surprised that he even showed up to breakfast with how much he had been practicing but you were glad he did. You were also surprised by his hair today. It was your favourite color. You knew he did that just for you which made you smile.

   “Finally eating huh?” 

   “No actually, I just came to see you before the game.” He was already had some of his Quidditch clothes on. It made you a little jealous to see him in his jersey because usually you liked to wear it but he looked better in it anyways. 

   “Oh, you are eating today, okay? You’ve been stressing about this, what would Harry think? And your gran?” Teddy rolled his eyes. You grabbed a piece of bacon and poked him in the lip. He glared at you. You poked him in the face a few more times. 

    “You’re so annoying.” While his mouth was open you shoved it in. He grabbed it and began to chew. “Fine, whatever. It’s bad luck to eat before a game anyways.” 

   “That’s complete rubbish. I’m not gonna let you starve yourself for some stupid game.” He gasped dramatically. 

    “It is not a stupid game, it’s a way of life,” he said sarcastically. “You’re coming, right?” 

   “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 

   “Good because you’re my lucky charm. Speaking of my lovely lucky charm do you like the hair? It’s also gonna bring me luck.” 

    “The hair isn’t a lucky charm, it’s you flirting.” 

    “It’s only flirting if it’s working.” Teddy’s eyes made their way up to yours. “Is it working.” 

    “Maybe…hey don’t you have a game to be at or something?” Teddy fake pouted. 

   “Yeah but I hate to leave you.” He was closer than usual and almost as if it was the first time ever you noticed how kissable his lips were. But no, you weren’t about to kiss him that easily. 

    “Bye, Lupin.” Teddy got up and walked towards the exit. At the very last moment he turned around and blew a kiss at you. You pretended to catch it and smile.

    The game was going well. Teddy was absolutely killing it. Throwing the Quaffle right past the Keeper again and again and again. You cheered loudly every time. He was a bit of an annoying showoff and doing flips on his broom whenever he scored. He would ride past your spot on the stands and yell “thank you lucky charm” or something along those lines. You would tell him to piss off but secretly you loved it. 

    “Teddy Lupin has possession of the Quaffle again. He’s on a roll today folks. He approaches the goal. Bludgers soar at him but he dodges them all. Closer and closer to the goal. Slytherins are swarming him on either side doing their best to stop him from scoring but he speeds past all of them. And he scores!” 

    You burst into applause. Teddy came flying towards you. “It’s all ‘cause of you lucky charm.” You laughed slightly. 

    “Get out of here. Get back to the game, Lupin.” The Slytherins did not look happy. Most were standing hovering on the other side of the field. 

   You were too distracted with Teddy and he was too distracted with you to notice the one Slytherin, aiming a Bludger right at Teddy. It hit him square in the face and he was instantly out. He began to plummet to the ground. You screamed and shot out of your seat. You made your way out of the stands and down to him. 

    He had a bruised on his face and what looked like a broken nose. And maybe a broken arm and leg. You felt like you were about to cry. Teachers and students began to flood the field. Madam Hooch was yelling at the Slytherin who hit him and you were glad she was because if she didn’t you would. You stood over Teddy and ran alongside him as they whisked him to the hospital wing. 

   All of his teammates were gathered around the bed with his realatives standing closer.. You stood next to him trying not to cry. Suddenly, Professor McGonagall burst into the room. She looked concerned which didn’t surprise you, she had always liked Teddy. 

    She approached the bed and when she saw Teddy she gasped. 

    “It’s bad, I know,” you mumbled. 

    “No it’s not that…he…he looks just like his father.” Now she looked like she was gonna cry. She came closer to him and ran her hand across his arm before turning to leave. You looked down at him and focused on his features. He didn’t quite look like Teddy, he still looked slightly like himself but not quite. There were a few details about him that weren’t there normally. 

   Freckles that were scattered across the bridge of his nose. Brown hair. Rounder face. You had only seen a few images of his dad that he had shown you but you were sure that he now looked exactly like him. Your mouth fell open and your hand went up to cover it. 

   Slowly, Teddy’s eyes began to open. They were more hazel now than their typical green. You smiled. “Everyone looks so upset…who died,” he croaked out. Everyone laughed a bit. 

   “Wait…was it me?” Everyone was just standing there staring because of how different he looked. “Seriously what’s wrong?” His eyes paned over to you. “You too (Y/N)?” 

   “Teddy you just look so…different. You look just like your dad. McGonagall says just like him.” His eyes went wide. 

   “What? No! Get out! Get out!” Everyone looked surprised, even you. He focused on turning back, a few of his roots turned turquoise but he seemed to be straining himself. Madam Pomprey came and told everyone to clear out. Teddy grabbed your wrist. “Can you…stay?” You smiled kindly. 

    “Absolutely.” Everyone left. Teddy scooted aside so you could lay in the bed with him. 

   “So…do I really look like him?” 

   “I mean…I haven’t seen many pictures but from what I’ve seen, you absolutely do.” He stared straight upward. He swallowed harshly. 

   “You know growing up I would try my hardest to transform into my dad. I would stand in front of a mirror with his pictures and try and try and try but nothing would ever happen. So I would cry and Harry or Ginny or Nan would comfort me. So I stopped trying and I put dads pictures away and I stopped thinking about them. I couldn’t deal with it. I wanted to be close to him but he’s so far away. I stopped wanting to be close because it felt like such a childish thought and now….” He paused and a tear slipped down his cheek. “Can you tell me how I look? Please.” 

    “Okay…you have freckles. Just on your nose put they’re there. They’re really cute. Your hair is brown now which is kinda crazy. Your eyes are green. Your head shape is different. I’m sure there’s other things but I never knew your dad, you would have to ask McGonagall for all of that.” He nodded. 

   “Thanks.” You moved closer to him and without you asking he put his arm around your waist. You wrapped your arms around him. You put your head on his chest and his rested on top of yours. 

    “So you gonna keep the new look?” He smirked slightly. 

   “I don’t think so. I mean, it was nice to have this connection to my dad and everything but it’s just not me. I mean, brown hair, that’s absolutely insane. The freckles however, may stay.” You moved upwards so that you were hovering right over him. You kissed his nose and it scrunched up slightly as he smiled. 

    “Good cause I think they’re cute.” You moved down lower and kissed him on the lips. When you pulled away you looked down at his lips. “The lips are different too. A different shape. Slightly thinner.” 

   “Yeah? How would you know? Spend a lot of time looking at my lips huh? Maybe you’ve got it wrong, maybe you should try again.” You laid your head back on his chest. 

   “Not a chance Lupin.”


The thing that feels so wrong is that whenever I search with the keyword “Otabek Altin”, most of the results is always something OtaYuri. It’s not that I hate this ship, actually I enjoy reading OtaYuri ff and doujinshi even though it’s not really my otp. But, as someone who’s obsessed with Otabek, I feel really sorry for him that’s he’s treated like nobody but Yurio’s partner. I need more Otabek! Not gonna lie, it’s because I find him hot, but also he’s an interesting character, he deserves more than just being someone who’s always with Yurio. Just saying.

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so you repost images you don't own and ask for credit for yourself? I'm sorry this sounds rly condescending but what you're doing is incredibly rude to the owners of the images

I can’t hunt down every person behind every image I use. I also make sure people know it’s not my image.

As someone who likes photography, if someone posted one of my pictures, I wouldn’t mind. as long as they clarified it wasn’t their picture.

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I have survived so many fires, I can no longer tell if I am alive or if I’m still burning.

  • <p> <b>Taehyung:</b> I like your new pants.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Thanks! They were 50% off actually.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I'd like them better if they were 100% off.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> The store can't just give away clothes for free.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> That's not what I meant...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> That's a terrible way to run a business, Tae.<p/></p>