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BTS Reaction-Who is in your bed...

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Jin:  He would come in to take you home after you had texted him.  When he saw you with another man he would get angry and walk out of the party leaving you behind.  When you caught up to him and explained, he would understand and forgive you.

Suga:  When he woke up in his friends room and realized you weren’t next to him, he would freak out.  He would go around trying to find you and when he saw you with another man he would yell at you.  You would calm him down and explain to him.  He would understand and forgive you, but still be mad.

J-Hope:  He would call you and when you didn’t answer, he would follow the sound of your phone until he saw you with another guy in bed.  He would wonder why and stay calm.  Once you explained, he would forgive you.

Rap Mon:  He would be surprised when he accidently walked into the room and saw you with another guy.  Once you explained to him that you just saw a bed you passed out and didn’t realize someone else was in the bed with you.  He would question it slightly, but believe you.

Jimin:  He would be really shocked seeing you with someone that wasn’t him.  He would be sad at the thought that you had cheated on him even though you hadn’t.  You would take him into the other room and explain.  He would understand but take a few days to forgive since you made him feel bad.

Tae:  He wouldn’t be too sure what he was looking at.  He wouldn’t know if he had caught you cheating or not.  Once you explained to him that you just passed out and didn’t even know someone was there, he would forgive you but punish you for it later.

Kookie:  Once he saw you, he wouldn’t know how to handle it.  He would leave being upset that his love hadn’t been enough for you.  Once you told him that you didn’t cheat on him, you just feel asleep, he would forgive you but insist that you make it up to him.

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I’m so sorry for being inactive during the weekend ! I was in Con in Switzerland ! For the mini event @misawaday I choose AU Miyuki & Sawamura in real anime convention ! I invited people to draw Misawa & I will fix them on my wall ! It was really fun ! Each of them received a misawa bookmark that I specially made for this ! 

I’m really late & I’m sorry ! Hope you guys passed a lovely week end !

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Hey… My name is Taylor and i’m 21. i look like i’m 13 and i know that i’m over weight but i couldn’t stop feeling sad about @therealjacksepticeye and so to make him feel better i thought i’d try helping out and take a picture of me and my jumbo Sam! CREDIT FOR IDEA: @super-septic-pewdie-plier

 i’m sorry my appearance is bad but i love jack to much to sit here and know he’s upset 😊💗

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Hi, I love your art!! I just wanted to know if you allow reposts on like Instagram for example (with proper credits of course) I understand if you don't want reposts at all and totally respect your decisions :) have a good day! Also sorry to bother if you've answered this before

Hello! As for now, I only allow it if it’s for icon/cover use ;;w;;
Link sharing is okay^^ Thank you so much btw :>

“Can you stop dabbing?” TOP scenario

Requested by anon; Could you please make a story with #30 and T.O.P. ? 

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Number thingy :)

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Seunghyun had gotten himself lost in the youngsters trends. Especially dabbing. He would dab at literally everything. He would sneeze, then dab. He would wash his hands or brush his teeth, then dab. At first it was hilarious, but after a while it started to annoy you.

You were walking from the mall with Seunghyun. You were surrounded by shouting paparazzis. Seunghyun started dabbing for the cameras and accidentally hit you in the face. You yelped and held your cheek.

“Yah! Can you stop dabbing for once? You’re getting more annoying than those teenagers” You complained. He grinned at you like a rebellious kid and dabbed once more. You groaned and started walking faster. Seunghyun quickly caught up with your short legs and lifted you up, carrying you in bridal style to the car.

“I apologize ma lady” He said formally. You giggled and hit his shoulder as he carefully put you down and opened the car door.

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Okay come on now you know that was harsh and uncalled for. If someone said that shit about Zayn you'd be ready to flip shit.

If? Bitch IF??? Zayn gets that shit said about him day in and day out especially on this damn website+ plus all the racial, abelist, and islamophobic bullshit he deals with every single day. People constantly undermine his achievements, refuse to give him credit and strip him of every accomplishment he’s earned outside of that God forsaken band and erase him completely from the bands history despite him being the best vocalist in that damn group. Even though Niall couldn’t sing worth a damn and half the time his guitar was fucking unplugged, he got pushed in front more so than Zayn and still is in regards to the band before March 2015. So I’m sorry (I’m actually honestly not) if calling an untalented mediocre white man, “untalented” and “mediocre” is “too harsh” at least it’s the damn truth and not pulled out of my ass like the shit people say about Zayn. Now get the fuck out of my inbox and go eat his pasty bland ass somewhere the fuck else.

ゼンリョク‼ by $MA on pixiv

There is no shelter from the storm.

Team Instinct is prepared for combat!

This will be a print along with Mystic and Valor as part of the set at Animaga 2016 held this weekend!!


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)