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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write something about jealousy Effie to Hazell? I know you wrote like that, but maybe here you could put something where Hazell soothes Effie, saying that Haymitch loves her. Well, or something like that but with this sense. Thank you!!!

Here you go! [X]

Of Old Friends, Folded Clothes And Battlefronts

There was only so much cleaning Effie could do in the small compartment that was her home away from home in Thirteen.

Everything was spotless, all the pieces of clothing in the room had been folded and put away, she had reorganized the ridiculously tiny bathroom…

She dropped on the chair and propped her elbows on the table, burying her face in her hands. Typically, she had tricks to focus all that restless energy: do her nails, smoke a cigarette, sketch clothes… Her fake nails had been torn away at her arrival and she didn’t have a manicure set, she hadn’t been able to find a single cigarette in the District and paper was too important to be wasted away with doodles – or so she had been made aware during a briefing.

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Anonymous asked for this from this list but I, like the genius I am, accidentally deleted that ask. Still, here we go:

Prompt:  “Where are you going?” - “Somewhere you won’t be there” - Friends With Benefits (with request for some angst)

Going with MCU for this, because oh the angst (of course, there has to be a happy ending because THIS IS ME)

It was a bad decision from the moment they had first thought about it. Not that they had ever thought this through, but there had been talks of consent and skirting around rules before Steve had simply leaned forward to kiss Tony against the door. 

There had not been a lot of talking apart from Tony cursing out Steve’s name or Steve murmuring encouragements against Tony’s skin. It had been a clash of relief and convenience with the comfort of being ‘just friends’.

It was a bad meme come to life but neither Steve nor Tony had really complained about it in the afterglow of the first time, laughing lazily and ribbing each other over moments of ecstasy. 

“I’ll go clean up” Tony had said with an easy grin, sliding out of his own bed and walking towards the shower, “Catch some rest and then we’ll go out for burgers. Barton has been harping about me owing him the ‘best burgers in a dozen’ after the last bet.”

“I still can’t believe you ever bet against him on targets,” Steve answered lazily, feeling flush with endorphins, eyes hazy as he eyed Tony from the bed, “Win for everyone though, I guess. Free food.”

“How dare you,” Tony chuckled mildly before slipping into his bathroom, locking the door behind him and Steve stayed in bed, gazing up at the ceiling and trying to focus on the good part of this change rather than some hidden nagging in his brain.

It would be fine. They were friends now, finally, after years of feeling their equation out and circling around a middle ground. They were still different but the edges had smoothed out, their differences feeling more fit to be puzzle pieces than jagged shards. 

The attraction had been there unspoken from Day 1, when they had met on the Helicarrier but it felt more - easy now. More consensual than aggressive clashing of desires. 

Steve was happy with it. Adding sex to their friendship was a bonus, a benefit, and that was always rare enough with their lives, so he really had no complaints.

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Freezing mum died alone 'wrapped in coat at home after benefits were stopped'
Elaine Morrall, who suffered from an eating disorder and mental health problems, was discovered dead at her home in Runcorn, Cheshire, earlier this month
By Lucy Clarke-Billings

“Elaine was deemed not ill enough for ESA [Employment and Support Allowance]. Had her benefits stopped numerous times, which in turn stopped her housing benefit.

“No income but expected to be able to pay full rent. Was told being in intensive care was not sufficient reason for failing to attend a universal credit interview.

“I went to the job centre to inform them that she couldn’t attend. But benefits stopped again.

“Uncaring housing taking her to court. She’s due to go to court on Monday. Is being dead now enough reason? Is that what’s had to happen to prove she was ill?

“How many people have got to die before this government realises they are killing vulnerable people??

The Government knows but doesn’t care. Which is why they need to go. 


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son


One Last Night

Er… I am not even sure why I drew this, I am embarrassed now *….*

Um, well, I hope you guys like this…er.. if you think I should do a part two let me know… but idk if I will lol being a student is hard, it took me a month to finish this. I am still trying to get used to the characters… I know in some panels they look different but,er, I tried to keep them consistent though I guess in some poses I failed… Sorry about that.  

Also it might help to read the comment bubbles if you open the image in a different tab, separately.

Now or Never (m)

Pairing: fwb!Jimin x Reader
Genre: SMUT / angst 
Word Count: 26k magic
Summary: Road trips are always great. Especially, when spent with your playboy friend with benefits, whom you happen to be in love with.
Author’s Note: There’s literally all kinds of smut scenes in here omg lol But I’m SO HAPPY this is finally done. I’ve been working on this since December 31st, which sums up to like 9 months now? I’ve put so much effort into it, I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

“Let’s go to Vegas.”

The sentence still rings in your ears as you grab your black duffle bag, filled with all your belongings, and flee from your grand shared hotel suite. You disregard the fact that you haven’t bid him goodbye, but you’re sure he wouldn’t mind with the state he was in when you’ve seen him last.

Normally, you hate wearing sunglasses at night, your dim surroundings then usually leading to a confused jumble, but you pull them on nonetheless to exude the image of a cool girl. A cool girl is someone who takes life as it is, whose everyday life is an adventure and who doesn’t care about what others think or want.

You’ve nearly perfected that persona since you started seeing him, bent on changing your personality in ways to fit him perfectly. In the end, it still wasn’t enough to keep him hooked.

The shared nights in the motels you stayed at during your road trip with him, or the hot makeout sessions in his new Mustang are burnt into your memories like reminders of your failure. You have nowhere to go, but anywhere else is better than waiting for him to return to the suite with a stranger’s scent to him.

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