with my very own meth lab

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(1/5) For one hour every Tuesday evening, sixteen year old Skye sat in a room with ten other troubled teens as they ate gross hard candies and talked about how they'd improve themselves. Her sentence for shoplifting (not hacking, she was too good to get caught) had been one month in juvie, and four months of support group. At least their group leader, a government higher up named Phil, let her call herself Skye.

(2/5) “Please help me welcome our newest friend, Ms Jemma Simmons,” Phil introduced at the start of the meeting. The girl beside him stuck out like a sore thumb with a pink sun dress and a yellow cardigan. She waved a perfecly manicured hand at the group, and the watch around her wrist, expensive like the jewellery Skye got caught stealing, caught the light. Phil motioned to the empty chair beside Skye, nobody wanted to sit within two chairs of her. “Why don’t you sit by Skye, Jemma?”

(3/5) A few group members snickered as she skipped over to the chair beside Skye’s. It was the best place for her, Skye thought, everyone else in the room would try to shatter the delicate girl. Not her, though, because she remember what it was like to be that girl, and she knew how it felt to have nobody on your side.

“What are you in here for, Princess? Cheating on your AP biology exam?” someone sneered.

(4/5) “I obtained a 100% due to my own hard work, thank you very much,” Jemma Simmons said, in a high pitched English accent. “I ran a meth lab.” 

Phil clapped his hands together, “And what did you learn from this experience, Jemma?”

She cocked her head to the side, “You’ll only be sentenced to a support group if none of the witnesses are able to speak, sir.“

(5/5) Her statement shocked the usually loud support group into silence. Did the little English girl just imply she committed multiple murders? Skye smirked, maybe the delicate girl wasn’t as delicate as she thought. 

"What are you here for, Skye?” Jemma asked, ignoring the looks of shock on the other group members’ faces. 

“Shoplifting. I’m a better hacker than I am a thief." 

"We’d have a lot of fun together, wouldn’t we, Skye? I think we’d make wonderful partners.”

“What kind of partners?" 

"We can discuss it during dinner tonight,” Jemma winked.