with my plant bbs

Fishkeeping is just so unfair.

It’s probably just my personal can’t-ever-have-nice-things curse, but I know people who buy the same fish species I do and keep them in tanks that are too small or otherwise dangerous (like plastic plants with bettas,) don’t cycle or even have filters or heaters, buy from box stores, never test their water, feed crappy food, don’t clean or keep up with water changes, stock fish that fight/eat each other, etc. but their fish live for YEARS anyway. (Heck I did this before I knew better, the goldfish I got when I was 5 lived 7 years, my fish from 2011/2012 when I never tested water did fine, and some of them are still alive in my dad’s tank. Same species I have/had now too.

Meanwhile I have all cycled tanks with overfilration for my stocking levels, live plants and safe tanks, live (BBS) and frozen foods plus half a dozen kinds of dry/other, I test EVERYTHING constantly, my fish are compatible, all my tanks are heated correctly to all inhabitants’ preferences, I buy from a place that’s SUPPOSED to be good, I quarantine, and I constantly do water changes, checking every time that parameters and pH match. Yet of all the fish I’ve bought since just March, I’ve lost 25, which is over half. And parasites aren’t gone so I might still lose more. Not to mention that since I keep losing the most expensive ones that means I’ve lost almost $150 in fish…so far.

I think I wasn’t meant to get back into fishkeeping. I don’t have $150 to put back into fish that can so easily die again whatever I do.