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EXO When They Get Hit On By Another Girl *Supermarket

A/N ~ I may or may not be doing a ‘Hit on’ thread with difference scenes and bands.

Scene - You and your boyfriend are next in line in the supermarket, but you forget to grab a tub of ice-cream. You turn to your boyfriend, who already guesses you’re going to leave them by your facial expression. “I forgot the ice-cream.”
“Y/n, no”
“I’ll be a minutes - promise, Just let me get it” you run off.
few seconds pass and your boyfrined is putting the items on the table to be scanned, however the cashier had other things in mind to scan.

He calls after you to no avail. He huffs sielntly and put the grociers on the scanner
The girl doesn’t even get a chance to speak to him as he tells her to wait a second so he can run to find you.
“Y/n!” you jump in your place and turn around to see minseok at the end of the aisle “Babe, hurry up”

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The girl inspects him quickley before beging to flirt casually, “Are you new here? I don’t see you around often”
“No,” he looks up quickly to smile at the cashier, “My girlfriends apartment is around, maybe you know her”
“Um, I don’t think s-”
“Hey, there she is” his smile widen as he takes the icream from you to put on the scanner.

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Automically looks for you when they call him up. He smiles politely at the girl and she greets him shyly. She calls over a co-worker to remind her of the code for lettuce.
“You’re really handsome” The coworker says trying to ignore the cashier, “Would you like to-”
“Oh look who came back” he says smiling over at you speed walking towards him
“Um, who-” The coworker begins to ask, trying to get back his attention, but its useless as soon his smile widens from seeing you.
Lay doesn’t hesitate in peeking your lips quickly causing you to laugh at his sudden affectionate outburst, “I didn’t know which flavor to get, but i figured we could mix them.”

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Jokes with her for a bit but keeps mentioning you
“Theres a party I’m going to at 10, ”
“Oh I love parties” he says, causing the girl to smile as well
“If you’d like -”
“But I already have plans with my girlfriend tonight, raincheck?”
“Babe - she was wondering if we’d like to go to a party tonight”

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“Y/n!” you turn around as you hear your name being called. You automatically recognize who the voice belongs to an settle quickly on an icrecram, racing back to chen.
“What’s wrong? are you okay?”
“Yeah, The items are bing scanned”
“Don’t yell across the supermarket!” You chide him, seeing the girl still in shock by how far when’s voice could reach.

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Doesnt even notice the girl talking to him.
She gigles and repeats again, “You’re really tall”
“Oh yeah, i get that alot” he shuffles his eyes to see when you’re coming back
“So my shift ends in an hour -”
“Oh thats good for you! you must be tired, get home saftley then”
you make your way back putting the tub of icecream on the scanner.
“I’m here”
“Yah! stop leaving me in line in the last minutes.”

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Non-attentive enough for the girl to even get a word in.
She looks at him trying to catch his eyes, btu kyungsoo is focused entirely on the itmes being scanned and then the computer that displays the price behind the girl.
“So how’s your night going?”
“Good, thank you” he says as if it were an automatic response. You come back and he looks over to you and finally smile, “I think thats a new record.”

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You made sure to make it back quickly, but stop in your tracks when you saw your boyfriend still on line. You walk up to him and put the cream down on the basket that was on the ground by his feet.
“Did you let people pass you again, so you didn’t have to talk to the cashier?”
He smiles at you fondly, making you laugh as his obvious answer to your question.

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He’s been grociery shopping with you before and already new to stay clear of this cashier.
“I swear, my girlfirend always does this.” He tells the cashier, whie he hands her the grocieres out of the basket. “She’s so cute, it’s sickening” he jokes, hoping thats enough for her to get the hint.

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A little Keith angst for you all because, y’know, Season 4

Content Warning for implications of suicide because, again, Season 4 (just the thing he does at the end of the season)

He had never known a place called “home.”

That didn’t matter to him, not really. He belonged to the wind, to the sky and the stars. When he dreamed of roots growing from his feet and burrowing into the ground beneath him, they were nightmares. They trapped him in one place that he could never escape, shadowy figures drifting closer and closer until they drowned him. After the nightmares, he would go up on the roof, even in the pouring rain. It was the first thing he learned in every new house, with every new family. He always found a way to climb up to the roof, where he could lay on his back on watch the sky wheel overhead, open and unfettered. When it rained, he let the drops soak him to the bone, running across his cheeks, plastering his hair to his skin, and watched the clouds roiling overhead. When it was clear, he counted the stars. Either way, he stayed outside until he could breathe again.

Home still meant something, but it was something much more malleable. It had to be. He couldn’t grow attached to a place, to the way the streets curved or the colors of the flowers in the yard. There was always a new one just a few screw-ups away. There would be new street names to learn and new gardens to weed. Places were traps. His heart lived in the wide-open sky.

Home was the smell of desert rain and the whisper of water on his cheeks.

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Day 16: Blind

So he is Khoshekh, you probably already know him but if you don’t, he is a “cat with more eyes than needed” and he hovers 4 feet off the ground…

[image description: four wide eyes, the two smaller above the two bigger, on a cat face. You only see a bit of black fur around the eyes, that are filled with a galaxy pattern, in the pointillism technique. The eyes are outlined with a silver gel pen.]

Ch: Khoshekh
Work: Welcome To Night Vale

Because the night you asked me
the moon shined like a quarter
in the sky; because the leaves
were the color of wine at our feet;
because, like you, there was a private
sense of absence in my every day;
because in your arms my heart grows
plump as a finch; because we both
pause at the sight of heavy branches
burdened with fruit, the sound
of apples dropping to the ground;
because you hold no secrets;
because I knew what I wanted;
because we both love the snow,
the ice, the feeling of a long deadening
freeze and the mercy of a thaw;
because you gave me an empty
beach on a warm day in fall,
and a feeling that we might stay
for awhile, just the two of us,
looking out across the water,
I said yes.

“Because the Night You Asked” by Crystal Spring Gibbins from Now/Here.

Aries moon: I am the misunderstood child; I need warmth, like a fire saving me from the cold, a hand to hold, because I can be gentle too

Taurus moon: I am the lost sheep; give me stability like the solid ground underneath my feet, let good things come to me and I won’t feel any greed

Gemini moon: I am the wingless fairy; give me worlds I can discover, so my mind can learn and not only get distracted, give me a voice because I need to speak about my feelings

Cancer moon: I am the long lost mother; let me care for you, because my love is endless, be my boat so I can rest and don’t need to swim in the stormy sea from while to while

Leo moon: I am the supernova; light me up and help me let you shine when I take all the sunlight, show me that the stars and the moon are beautiful as well

Virgo moon: I am the anxious maiden; speak gently and tell me I do things right, allow me to rest and give me trust and be reliable or I will die with bleeding hands and feet

Libra moon: I am the soulles lover; give me a warm hand, someone I can feel whole with, make me stand up on my own so we can find our way back home

Scorpio moon: I am the devils right hand; teach me to embrace love like a fool, kiss me goodnight and you will be allowed to get under my skin

Sagittarius moon: I am the caged bird; let me out, help me to fly and I will come back twice a year - I will not forget you, there is a never ending fire in me

Capricorn moon: I am the lone wolf; be the cave in the whitest winters I can rest in, show me that gentleness and warmth are my best friends

Aquarius moon: I am the wondering wanderer: be the structure I missed in my early years, I want to understand you - be my own eyes and ears

Pisces moon: I am Loreley; let my words wander through your heart and soul, don’t make my sacrifices worthless, be the waves that take me to unarmed dreams

i got bullied by some guy for being otehrkin, so i opened up my phone and pulled up this gif to try and make him understand what i was going thru. and the moment he saw it he just dropped to the ground and started slowly eating himself from the feet up. i watched in horror for about five hours as his body snapped and twisted in indescribable ways to fit into his own mouth and down his throat. by the time he stopped moving, what remained of his body was completely unrecognizable as having ever been human. he should not have been able to be alive for as long as he was. there was fear in his eyes but he did not cry. he made no sound.

I suppose it’s only natural in times like these… when the ground feels like it’s crumbling under my feet it makes sense that all I want to do is run back to the last solid stable thing I can remember. There’s so much going on and so much going wrong … and as always you’re the only one I want to turn to.
But I remind myself that it’s not an option anymore, no matter how difficult life gets. You are no longer a part of my life, so no matter how frightened I am or much it feels like the whole world is crumbling away beneath my feet – I cannot run to you.
You are no longer my safe place, my confidant or my salvation… I must learn to stand on my own two feet again.
I HAVE THE POWER! ...But I wish I didn't.

DM: Now adrift on this lonely planetoid, you see a rusted sword in the ground beneath your feet. In order to regain your full strength after your bond was severed [Summoner], you must draw this sword.

Rogue: Yes, fabulous secret powers will be revealed to you the day you hold aloft your magic sword and say–

Summoner: No, no no. None of that. I’m just going to draw the sword.

DM: Once you do, you see that the blade has an intricate carvings, in the language of celestials. I will send you what it says privately.

Summoner: *groan* …I’m doing this my way, alright?

Summoner: “…Potestatem habeo.”

(After a quick use of Google Translate…)


Summoner: ALL OF MY HATE

lazy lighting practice that turned into ‘how can I mess with the brushes in sai to emulate void’ practice

A long time before I did an artwork of Hannibal drawing Will (at here x) I promised myself to re draw that piece sometimes in the future since I just love the theme so much. So here we are, I even made it a comic page.

gotta bang my head somewhere because I’m suck at word but still attempting to make flampoyant sentences.

"Looks Clear!"

Okay, so I was playing Pathfinder a few years ago with me, my dad, my two brothers, and a couple of my dad’s old collage buddies. Some of us even has multiple PCs, giving us (at the time) 11 total adventurers. (For the sake of length, I won’t bother with listing who had what characters had what classes.)

Context: Our party had been out at sea fighting ghost ships crewed by undead for several in-game months, and the party decided to anchor at a nearby island and go exploring. While exploring, the party happened upon a cave and decided to enter to see if there was any treasure to be found…. Keep in mind the DM liked to call for rolls whenever a roll could be applied, even if it would basically have no effect.


DM: Roll perception.

Party gets mixed rolls, ranging from 1 to 23.

Wizard: (Rolled the 23 via modifiers) What can I see?

DM: Looks clear!

Within two steps, the entire party is assaulted by what basically amounted to mouths with wings. Luckily, the party kills the monsters and escapes with only moderate scratches. So the party continues in the cave maybe a few feet, before we hear the DM.

DM: Roll perception.

Once again, the party gets overall mixed rolls, the wizard rolling highest with 25.

DM: Looks clear!

My character (Having rolled a 10) immediately walks off the edge of a large hole in the ground, spanning the length of the cave. My character barely managed a reflex save to hold on to the edge.

Me: (OOC) Oh, COME ON! You mean to tell me that a 23 couldn’t see this pitfall?! I thought you said it was clear!

DM: I said it looks clear.

Another perception check tells us that at the bottom of the hole, there is some kind of ooze monster. Deciding it wasn’t worth fighting that thing, the party pulls my character up and the wind elemental ferries the party across the gap. We soon happen upon another room, with the floor, walls, and ceiling covered in molten gold.

DM: Roll perception!

The party rolls, getting pretty much the same results as the last time.

DM: *grinning behind his DM screen* Looks clear!

Wizard: Rogue, go poke the room for traps!

The rogue begrudgingly does as told, only to be attacked by flaming skulls when he went to do so. The party wins the fight, now pretty scratched up, and proceeds along the cave. until we find a room with a chest.

DM: Roll perception!

The party once again does so, with the wizard getting a 29, the highest possible roll for anyone in the party.

Me:(OOC) I swear, if you say ‘Looks clear!’ one more time…

DM: *Snickering* Looks clear!

Needless to say, it was not. to summarize the rest of the cave adventure, there were four more ‘Looks clear!’s, within the span of 10 minutes, NOTHING WAS CLEAR. When we got out of the cave,(all characters alive, somehow.) the players (DM excluded) unanimously agreed to ban that darn phrase from our campaign.


I guess this is one time the DM got one up on the players. :P

“Not this one, Yuuri. We need it. And you’re not pouting your way into it this time!”

The siren did exactly that, pushing out his full bottom lip. Pleading shamelessly for what he wanted.

“No, Yuuri. It’s a good ship, it’s going to be worth more than everything on board it.”

Yuuri tilted his head down, gazing up at Victor with his beautiful brown eyes, through the fullness of his eyelashes. Which he batted. Where was he learning all these things?

Victor had to draw in a sharp, short breath, but he held his ground. “If we capture this ship and give it Georgi to captain, we expand our power.”

Yuuri’s expression flashed, turning foul as he scowled. Victor could see the feathers sprouting off his hands and legs, standing on end with his irritation. Huffing, Yuuri shuffled his feet, throwing Victor a glare. 

“Do you know how much we lose out on every time you sink a ship? Come on, my angry little bird, they’re wasted on the bottom of the ocean. We didn’t even get half the supplies off the last one!”

That did it. Yuuri’s feathers bristled sharply. The second Victor saw Yuuri’s lips part, he knew the argument was finished. However, Yuuri did not speak, gritting his teeth instead, holding back whatever he had been about to say. He stalked straight over to Victor, jabbing a finger into the pirate’s chest.

Yuuri did not bother to take Victor’s hand, tracing letters straight onto the skin revealed by the slit in the front of his shirt.

Go throw yourself off the ship.

Victor went rigid, meeting the red of Yuuri’s glare. The siren was biting his own lip, restraining the command sitting on the tip of his tongue.

With a sigh, Victor lifted Yuuri’s hand and kissed his knuckles. He then left Yuuri’s side, crossing the deck and jumping to stand atop the shipside railing.

Yuuri’s eyes went wide and he yelped as Victor actually leapt overboard. His wings burst forth, but he was too late to save Victor from hitting the water, dragging a soaked pirate out from under the waves and back on board.

The entire crew blinked over at them, keeping their distance.

Victor spat out half a mouthful of sea water, as Yuuri stared at him, distressed. “For you, lovebird, anything,” Victor coughed.

Yuuri flapped his arms haphazardly, wings mimicking the motion. Downwind, a few members of the crew toppled over from the strength of the gust they generated.

“Okay, okay, how about a compromise? Let me give Georgi the ship. And if he ever does anything stupid with it, you have my permission to sink it. No objections.”

Water dripped steadily from Victor’s clothes. Scoffing, Yuuri relented enough to peck at Victor’s lips, their own personal little sealing of the deal.

Favorite Parts From the New Episode
  • All Might punching the air and it created a straight line of pure destruction
  • That piece of re bar All Might used to pin down Deku but it could have stabbed him
  • Followed immediately by All Might PUNCHING KACCHAN RIGHT IN THE GUT
  • Followed by Deku’s little bunny hop away from danger
  • Deku using One For All with Kacchan’s gauntlet
  • “Yes, yes, and then?”
  • All Might kneeing Kacchan into a fucking building and then SLAMMING HIM INTO THE GROUND WITH DEKU
  • Kcchan making an explosion big enough to knock All Might off his feet, followed by All Might doing a mid air smash to hurl himself into Deku
  • Throwing Kacchan into the ground with a twirl
  • Momo. She was there and she looked beautiful
  • Recovery Girl smacking All Might with her cane because he could have fucking killed his students
  • Dabi and Toga
It Wasn’t Real (part eleven)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven finale

A/N: ALSO, WARNING: This is kinda seeming like a Stan x Reader with how much i mention Stan but don’t get it twisted: IT WILL BE A RICHIE X READER! It’s just Stan was so close to winning i wanna still make him a strong, prominent character!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Richie x Reader, and Loser’s Club x Reader, also slight Stan x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, violence, pennywise, that sorta stuff.

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“Oh my god… is he dead?” Eddie asked, turning to Richie and grabbing him by the shoulders in a haste; “is he dead?!”

“No- no, he can’t be.” You whispered, refusing to believe you’d all come here for nothing. It couldn’t be for nothing…

It’d been like your feet were glued to the ground, the seven of you stuck only a few feet away from Stan’s body. All of you too scared to see, to really find out if he was dead. Whether you were like Bill and Richie who’d never stopped speaking to him, or someone like you who hadn’t even uttered a word to him in four years until three days ago… Stan was your friend. Stan was family, just like you all were and the thought of him being dead…

But then, as if something had clicked, the lot of you ran to Stan, falling next to him in a haste. You ignored the way your knees scraped against the concrete beneath you or the stinging sensation in your arm as you landed on it wrong. 

You felt your heart beating frantically against your chest, huffs of panic coming from those around you. Ben placed his head against Stan’s chest and as he did so you let your frantic eyes view his state. His hair was slicked back from some sickly looking substance and you could see blood stains on his button-up shirt. Stan was already pretty pale, but he looked deathly pale now. “He isn’t breathing.” Ben whispered, turning to look at you all. “I-I can’t hear him breathe!”

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a rlly good d.va bomb location on horizon i’ve used twice now, from different angles, for nearly identical results

especially good for stationary defenses right behind the point. bc of its trajectory, the enemy team thinks it’s gonna land on the point so they run behind the barrier there. the bomb instead lands on their heads lol ♥