with my daddy


I know I know there’s way too much text but there’s SO MUCH to love about this story: (1) ‘a ghost story that my daddy tells me’ wtf baby Jared; (2) ‘I should have slept for probably 12 hours’; (3) ‘just us and… plants’; (4) the fact that it’s S1 and they’re both about to pass out from sleep deprivation (look at Jensen’s wide eyes in gif 2 he’s like DO NOT SLEEP DO NOT SLEEP). Also the Texan accent but for that you’ll need to watch the video (it’s worth it).

  • Little: umm,umm Daddy,I cant slip...
  • Daddy: aww sweetie *goes over and holds little* who's the best little one ever?
  • Little: *looks down shyly* umm,me
  • Daddy: thats right! now,who's my baby?
  • Little: *giggles* me!
  • Daddy: haha,yes your my baby,now im going to go make you a bottle but *hands little their favorite stuffie* only if you promise to watch (insert your favorite stuffies name) while im gone
  • Little: yes Dada! *giggles happily in little space*
we all gotta lil' bit of ho in us -- Chapter 2: Kimberly
by commandmetobwell, a Kimberly Hart x Trini fan fiction from Power Rangers.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Kim gets a special birthday gift from Trini.

alrighty y’all so this didn’t go how i had planned exactly becuase i caught the trimberly feels train part way through and soo there’s not AS much filth in this chapter as i wanted (the entire thing was 27k words) so i split it again. the pure filth/morning after sexathon is a “bonus content” and will be in the last chapter.

welp this has been a ride and i can’t wait to post the last chapter soon! :)

ps sorry this took so long!!


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Wow ya’ll, I can’t believe Jack adopted Ashi as a kid and is raising her. So beautifuuuul~