with my baby girl

why dont we talk about this iconic moment when tae was so absorbed in watching clips of his costars acting that he accidentally let the gay slip out and had to act like he didnt just embarrass himself in the middle of an interview

“This is my baby girl Cricket. She’s almost two years old and very evil, but for a while I could get her to calm down if I played her MCR or pre-hiatus Fall Out Boy.”

I LOVE YOU CRICKET!!! also funny you should say that because my dog (skippy) always clams down when I sing “what a catch donnie”.

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26 with SF paps?

26. “Come sit on my lap, baby girl/boy.”

Ohhhh boy XD
You got it! ;)

Russ, being the smooth mofo he is, likes to pull stuff like this out on you randomly. He loves it when he flusters you and the blush that comes onto your gorgeous face when he does. But when you sit on his lap with much confidence, it’s his gorgeous face that’s blushing up a storm ;)

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Danganronpa obviously

every time u send me an ask, i say cory in the house out loud

the character i least understand: ANY OF the drv3 kids because whilst i went to go look for spoilers i have 0 attention span and just got bored and Went Away so idk that much about them. Also? some Questionable dr3 characters like tengan wh
interactions i enjoyed the most: snjrfeke. My Kids Being Nice and Loving Each Other, Is Always a Welcome 
the character who scares me the most: I……………….. DOnt Have A Clue. i want them all to Kill me,
the character who is mostly like me: I domt Have a Single Jacking Clue Sqeueee,e 
hottest looks character: in terms of LOOKS? Oh Beans! from DR1 i’d say celes, from sdr2 i’d say im Curremtly feeling mikan or Ko or himata, from dr3 it’s Gotta be Seiko or Juzo and from drv3 it’s angie smangie i love my baby girl also? iruma . Of Course! Of COURSE! 
one thing i dislike about my fave character: cURRently my favourite character is Himata tbh and what i Dislike about him the MOST is the fact he is not in my arms?
one thing i like about my hated character: i dont have a Single Clue 
a quote or scene that haunts me: every fucking day im haunted by fucking komaeda nagito’s hair
a death that left me indifferent: I cant… really think of much. probably something from dr3. /shrug
a character i wish died but didn’t: htme,eemee.., i wish kirigiri would have died in DR3, but ONLY because her resurrection was kinda.the other people i “wish would have died” are only because i liked other charas better, and wish they would survive. 
my ship that never sailed: chiaki and nanami got jack shit. JACK FUCKING SHIT.