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“No. It’s only because you’re here,” Draco drawled.

               She snorted in amusement and a reluctant smirk tugged at his lips.

               It wasn’t on purpose that Draco Malfoy was sharing his afternoon with the youngest Weasley. She had sat down at his table uninvited over an hour ago, a camera clutched in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, talking to him as though they were old friends—which they certainly weren’t. At first, he had spent plenty of energy trying to force her to leave him be but he had accepted defeat long ago. The daft girl wanted to sit and talk to him and nothing he did would change her mind, though he had tried it all; threatening her made her talk louder, ignoring her made her more determined to get his attention, and insulting her made her laugh.

                The most annoying part of this was that if he took too long to respond to her she’d begin taking pictures of him.

“What do you plan on doing with those photographs of me?” he asked warily.

“Come now, Malfoy, I have to prove that you were willing to spend time with me somehow,” she answered with a grin.

               Draco blinked in surprise.

“But I’m rather unwilling,” he pointed out. “Or have you not picked up on that?”

               Her face brightened but she didn’t reply.


In which Draco Malfoy finds himself on dates with Ginny Weasley, whether he likes it or not: date one

Date two, date three, date four


The light during the darkness.



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“ So you could make it one of two ways. You could make it for that same audience, which is what I did – for nine and 10-year-olds – or you could do the Transformers version and have Megan Fox. I didn’t do that. “ [x]

anonymous asked:

I agree with you about Rey/Finn. I think if it happened in the films, it would be really relevant and important. People that argue that it's tired and heteronormative remind me of when Elementary came out and everybody used big words like that to disguise their discomfort of seeing a asian woman playing Watson. I would really like to see Rey and Finn together and I think it would be just as refreshing as Finn and Poe.

Yeah it really would!! I have absolutely no patience for people who try to insult Finn/Rey with comments about it being too hetero. There are times to blame straight people for ruining things, and this is really not one of those times. This is exciting! We have a very good chance of an interracial romantic relationship in the most mainstream franchise on earth! A relationship that’s based on mutual respect and equal footing! Where they both help each other and protect each other and don’t feel the need to pull gender or race or anything to create tension! The thesis of this answer is that they are beautiful together and must be protected!!!!

Not to mention that, past my excitement over a good portrayal of a white woman with a black man, there is just SO MUCH THERE for a relationship between them to be interesting and dynamic. Both of them were taken away from their family (in Rey’s case, perhaps given away, we will see) at a young age, and they grew up without a support system, or love, or peace. They both are survivors of early and extreme trauma, but they both have found ways to survive and still have hope in the world. They know how to fight, but they want something worth fighting for. They have never had an intimate, in any sense of the word, relationship with someone and yet, when they meet, they implicitly protect each other. He tries to hold her hand; when he falls down, Rey picks him up. They are both run into the fire, figure out the danger later kind of people, and at the same time, they are sincere and kind and optimistic and eager, and that is not something you ever see. When was the last time we got a couple that didn’t have at least one cynic in it? There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE!! And if there relationship doesn’t turn romantic, that’s ok because their friendship is still going to be based on all of these things and obviously be very important to the story, but if you ask me, that’s where the movies are going - they are running headlong into a Finn/Rey storyline, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where it goes.