with minimal screentime

you know.

you know what i just LOVE about bvs? even though bruce & lex shared like minimal screentime, their arcs were incredible parallels

out of the main characters, they two are the billionaire industry heads with their own manmade, self-made power at their fingertips. 

it is their responses to superman, who they perceive as a huge threat, that drive the conflicts of the film, and it’s so fascinating how their responses are not only hinged upon the practicality of living alongside a god-like alien but they are INEXTRICABLY TIED TO THEIR CHILDHOODS; they furiously self-project their insecurities and fears and pain upon clark - 


LEX: SAVAGELY ABUSED BY HIS FATHER, FINALLY HAS CLAIMED THE EMPIRE OF THE MAN WHO TERRORIZED HIM, ASSUMING A SEMBLANCE OF CONTROL AND POWER. (i also think it’s VERY obviously hinted at that he murdered his father.) he is at the zenith. and THEN SUPERMAN APPEARS. and the feeling of powerlessness (that turns men cruel) returns with him; everyone reveres him as this wonderful being. just like lex’s father was the revered head of the company - but the public face masked cruelty and indecency, so lex is driven to show people “what superman really is.” what his father was. A FRAUD & A MONSTER. 

not to mention his private rage over the fact that god was never there to help him when he was being hurt, so everything this godlike superman does is meaningless to him, because he wasn’t there for HIM, WHEN HE NEEDED HIM.

and i think someone even SAYS it in the montage where clark is saving people, that detractors are projecting on superman, when all he is “is a guy just trying to do the right thing.”

for these two, as they wrestle with the concept OF superman, he becomes a blank canvas for them to project their fears and childhood demons upon. it’s SO deliberate that he rarely shows up AS superman in front of either of them; it’s all about perceptions here. 

and it is in the end when they diverge. bruce finds a bridge between the two of them through his childhood, through their MOTHERS. and lex never backs down and everything around him crumbles as a result; by the end he truly is powerless. 

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did u hear that they r going to expand ffxv and add new endings and also maybe do more with iris and aranea im fuckin exCITED

I know a patch was coming for chapter 13 to expand on some stuff (like explaining what the purpose of ravus even was) and I’m excited but also….why wasn’t this shit in the game to begin with :l

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Maybe she knew what was going to happen? Luna is 4 years older than Noct, I'd imagine that she'd be a bit savvy at that point. (Uhh, don't get me started on the whole Noctuna thing. I'm just not a fan of them as a couple). Love Luna though despite her very minimal screentime. Her theme is one of the best songs on the soundtrack. I think I've blown up your inbox enough, don't mean to be a bother.

I feel like NoctLuna went through too much editing and the flow of their story ended up being a little awkward. Like this is just me personally but I feel like Luna was more like Noctis’ mom than his betrothed.

Noooo!! Don’t goo!! This is fun!


Please DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT REPOST/RETWEET/POST/REBLOG any photos from ISAC. The groups, whose photos are going around the web before the official airing, will receive consequences and their screentime for the airing of ISAC would be cut down.

I’ve been seeing a lot of BTS photos from ISAC 2016, PLEASE STOP REPOSTING THEM.
In the end, worldwide fans would be the ones getting frustrated and disappointed at how their favorite groups had minimal screentime. Please stop and never repost the photos.


“It won’t affect the screentime what idiots believing that.”

“It’s spreading widely anyway so why not.”

“It’s not like the management actually would care if the fans spread it or not.”

“You think they’d actually cut it down because of that? You stupid or what.”

Are you kidding. It’s a fucking pre-recorded event, of course taking photos & videos are forbidden. Much more spreading them. Also the people in the stadium are reminded not to take photos or videos of anything happening.

Pre-records are not supposed to be shared online before the actual airing. It defeats the purpose of pre-recording performances/events/clips. If they would allow videos and photos, then it’d be where it’s airing live everywhere and not fucking pre-recorded. MBC also released a statement about this before that taking photos and videos and uploading them are not allowed.

Second, yes, I believe they could. After all there are tons of groups in ISAC, they could easily change the footage during editing. You think they don’t have power to do that?

“Why doesn’t MBC monitor then? It shows they dont care”

They do care. They wouldn’t release a statement if they did. They wouldn’t have staff walking around, warning people.

Before anyone goes, “you weren’t there how’d you know the staff does this and that” and “I was there and that didn’t happen to me”, I wasn’t there but a friend and her group were. They were approached by the staff to tell them to quit taking videos and photos and wow you expect them to go to every single person and say “hey that’s not allowed” over and over when they’ve/you’ve been reminded constantly?

“The fans won’t watch it then simple as that their ratings go down.”

Haha. You serious. Most international fans are multi-fandom and are geniunely interested in sports. They’d still watch for results, information and for the fun of it even if everyone practically hates ISAC for the injuries it gives. Don’t be too arrogant about your fandom being all high and famous, I understand you’re proud of them but please.


I understand we are all hyped about seeing our idols play sports, interact with fans and other idol groups but please remember there are rules to follow and this affects the image of the fandom as well.

Ya’ll are probably thinking, “wow you need to chill it’s just an event”, I just can’t stand seeing people being banned from events because of not following rules. 2 of my friends have already been banned because of it and hell yes they are strict on that ban. We don’t want that, you won’t want that.

Hell, I’ll be honest, even my finger itches to reblog some photos because they all looking fucking good but rules are rules.

And ah yes, I’ve mentioned it previously but I’ll say it again, we don’t want another round of people being banned from certain events because of failure to comply to certain rules, right?

Thoughts on the theory that Maas might break up Rhysand and Feyre in book 3

I doubt that (or more like, I’d die if she did that, lol) because with the series being a trilogy she has less “time” to realistically divide Feyre and Rhysand and create a new character/turn a current platonic relationship into something romantic. I’d like to think that Maas has put too much effort into creating a character so multidimensional and fleshed out to just “replace” him as a love interest and thus, minimize his screentime.

However, if she decides on a tragic ending I could see Feysand breaking apart, but not because of a third love interest. It would have to be something mindblowingly terrible and unsolvable. It would be out of character for Rhysand to just “give up” when he and Feyre face obstacles.

(Also, I feel like Maas herself loves Rhysand to much to possibly risk minimizing his screentime, lol.)

Thoughts on PLL 6x13

I’m really digging Spencer/Caleb.

I’ve always thought they “got” each other and were often on the same page mentally/emotionally. The show did a nice job in S1-S5 of showing the nature of their relationship with relatively minimal screentime: we got a healthy mixture of Spencer/Caleb teaming up to hack/sleuth and Spencer/Caleb being there for each other as friends. They were a little flirty, at times, but never so much that it was concerning - just friendly and teasing.

Now, post-time jump, I’m very impressed with how the writers have handled their relationship. They did a great job of approaching their scenes in a way that conveys how much closer they’ve become over the past 5 years without it seeming forced or shoe-horned in. Of course, that’s also partially due to the portrayal of the actors and the chemistry between Troian and Tyler. They play off eachother extremely well.

Spencer/Caleb reconnecting post-high school is very realistic; given the craziness they experienced, it’s understandable that they would be drawn to each other once they ended up in the same place. It would be nice to have someone around who understands what you’ve been through and doesn’t constantly need an explanation…. but also doesn’t carry around the extremely personal baggage that a person as close as a boyfriend/girlfriend would. There’s just enough familiarity there for it to be a major comfort and support without being too complicated. It’s also not hard to see how their dynamic could progress from there - sometimes, in life, you develop romantic feelings for your friends. Especially if that friend is the one person you’re able to open up to and be vulnerable around. And of course, there’s a playful quality to their relationship that has remained consistent throughout the series - going back to the “being on the same page” idea.

The way it was handled with Hanna was also very realistic, I feel. Her conversation with Spencer was sufficiently awkward and honest on both sides. I was worried they were going to go the “I’m about to marry someone else but of course you can’t date my perfectly single ex-boyfriend, you backstabbing bitch!” route for the sake of drama, and was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t - at least, not initially (we’ll see, I guess). Hanna was obviously a little taken off-guard (naturally) but she came to the mature conclusion that she shouldn’t stop two people she cares about from being together if it’s what they want since she herself has moved on and is happily engaged. I was proud of both Spencer and Hanna for going about the situation like adults.

Caleb comes off pretty well in all this, too. He’s basically been filling the role of Spencer’s boyfriend for the past however-long-its-been without ACTUALLY being her boyfriend…. and he’s been perfectly content with that. No whining about the friendzone or putting any pressure on Spencer whatsoever. He was considerate of their pasts and her process of coming to terms with whatever she might be feeling, and waited for her to come to him. That progression of the handholding before they kissed was like the ultimate testing of the waters and making sure it was all okay.

This feels like a mature, grown-up relationship, and it’s very compelling. I’m excited to see how it develops moving forward and how the rest of the season unfolds.

Kirigiri is still alive

While the everyone is understandably very upset, I don’t think we should buy Kirigiri’s death for a minute. 

Metatextual Evidence:

  1. This death was incredibly anticlimactic. Dying via NG Code, while everyone’s asleep, with very little fanfare and minimal screentime beforehand, doesn’t strike me as the kind of death a writer would send out one of the most important characters in the franchise with. Hell, even characters like Seiko or Izayoi, who were created pretty much just to die, got more dramatic deaths and more time in the limelight than this. 
  2. Futhermore, Kirigiri’s death came way too soon after Monaka revealed that Naegi would get someone killed. It’s been two episodes - and only one since Naegi himself found out. And furthermore, there are still three episodes to go. A prophecy that major and ominous should hang around much longer, only being fulfilled in the climax. Solving it this quickly is either poor writing, or a red herring - and personally, I have enough faith in Kodaka to believe it’s the latter.
  3. Kizakura’s sacrifice would be completely invalidated. In previous instances where one character sacrificed themselves for another, the latter character has always survived - think of Kuruzyuu and Peko, or Asahina and Sakura. This isn’t a hard rule, obviously. Making it such would ruin the suspense, and Kirigiri was always particularly vulnerable as this anime marks the conclusion of the series. But to have her die the episode after Kizakura sacrifices himself for her - that strikes me as a bit much. 

So, in short, from a narrative perspective, it makes no sense that Kirigiri should be killed now. A death like this for the deuteragonist of the series would be completely unsatisfying. No, I suspect that this death is faked - as this person points out, there’s a bottle of what looks like the cure Seiko tried to use on Bandai lying next to Kirigiri

Most likely, she snagged the cure while investigating Seiko’s corpse and downed it before falling asleep. She wasn’t certain it would work, but she must have been reasonably sure, hence why she didn’t mention her NG Code or try to reveal her discoveries about the Mastermind’s identity. And now, she’ll continue her ruse of being dead in order to investigate without worrying about interference from the Mastermind - who, judging from Ryouta’s weird behavior with respect to Naegi this episode, is probably either Ryouta himself or is colluding with him. Sorry, Mastermind Kanon theory I wrote up the other day…

So, Kirigiri is alive. For now, at least. Like I said, this kind of death would be unsatisfying. The only proper way for anyone as important as Kirigiri to die would be in the climax - which has yet to happen. Of course, it could just as easily be Naegi who dies. Or neither. Or both.