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Nothing At All - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic: Chapter 21



*A humourous little chapter to lighten the mood from recent trauma and necessary evil.*

(Sorry for the delay today, Tumblr was a wee snarky bitch and wouldn’t let me add any photos of Alfie.  A BLOODY crime in my opinion.)

Chapter 21 – Addled

The sounds of muted voices carried up the stairs, gently nudging into her dreamy state.   She could detect the low, deep tone of Alfie and was pretty sure the other voice belonged to Ollie.   Couldn’t stay away from work.   She shook her head upon the soft pillow and snuggled deep under the covers, the bed taking a chill without his warmth beside her.   Adjusting her sore hip under the covers, a wince creasing her delicate features as the wound pulled.   A deep throbbing felt at the entry point and down her entire leg.   She was sitting up and struggling to check the wound when Alfie entered the bedroom, a slight limp still detected.   He noted the pale skin and worried gaze as she lay twisted in the sheets, trying to peel the bandage from her side.

“Hey… easy love.  Let me do that.”    He brushed her fingers aside and began to peel the taped bandage slowly.   She hissed through her teeth and gripped his arm tight.

“Right, deep breath then…” and he pulled the remainder off in one pull, cringing as her yelp threatened to burst his ears.  “Bloody hell.  Damn near burst my ear drums.”

Immediately he felt remorse as he caught her gaze and the tears swimming within the swirling depths.  Her hand still gripped his arm and her breath was in shallow gasps.   Reaching a hand up to her temple, he found her skin hot to his touch.   Quickly he glanced down at the bullet wound and found it an angry shade of red that stretched out in a wide circle down her hip and onto her upper thigh.   He pressed a finger into the swollen red circle and she gasped in pain.   It was also hot to the touch.   She saw the worried gaze he couldn’t conceal, as he once more limped from the bedroom, his voice hollering down the stairs.

“Ollie!  Ollie, hurry up – now!”

Ollie’s questioning voice was barely heard from the bottom of the stairs.

“Call the doctor, tell him it’s an emergency.”

The sounds of Ollie’s running steps fill the house.   Then a few seconds later his voice carries up the stairs.  

“He says what kind of emergency?”

Alfie’s voice thundered back down the stairs, “The kind where I am going to fuckin shoot him, if he doesn’t get his ass here … NOW!”    

More running steps, followed shortly with, “He’s on his way.”

Alfie came shuffling back into the bedroom mumbling fuckin hell he is, right under his breath, while he avoided Alyona’s watchful stare from the middle of his bed.


“Yeah love.”   He sat on the edge of the bed with a groan, palms pressed to his eyes.

“What’s wrong… how bad… is it infected?”

Alfie looked over his shoulder and reached back to take a hand, “Yeah, it’s infected.   Not bad though I think.”   He squeezed her hand, rubbed his thumb along her fingers.  “Doc fix ya right up soon.”   His eyes finally met hers, saw the dullness that pain had wrought, though she nodded bravely back.   Her lips compressed white in a thin line.

“Does it hurt much?”   She only nodded in response, tears slipping down her cheeks.   He was moving to pull her close, when Ollie yelled that the doctor had arrived.    He brushed her cheeks and then went to meet the doctor at the top of the stairs.

She could hear their low voices out in the hall, and it was only a few moments before the doctor entered the room; closing the door behind him.   Much to Alfie’s displeasure, duly noted in the mumbled fuckin hell from the other side of the door.

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