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So it seemed my little summary for an Gajevy au was quite popular, and I have always wanted to attempt to write a fanfic, but I haven’t written much along the lines of fantasy… like ever. And haven’t written an essay in years. I kind of got swept up in this idea, I’ve been working on it all day.
Anyway, this is my first fan fiction, so please leave *kind* constructive criticism, and most importantly, enjoy!!

Summary:Young Levy McGarden, betrothed to the cold hearted Iron Prince she has never met, falls in love with a young knight. Dressed in black armor with a dragon crest, he spends his time attempting to woo her with red roses and leather bound fairy tale books. Little does she know her knight and the prince are one in the same.

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in the heart
of my dreams
i rest upon
a bed of leaves
made in heaven

you are sleeping
so peacefully
right beside
with light breaths
leaving your mouth

your head rest
upon a pillow
sprinkled with
rose hips and rosebuds

we rest,
our weary souls,
in a greenleafy clearing
in the middle of
a  wonderous garden
which only exists
in my mind

adorned with
small pink cherryblossoms
with the white rays of the moon
dancing all around us

with not a single
disturbing thought
reaching us there

there is only you
there is only me
just us

nothing can reach us there

and there is only
that one moment in time;
when you wake up
smiling towards me,
that matters

and everything is fine
just fine
as beautiful and peaceful
as it only can be,

- when we spend time
in the world of dreams

—  @celtic-poetry, Enchanting Dream

Chivalric Love.

A romance forged in steel and blood, a bond of blades, tempered by the fiery passions of chivalry, honor, and love. A fanmix for my favorite pairing, Diarturia.

Original Art by 槍剣


(1.) The Fianna- Cruachan, (2.) Fairytale- Alexander Rybak, (3.) Needing A Miracle- Kirby Krackle, (4.) Fooled Around And Fell In Love- Elvin Bishop, (5.) Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine, (6.) The Magic of Love- Two Steps From Hell, (7.) Mo Ghile Mear- Celtic Woman, (8.) I Was Lost Without You- Sam Hulick, (9.) Scarborough Fair- Celtic Woman, (10.) Súil La Rún- Órla Fallon, (11.) Safe and Sound (Feat. Civil Wars)- Taylor Swift.

sometimes, i find myself
in your thoughts
in your darkness
may it be that i once lost myself there, perhaps

sometimes, i feel like you’re a part of me
even if that part is not always present

we share a soul

we have hidden ourselves
a long time now

we have been hiding;
from each other
from ourselves
away from the world

inside ourselves
beyond ourselves
behind the shadows

we wanted to be SPECIAL
the oddballs
the same
as everyone else

but you know, 
i believe,
we kind of failed

we got lost,
inside each other

you, in me
i, in you

i am you
you are me

we are melting togehter

we share a soul

we are you
we are me
we are us

you find yourself sometimes
in my gestures
in my laughter

you stayed,
because you wanted to

it does not matter, really
‘cause, like i said, we are us

we are each other(’s)
and we share a soul

Hello friend. I’m writing to you again.
How is your life? Mine is splendid.
I know it’s s long time since my last letter. Even longer since our last real talk. I know, I’ve been busy. Maybe you have been too. Life is hectic. It always is. Do you still remember that summer after high school? It was a different time back then. Easier. I know, it’s never good to be too nostalgic. It’s almost as if you get stuck within the memories, believing that it was better before. You know, when we were younger and the whole world was lying big and never ending at our feet. We were kings and queens, just waiting for our turn to rule the world. There was a time when I wished for us to be the only ones who ruled the world. You and me,together, against the world. How naive. It was a marvelous summer. So many things that ended. So many new beginnings. The last breath before adulthood. That last summer of childhood. Nothing was ever the same. Afterwards. I never understood what happened exactly. But one day, something new had begun. And there was no turning back. We lost ourselves there, a little. But at the same time, we found pieces we never knew existed. Pieces of ourselves that told us another story. A new story. A new beginning. I’m sorry. I did it again. I lost myself. I lost myself in the past. We shouldn’t delve in the things that have been, the things in the past. I know that. I’m sorry.
If you ever driving past here again sometime,why not stop, saying hello. You know where I live. I never left. It’s nice here. It’s nice for the kids. Not mine. But so I’ve heard. Do you have kids? I remember you wanted two of them. One boy. One girl. So you could raise them equally. That was your plan. I was never good with plans. Not my thing. But your plans made you leave, didn’t they? You left me behind. It didn’t occur to you, did it? I…

If you had asked. I would had followed. But you didn’t. You just left. You find a new piece. A piece that didn’t need me. Not like before, anyway. You just got up and left. You never looked back, did you? Never again. But you know. I will keep on writing. One day, I will get an answer. An acknowledgment. A sign. That’s why, I keep on trying. Reaching out. Even if every letter comes back- as Elvis once so elegantly put it; ‘return to sender, address unknown’.

But I believe, whenever you decide to reconnect, it would be like we never parted. At all. Like it was just another hot summer evening. And you and I was standing alone but together, against the world.

—  @celtic-poetry, Letter number 207

and You, you left traces
in my brain, in my heart
(more than i like to admit)

You still remain inside,
you are hauting me,
like an echo

You claw on the inside,
crying out, wailing

Everything to make me feel
Everything, to make me admit
Everything, to make me stop pretending


Sometimes you just cannot forget,
you cannot keep on repressing things
and there will always remain residues

Such as memories,
never erasble ones,
like a muscle memory
in your heart

A small part,
however small it may be;

will always remember
and never forget You

will never stop
just, always beat for You.
(wanting You.)

I understand that now,
You will always remain,
inside of me,

as an echo.

—  @celtic-poetry, Echo
Moments I love from the Celtic Thunder Mythology video of Seven Drunken Night

So you all seemed to enjoy the last video where I shared through screen shots my favorite moments from Celtic Thunder’s video That’s a Woman. So I thought I would give you all another with Seven Drunken Nights. I hope you all like it. So without further ado here are my favorite moments from Celtic Thunder’s Seven Drunken Nights from Mythology.

The look of. “Shit!” On Emmet’s face as he realizes the horse Ryan is talking about is his and Ryan’s look of “What’s wrong with you man?”

Emmet looking at Keith as if asking what to do with Neil realizing that it is going looking drunkenly out of it as Colm and George are listening intently to Ryan’s story.

I initially took this screen show to show the funny little squat thing Keith does at the beginning of each chorus. However upon look at it we really have some gems here. Such as George assuring it is only a pig. Colm’s look as if wondering what the hell is going on. Emmet’s “Shit! What if he finds out?” look. And Ryan just generally looking puzzled.

The look on Ryan’s face trying to rationalize the evidence. Plus Emmet and Neil’s faces are just funny.

In the previous two pictures how Ryan is looking like there is no way that was a pig.

Colm’s look of “Nice coat you got there Ryan.” As Ryan looks like he is about to brutally murder Colm if he says a single word. Immediately and without hesitation.

The way all of the lads try to rush forward to help Neil as he stumbles until Keith grabs his arm.

Keith’s look of. “Not this shit again of having to ask my friend’s wife if she’s cheating for him cause he’s trashed.”

The way George hides the pipe as all the lads watch obviously knowing what is going on except Neil who is still apparently trashed. Ryan’s face is especially humorous.

The way Ryan is trying to hide Neil’s boots from Colm even as Colm realizes what is going on.

The way Colm tries to go after Neil as George and Ryan stop him. Plus the look on Ryan’s face like. “Fuck I’m stuck between them. I’m gonna die!” and Emmet looks genuinely concerned there is about to be a fight.

Emmet’s look when they finally have Colm seated again. Also is it just me who thinks he almost looks like “This is getting fucking ridiculous.” Plus Keith and Neil looks trying to figure out what to do.

The way Colm still looks like he wants to murder Neil in the most brutal way possible for messing with his wife.

Ryan trying to assure Colm that they are only pots beneath the bed and how Colm is listening intently.

The look on Colm’s face as George traps him on the bench like. “I’m gonna die!”

The huge ass grin on Keith face watching as Colm is trapped on the bench.

The way Emmet points to Keith like. “You?” As Ryan looks like he is genuinely just like. “Dude you’re screwed.”

The way Neil and Emmet both throw Keith under the bus with Ryan look like. “Sorry buddy!”

Emmet’s look of “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this guy?” After he catches Neil at the end.

R.I.P. George Donaldson, loving father, husband, and friend. February 1, 1968 — March 12, 2014

George Donaldson had been the face of the band Celtic Thunder since he joined in 2007, but now the 46-year-old has died after suffering a massive heart attack.

Donaldson died Wednesday at his home in Glasgow, Scotland. The self-taught musician joined the group Celtic Thunder six years ago after auditioning for producer Sharon Browne, and served as the principal singer since then.

Donaldson was remembered as an accomplished flute and guitar player whose love of Celtic music came from his late father Bernard. The late George Donaldson said one of the greatest achievements of his life was playing for his father at the Celtics opening match of the 2000 season at Celtic Park in Glasgow.

Though his influences came from Scotland, Donaldson also appreciated finding new styles and sources of inspiration.

His personal website noted before his death:

“George has a great love and fondness for meeting ‘real people’ from all over the world, finding out about their stories and their lives. He believes there is a ‘song’ in everyone. On his many musical journeys through Europe he discovered a great fondness for Germany, the culture and it’s people. Spending numerous nights in post-show discussions with the locals, he has become an eternal ‘struggling’ student with the language. It was through these late night sessions that the seeds of ‘the White Rose’ were sown.”

George Donaldson died after taking Celtic Thunder to international fame, with sold-out shows across Europe and North America including St. Patrick’s Day parades in Boston, Chicago, and New York City. The group also played for President Obama and the First Lady at the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the White House.

His work was not limited to Celtic Thunder. Donaldson also had a successful solo career, winning Irish Music Awards in 2011 and 2012.

When news that George Donaldson died reached the internet, fans brought an outpouring of support and condolences to his family, which included wife Carolyn and a 13-year-old daughter, Sarah.