with louis back



Rare photo.

You said you’ll wait forever but I blinked and the world was gone…
—  “And the world was gone” by Snow Ghosts

Hy gys

I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?

Waiting the race.

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Harry: Do you like whales? Cause we can go hump back at my place. Louis: Dear God, PLEASE do not tell me you got that whale tattoo for the sake of this pick-up line! Harry: *blinks* Louis: *huffs* Fine. Let's go hump back at your place. *mumbles* I fucking love you, ya idiot.


Louis: “Don’t you dare get cocky, you cheeky kitten.”

Harry: *giggles at Louis’ pun*

5. Lars Eller
“Danish native Lars Eller has been a Canadiens staple since being traded from the St. Louis Blues back in 2010. He and his gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) wife Julie have a daughter Sophia. Eller had originally dreamed of becoming an NHL goalie. He especially admired Patrick Roy and Saku Koivu. In 2013, he gave his family and fans quite the scare when knocked unconscious by Senators’ Eric Gryba. Nevertheless, he came back in true Canadiens fashion, signing a 4 year contract with the team. He also owns a beautiful and spacious 2700 foot condo in Nuns Island, where he spends his downtime with his wife and daughter.”

This is my favorite gif ever