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Girl’s Night

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Clichè Roommate Jungkook AU and repressed noona feelings (sorry not sorry ;)

That damn gif gets me everytime whatareyoudoingyouarelike5goaway

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff and suggestive (?)

Words: 2.963

“So you want me to, like, go out or something?” Jungkook voice sounded perplexed as he poured some tea into a cup.

“Yeah just for a couple of hours maybe. I mean I wouldn’t mind having you with us, but Jaimie just broke up with her boyfriend and she in that phase in which she despites every man walking on this earth. And we will probably just stay up gossiping and bitching about people you don’t even know so…”

“Yeah but, I mean, why do I have to go out? It’s Tuesday, there is nothing to do and this is my flat too”

When your brother Hoseok had introduced Jungkook to you a year ago he had warned you he could be stubborn and whiny from time to time, but you had learnt how to handle him. Living with him was actually quite easy and fun. Well, fun for you, because you couldn’t stop yourself from teasing the hell out of him everytime you got the chance. Being a couple of years younger than you it felt like Jungkook was your little brother and you knew exactly how to push his buttons. Sitting at the edge of the chair you grinned crossing your arms.  

“Ok then. Then be prepared to share all your dirty little secrets because that’s what girls do on girl’s night and you know Bora and Soohyun, right? They won’t leave you alone not even if you BEG” you emphasized the last world just to tease and hopefully scare him a bit. He had met your friends before and he knew just how much annoying they could get. Especially when they insistently asked about his love life.

“And I have to admit I am kinda curios about a thing or two too” you added cocking and eyebrow.

Even though he had his back turned at you the way he slightly slumped his shoulder and sighed gave him away. He was about to surrender. You nervously bit your bottom lip waiting for the moment he would give in. He always did.

“Ok ok got that. I will just go out with the boys” he finally agreed.

You smirked jumping down from the chair you and wrapping your arms around his shoulders from behind “Awwww Kookie you are awesome!” you chanted happily.

You had never felt ashamed to express your affection. Not toward Jungkook at least. There was, between you two, a kind of comfortable, intimate relationship that needed no explanation. It came naturally and it never felt forced or awkward.

Clinging like a koala to his back you missed the subtle but soft smile hanging on his lips.

*** *** ***

“I’m going out” Jungkook announced an hour later putting his leather jacket on. You bid him goodbye, not even looking at him, as you ran from the living room to the kitchen trying to arrange everything. You had just put the last fluffy cushion on the ground around the low table in the living room when the doorbell rang. You hopped cheerfully toward the door and when you opened it three familiar faces greeted you with warm smiles.

“Password?” you asked jokingly.

Bora smiled at you knowingly and took out a bottle from the shopping bag she was carrying “We got the wine”  

You giggled and rolled your eyes letting your three friends in. You have known them since the first year of university and, although they could be too much loud and too much nosy sometimes, you had gone through so much together you couldn’t imagine having anyone else beside you.

“Ok girl let’s get this started!!”  

Half an hour later you had maybe one or too many drinks because the room started spinning and your laughs grew louder.

“Gosh I just hate the fact that I spent six months of my life with that jackass!” whined Jaimie swinging the glass in his hand. “That shithead wasted MY time and had me hanging like idiot! His stupid handsome face deceived me! Screw you Kim Seokjin!”

Her ranting was endless and her frustration incontrollable. But, well, nothing that best friends and some good quality wine couldn’t fix.      

“Now that we are talking about good looks” Bora stepped in trying to change subject “Y/N… Tell us… How is it to live with such an hottie running around the house?”

You almost chocked on your drink as your friend wiggled her eyebrows at you. Urgh the nerve of that girl.    

“ There is nothing to say…” you quickly answered wiping some wine from your lips “He is just my flatmate”

She rolled her eyes and snorted “Oh Y/N please!! You have been living together for how long? A year? He is such a sexy little brat. I would like to teach that kid a lesson or two”

“Come on, he is probably vanilla in bed” mocked Soohyun

“Haha are you kiddin’? Like, have you seen THAT body? I bet he is so freakin kinky and dominant” replied Jaimie biting down her bottom lip.

“OH MY GOD PLEASE STOP” You grabbed your flaming cheeks with both hands and tried to calm down. Your eyes had grown to the size of saucers as your stared at your three best friend talking so bluntly about your cute, innocent roommate “He is younger than all of us and he behaves like a whiny little kid half of the time, he blush for nothing and- and…” you couldn’t understand it yourself but you felt so damn frustrated.

“Uhuh someone is embarrassed” chanted Jaimie pointing at you

“Sorry but wasn’t this a girl’s night? Why are we talking about my roommate?!!” You protested unable to control your mouth. You blamed the alcohol and your protective instinct toward Jungkook for your exaggerate reaction. But your friends didn’t surrender. Gosh why wasn’t it so easy like with Jungkook?

“Uhuh come on Y/N we are just expressing our opinions about an hot guy who happens to be your flatmate. Don’t tell me you never had those kind of thoughts ‘couse I won’t believe you. He is smoking hot!”

“And  on top of that, cute as hell”

“And, you know, about him being younger, I bet he got a lot of stamina”

“Stop stop stop please whyareyoubeinglikethis?!” You shook your head a couple of times to clear your mind which didn’t help at all.

“Hahah you are so cute when you get frustrated” Soohyun poked your cheek and giggled uncontrollably

“I-I am NOT” Your voice rose a couple of octave as your frustration grew excessively. Even though you were too stubborn to admit it all this comments and allusion made your heart skipped a beat and your breath grew irregular. You had strictly refused to yourself to think about Jungkook in that way. He was your roommate, a good friend and nothing more. Too bad for you because your friends were now too focused on the topic to drop it easily.

“Is he single? Have you ever seen him bring a girl home?” asked Jaimie

“Maybe heard something?” added playfully Bora

“I-I no I don’t know… actually I’ve never seen him with a girl” you stutter a little unsure how to answer. It was true that you had never seen him bring a girl home, but you were not with him 24/7 so you had no idea if he was seeing someone “ Actually sometimes I wonder if he is still a virgin…” You added thoughtfully, more to yourself than to them.

“Oh come on that’s impossible!” Bora half-shouted and  swinging her arms way too carelessly. She accidently hit one of the glass on the table, which toppled over landing straight in your laps. You were startled for a moment as the wine spread in a red stain on your cute pink pajama. You cursed and looked down at your shirt with disgust.

“Oh sorry sorry!! Are you ok??” Bora quickly apologize with a shocked expression on her face

“Don’t worry it’s just wine” you replied smiling weakly “I’m just gonna change really quick and come back”

You stood up probably too fast because the room turned upside out for a moment. You felt quite dizzy and still in a haze you made your way to your room to change clothes. Muttering under your breath you walked up to the closet and opened it. But what you found wasn’t what you expected. Neatly folded in front of you were several monochrome t-shirts, a pile of jeans, and some sweaters were hung over your head. You looked around to find a room that resembled yours but wasn’t. From the messy desk, the unmade bed sheets, the quantities of manga and action figures scattered around you could tell you had unconsciously entered Jungkook’s room, which was in front of yours. You shrugged scratching your nose. Oh well nevermind, you thought. You removed your stained pajama top and started rummaging in the drawers to find something to wear. He had plenty of identical t-shirts and you could always wash it and put it back without him noticing. You found an awesome, huge, super comfy white t-shirt and slipped it on. Well it was hella comfortable. And it smelled nice. Truth be said it smelled amazing. You gently grabbed the fabric to put it closer to your nose. It had that kind of masculine fragrance you always detected on Jungkook, so refreshing and so familiar, smelling like musk and lemon. Wait what the hell where you doing? You shivered at the sudden thought of Jungkook in the same white t-shirt you had just stolen  from his closet. Why was that kid bothering you so much all of a sudden? You had always felt a strong feeling of affection toward him but with all of your friend’ allusions running through your head your thoughts about him became, well, so to speak, more impure. You started to wonder why you had never seen him with a girl, and how it could be to be with him…

Too caught up in your thoughts you didn’t notice a shadow creeping behind you. He moved silently and fast and you almost jumped and screamed on the top of your lungs when one of his hand crept from behind you over your mouth and the another one kept you in place grabbing your waist forcefully. For a moment pure terror froze you in the spot before the sudden realization hit you. You swung around and slapped the men in front of you across the chest.

“Jungkook what the hell! I thought you were out!” You crossed your arms and stared at him frowning your eyebrows in anger. He took a step back rising his index finger to his mouth signaling you to be quite. He was wearing a pair of black basketball shorts and a red shirt. His chocolate brown hair were all over the place, a clear signal that he had been sleeping.

“I have always been here” he replied nonchalantly.

“WHAT? From the beginning?! B-but I heard you going out!” you said shocked as your eyes grew wider.

“The boys stood me up. I just pretended to go out so that you wouldn’t complain and your friend wouldn’t pester me. I just closed the door and came right back into my room. I thought I could pass unnoticed if I didn’t make much noise” he stated calmly shrugging his shoulders.

“Gosh you are incredible” you rolled you eyes swinging your arms dramatically. You still felt a bit dizzy and blamed the alcohol for the sudden wave of heat that hit your body. The taste of wine still lingered on your lips and you body temperature was rising gradually. It’s just the alcohol you repeated to yourself.

But well there was a certain thought you couldn’t keep aside. You chewed your bottom lip, too nervous to ask. If he had been there the whole time that meant….

“So… Y-you heard our chat?”

His scratched the back of his head and wrinkled his nose. His dark eyes locked on yours but you couldn’t grasp his expression. Jungkook appeared calm and laid back as always but there was something in his stoic gaze that didn’t convince you.  

“Mhm almost everything… You were pretty loud if you ask me”  

You felt your cheeks burning up as your heart dropped to your feet. You looked at him as he scanned your body from head to toe. You immediately felt naked under is gaze unable to produce any kind of rational sentence.

“That’s mine anyway” his words came out calm and strong

“Y-yeah mine got dirty…I just wanted to borrow it…” your words tumbled out as a stuttering mess

“It’s okay you can keep it. Truth to be said, you look quite sexy in it”

You breath itched and you felt another wave of heat running over your cheeks. Who the hell was this guy and what did he do to your sweet roommate? You opened your eyes wide, like a frightened deer in front of a car as you watched him coming toward you. Instinctively you stumbled backward but you soon came to an alt when your back hit the closet.  

“So you and your friends were curious about my performances in bed uh?”

“I-I don’t…urgh…” you were frustrated beyond words and the worst part was that you couldn’t hide it. You still tried to convince yourself that it was because of the alcohol in your system that your where so vulnerable and confused. He cornered you, staring at you intently, and you froze there in place waiting for his next move unable to move nor speak.

“You know Y/N” he started pouting slightly and sneaking an arm up your waist “I usually let you tease me and don’t say a word but I don’t really like when people underestimate me”

Now he was dangerously close to you trapping you between his chest and the closet with an hand beside your head. He titled his head looking at you with such a smug face on you couldn’t help but blush furiously. His expression was as innocent as ever but his stare was so intense you froze on the spot. You opened and closed your mouth a couple of times like a fish out of water. Your fuzzy brain wouldn’t cooperate and yet again you found yourself waiting for his next move. Truth was you had no idea how to fight him back. You had never seen him like this before. So confident, so bold. And although it was embarrassing to admit it, it turned you on so much.

“If  you want to know about my sex life so bad you can just ask, you know… we are good friends right?” his grin only grew wider upon seeing your dumbfounded face. Teasing you was more fun that he had expected. He had planned to do this for some time now, but waited for the perfect moment. And his patience had been rewarded. When you had entered his room casually tossing your shirt away he had been quite shocked but you basically got him the best chance to get you back for all your teasing.

“So Y/N, what is it that you wanna know?” he continued, clearly enjoying every moment.

You closed your eyes shut and dropped your  head hoping he would just dissolve in the air. You wanted nothing more but to dig an hole under your feet and disappear. You couldn’t believe the weird, wild effect his voice was having on you. And his body so close to yours made you only crave for more.

“You are cute when you get frustrated” he said with a soft chuckle.

You sighed and hid your face with your hands. The tables had turn. You were used to joke around with him and make him blush, but now the innocent, whiny, little Jungkookie had turned into this cocky tease and made you turn red like a tomato. He was undeniably hot and you were undoubtedly turned on.            

“Stop it Kookie!! Don’t be mean!!” you whined sounding ridiculous to your own hear incapable of fight back that little brat. He was getting on your nerves with his sudden burst of self confidence and his incredibly handsome smug face was causing you some concentration problems.

Suddenly his hand travelled from your waist up to your shoulder and grabbed your chin gently. You kept your eyes closed shut, feeling too overwhelmed with mixed feelings. He giggled and you felt his hot breath a few centimeters away from your face. Squeezing your hand in Jungkook’s shirts you tried to mentally prepare yourself for whatever was coming. But you certainly didn’t expect his next words.

“How about you tell your friends to get the hell out of here so I can answer all of your questions?” his voice was soft yet alluring and mischievous and sent a shiver down your spine.

Unexpectedly -and way too soon- you felt his body moving back and your eye shot open. You saw Jungkook walking toward his bed and sitting down with a satisfied grin hanging from his lips.

“I’m waiting here” he added nonchalantly.

You looked at him in disbelief. What. The. Hell. Your heart was running wild echoing loudly in your ears. You  had been gripping on his shirt so hard that your fingers felt numb and your legs felt like jelly. Slowly your breath returned regular and you started to move sideways, eyes locked with Jungkook’s who just stared back at you with an amused expression. That brat. How  could he stay there so calm and collected while you were a blushing mess? There was no way you could let him tease you and leave you hanging like that. You had to get your revenge.  More determined  than ever before you rushed to the living room and took a deep breath before speaking  

“Girls, let’s call it a night!”

A.N. Hi there! Hope you guys enjoyed this little scenario! Actually I’m going through a tough period of my life and I really busy so I don’t have much time to write. Sorry L Anyway, I love Jin don’t get me wrong! His name came up just after I wrote the word handsome haha Sorry for any misspelled words and fucked up sentences – someday I’ll take English classes I swear. Feedbacks are always welcome CHUUUU

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Preference #5 - Morning After A One Night Stand - Prequel




               “This DJ is great!” My friend yelled in my ear while we were dancing. I laughed shaking my head letting my hair falls loose.

               “I know right!” I yelled back a smile taking over my whole face.

               We danced for a while longer before I started to get breathless. I slipped through the people on the floor and slammed my hands down at the bar.

               “Can get a water and a beer?” I asked. The bartender smiled and nodded.

               “First drink order I thought you were a good girl.” A guy at the bar said. I glanced at him and I recognized him in one second. Ashton Irwin from 5sos. Ok girl, play it cool.

               “Eh, not too many good girls in here if I’m honest.” I said gesturing to the girls on the dance floor.

               “That’s a fair point. I’m Ashton.” He said holding his hand out for me. I smiled and shook it.

               “Y/N. So what brings you here?” I asked him.

               “The killer live band.” He said broadly.

               “There is no live band.” I said laughing.

               “You mean this isn’t the wedding receptions? Shit.” He said and I laughed taking a gulp of the water in front of me.

               “My friends are going to kill me.” He said laughing.

               “Hmm, so what really brings you here?” I asked leaning against the bar.

               “The girls.” He answered bluntly.

               “Ah.” I said sipping the last of the water and switching to drinking the beer.

               “What about you?” He asked.

               “The music and the alcohol.” I shrugged and he laughed.

               “What would you say if I suggested that we have shots then?” He said crossing his arms and raising his eyes at me.

               “I would say that either you have something you want to forget through alcohol, you think you’re better with alcohol, or you want to get me drunk.” I said crossing my arms.

               “Hmmm… Not drunk just tipsy enough to consider letting me at least kiss you at the end of the night.” He said and I nodded.

               “Probably won’t have to get too terribly tipsy for that.” I said and he smiled.

               “Just tipsy enough.” He said gesturing to an empty high top. I smiled with him sitting down at the table. We talked and laughed and joked and flirted shameless with each other.

               A couple hours later in an intoxicated haze, both from alcohol and him, we came out of the club leaning on each other and laughing. We hailed a taxi and starting kissing each other, also shamelessly, as soon as the cab door closed. By the time we made it to his house, we were hardly daring to be apart from each other as we made our way to his bed falling back onto it after drunkenly making sure we’d shut the door.

               The rest of the night was a drunken blur of very, very, good sex. But that might also be the alcohol talking.


               “It’s freaking cold and cloudy here.” I moaned to my friend sipping beer at a random house party she’d taking me to as I had gone with her to her hometown, London, over winter break. Let’s just say my holidays were not usually depressing music video weather.

               “Says the girl that drools whenever a British guy talks to her.” She said smiling knowingly.

               “I am American. Forget oysters, the accent is the best aphrodisiac in the world.” I said gulping more beer.

               “And we have the prime example of American, Southern charm.”

               “Not southern.” I said narrowing my eyes at her.

               “I know. Close enough.” She shrugged.

               “Ok, I need to find someone to hook up with. If I don’t all my American friends will hate me for coming to the land of the hottest accent and not at least making out with one of them.” I said looking around the house.

               “Once again we return to how charming you are.” She sighed. I rolled my eyes.

               “Well, I am going to get another beer. Do you need one?” I asked and she shook her head. I shrugged and went to the keg in the kitchen. As I was filling up someone approached me.

               “So, you’re on drink refilling duty too?” Someone said above my head. He did not have a British accent but an Australian one.

               “No, not a duty. Just getting it for myself.” I said standing up to face him. When I did I recognized him as Calum Hood. I had to make myself avoid squeaking in shock and from my suddenly racing heartbeat at being close enough to touch him.

               “Oh another foreigner! I’m Calum.” He said holding his hand out for me. I smiled and shook it.

               “Y/N.” I said sipping the beer as I stepped aside to let him use the keg.

               “What’s a cute American girl doing in the UK?” He asked turning to look at me with those damn brown eyes.

               “That was just an excuse to call me cute and I am calling you on it. But I’m here for the cute guys with accents. What’s the hot Australian doing here?” I asked and he laughed.

               “Been living here for a little while. Came out to party.” He said laughing. “And what if it was indeed an excuse to call you cute?” He said leaning against the counter.

               “Well I’ve already called you hot so clearly I’m attracted to you.” I said and he laughed.

               “You’re skipping a lot of the formalities there.”

               “Playing hard to get is a little hard with alcohol in my brain.” I shrugged.

               “Blunt and to the point. I like it.”

               “If you like so much, maybe we should get out of here.” I said and he smiled.

               “Very straight to the point.” He said appreciatively.

               Within an admittedly short period of time I was falling into bed with him.


               “This is great!” I cried doing my best moves on the dancefloor with a cup of beer held high in my hand.

               “You’re getting sloppy drunk.” My friend cautioned. If I was honest, I was already speeding through sloppy drunk to the next part.

               “Thank you! I’m getting another drink.” I said going to the bar. After pushing my way to it I told the bartender to get me another beer and one shot, I turned to the guy with bright hair sitting on the counter.

               “Cool hair.” I said and he smiled laughing.

               “Thanks, you see to be having a good time.” He replied and I nodded.

               “And a good time is precisely what I’m here for. Mission accomplished. What about you?” I asked and he sighed holding the beer glass in front of him.

               “The desire to just do whatever.” He said and I nodded.

               “Wanna dance?” I said cocking my head.

               “I might be attempting to lose control through alcohol.” He said and I smiled.

               “Works best with bass in your head.” I said and he shrugged.

               “If I wanted bass, I have Calum for that.” He muttered.

               “Oh that is it of your dumpiness. We’re gonna dance, get your endorphins going and then we might have sex.” I said grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the floor.

               “You would have gotten somewhere a lot faster if you mentioned sex.” He said following me.

               “I’m not that easy.” I said facing him on the floor. I draped my arms over his shoulders beginning to move my hips.

               “Ah yes, definitely not easy. But you are definitely pretty.”

               “Thank you.” I said smiling as a song I liked started. I moved against him as he smiled shaking his hands letting his hands drop to my waist. I felt my body relax against him.

               Maybe an hour later, I felt my back against the wall with my legs around his hips and his arms around my body. We were getting it on.

               “We should go somewhere.” He mumbled digging his finger tips into the back of my thighs.

               “Yeah, we should probably get a cab.” I whispered running my fingers through his hair gently.

               “Hmm… Probably best.” He muttered his lips against my neck.

               Even through my usual drunk haze, that was a great night.


               “You’re just gonna drink?” My friend said patting my shoulder as I stared at the beer in front of me.

               “It’s what I am here for.” I said and she sighed.

               “You fail one test and you have to drink it off.” She said shaking her head.

               “So what? I’m a nerd!” I said throwing my hand out.

               “A nerd that has to drink off a bad grade. Most people drink to get loose.” She continued.

               “Oh you have your fun while I wallow.” I said waving her off. I’d even put effort into this by wearing a dress and heels to feel pretty but I was used to no one really looking at the nerd girl so I hardly expected them to be looking now.

               “Excuse me, may I sit here?” Someone asked from behind me pointing to the bar stool my friend had just vacated.

               “Sure go ahead.” I said hardly even glancing at them, much less noticing the accent. I heard them order a beer but that too hardly registered.

               “That’s a pretty dress.” Someone said and I turned to them, although I was once again not expecting them to be talking to me.

               “Hmm?” I said when I saw piercing blue eyes looking into mine and my throat suddenly closed up.

               “Your wearing a pretty dress.” He repeated. Then I recognized him as Luke Hemmings. My ability to form coherent words flew out the window, which is incredibly distressing when you’re an English major.

               “Thanks.” I managed to say with my cheeks turning red.

               “Why are you alone?” He asked with his own beer in his hand.

               “My friend left me to wallow.” I said gesturing to the people dancing.

               “Wallow?” He asked. “About what?”
               “It’s not that important.” I said looking down.

               “I’m Luke.” He said nodding.

               “Y/N.” I nodded back.

               “But could I actually know why you’re wallowing?” He asked in a low voice.

               “Why?” I asked meeting his gaze.

               “I wondered what you’d look like with a smile.” He shrugged.

               My immediate reaction was to speak without a filter.

               “Did you actually just say you wanted to see my face with a smile?” I said giggling.

               “Well now I am and that’s not exactly what I said.” He replied and I giggled again.

               “No but it was just a little cheesy.” I said and he was smiling.

               “And my hypothesis was correct; you look better with a smile.” He said and I shook my head.

               “This is ridiculous.” I said to myself.

              A couple hours later I found myself walking the streets more tipsy than usual with him and then I found myself on a street corner shivering in the cold until he put his jacket on me. Finally, I found myself standing on a street corner both of us leaning in for a kiss that would really lead to more.