with loki as the iron man and tony as the trickster god


Because no one’s got down that perfect sarcasm like Loki. 😂😍
But serious this is STILL one of my favourite scenes EVER!
I am protesting… I think they should make Avenger emoticons! 😐 I want a Loki emoticon!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

Tony’s Daughter -  Loki x Reader

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Fandom- Marvel 

Character- Loki Laufeyson / Odinson {Includes other Avengers} 

Word Counter- 319 Words 

Persona- Female 

Drabble Friday- Loki x Reader plot : your Tonys daughter and he takes interest in you during the battle of New York? :)

You watched as Loki, the trickster God stared at you from where he was stood, he was in handcuffs and had a guard over his mouth to stop his silver tongue from spilling out more foul words. 

You were Tony Stark’s daughter- (Y/N) Stark. 

You’d met the trickster at the battle of New York and Natasha and the others told you that he’d been very interested in you, watching you a lot and trying to get your attention- but how could violence and death get your attention? 

You didn’t realise of course that your attention actually had been brought by Loki. 

You looked away from the God of Mischief, who had noticed you staring and did it back to you, your cheeks flushed red and suddenly you felt Tony’s arm round your shoulders. 

“How are you?” He asks and you nod. 

“Fine Dad, thanks,” You say and he smiles. 

“Good…I see that guy’s staring again,” He says, nodding towards the still staring Loki. 

“He is?” You act surprised and Tony laughs, his arm leaving your shoulders. 

“He’s always staring,” Tony says and you smirk. 

“Well if he doesn’t want a punch from me again, he can stop,” You joke and Tony laughs at you. 

“You can tell your his daughter,” Bruce says and you smile before looking at Loki. 

You walk to Thor and smile. 

“See you again big guy,” You say and he smiles at you. 

“See you again daughter of Stark,” He says and you smile. 

“See you Loki,” You say and he narrows his eyes, “What? Cat got your tongue?” 

You smirk at him and you see him tilt his head. 

You step away and you look round to see Loki’s eyes are all over you. 

“Maybe we’ll meet again, trickster,” You grin before giving him a little wave and walking away. 

You hoped it wouldn’t be the last time you’d be seeing him.