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Riverdale Stills x Fav Song Lyrics (1/?)

- 400 Lux by Lorde
- These Four Walls by Little Mix
- Jet Black Heart by 5sos
- Daddy Issues by the Neighbourhood
- Sippy Cup by Melanie Martinez

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What do you think happened to Lux Bonteri after CW? Do you think he's still a senator? Or do you think he joined up with the Rebellion?

We know that during the time of the Empire, the peace they had achieved during The Clone Wars was not long lasting. The Empire took control of the planet, however, we know that Saw Gerrera was leading the charge to rebel against them.

The question of whether or not Lux Bonteri was involved in this rebellion was never confirmed.

We know that Lux was part of the Onderon Rebels during The Clone Wars but circumstances were different then. Whether or not he would join the Rebels is left to interpretation.

I have a scenario in my head of how it goes down. So, feel free to read more, if you like. (It’s a bit long.)

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Psst how about a RoBul kid? OwO

How about two? The edgelord is Anca Radacanu-Borisov and the scruffy nerd is Antonia Radacanu-Borisov, occasionally Anca and Antonia Tsvetaneva Borisov-Radacanu when with the Bulgarian sides of their family.

((Galio and Lux meeting makes my heart melt

But ye considering my slowly growing disregard for the lore changes (most of them have fallen over very flat for me and just felt like they lacked substance), I’m pleasantly surprised with how Demacian lore as a whole has come out. Everything seems more two-dimensional, as opposed to the previous ‘city of shining light and justice, whoo’ sense I got. There are actual flaws in Demacia that I can see cough magic-discrimination and this sense of xenophobia that I feel makes Demacia more real. dd to that the introduction of some more names and places/towns and cities, and I’I can actually get a feel for not just Demacia but the surrounding regions and such. It’s nice.

Basically *stamps Lux’s lore with birb seal of approval* 

It does fuck with my Lux’s backstory but since I’m not really all that active I cbf looking at it (if I had time I would but there are lots of things on my priority list which are higher) but I think the lore itself is a great piece of work.

Basically I think that Riot put a lot of time and effort in and actually came out with some really good stuff.

insert Emperor’s New Groove meme of when you read the lore and you think it turns out just right))

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One of Harry's band members is Adam Prendergast and I was so happy when I found out!!! They've known each other for so long. Emi (his wife) is bffs with Lou Teasdale. instagram(.)com/p/oTnBobkGTF/ here is Harry with Silver (their daughter). They have the cutest babies 😍 besides, Adam is also kinda hot 🙊

Awww cute (is that the one who does the little webshow with Lux). I’m glad he looks to have some really good people doing this with him ❤
(And yeah, he’s definitely not too hard on the eyes)