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Riverdale Stills x Fav Song Lyrics (1/?)

- 400 Lux by Lorde
- These Four Walls by Little Mix
- Jet Black Heart by 5sos
- Daddy Issues by the Neighbourhood
- Sippy Cup by Melanie Martinez

Credit for the last two

Sweet addiction

Netherlands: “I’m not obsessed with sweet food.”
Luxembourg: “One of your leading supermarkets has 664 items for cookies.”
Netherlands: “Yeah well, people want to have choice?”
Luxembourg: “This excludes chocolates, tarts, pies and other pastries.”
Netherlands: “Erm well…”
Luxembourg: “You have a chain letter cake.”
Netherlands: “I just don’t like to waste ingredients!”
Belgium: “Actually I have that chain letter cake too.”
Luxembourg: “…are you saying you gave her a piece but not me?”

73.“You don’t have to stay.”

okay i’m considering this a sequel to this one and this one

They go up to his penthouse for a nightcap. Chloe’s tossed her shoes by his coffee table and they’re standing at the bar together, drinks half drained. It’s just enough alcohol to make her brave, but still in control. She’s steps into his space, tilted up towards him.

“It’s getting late.” Lucifer says, even as he gives in to the magnetic pull between them, eliminating the space separating them. 

“Maze is watching Trixie.” Chloe responds.

“You don’t have to stay.” he murmurs, sharing the air between them.

She looks up at him. “And if I want to?”

He swallows. “I can make up the guest room for you.” he offers and she smiles at him trying so hard to be a gentleman. 

She presses closer. “And if I don’t want to stay in the guest room?”

“Chloe.” he says, strained. She bites her lip impishly before kissing him, running her fingertips down his stomach to rest at his belt. His hips cant forward involuntarily.

She pulls back just far enough to speak, lips brushing with every word. “What was it you said earlier about unzipping dresses?” she says with just the hint of a taunt.

Not one to back down from a challenge, he keeps one hand on her face as he kisses her, hot and slow, while the other reaches behind her and drags the zipper down single-handedly, unhurried. He breaks the kiss to peel the dress off of her leisurely, hands drifting along with the fabric until it pools at her feet. He takes her in with dark eyes, fingers drifting out to touch the lacy confection she’d hidden underneath. There’s a flicker of insecurity across her face and then it’s pushed away at his next words.

“Darling.” he says, voice rough. He reaches out, settling a hand against her bare waist, his ring feeling ice cold in contrast to the warm expanse of his palm along her ribs. He slides them up so his thumb brushes the underside of the thin cup of her bra. She shivers. “You are exquisite.”  

“And you’re over dressed.” she returns playfully. 

“You’re right, of course.” He rids himself of his jacket while Chloe works quickly at his buttons and then he’s revealing miles of warm, tan skin. 

“You’re too tall.” she complains as she lifts onto her toes to catch at his mouth, hands braced against his torso. “I’m going to get a crick in my neck at this rate.” and he laughs, more vibration than sound against her.

“Well, we can’t have that.” he says breathlessly as her hands explore. “Bedroom?”

“Yeah, yeah.” she agrees, hasty with need, and leads him there.

Aaaaaaand i’m gonna stop this one here. I’ll let your imaginations do the rest, eh? ;)

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Playlists for the Signs


1. Big Red Dragon - Little Green Cars

2. Cheerleader - St. Vincent

3. Simple Song - The Shins

4. Lost it to Trying - Son Lux

5. Blue Cassette - Friendly Fires

6. If We’re Still Alive - Slow Club

7. Aquarius - Regina Spektor

8. 1997 - Megan Washington

9. Far Far - Yael Naim

10. Machine - Regina Spektor

11. Be Calm - Fun.

12. Blue Lips - Regina Spektor

anonymous asked:

More Foreteller or Guava headcanons? 😃

aaaah, anon, you know i’m always up for more foreteller headcanons (even tho this took me forever to respond to i’m so sorry!!!)

  • Invi walks in on Luxu in the study, covered in glitter, with three magic books spread out around him, a tied-up Heartless in the corner, half his eyebrow gone, and his cloak on fire.  Luxu: “I can explain.”
  • Ira: “gula” Gula: “oh no, Gula in b-flat. you’re disappointed.”
  • all the Union members, the keykids, bug their masters /constantly/ for stuff from the Book, they are so obsessed with getting the prophesies
    • it’s one of the few things they all agree on and will team up with other unions to do
    • a few attempts include:
  • Ursus keykids sneaking into Aced’s office to find it, only to find nothing other than half-finished plans for missions/speeches and coffee mugs because he actually keeps it in a time rift that he set up.  (they kinda got caught by Aced.  just a little bit.)(Ursus lux collection was down by 50% the next week but that was because half the union was busy moping because of the dressing-down Aced gave all of them. individually.)(because i mean come on he literally had a talk with each of the 20+ perpetrators individually using his Disappointed Voice who wouldn’t be depressed afterwards)
  • Three Unicornis kids convincing Ira of a giant heartless they couldn’t defeat off on the other side of town while five others snuck into the castle and combed his room and the study for the book.  they actually found it in the Masters’ meeting room but they realized too late that Gula was actually already in the room and he might have thrown them all out a window. maybe.
  • Two Leopardus kids went to her office and distracted Ava by asking her for directions or smth while three Vulpes kids (who were just. casually nearby. for no reason.) wandered closer and closer and managed to sneak the Book from Ava’s desk, only to have the door slam shut and the windows seal with magic as Ava stood and, with the sweetest smile and an aura of death, ask, “Could I have that back?”
  • the five of them exited the building at a near-run and all vowed never ever to ever provoke Master Ava again
  • Ira: “We were counting on you to come and help.”  Gula: “Well that’s your own fault.  I have carefully cultivated this personality that screams ‘you’re on your own’.”
  • Invi: “We should get going, before someone makes a lamp explode again.” Luxu: “That was ONE TIME.”
  • if you anger Gula he’ll either A) plant a magic mine in your bedroom that will explode in glitter when you step on it or B) bribe Invi into giving him blackmail to use against you

And guava??? yes, tho only a few gomene!

  • whenever gula goes into a souvenir shop, he always knows exactly what to get Ava.  it honestly changes by week what she likes best, but he always knows.  sometimes it’s a blue seashell, or a small, exotic plant, or a small plushie, or a bracelet of small stones.  he just knows what she’d like from there.
  • Ava would totally be the type to write encouraging little notes for Gula in the mornings, just something like “I love how your eyes light up when you’re talking about your Keykids” or “I hope you finally finish that lesson from Master today!” just little things like that. gula secretly keeps them all in a drawer
  • okay so Gula 100% sleeps in, he can stay up really late but can.not wake up in the morning, so Ava is always up before him, because she can be a morning person if she puts her mind to it (but heaven help you if you wake her up against her will, she does not forgive)
  • but she probably makes coffee and breakfast that’ll be there if/when he gets up, and he def appreciates her.
  • Ava is often the peacemaker when the other Foretellers have a disagreement, not because she doesn’t have an opinion, but because she doesn’t like conflict, and her puppy dog eyes are the only thing that are known to make Gula back down from a stance he holds–not permanently, but just enough that he’s not yelling and he’s willing to listen
  • they have differing music tastes, but they still love to listen to the other’s favorite songs
  • ava totally drags gula out of all the scrapes he gets int–
  • no
  • actually
  • no
  • GULA totally drags AVA out of all the scrapes she gets into. 100%.  she has a tendency to agree to do something for a friend that is slightly out of the range of possibility but she does it anyway, or she sticks up for one of her friends/Keykids and gets in slightly over her head (she doesn’t usually need help, but she appreciates it when the other Foretellers come to help anyway)
  • So she has a good head on her shoulders, but can get carried away by emotion in the moment, and agree to something before thinking it through and then she can’t not because she promised
  • so Gula comes to help.  every time she asks.