with like the full backgrounds and shit

Easy Ways to Connect More Strongly with your Deities
  • Say Good Morning when you wake up, say Good Night before you fall asleep
  • Share your food with them. If you’ve ever wanted some of your friend’s french fries, you know how they probably feel. 
  • Donate to causes that fall under the jurisdiction of your deity. Are they a goddess for women? Donate to a women’s shelter or Planned Parenthood. Is your deity a patron of the arts? Give to PBS or local theatres.
  • Cook a full meal in honor of your deity. Seriously. It sounds silly but you can definitely find a regional cookbook based on your pantheon to cook a full ass feast for them.
  • Write them letters or notes. Keep a little notebook of notes and letters to your deity. Did you see a cute cat that you think Frigga would’ve liked? Maybe you saw a girl’s outfit that would’ve made Aphrodite drool. Let them know, or give yourself a reminder to tell them about it later.
  • Change your phone background. Does your deity have a temple or built pantheon? Put that shit as your wallpaper! Did you find a picture that so perfectly captures the spirit of your deity? Make it your lock screen.
  • Make them a Mix Tape. You know, so you can belt out songs in their honor while making your way downtown. Faces pass. And you’re home bound. 
  • DIY your Altar. I’m not going to lie, I’m not to altar type. However, it is a fantastically personalized space that you can do anything with. So don’t let anyone stop you from knitting that mini statue of Hecate a scarf. 

this is just a personal thing here: but one thing im really not liking in su right now is the sort of oddly stagnant way all the gems stand around in a crowded full or ¾ shot together? if this makes sense?? 

like they’re always standing upright in a line together and no one is saying or doing anything remotely animated or dynamic, not even in their resting poses? and ofc im not talking about things like in hit the diamond or back to the moon where there were big group shots, because those were dynamic and had different kinds of angles and had background shit going on and foreground stuff too

i mean more like that sort of awkward way the crystal gems + lapis and peridot all kind of stood next to each other in a big group, silently, as people talked at them in gem harvest? they looked like goanimate models with the simplest of motions added or something idk, and this isnt the first time since that ep it struck me as a thing that was happening, i kind of really felt it happening in tonight’s ep too… i dont know any other way to describe it than that?

Here’s a fun way to ruin half of the action movies you watch: When the hero is beating the shit out of a room full of evil henchmen, take your eyes off the hero and his current victim and watch what the other bad guys are doing. You are about to observe several stunt performers trying to look menacing or at least busy while actually doing absolutely nothing.

Take the massive fight scene in Kill Bill, when the Bride fights the Crazy 88. They are 88 hardened criminals, but they fight like they are politely waiting in line at a euthanasia clinic. Ignore the Bride and the guy she’s swordfighting with, and note the useless bastards in the background standing there watching it happen:

Uma Thurman has so long to screw around between attacks that at one point, she reaches up during a clashing of swords to pull a guy’s eye out. And while he’s screaming, the other 87 sword murderers stop to let her pose. One would imagine three or four of them would think to stab her, and 40 or so would think to throw their sword or go look for a gun.

Nonsensical Things Every Action Movie Thinks Really Happen

There’s nothing more beautiful than educating yourself guys, if you don’t know ask, google, research. There’s nothing more satisfying than expanding your knowledge of the world, trust me on this.

So I started a business school recently and business schools tend to attract people with business backgrounds but I have an industrial engineering bachelor degree (also a dudebro told me I didn’t look like I could be an engineer because I didn’t have the looks and I felt like smashing my full gin tonic glass on his head, anywho). We have two Finance lessons at the moment and I don’t know the first thing about Finance and one of the teachers went in HARD, I mean they were talking and I didn’t understand one word. So I decided you know what I’m going to learn what all this shit means, for those of you who have no idea about Finance as me, it has it’s own language like English and French etc. So I sat down yesterday and started studying. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the life saving internet website that is Khan Academy, I sat down and took notes as I watched videos about Financial Markets and to know that now I can explain something I didn’t know existed until two days ago is ridiculously satisfying. Maybe it’s the Slytherin in me but if you are willing to educate yourself, not only on academic matters by the way, there’s nothing that can stop you. 

I hope this motivates some of you to get shit done and be even better than you already are.

Beautiful ‘Red’ Album Things:
  • The guitar slide right before the chorus of State of Grace where the sound amps up and how it all resembles the described relationship which starts out beautiful and then suddenly falls apart and explodes in heartbreak
  • The background vocals singing “uh oh” in State of Grace to symbolize how the seemingly beautiful relationship is heading for compete disaster
  • Taylor repeating the second verse of State of Grace as a background vocal right before the song ends 
  • Ending the first song with “love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right” as a warning of things to come
  • How the mini guitar solo in “Red” almost sounds like someone in hysterics
  • The gradual build up of instrumentals and vocals throughout Treacherous that works off the metaphor of the relationship being a dangerous slope/path to travel, as if the further in the song she gets, the steeper the path becomes and more she has to exert to keep going
  • The build up of the beat right before the bass drops in IKYWT just like how the relationship suddenly exploded
  • How the beat and instrumentals stop in IKYWT when she screames “Hey!” right before the chorus like a sudden realization that she’s all alone or it’s all her fault
  • How the pre-choruses and choruses in IKYWT get more beat and vocals as the song goes on and as she becomes more helpless and angry
  • All Too Well
  • “Maple Lattes”
  • How the “hey!” and “it feels like one of those nights” in 22 have a lot of vocal layers to give the feeling of a big group of friends yelling
  • “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Ew!”
  • How no other vocals but Taylor’s are present in I Almost Do, which is also shown in the song credits in the album booklet
  • The background vocal at the end of chorus of I Almost Do sounding like a ghost or a fading voice, which echoes how she is haunted by the relationship but can’t quite get herself to go back to it
  • The entire fact that WANEGBT is a pop song because the person it’s about looked down upon pop music 
  • “With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine”
  • The sound of a record being suddenly stopped on a record player at the end of the bridge and how that relates to the last bullet point
  • “That’s so fun” at the end of Stay Stay Stay
  • How Taylor puts extra syllables in the rhythm at “now you carry my groceries and I”m always laughing” in Stay Stay Stay which resembles how the relationship goes beyond her expectations
  • How she put The Last Time right after Stay Stay Stay 
  • The two point of views in The Last Time
  • The difference in urgency and volume and emotion between Gary Lightbody’s and Taylor’s voices to signify the dynamics of the relationship and break up
  • How Taylor’s voice lasts a little bit longer than Gary’s at the end of The Last Time to show how she was holding on longer
  • How the Last Time builds up and then suddenly drops everything but their vocals and one chord on a piano to convey the loss
  • How the background vocals of Holy Ground sound like they’re saying “hooray” even though Taylor has said they’re just ‘sounds of joy’
  • The urgency of Holy Ground like a memory that comes out of nowhere and fills you with a burst of happiness
  • How the main guitar line throughout Sad Beautiful Tragic carries the same rhythm as a train on a track and then “I stood right by the tracks and “this train runs off it’s track” and the secret message ”while you were on a train”
  • How, following that, the secondary guitar line pops in and out whenever she sings important lines like the memories coming back to her
  • The Lucky One/how it’s track 13/”wouldn’t you like to know”/ “hell”
  • The fact that The Lucky One was recorded in LA and Taylor never toured to Madison Square with Red or 1989 and then admitted to making us believe TS5 was going to be about roses with pics of her rose garden, like that’s some next level shit
  • “Good to go?”/Ed Sheeran
  • How Everything Has Changed sounds like an Ed Sheeran song with Taylor Swift lyrics
  • How the bridge of Everything Has Changed drops everything but Ed’s guitar and Taylor’s voice to give the feeling of intimacy but then explodes with full instrumentals and more vocals like a sudden burst of joy when the love interest shows up
  • The change to 1940′s vocabulary in Starlight to tell the story from Ethel’s point of view
  • The guitar at the beginning of Starlight sounding like stars glistening and then that being echoed in the background by the piano in the chorus
  • The calmness and softness of Begin Again after the wild ride you just went through
  • “But I do” 
  • “I wear heels now”
  • How the album takes you through the entire deconstruction of a relationship but brings it full circle with a new love interest at the end and an echoing of hope and begins with an explosive pop rock song about wild love and ends with a gentle country song about easy, childlike love
  • The deconstruction of the idea of “fate” throughout the ‘story’ of the album and how it leaves you with the message that true love happens but it’s up to you to make it work and to play love “good and right” and that love should be easy and built on a solid foundation
  • Every lyric on this album
  • The Grammys fucked up

lovetoreader  asked:

Hi, i know this is kinda random, but i'm a big procrastinator and ive had a rough tri and with finals coming up, im getting stressed. Do you have any studying tips or ways to stay organized and focused while working? Thanks :)

OHHH i’m a big procrastinator too!! i’m still working to mend my ways as one, but i do have a few things that keep me on track. i haven’t dealt with the stress of the education system’s call for memorization and comprehension in years, but here’re a few tools i utilize to help my scatter brain:

  • to-do lists! PHYSICAL to-do lists. not on my phone, not on my computer, not hidden in a notebook, but pasted BLATANTLY on my wall to remind me to do things, like:

seeing that stare me in the face every day pushes me a lot more. i tend to just forget about things, so i’ll color code and make sure that the most important things are listed first, or a little bolder than the others. there’s a huge sense of satisfaction that comes with crossing things off. sounds kinda dumb but it tru

  • give yourself breaks! unfortunately, we can’t work like machines. schedule a nap. take a walk! don’t necessarily start a new task, just something that has 0 consequences. your brain won’t get as sick of the information you’re trying to work with! listen to some music while you’re doing so and allow yourself to attempt a system reset. trying to study new things is like having to constantly restart your computer due to updates
  • i always give myself something to listen to! be it a podcast (LIKE WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS ROSE) or a show that requires little to no thought (Game Grumps hollaaaaaaaa i just suspend that shit endlessly in the background) it can also help you keep track of time
  • when i’m trying to remember something, i sometimes snack while doing so! not like, on a full meal or a giant bag of chips but something like, sunflower seeds. i don’t know why, but i work best and remember things the most when taste is involved.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • try not to get overwhelmed. think in categories and chunks. thinking of the lump sum of things you need to do can drive you VERY FAR from the key objective, and can even make you feel physically exhausted from stress. don’t try to take in everything at once. it’s better to tackle a couple things rather than ignore the whole!

these are all things that require practice, and i’m still not 100% with them because as humans we’ll get overwhelmed whether we like it or not, but when i AM on the ball, these are the best things i got! hope this helps!

Warm You Up


GENRE: Fluff.. just- just fluff…



SUMMARY: In which Jinyoung is a smooth talker and you blush very easily.

A/N: LISTEN,,,, i know i haven’t written in forever and i’m so fuckin guilty lmao pls don’t unfollow i love y’all… i have so many works to be finished and posted but i just have not done it bcs i’m a piece of shit lol oops. anyway, inspired by my literal walk through the streets of Minato-Ku where i was staying in Osaka.

Originally posted by got7gifs

The streets were vacant save for the two of you as the city of Osaka stayed blissfully asleep whilst you made your way toward your temporary 3-night home. It was a nice change from the bustling atmosphere of Seoul; streets full of a distant buzzing that never seemed to stop, lingering in the background and constantly there. It wasn’t like that out here in Minato-Ku, far enough from the city that there was barely a soul, but close enough that it only took 20 minutes to get to the nearest shopping district.

Jinyoung took a deep breath in, releasing it with a large grin up at the sky before turning to his companion, grinning at you too.

“What?” you laughed, pulling your jacket tighter around yourself as the groceries the two of you had just bought swung dangerously around in the brittle plastic bag hanging off your frigid fingers.

“This was a great idea.” was all he said, eyes sparkling with a happiness you were always too willing to give him. You were in love with your best friend, you had accepted that long ago.

You reciprocated his smile, eyes dancing around his face with a fondness you tried not to let seep into your expression before you nodded, “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while.”

Don’t get it wrong, Jinyoung loved his idol life. The fame, the fans, the noise—he never once wished for anything else. It was just that sometimes, it was nice to be able to hear his own breathing and footsteps against the sidewalk.

The silence that took over was not uncomfortable—something the two of you shared often and found great refuge in when life became just a little bit too much for you to handle. It was times like these when you felt you could really hear Jinyoung speaking; when his eyes were doing the talking and the only movements from his mouth were small quirks and twitches here and there to hint at a smile or laughter.

Passing a deserted dock, Jinyoung maneuvered his grocery bags onto one hand and grabbed onto yours, tugging you in the direction of the open water. Setting his bags onto the ground, Jinyoung went to sit with his legs dangling over the edge and you followed suit, looking out onto the water with the same feeling of peace you were feeling before.

“I love the water.” he whispered softly, the wind carrying his voice across the small space between you.

“Jinyoung, you hate the water.” you snorted, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I do not!” he spluttered, groaning as giggles escaped your lips when realisation came that he was trying to be poetic.

Still, you continued, “remember the last time we went to a beach? Or a pool? Or any body of water that actually requires you to get into it? Yeah, neither do I because you constantly refuse to go.”

“Shut up that’s not true~” Jinyoung whined, pushing your shoulder gently. Laughter continued to bubble from within you and after a moment of silence, “I hate you… I was trying to be poetic.” he stated, no malice or sharpness in his voice, only a sheepish smile from being caught in a lie.

“Same though.” you murmured finally, looking back out at the expanse of water upon water, lapping rhythmically against the cement below you; calm but ever moving. “Except I’m not a fake.” you threw out jokingly making Jinyoung shove you once more.

The silence returned, accompanied by Jinyoung’s soft breathing before finally he stood up and brushed at the dirt on his pants, holding out a hand for you to take. “Come on, let’s get going.”

Just before walking away, you took one last glance at the view.

“I wish I could look at this forever. It really is gorgeous.” you sighed, unaware of the pair of eyes taking in not the sight beyond the dock, but the girl standing in front of him with the moonlight on her face and in her eyes, the girl he so desperately wants to call his own but never has the courage to do anything about it.

“Yeah. It is.” he says so breathlessly you turn to look at him, eyes expecting to meet his cheek but instead catch onto his dark irises, a heat flaring up in your cheeks.

“The view, Jinyoung.” you prompted, fighting off the smile on your face as you looked down at the ground.

Taking a leap of faith, Jinyoung stood his ground. “Yeah,” he answers, eyes never leaving your face, “my view is pretty damn great.” which turns the slight pink hue to a dark scarlet that you try fruitlessly to cover with your cold hands.

“Smooth.” is all you can say, still not looking Jinyoung in the eye and you can hear the smirk in his voice as he thanks you, happy he has that kind of effect on you.

“Come on.” he said once more, interlinking your fingers and pulling you along.

The dock wasn’t very far away from the apartment so it wasn’t long before the two of you stood outside the lobby doors, your cold fingers reaching around desperately inside your bag for the damn keys but struggling immensely due to the numbness in your hands.

“Cold?” Jinyoung asked gently, reaching for your wrist to pull your hand out of your bag after setting his bags of groceries on the floor next to where you had set yours down.

You let him take both your hands and watched with baited breath as he brought them between his own and up to his lips, his hot breath weaving between your stiff fingers and bringing some life back into them. Your heart hammered in your chest as his lips brushed your skin and you could have sworn he saw the shiver that passed through your body as you felt it.

“T-thank you.” you stammered, slightly flustered from the intimacy of the moment before trying once more to find the keys only to be stopped once again, your fingers slipping between the space of Jinyoung’s own slender ones as he pulled you closer to him.

There was a playful glint in his eyes as he watched you struggle to stay composed. “What?” you smacked yourself mentally for sounding so damned breathless. But it wasn’t something you could have done anything about because you were, as it was, struggling to breathe.

“What about your lips?” he asked finally, his gaze so intense you felt what little breath you actually had leave you in one puff.

“M- my- my lips?” you whispered in disbelief, eyes wide as saucers and honestly Jinyoung was enjoying himself.

“Yeah. Should I warm those up too?”


And then it was lips against lips and a gasp could be heard but you weren’t entirely sure if it came from you or the boy in front of you who had a hand on your waist and the other still holding onto yours. At this point you were sure your heart was gonna beat out of your chest but with the way Jinyoung was holding onto you so tight, it was as if he was holding all of you together.

Eventually, he pulled away, forehead resting against yours as you both struggled to regain your breaths.

“Are you warm now?” this time it was Jinyoung’s turn to sound breathless, his voice deep and rough from the lack of air.

“I think I could use a little more warmth.”

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i just want you guys to know that while my friend was showering i changed her macbook background and home/lock screen on her phone to both of the full head of hair junkrats

you mustache yourself in every bad joke being made, if the friendship is worth the shit post.

but this? this sounds like a code red: a real hairy situation. but we can shave your friendship. you want to make sure you don’t brush this one over. don’t make any cutting remarks. just stick to the mane plan. forgiveness…

did you split after that tho? or was it the end?

-mod dax


legendarydragondefender  asked:

dude, i would die for some more klance stuff in your drugstore au <3 like, tell me everything.

o boy i have been waiting til  i had free time to answer this because i am positive it will get long

  • okay so i touched on this before in this post and this post
  • but keith and lance literally wanted to murder each other when keith started
  • (keith is the newest employee. lance has worked there for over 3 years, so this New Guy™ was an excellent target to test his pestering skills on)
  • (lance is actually really friendly to new employees he just loooooves bugging people and keith seemed to be an easy target, he thought)
  • (he was wrong)
  • keith would argue back and for whatever reason lance hated it. he hated keith and wanted him gone (he didnt actually hate keith but he was like not now gay feelings and was in denial because keith is keith, and lance thinks keith is an emo asshole)
  • the pestering turned into bickering and full on fighting, and it got to the point that allura and shiro had to step in, and it wasn’t looking good for either employee 
  • but lance and keith relented and their fighting went back to petty bickering that became more habit and fun than actual animosity
  • “hey keith” *points to speaker where an emo song is playing* “it’s your song u emo mullet loser :)”
  • “hey lance” *points in the general direction of the toilet paper* “you should work over there because youre a piece of shit”
  • (hunk and pidge going ooooohhhhhhhhhhh in the background)
  • (hunk and pidge going ‘when will they just kiss already’ in the staff room later when keith and lance arent there)
  • as a sort of truce, lance dragged keith over to the makeup chair when keith came in (to buy granola bars) on his day off, and insisted on doing his makeup and giving him a full skincare demonstration and keith was like “ok” mostly because he was too tired to argue, and he wouldn’t admit it, but he really didn’t care about that kinda stuff but liked when lance talked about it, because lance knows what he’s talking about, and he’s passionate about it, and keith has a Big Crush on him
  • like he really thinks he might be like falling in love with him and that scares him so he never thinks about it but he knows
  • lance’s hands were soft and gentle on his face and keith knew he was blushing but lance didn’t look too composed either, and it was at that moment that they both kind of looked at each other and Knew
  • but they didn’t like say anything, it was kinda just this unspoken thing between them that they never really addressed
  • their bickering turned into flirting after that (they still argued but like there was always a subtle ;) undertone) and pidge, at the front cash with keith, is always like “keith, you have customers, stop making sex eyes at your boyfriend” and keith chokes and says “he’s not–fine
  • i spoke about their first kiss before, but i’ll say it again: in the stock room, lance was gathering makeup wipes because they were running low, and keith was looking for a thing for a customer, and lance was whistling and keith was like ‘shut the fuck up’ because he hates whistling
  • and lance wiggled his eyebrows and grinned and said ‘make me, mullet’ and so keith did, by acting on impulse like he does everything else and just kissing lance right fucking there and lance is absolutely shocked when they break apart but his face is flushed and his eyes are huge and he’s lost any semblance of composure he might have had
  • like he is a mess
  • he dropped the makeup wipes and his lipstick is a bit smeared
  • and hes just gaping
  • lance is like rekt 
  • like rly totally fucking screwed he is in fucking love
  • theyre about to kiss again but shiro appears out of nowhere and they both jump apart and keith fucking bolts out of there (without ever getting the customer’s item)
  • tbh they make out in the stock room a lot after that 

and bonus:

  • one day there is an event, and on some events, cosmeticians dont have to wear their uniforms– they can wear anything as long as it’s black. lance struts into the room wearing a tight black v neck long sleeve shirt (bunched up at the elbows) and slim fitting black jeans and keith chokes on his juice box and almost dies 

Hi! I’m finally proud to announce that I’m able to open commissions!

I should tell you that I’ve hit a little bit of a rough patch.

I recently lost my job and I’m having a little bit of a tough time finding a new one, so I’ve decided to work extra hard on my art in the meantime, meaning I would open commissions as well.

I’m not asking for much, as I live in a country where the conversion rate from USD to my currency is large. Plus this is my first time asking for actual money so asking for like 50 bucks right out the gate would be a little crazy h a h.

Now my rules are simple:

1- I’m self taught so please be patient with my art, I can try just about anything but you can always tell me what’s wrong with it. In this business, the customer is always right.

2- I do work with NSFW art but I will charge far more than for normal drawings. You want some dicks you need to pay up. //bricked

3- I work well with imitating art styles, but the prices are negociable depending on what style you want me to mimick. (EX: Adventure Time style is $10, but, say, something like Cowboy Bebop will be a lot more)

4- Due to my method of payment (Xoom, a subsidiary of PayPal, I couldn’t open a PayPal because my country isn’t in the list of available countries) the absolute least I can ask for is $10, if that’s too much for you then I’m sorry, but I can’t haggle with you.

5- I absolutely will not even plug in my tablet until I’m paid first. (No offense to you, but I need the money, I really, really need it. I will not deal with people who won’t pay up front.)

Now, I thank you greatly for taking the time to read this over, here are my commission prices much clearer to read than my shit-tastic handwriting.

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Ok so I loved what the last anon said about Zane being op with make up so what if Zane was a hired make up artist?? Like he could make someone blend into the background of the store or in the woods and also make them look like Papyrus and shit! Hskajhwmsxncski -explodes at the idea-

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Hey, how was Snowdon? Also I don't think you said how Chernobyl went :)

Ooh, no I did not. Both were great! Chernobyl was… incredibly humbling and incredibly weird and just… all round incredible, really. It was so surreal - we went on a sunny day, and the whole Exclusion Zone is just forest now. But of course, there are no roads anywhere nearby, so the whole place is so peaceful, and serene. That was the really striking part. That, and the fact that it’s so alive. “Site of nuclear apocalypse” is not a description you’d expect to be teaming with life, but gods, it really is. I lost count of the number of times I had to duck as dragonflies flew at my head, like. Dragonflies and butterflies and grasshoppers and beetles everywhere; plus the trees are so healthy, and there were flowers blooming everywhere, and apple trees just starting to bear highly poisonous fruit… It was almost paradisical.

Except no birds, none at all. That was fucking weird. And once I noticed that there were no birds, I couldn’t un-notice it. So strange. 

Also the catfish living in the cooling channels are eight feet long, easy. I fed them my mate’s lunch.

I think the creepiest part, though, was this nursery they took us to. There were lots of abandoned toys and shit, but actually, having grown up immersed in that aesthetic of horror, that didn’t bother me much. But going inside an abandoned Soviet-era nursery and seeing the conditions they used to keep children in…? BOY HOWDY that’s the real horror. That and the school in Pripyat, which is stuffed full of pictures of Lenin commanding your loyalty. Ooh, also, we had Geiger counters, and like… a normal level of background radiation is about 0.16 micro sieverts per hour. When you fly, that goes up to about 2.2, because of atmospheric radiation. Ironically, most of the Exclusion Zone clocks in at about 0.14.

At 3 is when the Geiger counters start wailing. Not because you’re in imminent danger, but to let you know not to hang around. Occasionally around the Zone, there are radiation hot spots, where radioactive waste got spilled during cleanup, or something major was buried. A tree outside the nursery clocked in at 13.45 on my counter. That was exciting.

But, as we were on our way back, we were passing the reactor itself, and suddenly EVERY SINGLE GEIGER COUNTER ON THE BUS WENT OFF AT THE SAME TIME.

Honest to fuck, it was the creepiest thing. It was like Sting lighting up. The guide was like “Yes, now we are driving through the Red Forest! As you can see, the counters are rising… 3… 6… 9… 11 actually I thinkweshouldspeedupnow” AND THE DRIVER FUCKING FLOORED IT

That was scarier than the radiation, because Ukrainians drive like they’re in a permanent game of Mario Kart, and you’ll be unsurprised to hear that the roads in the Exclusion Zone aren’t… smooth.

Anyway, it was great, and if you want to see the world’s most radioactive ferris wheel, I’ve got you covered:

And here I am standing in a wildly radioactive building like the intelligent young woman I am.

So, that was Chernobyl. Very fun. North Wales was also extremely fun! We made it both up and down Snowdon without dying, which is pretty good. It was cloudy on top, and had snow. Snow on Snowdon. 

Here was a view on the way up!

Here was Steff and I as we moved into the cloud.

And here is me getting down to the real work in North Wales, i.e. dragon conservation

And we raised £200 for bees in the end. YAY BEES

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Domesticate Nyx Ulric: What does he have in his fridge, his bathroom, his computer, what's his ringtone for his friends, would he have a cat or dog (or something else more exotic) as a pet or all three? Feel free to add your own

Omg yass I love this!

Hmm, I mean my idea of what domestic Nyx is like might be different to what other people think, but my headcanons are below with a bonus of what changes when his S/O (you) steps in!

Nyx’s fridge: Definitely always has beer in it. Like always. If he has only a little money left and nothing in his fridge, he’ll go get some beer to put in there. He goes out to eat more often than not, so maybe there’s only really snacks in the pantry or something. He just doesn’t have much time to cook. Libertus and Crowe are always on his ass about cooking at home more. He can, there’s just not a lot of time.

When you come into his life, he makes a much more conscious effort of keeping at least basic condiments and things like tea, coffee, milk and sugar in the pantry and fridge. Like, just in case you come over for a bit and don’t want a beer, he has other stuff he can give you because he’s a good adult, okay? Eventually he offers to cook for you a lot. He cops a lot of shit from his friends about this; its pretty funny.

Nyx’s bathroom: has more grooming items than you think. Like, he’s kind of scruffy looking, but it’s a well-kept scruffy looking. He has like really good hair care products. He’s got a cologne for like every kind of situation in little bottles. It’s his little luxury. The bathroom is clean too; he hates big clean ups (lazy), so he cleans up a little everyday.

When you come into the picture, his bathroom starts to fill up with some more stuff. You keep some of your things at his place just in case you end up staying over out of the blue. One day he steps in when you aren’t around and just looks at all the little things you have all over the place. It makes him smile. He likes having you around… Maybe you should move in with him? Wouldn’t be a bad thing to talk about.

Nyx’s laptop: he hasn’t got a desktop because he likes the idea that he can carry the laptop when he needs to, but he never really needs to. Lol. Plus it doesn’t take up as much space? He doesn’t use it often, mostly for just emails, storing photos, etc. Libertus sends him cat videos and videos of people doing stupid reckless shit. Nyx likes those videos a little more than he admits because he’s a reckless shit too. There might be a couple of videos of him and Libertus doing something stupid with like Pelna screaming in the background or something.

When you come into the picture there’s loads of stuff on his laptop that’s just all about you. There’s pics of you, videos of you guys derping around, saved email threads, all of that stuff. When you first start dating, his browser history is full of hurried searches like ‘good dating spots in insomnia’, ‘flower bouquets’, 'what the hell is [something you’re really into and he has no idea]’. After awhile, sometimes the words 'engagement rings’ sits in the search bar, but gets deleted because he hasn’t got the courage to hit enter just yet.

Nyx’s ringtones: he doesn’t care for this stuff much, so he let’s people pick their own tones. Pelna is thankfully very rational and just has a really nice jingle for his ringtone and it never changes, so Nyx always knows when its Pelna calling. Its Crowe and Libertus who are really confusing because sometimes they fight over who gets what song because they have similar tastes. In general Nyx just checks if his phone is ringing if any phone is ringing in the general vicinity.

When you step into the picture, the ringtone that’s set for you is something you made Nyx pick because you realised that no one else really let’s him pick. He changes your ringtone often, but he always knows its you calling. Libertus notes they’re all very Galahd themed. He thinks its probably because you’ve become home to him too.

Nyx’s pets: I think he’s a huge cat person. There’s one cat he gets that everyone is kind of wary of because it has some very similar physical traits to a Coeurl. Maybe its got some of that monster blood in it, but its tame, at least for Nyx. Its a big cat, the size of a smallish dog and very intelligent and independent. It has to be since Nyx is away a lot. Both the cat and owner are very stubborn and headstrong and sometimes they fight, in a fun kind of way. Like, the cat is a little shit and takes over it’s owner’s bed in retaliation to not being fed yummy food or something. On Nyx’s awful days his cat is the perfect companion, curling up against his legs and purring, giving its owner as much affection as he needs.

When you come into the picture, Nyx’s cat is actually very aggressive towards you. Its wary around strangers, but for some reason its very defensive when you’re around. To be honest its probably because its noticed Nyx is around you a lot and its scared you’re going to do a shoddy job of looking after him. You don’t know how to keep him company when he’s sad, not like the cat can. Don’t worry, eventually it warms up to you and it actually likes you better than Nyx. That makes your boyfriend a bit pouty.

If you’re allergic to cats, don’t worry! You won’t be allergic to this one. Its definitely got some monster blood in it and its fur is a special pelt that’s cat-allergy friendly. Snuggle the cat and make Nyx feel bad. Ahaha!

Nyx’s car: I don’t know if he actually has one, but say he does, I reckon hes the kind of person who’s like 'my music or no music’. He won’t let people touch the music unless he trusts their taste (closest friends really). Generally really clean, sometimes it’ll slip when hes got long missions though. Has spare clothes and boots in the trunk just in case.

When you step into the picture, there’s loads of complaints and general freaking out when Nyx just hands you the aux cord or let’s you play with the music without much care. They learn pretty quick to shut up when Nyx gives them a look. Its totally not fair! He must really like you a lot. Sometimes when people really misbehave in the car, Nyx let’s you play really bad music to make them shut up. The car sometimes is supicously clean after date night. Y'know… 'Cause you gotta clean up after some events. >.> There may be spare clothes for you hidden in the car somewhere. Just in case.

WHOA!! Before you go hitting that ask button and sending me a hundred years long text wall about your OC and their background followed by a specific description of a full blown inked and colored picture of them you want me to draw… 

Then stop. Don’t do it. Go away. (I’m sure your OC is lovely tho)

I am on the other hand taking requests like… A pic of a character from your fav show/anime/etc. Maybe you just want to see said character in my style or you want to see them in a certain situation. Or… Shit, maybe you just want more of one of my own original characters that I only drew like… Once. Who knows.

Anyway. There’s no guarantee I’ll draw your request. Think of it like… You writing on a scrap of paper and putting it in a hat with dozens of other requests. Then when I have the free time, I pick one out of the hat.

So yeah, go do that if you want. Cause I’m bored and have no life. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Heh, this is fantastic. So as I mentioned earlier, I grew up on these kinds of games. Actually PRE-these kinds of games. I remember when the Sierra games became point and click, rather than requiring you to type out your commands, as they originally played more like text-based Zork games, just with images. I remember when the first Space Quest game moved to a full point-and-click interface. I forget the number, but I know the opening stage had you in this very red-tinged environment, and an Energizer Bunny joke kept going through all the screens.

Seriously guys, I fucking LOVED Sierra.

ANYWAY, so I’m having major flashbacks to those games, and the hours I would pour over them. And what’s striking me so much isn’t even in the game itself so far (literally I’ve clicked on some background shit and panned half a screen), but in the elements that are designed to stand out.

Like the slivery thing in the background.




I’m actually giving back look at that.

Well it’s here and while I don’t have much material possession to spread around I do have creativity and lots of free time.


  • You have to be following me. No shit.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • Likes do not count.. One reblog per person. (duplicate blogs dont yield an increased chance of winning.)
  • Once winners are chosen, someone has to claim them within 24 hours or else a new winner will be chosen.


First place:

  • A full color art of the winner’s choice (background optional. It can be a scene that the winner wants drawn, or just a character. NSFW will be accepted. OCs will be accepted. )


  • A story of the winner’s choice (up to five pages in length. It can be of a pairing or a scenario that the winner desires to be written out.)

Second place:

  • A base colored art of the winner’s choice. (no background, a limit of two characters.)


  • A drabble of the winner’s choice. (limit to two pages. No NSFW or self inserts.)

Third place:

  • A sketch/black and white of the winner’s choice. (a single character.)


  • A drabble of the winner’s choice (Limit to ten paragraphs, no NSFW or self insert. Canon verse.)

This giveaway ends a month from now. 

May 15th, 2017 at 11:00 PM EST.

anonymous asked:

do you have any thoughts on the cover of labyrinth lost?



I really have no problems with it at all. More specifically, this is a really great example of color and contrast being responsible for a gut-punching focal point: complimentary colors, (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) particularly with the warmer one in the foreground, are always a sure bet to make your shit POP. So the gold-orange photo/title against the purple-blue background is 100/10, especially combined with the really strong, dramatic lighting on our bruja that pulls focus where we want it. Also: creative cropping! the placement of the figure, where we get her expression if not her full face, gives it a little tiny bit of Mystery that i’m into.

I like the original better than the ebook/ forthcoming paperback cover for no particular reason other than personal preference, although that one is very nice too:

(PS if anybody wants a Bi Book Rec, I can vouch for this one, it’s super cool and there’s both a boy and girl love interest!)