with like the full backgrounds and shit

Easy Ways to Connect More Strongly with your Deities
  • Say Good Morning when you wake up, say Good Night before you fall asleep
  • Share your food with them. If you’ve ever wanted some of your friend’s french fries, you know how they probably feel. 
  • Donate to causes that fall under the jurisdiction of your deity. Are they a goddess for women? Donate to a women’s shelter or Planned Parenthood. Is your deity a patron of the arts? Give to PBS or local theatres.
  • Cook a full meal in honor of your deity. Seriously. It sounds silly but you can definitely find a regional cookbook based on your pantheon to cook a full ass feast for them.
  • Write them letters or notes. Keep a little notebook of notes and letters to your deity. Did you see a cute cat that you think Frigga would’ve liked? Maybe you saw a girl’s outfit that would’ve made Aphrodite drool. Let them know, or give yourself a reminder to tell them about it later.
  • Change your phone background. Does your deity have a temple or built pantheon? Put that shit as your wallpaper! Did you find a picture that so perfectly captures the spirit of your deity? Make it your lock screen.
  • Make them a Mix Tape. You know, so you can belt out songs in their honor while making your way downtown. Faces pass. And you’re home bound. 
  • DIY your Altar. I’m not going to lie, I’m not to altar type. However, it is a fantastically personalized space that you can do anything with. So don’t let anyone stop you from knitting that mini statue of Hecate a scarf. 
the signs as tom holland's second performance on lip sync battle

aries: tap dancing in that baggy suit with the wig obviously showing under that fedora, looking clowny as fuck

taurus: dropping it (it being that tiny peach ass that can’t be bigger than a walnut) low for the audience in those leather booty shorts Yum

gemini: the sassy walk on stage revealing his lingerie like buckle up bitches you’re about to see this boy work for the prize

cancer: putting his umbrella between his legs and grinding on it, why was i born as a person and not an umbrella

leo: The Hair Flip™

virgo: swinging around on that lamp post knowing damn well he’s about to go shake his goodies like tobey maguire probably does when he’s begging his agent not to give up on him

libra: walking up to zendaya ready to unleash hell (hell being his dignity and That Ass)

scorpio: raising those arms made of Pure Muscle and the tears of baby angels, as rain falls and fire flares in the background

sagittarius: that lil bubblegum booty twerking to the beat, like is his ass a flavor of juicy fruit gum yet

capricorn: the very end of the song when he just flipped and fell back into the cum of millions water :)

aquarius: grinding on zendaya like full on backing that ass up on her man gollum was going for it

pisces: those thigh muscles and also that shit makeup job

Modern Dregs AU #9

The Dregs on social media

  • they all have an instagram and fuck facebook
  • Nina uses all other forms of social media: twitter, instagram, tumblr, youtube, snapchat
  • she has SO MANY followers and subscribers
  • she does vlogs once a week, like “Get Ready With Me” and social activism and all the funny stories of her life
  • she always has a guest with her, but it mostly ends up being Matthias
  • the makeup challenge videos always have the most views
  • “what the FUCK is this thing” “that’s an eyelash curler, matty” “it looks like a torture device for Tinkerbell”
  • Matthias insta is FULL of pictures of Nina
  • pictures of her doing her makeup
  • pictures of her making ugly faces
  • either way, he captions, “beautiful little red bird”
  • the only other thing he ever uses is snapchat
  • his story is literally just videos of his dogs
  • no selfies
  • no details of his adventures
  • just his puppers snoozing or wrestling or biting his hands (the little one especially)
  • and you can hear him giggling in the background and Nina loves it
  • “you sound so cute when you laugh like that” “shit, i forgot to turn off the sound”
  • Wylan is mostly active on Tumblr
  • he runs an art blog full of fanart and little animations and he’s SO TALENTED so people go batshit crazy over his work
  • has like 40k followers, probably more (he rarely ever checks, he’s so busy answering asks and such)
  • he never gets hate comments
  • not that they don’t show up
  • he just has a creepy little genius looking out for him
  • in other words, Kaz hacks into his account occasionally and deletes all the hate in his inbox (if any, how can anyone hate Wylan, he’s so sweet to his followers)
  • sure, Kaz Brekker doesn’t have Emotions™ until it comes to his adopted son
  • as for Kaz, he’s mostly active just for Jesper’s sake
  • Jesper tags him in almost EVERYTHING because they’re always hanging out and doing shit
  • they have like a 300+ streak on snapchat 
  • he comments snarky replies on all his twitter posts
  • “dude, who closes the door to the bus when the driver leaves??” “lay off the bong water, jes, fucking hell”
  • Kaz’s insta is full of pictures but he doesn’t caption a single one
  • not even the very rare selfie which is only ever his scheming face
  • not even the embarrassing videos he gets of the others without them knowing
  • the best is when Kuwei laughed so hard, he did a literal spit take and hit Wylan
  • luckily they laughed it off until they saw it on Kaz’s insta
  • “take it down, that’s humiliating” “that’s why i put it up”
  • and then he has the ones with Inej so serene and reading a book or something
  • Inej’s instagram is a half and half
  • one half is dancing videos, and she goes OFF
  • its like she doesn’t have a single bone in her body, she’s THAT good
  • it’s like she’s fluid or something
  • then the other half is basically books and aesthetic pictures of her room
  • she has one with little Christmas-esque lights suspended over her bed
  • Wylan recreated it as a painting for her and ofc she shared it online for all to see
  • “look at this beautiful thing my friend did for me!!!”
  • she also comments on every picture Nina posts
  • “look at this beautiful person!!!”
  • she just likes bragging about her friends ok
  • Jesper just shit posts on every single platform
  • dank memes galore
  • and then the occasional selfie of him and Wylan making silly faces like sticking out their tongues or making quadruple chins
  • Jesper also comments on EVERYTHING the others post
  • “nina, you look GORGEOUS” “inej, you went OFF” “wylan, honey, your art SLAYS me” “kaz you’re a fucking podge why don’t you SMILE”
  • only ever mean to Kaz it seems
  • Kuwei only ever posts on twitter and it’s only ever “deep” thoughts like
  • “once you have a phd, evdery meeting you go to becomes a doctor’s appt”
  • “lobsters are mermaids to scorpions”
  • “centaurs have two ribcages”
  • Nina and Matthias are worried about him
Beautiful ‘Red’ Album Things:
  • The guitar slide right before the chorus of State of Grace where the sound amps up and how it all resembles the described relationship which starts out beautiful and then suddenly falls apart and explodes in heartbreak
  • The background vocals singing “uh oh” in State of Grace to symbolize how the seemingly beautiful relationship is heading for compete disaster
  • Taylor repeating the second verse of State of Grace as a background vocal right before the song ends 
  • Ending the first song with “love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right” as a warning of things to come
  • How the mini guitar solo in “Red” almost sounds like someone in hysterics
  • The gradual build up of instrumentals and vocals throughout Treacherous that works off the metaphor of the relationship being a dangerous slope/path to travel, as if the further in the song she gets, the steeper the path becomes and more she has to exert to keep going
  • The build up of the beat right before the bass drops in IKYWT just like how the relationship suddenly exploded
  • How the beat and instrumentals stop in IKYWT when she screames “Hey!” right before the chorus like a sudden realization that she’s all alone or it’s all her fault
  • How the pre-choruses and choruses in IKYWT get more beat and vocals as the song goes on and as she becomes more helpless and angry
  • All Too Well
  • “Maple Lattes”
  • How the “hey!” and “it feels like one of those nights” in 22 have a lot of vocal layers to give the feeling of a big group of friends yelling
  • “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Ew!”
  • How no other vocals but Taylor’s are present in I Almost Do, which is also shown in the song credits in the album booklet
  • The background vocal at the end of chorus of I Almost Do sounding like a ghost or a fading voice, which echoes how she is haunted by the relationship but can’t quite get herself to go back to it
  • The entire fact that WANEGBT is a pop song because the person it’s about looked down upon pop music 
  • “With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine”
  • The sound of a record being suddenly stopped on a record player at the end of the bridge and how that relates to the last bullet point
  • “That’s so fun” at the end of Stay Stay Stay
  • How Taylor puts extra syllables in the rhythm at “now you carry my groceries and I”m always laughing” in Stay Stay Stay which resembles how the relationship goes beyond her expectations
  • How she put The Last Time right after Stay Stay Stay 
  • The two point of views in The Last Time
  • The difference in urgency and volume and emotion between Gary Lightbody’s and Taylor’s voices to signify the dynamics of the relationship and break up
  • How Taylor’s voice lasts a little bit longer than Gary’s at the end of The Last Time to show how she was holding on longer
  • How the Last Time builds up and then suddenly drops everything but their vocals and one chord on a piano to convey the loss
  • How the background vocals of Holy Ground sound like they’re saying “hooray” even though Taylor has said they’re just ‘sounds of joy’
  • The urgency of Holy Ground like a memory that comes out of nowhere and fills you with a burst of happiness
  • How the main guitar line throughout Sad Beautiful Tragic carries the same rhythm as a train on a track and then “I stood right by the tracks and “this train runs off it’s track” and the secret message ”while you were on a train”
  • How, following that, the secondary guitar line pops in and out whenever she sings important lines like the memories coming back to her
  • The Lucky One/how it’s track 13/”wouldn’t you like to know”/ “hell”
  • The fact that The Lucky One was recorded in LA and Taylor never toured to Madison Square with Red or 1989 and then admitted to making us believe TS5 was going to be about roses with pics of her rose garden, like that’s some next level shit
  • “Good to go?”/Ed Sheeran
  • How Everything Has Changed sounds like an Ed Sheeran song with Taylor Swift lyrics
  • How the bridge of Everything Has Changed drops everything but Ed’s guitar and Taylor’s voice to give the feeling of intimacy but then explodes with full instrumentals and more vocals like a sudden burst of joy when the love interest shows up
  • The change to 1940′s vocabulary in Starlight to tell the story from Ethel’s point of view
  • The guitar at the beginning of Starlight sounding like stars glistening and then that being echoed in the background by the piano in the chorus
  • The calmness and softness of Begin Again after the wild ride you just went through
  • “But I do” 
  • “I wear heels now”
  • How the album takes you through the entire deconstruction of a relationship but brings it full circle with a new love interest at the end and an echoing of hope and begins with an explosive pop rock song about wild love and ends with a gentle country song about easy, childlike love
  • The deconstruction of the idea of “fate” throughout the ‘story’ of the album and how it leaves you with the message that true love happens but it’s up to you to make it work and to play love “good and right” and that love should be easy and built on a solid foundation
  • Every lyric on this album
  • The Grammys fucked up


-First off, Mika and Ferid. Ferid is, as usual, creepily close to Mika, which is nothing unusual, but he must be especially annoying this time considering the fact that Mika has fully activated his sword and looks like he is trying to decide whether attempting to kill Ferid will be worth the teasing that comes with it

-Seriously that shit is fucking glowing Mika is p i s s e d

-Why Mika’s cloak dangly thing tho Ferid. What good is fiddling with it going to achieve

-Lacus looking at Mika like he has no idea why the fuck Mika activated the glowy sword of Succ™

-Rene looking at him like he’s done with his shit

-Giant Krul floating omnipotently in the background

-Arukanu being cute and creepy as all hell

-Crowley’s looking somewhere??? Where??? What is he looking at??? What secrets does he see that we are blind to

-Actually fuck that I bet that Yuu is running full-tilt at them screaming about murder and saving Mika and the rest of them just haven’t noticed it yet

-Mika’s expression

-The more I look at it the more it looks like a family photo gone wrong

-Or a murder mystery cover

-or both

-Both Lacus and Rene have their ears tilted forward so they must be eavesdropping even though Rene looks like he gives no fucks 

-Look I know it’s promotional art design and all but the more I think about it the more I am convinced that Krul is this giant godlike figure merely because if she was drawn proportionally to them she would have looked ridiculously fucking tiny

-Ferid. Just. Just Ferid.

this is just a personal thing here: but one thing im really not liking in su right now is the sort of oddly stagnant way all the gems stand around in a crowded full or ¾ shot together? if this makes sense?? 

like they’re always standing upright in a line together and no one is saying or doing anything remotely animated or dynamic, not even in their resting poses? and ofc im not talking about things like in hit the diamond or back to the moon where there were big group shots, because those were dynamic and had different kinds of angles and had background shit going on and foreground stuff too

i mean more like that sort of awkward way the crystal gems + lapis and peridot all kind of stood next to each other in a big group, silently, as people talked at them in gem harvest? they looked like goanimate models with the simplest of motions added or something idk, and this isnt the first time since that ep it struck me as a thing that was happening, i kind of really felt it happening in tonight’s ep too… i dont know any other way to describe it than that?

Here’s a fun way to ruin half of the action movies you watch: When the hero is beating the shit out of a room full of evil henchmen, take your eyes off the hero and his current victim and watch what the other bad guys are doing. You are about to observe several stunt performers trying to look menacing or at least busy while actually doing absolutely nothing.

Take the massive fight scene in Kill Bill, when the Bride fights the Crazy 88. They are 88 hardened criminals, but they fight like they are politely waiting in line at a euthanasia clinic. Ignore the Bride and the guy she’s swordfighting with, and note the useless bastards in the background standing there watching it happen:

Uma Thurman has so long to screw around between attacks that at one point, she reaches up during a clashing of swords to pull a guy’s eye out. And while he’s screaming, the other 87 sword murderers stop to let her pose. One would imagine three or four of them would think to stab her, and 40 or so would think to throw their sword or go look for a gun.

Nonsensical Things Every Action Movie Thinks Really Happen

anonymous asked:

What would you reckon would be the music tasted of class 1a and the teachers? I see present mic liking old rock, aizawa liking grunge and doom. Bakugou liking metal hell yeah and midoriya liking pop (katy perry ftw). Thai is nkt really a request, i just like to chichat lols

OOOO FUN lets do this… I never realized how wide my music tastes were till now lol (EVEN THOUGH SOME OF THE ARTISTS LISTED I DONT LIKE LOL)

Midoriya Izuku: You literally cannot convince me that he’s not a HUGE fan of Unison Square Garden. He really like softer rock bands like them. His favorite album is Dr. Izzy and his favorite track is Mix Juice no Iutoori. It’s his go-to study tune.

Bakugou Katsuki: Likes underground rap. He indulges in Doja Cat. He also likes heavy rock, but not as heavy as metal. It hurts his ears lmao. He likes Trap music. DONT TELL ME HE DOESNT LIKE TRAP MUSIC. Cardi B’s #1 fan. Rich Chigga at least once a day.

Todoroki Shouto: Likes EDM, but not the standard kind. Something like Remember or Water Lily~Suiren. He also likes Jorja Smith.

Iida Tenya: Classic music nerd. If he’s not listening to that, he’s probably indulging in random artists on Avex.

Uraraka Ochaco: loves bubblegum pop. She still likes toybox sorry. Basically the very standard AMV music that people make fun of nowadays. She also likes the cutesy k-pop girl groups. Her current favorite is Happy by WJSN

Kirishima Eijirou: He’s the one who likes metal. But not death metal. Death isn’t manly. He also has a taste for Panic at the Disco lol.

Mina Ashido: Also likes cutesy k-pop. Signal is the shit… Twice as aliens was her phone background for a really long time. She also indulges in jpop idols like Perfume and ORESAMA. Kawaii Future Bass mixes on full blast

Tsuyu Asui: Likes underground artists in general. Lianne la Havas is always her go-to artist, and she enjoys certain songs by Alice Smith, and Kali Uchis.

Kaminari Denki: Loves all types of rock. Doesn’t matter what it is, he’s jamming on it. he also likes really weird tunes like Nanayoubi for some reason. He can’t explain his appeal for Uzhaan and Kakato… he just likes them.

Yaoyorozu Momo: Really enjoys Future Funk mixes, and listens to 80′s jpop idols. She’ll go into detail about how good of an artist Junko Yagami is, and it’s her second-life dream to be like her. Bay City is a bop.

Rikido Sato: BIG FAN OF FUNK. He doesn’t give a fuck, he’ll blast Prince at 2AM in the morning, and be humming tunes by Cameo all day. He wants Candy to be his theme song. Also really likes Drake. Views was a good album, but More Life SUCKED.

Kyouka Jirou: All types of old school rock. Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie… Even rockabilly like Elvis and Stray Cats. Also don’t even talk to her about vocaloid if it’s not old school vocaloid. New age shit just isn’t her cup of tea.

Aoyama Yuuga: only listens to Toybox. Sorry.

Tokoyami Fumikage: Nickelback. Anything even remotely emo. Linkin Park. He’ll fight you over black veil brides… quilty pleasure is BOTDF… fhdsfjdfcsdd

Mashirao Ojirou: Tibetan Throat Singing

Hanta Sero: Anything that’s on the radio. He doesn’t have a particular taste, he just likes music!

Koji Kouda: Likes Meditation Music. The kind thats playing whenever you get a professional massage.

Mezo Shouji: Acoustic mixes. He also really likes Spanish Guitar. He doesn’t really like jazz, but he’ll indulge in bossa novas

Tooru Hagakure: Abstract music. Babu-chan’s music is a little scary, but she likes the noises and how they form a tune. Kikuo’s old music. Vocaloid is cute.

Minoru Mineta: Doesn’t care about music. Only watches Laysha Fancams.

Aizawa Shouta: Calming rock music. Things that he can fall asleep to. Nothing too rowdy. He’s also really into lo-fi hip hop.

Present Mic: Will probably fight someone over how much he loves Carly Rae Jepsen. Ariana Grande was meant to be his wife, he claims.

All Might: Anything in English. Likes motivational Rock. You can catch him crying to Whitney Houston.

Midnight: Sexual pop. Fantasy by Fei, 24hours by Sunmi. Stellar’s music. She probably really likes kpop in general. Fight her on Beyonce, thats her queen.

the-name-is-jane  asked:

Okay so i know this is coming out of nowhere but I had a summer camp counselor who would eat anything like we would be walking down a trail and he's just eat a bug or leaf if he felt like it. He would buy kids a coke if they ate an ant and anyway the point is that is 100% Merle highchurch

I’m very much in love with college AU crew summer camp counselor stuff rn. I think it’s because it’s finally getting warm here.

The boys leading a group of campers on a trail to learn about nature and hiking, and Magnus is taking it Very Seriously, and Merle just like, grabs some leaves and starts chomping.

Magnus: Merle! *hushed voice* You can’t just eat leaves in front of the kids or they’ll think it’s okay to put random shit in their mouths.
Merle: What? It’s edible, I checked! I’m fine.
Taako: *pulling down his enormous sunglasses* Wait do it again.
Taako: *sends a snap of Merle with a mouth full of leaves that says “he loves the cronch” with Magnus visibly sighing in the background*


Is this the last Perks of Being a Wallflower quote since this journal’s almost full?
Hahahahahaha, no (there’s 1 more).

Also, I’m surprised I don’t have more Grace Helbig quotes in this journal. Maybe the next one. She makes me feel like it’s possible to not have my shit completely together and still be a productive member of society. 👍🏻

Mixed feelings about the painting underneath, so I haven’t put it up for sale yet. It makes for a fun background in the meantime though.

There’s nothing more beautiful than educating yourself guys, if you don’t know ask, google, research. There’s nothing more satisfying than expanding your knowledge of the world, trust me on this.

So I started a business school recently and business schools tend to attract people with business backgrounds but I have an industrial engineering bachelor degree (also a dudebro told me I didn’t look like I could be an engineer because I didn’t have the looks and I felt like smashing my full gin tonic glass on his head, anywho). We have two Finance lessons at the moment and I don’t know the first thing about Finance and one of the teachers went in HARD, I mean they were talking and I didn’t understand one word. So I decided you know what I’m going to learn what all this shit means, for those of you who have no idea about Finance as me, it has it’s own language like English and French etc. So I sat down yesterday and started studying. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the life saving internet website that is Khan Academy, I sat down and took notes as I watched videos about Financial Markets and to know that now I can explain something I didn’t know existed until two days ago is ridiculously satisfying. Maybe it’s the Slytherin in me but if you are willing to educate yourself, not only on academic matters by the way, there’s nothing that can stop you. 

I hope this motivates some of you to get shit done and be even better than you already are.

A summary of lord of the flies
  • Ralph: *is this close to losing his shit with everyone, sexual tension with Jack*
  • Piggy: *sticking his dick in the conch or something*
  • Jack: *is ginger*
  • Jack: *is an arsehole*
  • Jack: *is a ginger arsehole whilst having sexual tension with Ralph*
  • Roger: *gallivanting around with rocks* *sins to win*
  • Simon: *being an actual angel he is literally floating while a choir sings heavenly in the background*
  • Simon: *also tripping on lsd or some shit*
  • Maurice: *pops up for comic relief like twice, will go down in history as a meme*
  • Piggy: *getting in everybody else's shit so he can offer his views only to get fucking roasted*
  • Ralph: ass mar

ok but lets just take a moment to appreciate the masterpiece that is the book to all the boys i loved before by jenny han

lara jean song covey:

  • half-korean
    • WOMAN OF COLOR!!!!!
  • she’s hopeless romantic af and honestly same
  • loves to bake
  • classy as hell
    • honestly she’s your goals
  • doesn’t judge her best friend chris AT ALL for the parties she goes to and the boys she hooks up with
  • loves her sisters more than anything
  • loves her dad more than anything and says she wouldn’t mind if he started dating again because she wants to see him happy
  • volunteers at a retirement home
  • literally jumped on a boy and kissed him so she could convince another boy she didn’t like him
    • all because it was her sister’s ex and she didn’t want to hurt her even though she was in scotland and broke up with him
  • FAKE
  • A++++++++++

peter kavinsky

  • everyone’s favorite sinamon roll
  • loves lara jean so fucking much
  • loves kitty so fucking much
  • stands up straighter when lara jean’s dad walks into the room
  • bought lara jean a necklace even though it was so expensive and worked for his mom so he could pay for it
  • baked fruitcake and said it was his mom
  • “kiss me like you missed me” MY HEART
  • sneaks into his girlfriend’s room just to talk and spoon oh my god
  • still comforts his ex girlfriend because she’s got serious shit going on
    • doesn’t tell lara jean the truth because he knows its not his secret to tell
    • respects THE FUCK out of genevieve and lara jean even though gen hurt and manipulated him and lara jean tried to make him choose when she didn’t know the full story
  • literally needs background music when he walks by because he’s so good looking
  • always takes the last piece of pizza
  • he kisses like its his job
  • literally drove kitty to school so she could show him off to all her friends and treated her so special on her 10th birthday
  • “If we’re so guarded, it’s not going to be anything. Let’s do it fucking for real, Lara Jean. Let’s go all in. No more contract. No more safety net. You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.”
    • wHAT THE F U C K
  • there’s so much more tbh just read about peter k okay hes beautiful

kitty song covey

  • “if I like a boy, fine, i’ll date him, but i’m not going to sit at home and cry over him. i cry over important things.”
  • independent af and she’s only like 10
    • but she still gets lonely when her friends do things without her
  • loves peter k as much as we all do
  • loves to watch hbo
  • named her dog jamie fox pickle like COME ON
  • keeps her priorities straight


  • y’all can say all the shit you want about how chris is insensitive and blunt and shit but….
  • she is so protective over lara jean but she tells her the truth no matter what
  • when gen started telling people lara jean had sex in the hot tub, she just let lara jean cry on her shoulder and basically told peter to go fuck himself because she didn’t want to talk to him
  • snuck alcohol on a school trip by pouring vodka in an empty shampoo bottle
  • did a strip tease at a party once
  • acts like she doesn’t care but cares so fucking much about her friends
  • doesn’t know how to sugar coat things and i love it so much


  • is a highkey feminist
  • broke up with her boyfriend because she didn’t want to be tied down in college and wHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT UM NOTHING AT ALL THANK YOU VERY MUCH
    • still regretted breaking up with him and shows that its also okay to miss the boy you loved
  • protects lara jean like no one’s business
  • protects kitty like no one’s business
  • still feels vulnerable and lonely after coming home for christmas and seeing her family is doing just fine without her
  • likes to feel needed like we all do
  • organized and clean god bless
Double Trouble (Greece and Turkey)

·They’ll sleep in the same bed. They’ll complain about it the entire fucking time.

·"He’s breathing on me"

“Sadik he’s on the other side of me. How could he possibly be breathing on you?”

·Angry, possessive sex??

·WHy THe FucK iS tHEre a CAT iN thE FRidGE

·^^A novel by Sadik

·There is too much fighting oml

·Both try to steal their s/o’s attention all the fucking time like seriously.

·Sadik thinks he has to prove his manhood by doing stupid task but Hercules kinda just sits there and sets him up for failure.

·Hercules likes to cuddle with his s/o. His favourite place is outside shaded by the trees. (Surrounded by cats)

·Sadik only sleeps well if he’s with their s/o and has one arm wrapped around them. He is super protective, especially with Hercules there.

·You know how there’s the stereotype that girls leave bobby pins around? That’s what Sadik does with his masks.

·^Hercules just kinda goes around collecting them

·Sadik has this wall full of swords and shit that Hercules always pokes fun of and their s/o always has to separate them

·Kissing contest

·Sex contest

·"why is he your background?“

"Because I’m their favourite!”

lovetoreader  asked:

Hi, i know this is kinda random, but i'm a big procrastinator and ive had a rough tri and with finals coming up, im getting stressed. Do you have any studying tips or ways to stay organized and focused while working? Thanks :)

OHHH i’m a big procrastinator too!! i’m still working to mend my ways as one, but i do have a few things that keep me on track. i haven’t dealt with the stress of the education system’s call for memorization and comprehension in years, but here’re a few tools i utilize to help my scatter brain:

  • to-do lists! PHYSICAL to-do lists. not on my phone, not on my computer, not hidden in a notebook, but pasted BLATANTLY on my wall to remind me to do things, like:

seeing that stare me in the face every day pushes me a lot more. i tend to just forget about things, so i’ll color code and make sure that the most important things are listed first, or a little bolder than the others. there’s a huge sense of satisfaction that comes with crossing things off. sounds kinda dumb but it tru

  • give yourself breaks! unfortunately, we can’t work like machines. schedule a nap. take a walk! don’t necessarily start a new task, just something that has 0 consequences. your brain won’t get as sick of the information you’re trying to work with! listen to some music while you’re doing so and allow yourself to attempt a system reset. trying to study new things is like having to constantly restart your computer due to updates
  • i always give myself something to listen to! be it a podcast (LIKE WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS ROSE) or a show that requires little to no thought (Game Grumps hollaaaaaaaa i just suspend that shit endlessly in the background) it can also help you keep track of time
  • when i’m trying to remember something, i sometimes snack while doing so! not like, on a full meal or a giant bag of chips but something like, sunflower seeds. i don’t know why, but i work best and remember things the most when taste is involved.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • try not to get overwhelmed. think in categories and chunks. thinking of the lump sum of things you need to do can drive you VERY FAR from the key objective, and can even make you feel physically exhausted from stress. don’t try to take in everything at once. it’s better to tackle a couple things rather than ignore the whole!

these are all things that require practice, and i’m still not 100% with them because as humans we’ll get overwhelmed whether we like it or not, but when i AM on the ball, these are the best things i got! hope this helps!