with like pizza or something

What if someone got bitten by a vampire, but didn’t realize it. So then they go around and keep misidentifying all the symptoms, like

“Dude, you haven’t gone outside in a while.”
“Yeah, last time I went out I got this wicked sunburn.”

“Are you still up?”
“Yeah, I started bing watching this show on Netflix.”

“Dude, I’m seriously craving something right now.”
“Like what?”
“I dunno. Pizza rolls?”

Camren x Food (The Fight)

Epic Phrases…

Question: What do you refuse to eat?
Camila: Nothing!
Lauren: That’s not true! THAT’S NOT TRUE!

Lauren: Let me clarify….I’m willing to try anything…. TO EAT! (Yeah, Lauren!)
Ally: Keeps laughing AF!!!!

Camila: I don’t refuse anything I like!
Lauren: No, if you tell her what it is and it’s not something generic…like pizza or hamburger… she won’t eat it!!!
Ally: Laughing!!!

Lauren: Because you know what salmon is!!!!!
Dinah and Ally:  Laughing Their Fucking Ass Off!!!!!

A real couple fight!

how to sound more like a french native speaker 🌿

The following points are 5 classic French conversational techniques and mannerisms to help you sound just a bit more truly français:

1. The tactical use of bah

Fairly difficult to translate, the French bah is used rather regularly and can make your speech pattern sound very authentic.

In answer to an obvious question perhaps:

“Tu aimes bien la pizza?” (Do you like pizza?)

“Bah oui, bien sur!” (Well, yes, of course!)

Or something like the following:

“Tu adores le brocoli?” (Do you love broccoli?)

“Bah non! Je déteste!” (No, I hate it!)

Or as a deep, elongated syllable to fill gaps while you think:

“Qu’est-ce que tu fais le weekend?” (What are you doing on the weekend?)

“Baaaaaahh, en fait je ne sais pas encore.” (Well…actually I don’t know yet)

2. Add quoi to the ends of sentences

This one is also not easy to translate, but it would be the French equivalent of “whatever” or “innit.” So, you might imagine that it shouldn’t be used when talking formally, but it’s used often in casual conversation and can perfectly round off a sentence.

“C’est quoi, ça?” (What is that?)

“Euuh, je ne sais pas exactement mais je pense que c’est une sorte de nourriture, quoi.” (Um, I’m not really sure but I think it’s a type of food or whatever.)

3. Using eh, ah and hein like there’s no tomorrow

Whether it’s to fill space while you think or to provoke a response, these elongated vowels are very useful when speaking French. They can be heard very often in conversation.

For example, in English we add “don’t you?”/ “aren’t you?”/ “isn’t it?” to the end of statements to toss the conversational ball back into the other person’s court. The French will simply say “hein?”

“Il fait beau aujourd’hui hein?” (It’s nice weather today isn’t it?)

Try it with raised eyebrows for added French effect.

4. Sufficient use of voilà here, there and everywhere

The slangy English phrases “so, yeah” or “so, there you go” would probably be best translated into French as “voilà.”

When you can’t think of anything else to say at the end of a sentence, you can’t go wrong with a voilà. Sometimes even two. Voilà voilà.

5. Not forgetting the classic French shrug

In response to a question to which you don’t know the answer, respond the French way with an exaggerated shrug, raised eyebrows and add a “baaah, je sais pas, moi!” for good measure.

My kingdom for Bernie showing up to Serena’s house a couple of hours after work, after Serena’s checked that she’ll still come around later though? 

And Serena’s just home, just through a shower, and stands in the doorframe with damp hair and house socks and an oversized sweater; watching Bernie ramble about buying two different kinds of takeout. All the stuff from the Thai place she likes, and pizza (no pineapple on half) if she wants something else. She’s shuffling her sneakered feet and tripping over her explanations, tells her she can whip something up in the kitchen if neither appeals (Serena snorts at that, Bernie’s a horrendous cook); a cautious and polite and bubbling smile - because she’s so desperately happy to be there. 

And when Serena doesn’t say anything, Bernie gestures back towards her car with a jerk of her head (or I can go?) and starts to turn away when Serena catches her by the sleeve of her coat, steps down to her height, kisses her. 

I love you, she says, kisses her again (again) - firm and sure, with her hand beneath the waist of Bernie’s coat; a tender smile stretching when Bernie mumbles that she loves her too. Come inside. 

Enjolras is super terrible at taking care of himself. He goes to sleep late and wakes up early in order to study, finish assignments, work on any projects for the Amis, and go to class.

He only eats one meal a day too. Usually it’s not even that he forgets to eat, he just doesn’t have the time to until he’s so hungry that he just doesn’t feel it anymore. And by the time dinner rolls around, he ends up eating something like an entire pizza by himself.

It’s not even that Enjolras doesn’t know how to take care of himself, it’s that the semesters just get too busy and he’s stuck in an unhealthy spiral until breaks come around. 

Grantaire is aware of the fact that Enjolras ignores his wellbeing in favor of the work he needs to get done. However, he doesn’t realize just how bad it is until he starts dating him and sees it first hand.

The amount of times that Grantaire has seen Enjolras stare at a pile of unwashed dishes and shrug is concerning. 

How'd they spend Valentine's Day with their s/o

Edd: Edd would like have been working on some type of art piece for a long time making sure it’s perfect and ready for Valentine’s Day as a gift then they can call for take out and watch movies and eat candy all night

Matt: Matt would bring a giant bouquet of flowers, a giant teddy bear, giant box of chocolates //he bought himself a giant bear to match// and have reservations for a fancy restaurant

Tom: Tom would ask if you’d like to go out for like pizza or something

Tord: Tord would be like, walking into the house and throws a box of heart shaped chocolates at you while you’re sitting on the couch like “here chocolates” and then walk to his room

The signs and cute couple moments

capricorn: competitively playing monopoly against each other and you steal kisses over the board and one of you pout when you lose and the other tries to cheer them up by kissing them and tickling/wrestling

aquarius: baking cookies or cake or something together and when one of you is mid stirring the other pours flower over their head and you have a mini food fight and end up kissing with chocolate and sugar all over you

pisces: going ice skating and failing to stand up on the ice so one of you fall over and pull the other down with them so they land on them and you ignore everyone else on the rink and giggle and kiss

aries: driving on a long road trip together and fighting over what music to play but agreeing on one song you both like and screaming the words and singing really badly together, one person has their hand on the others leg or you hold hands between the seats

taurus: staying at home and watching a disney/netflix marathon on the couch or in bed and eating food together like pizza or something and jokingly feeding a slice to the other and you can’t stop touching each other and kissing

gemini: it being wintery and cold and deciding to go for a walk together and one of you wears knitted gloves or a cute beanie and you hold hands or wrap your arms around the others waist to keep warm and one of you offers their jacket bc someones cold 

cancer: jumping in a lake together at night and swimming around and splashing each other under the moon and after a huge splash fight thing you end up kissing and saying cute things to each other

leo: in bed in the morning when the sun is rising and you both had woken up early for some reason so you open the windows so the air is fresh and crisp and cuddle together underneath sheets with sleepy eyes and morning voices and just talk and lay together

virgo: lying together maybe on the beach or on a balcony or anywhere really and just watching the stars, one of you is cuddled under the others arm and they kiss the others head and like say you love each other and talk about life and anything at all

libra: being caught in a situation where either you walk through the pouring rain or be stuck waiting and one of you pulls the other out so your standing with soaked clothes in the middle of the rain laughing and holds the others face with their hands and kiss

scorpio: bringing blankets and pillows up to a rooftop maybe of an apartment building and waiting till sunset just to sit together underneath a blanket cuddled up together when the sun starts to turn pink and orange and talking about the things you would never usually tell someone and kissing in between your sentences

sagittarius: walking hand in hand through a haunted house and one of you is scared and jumpy and the other ‘protects’ them and tells them its okay and makes them laugh and kisses them when nothings happening

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Me and my friend were talking about jamilton and she says "what if George Washington ordered pizza and he asked Alex and Thomas what they wanted on their pizza and they both simultaneously say something weird like pineapple and that's how they fell in love" and honestly that's probably not far from the truth

Lol I can see that, but only if they both say it after Washington had to liston to them arguing like children for the last two hours.

That way they are all hot and sweaty. And it wouldn’t be pineapples…it would be anchovies.

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"#he's sad and lonely and his only friends are his crossbow and the hellhound he keeps in the freezer :/" WHAT HELLHOUND

Jordan Parrish. Chris keeps him in a freezer in the family bunker. :/

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15. “Do you wanna order something? Like maybe pizza?” + “Why?” + “I just saw somebody eating it on TV.”, 20. Babysitting together, 29. “Huh. So, that’s what that looks like.” aaaand 46. “I needed someone and… you were the only one I thought of.” :D

46 can be found on AO3!

15. “Do you wanna order something? Like pizza?” + “Why?” + “I just saw somebody eating it on TV.”

“So you’ve eaten… three packages of Chips Ahoy today?” Ben asks cautiously as he gently wipes Leslie’s chocolate covered lips with a washcloth. There’s an exhausted twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes, and she’s yet to tear her gaze from the TV. Her penguin socked feet on the coffee table, the remote and a wrapper from Paunch Burger rest on her expanding belly. And who the hell got her Paunch Burger in the first place? Because it certainly wasn’t him. 

Leslie nods tiredly. “One for each baby,” she says, rubbing her bump.

“Do you wanna go take a bath? Or head upstairs for the night?” he questions, settling down beside her. He wants to change out of his suit, but he shouldn’t complain about his clothing being uncomfortable when she’s almost seven months pregnant with their triple cherries. He knows she loves the babies to pieces, but it’s to the point where they just want them to be here. He wants to hold and hug and kiss their Sonia, Stephen, and Wesley Knope-Wyatt more than anything in the entire existence of the universe at this moment.

Okay, except Leslie. He also really just wants to hold his wife right now too, even if he can no longer wrap himself completely around her (because a triple belly is a dangerous belly). Obviously, she’s Leslie, so she doesn’t get enough sleep for a human to function normally in the first place, but it’s been especially rough on her the last couple weeks. Between the restlessness from not working and the babies weighing heavily on her, she’s verbalized that she’s going crazy, and Ben believes her, especially when she doesn’t have her abundance of energy anymore.

So, she scrapbooks from the couch and occasionally works, but, for the most part, she’s been a good little bean who listens to him when he tells her to take a nap and make sure she’s getting enough sleep. Ben’s very thankful for her compliance; he was sure that Leslie would have the babies way too early because of how openly stressed she made herself in the beginning. But, now, she’s relaxing, soaking up some much needed sofa time, catching up on all of the CNN and C-Span her heart desires, and eats mac and cheese pizza multiple times a week courtesy of him. 

Leslie lays her head on his shoulder, and he rubs over her knuckles with his thumb. “No. But… Could you stand up for a second?” she asks sheepishly.

“Um… Okay,” he says. 

Ben gets to his feet and figures she might just want more cookies (to which he’ll try to get her to eat one stick of celery in exchange), so he goes to head into the kitchen.

“Stop right there, Wyatt!”

His eyebrows furrow, but he quits walking.

“Mmmm…” he hears, and he grins when he feels Leslie’s hands on his ass, groping it elegantly. 

“So I’m guessing you wanted your daily ‘hello’ to my butt?”

He imagines her nose scrunching cutely and a sly, sneaky smile. “Mhmm… You have such a great butt, Benjamin.” 

Ben turns around and kisses her on top of her head. “I’m gonna go get you some waffles, okay?”

Leslie nods, and he finds himself kissing her again because how could he not? 

“No! Wait!” she calls out as he’s toeing on his shoes. “Do you wanna order something? Like pizza?”

“Why?” he asks, heading back into the living room to grab his discarded coat from the back of the couch.

She shrugs and points. “I just saw somebody eating it on TV. Ooh, grab me a four meet and cheese calzone while you’re out too!”

Ben nods and agrees immediately because, come on, of course she craves calzones while she’s pregnant.

After all, their babies are half of him and an even better half of her. 


20. Babysitting together

“He pooped on me!” Leslie shrieks. “Get it off get it off get it off!”  

“Les, calm down! He’s a baby. He does that.” 

“You put three of these things inside of me, Ben! Three!” 

Ben wants to rub his forehead, but he doesn’t because, well, there’s this weird smudge of brown on his thumb. He grimaces. Gross. And he totally did put three babies inside of Leslie. They’re expecting triplets in February, but, of course, Leslie wanted to have a trial run with Ann and Chris’s son Oliver to see if she has what it takes to be a Mommy. But he already knows the answer to that. Leslie Knope is already the greatest Mommy in the universe.

Even if she is currently melting down about getting poop on her. 

Okay. Whoa. Never mind. That actually is a shit ton of poop. 

Ben finishes diapering a now calm Oliver before settling the baby in his left arm, grabbing a bunch of wet wipes to soothe over Leslie’s skin. Blehhh…. He kind of wants to take an emergency shower after Oliver’s peeing extravaganza, some of which, for whatever reason, ended up splattering on the ceiling and walls. Maybe he can convince Leslie to burn the clothes they’re both wearing and walk around naked in their best friends’ house the remainder of their visit. Is that weird? No, right? Well, it might be a little weird.

But he can’t help it at the moment. He’s currently running on four hours of sleep for the last two days. After driving up to Michigan and taking care of Oliver along with his wife, there are smudges beneath his eyes that make him look like a zombie-alien-thing, and his hands kind of won’t stop shaking. He’s not sure what that’s about, but he does know that his panic mood is very much on and alert, and his pulse hammers relentlessly in his chest. 

Because he totally and absolutely got his wife pregnant. Very very very pregnant. 

A “very” for each baby they’ll have in seven short months.

He only has seven months to decorate the nursery and stock up on supplies. But they still have to choose the pain and do the rest of the measurements for the triple crib and… Good lord. He doesn’t even want to make another mental list because, trust him, it’s engrained in his mind, etched there permanently because Leslie’s having freaking triplets.

“Ben, baby, we still have seven months,” he hears Leslie remind him.

She knows. She always knows.

He smiles, and she rubs his arm gently with her soft, smooth fingers.

“Do you think we’ll be okay?” he asks quietly.

Oliver starts to fuss again, so he bounces his knees slightly and kisses his very bald head.

And he imagines doing that for their own kids.

Their babies.

Their triple cherries. 

Leslie nods and wraps herself around him and Oliver. “Of course we will, honey. We’re Leslie and Ben. We always end up on our feet.”  

She kisses him, and he finds himself falling in love with this very very very pregnant goofball all over again.


29. “Huh. So that’s what it’s supposed to look like.” 

“My monsters!” Leslie exclaims, letting her six year old triplets bombard them both the second they see their parents. Wesley immediately shoots past her and climbs into Ben’s arms, excited to chatter to his father about his learning adventures, while Sonia and Stephen run straight for her legs, wrapping themselves tightly around them. “Did you guys have a good day at school?” 

Two little monsters nod and beam proudly. 

One doesn’t. 

And, of course, that monster happens to be Stephen Knope-Wyatt. Her middle child scowls and chooses to hide his face in Leslie’s lime green pantsuit leg. Kindergarten is a big deal for each of them, but it is the biggest of deals to her hyperactive and mildly destructive waffle, so to see him frowning so much on this muggy Tuesday afternoon sends shivers down her spine. Because what if some stupid jerk bullied him? Or what if she sent them to school too soon?

“What’s wrong, buddy?” her husband questions once he realizes that the most talkative of their children isn’t exactly talkative at the moment.

Stephen shakes his head. “Nothing.”

“He drew a picture,” she hears Wesley whisper in Ben’s ear.

(Because, let’s face it, six year olds are that great at whispering or being quiet. Not even the shyest of their babies has mastered it yet.) 

“The picture got him sent to time out,” Sonia says.

Stephen face palms himself. Leslie has no idea where he figured what that means, but it fits the situation remarkably well.

Probably Ben. Their kids share a lot of gestures and saying the words “okay” or “good lord” just like their daddy.

“What picture?” Leslie questions. This sounds like an interesting event. 

And she’s sure it’s honestly just a crayon drawing of a tree or a boat or a waffle slathered in whipped cream until it isn’t.

It definitely isn’t.

“Good lord,” she hears Ben mutter under his breath, and Wesley snickers.

“Huh,” Leslie gawks. “So that’s what it’s supposed to look like.” 

“What? No, honey,” Ben says. “That’s… Um, that’s a –” 

“A penis, Ben. It’s a penis.”

Stephen instantly shakes his head and steps away from her legs to point at his drawing. “It’s a rocket ship! Can’t you guys tell? Here are the wings, and this is the stick part!”

“Stick part?” her husband whispers.

And, this time, Leslie chuckles.

Because, honestly, it looks exactly like a penis. A red and blue swirled penis, but a penis nonetheless.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Stephen exclaims, even before anyone says much about it. The poor kid’s traumatized from all the other times he’s gotten in trouble, but he’s six and sprinkles fart dust on his teacher’s chair and likes to dump Ben’s ties in the toilet and superglues Wesley’s hands to the bathroom sink. “I swear on my Star Wars Legos collection that I didn’t do it!”

Sonia eyes him from Leslie’s arms. “You wrote your name at the bottom of the paper,” she points out.

At that, Ben laughs, and, okay, this situation is too much. Leslie just wants to get these monsters home and into some comfy clothes so they can play until dinner and bath time. And then she can make out with her husband and his delectable butt once the kids go to sleep. Sounds like a plan. And it sounds like there’s no need to dwell on Stephen’s penis-but-not-penis drawing either.

“C’mon, my precious waffles,” Leslie says. “Let’s go home.”  

i’m starving when will my wife be home from the war.

ALSO @fatedefined AMI CAN I HEL P YO U ?????????????

Okay but all I can imagine

Is Even and Isak sitting somewhere at school, preferably on that windowsill that the girls were always sitting at in season 2 and Jonas and Eva used to make out at all the time in season 1. And basically they are just being their usual dorky selves and goofing off about something super silly. Like they are arguing about pineapple on pizza or something. Is it a necessity or an abomination. At one point the argument gets so ‘heated’ that Even takes Isaks precious red SnapBack off his head and places it on his own (the right way around of course. Right after he does this Even raises his eyebrows at Isak and purses his lips as a way of saying “yep I just went there. What ya gonna do about it huh?” Isak responds to this by rolling his eyes in annoyance but you know he’s not really annoyed, by the massive, goofy, crooked smile on his face. He then shakes his head and leans towards Even as he exclaims “you are such a loser” Even grins and leans forward quickly to peck Isak on the nose. “But I’m your loser” Isak quickly grabs the back of Evens head before he can move his head back and pulls him back forward. He rolls his eyes again “oh don’t remind me” he says before letting their lips meet and crash together. Soon of course they will get interrupted by Jonas or Sana or someone and just look up at them with these totally silly goofy grins on their faces. You know the kind of smile of two people completely, insanely, and intensely in love.

  • America: Hey! Want to come over for dinner? I'm making beer cheese soup!
  • Germany: ...beer cheese soup?
  • America: Don't knock it till you try it dude! It's delicious!
  • Germany: ...
  • America: Hey you okay?
  • Germany: BEER CHEESE SOUP?!?
  • America: ...I'm sorry! I could like order a pizza or something!?