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Liam singing to Louis.


Jimmy: You did get to walk on the Great Wall of China. Who took this picture?

Liam: One of my friends took that.

Jimmy: Why are you wearing a panda hat?

Liam Payne Explains His Phobia Of... Spoons
  • Liam Payne Explains His Phobia Of... Spoons
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LISTEN: One Direction’s Liam Payne Gets Honest… About His Phobia Of Spoons!

4th June 2015, 09:26

The ‘Best Song Ever’ star gives us the inside scoop on one of the BIGGEST rumours, about his secret phobia!

It’s not your average phobia - having an aversion to spoons - but Liam Payne has explained his reasoning for disliking the little cutlery devils and we have to admits… it does kind of make sense!

The One Direction star stopped by for a chat with us ahead of the band’s performance at our Summertime Ball 2015 With Vodafone this Saturday (6th June), and was quizzed on rumours that have been flying around for some time that he is scared of spoons. It turns out the truth is more complicated!

“See I’m not so much scared of spoons, I’ll hold one,” Liam explained to Capital’s Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon this week. “But I don’t like eating with them, if they’re not my spoons, if that makes sense.

“It is a bit weird. When I was a kid I was a bit naughty at school and when you were naughty they made you do the washing up,” Liam added. “I had to wash all these nasty spoons and then it’s just stuck with me after. I don’t know what people are doing with their spoons, I don’t want to know!”


Liam Jones was not a perfect individual, but he was a damn good man.  He raised his little brother, entirely on his own, in a very demeaning and difficult situation of servitude since their childhood.  He never lost sight of his dreams or what he truly aspired to be (honorable, a leader, a courageous military man) despite his current circumstances, and did his best to inspire Killian to the same.  

He never once left his little brother to his own destructive devices.  Instead he repeatedly protected Killian from harm or those that would seek to belittle and discourage him.  He challenged his little brother to grow, to overcome, to be the better man, to put the darkness behind him, to stop wasting his life on booze and gambling.  He never for one second left Killian to wonder if he’d be alone again or abandoned.

He became the model of the perfect hero so that he could show Killian the way.  He knew his little brother struggled to battle the darkness and his explosive emotions.  He knew Killian needed a guide and steadying hand.  

Did he make a horrible choice in letting Sliver and his crew drown?  Most certainly.  But you can bet he spent every day after that trying his utmost to make up for it, to somehow make himself worthy of the admiration of his brother and peers.

Liam Jones spent his entire life doing everything he could to make sure his little brother had every chance to make something of himself - to become something great.   

Because Liam could see it in Killian’s heart, even if Killian couldn’t see it in himself.  And that’s what true love does.  It sacrifices everything for the chance to see the one you love become what they were always meant to be.

And that is why Liam Jones is, and always will be, a hero.