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The Sister of my Alpha ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Being Scott’s little sister and seeing Liam behind his back.

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word  Count: 470

Warning: Just a quick blowie

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Yeah, we gave them a good show.  What? Cyrus bet on you. He doubled his donation. It was a show for charity. You knew that. Did you think you actually beat me, little brother? I did beat you. If you have to tell yourself that, go right ahead.

alrighty so last year i made a top ten fic rec of 2015 and it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it/reblogged it/whatever so i thought i would make one for this year as well :)

so again these are my top ten fics that were published and/or completed in 2016. 

10. until the flower of this love has blossomed… | ziamslilo

“And when he kissed this boy, he knew that nothing in his life would ever compare to the way he felt when their lips first touched, the very essence of his skin burned in his memory like a lasting reminder of what he could of had, but never allowed himself to indulge in.”

9. Let’s kiss a little instead | tessalane

It’s like Liam understands every part of his soul and accepts it just as it is. It’s like Liam knows how to say and do things in order to make Zayn feel good and relaxed and calm. It’s like Liam is the perfect anchor to Zayn’s anxious, self-conscious, insecure being who always worries too much and never opens up.

He just likes Liam. A lot.

Zayn and Liam are the world’s best football players and they both play for opposite teams. Zayn had a hard time growing up and struggles a lot with anxiety and pressure problems and he hates Liam for always being cool and chill and perfect. So when the two rivals finally meet, things go down a completely different road than Zayn had expected.

8. I’ll Breathe Your Air Into My Lungs (no longer on AO3) | bythelightofthenight

It started out as a romance where opposites attract but in the making it became Zayn’s story of where he has to realize that he is the only one who can save himself.

Zayn doesn’t know what loving someone truly means. In the end it’s not about them leaving but whether they return.

7. Lose It | pineapple_tea / @weighted-orange

Curly-haired Liam is a bit nervous about his first time bottoming (especially on camera). Luckily Zayn is there to take him through it.

6. Slow and High Tempo | zipplekink / @zipplekink

“I just want you, Liam,” Zayn whispers, skating his lips across his. “Can I?”

Liam’s lips part more as Zayn’s do, exhaling slightly as Zayn’s words sink in. He doesn’t understand what they mean, but he knows he meant it when he said Zayn could have anything he wants.
His eyes flicker open to stare up at Zayn’s dark ones, filled with a warmth that seems to consume Liam as he waits for him to respond. “Yeah, babe.”

5. to the edge i’ll race you | leighbot / @iamleighbot

If, during his freshman orientation, Zayn would have been told that he’d be spending the majority of his free time at Phi Kappa Sigma during the upcoming year he would have laughed and bet all of his money against it coming true.

Or, Liam has a surprise for Zayn. It might just scare him away.

4. Pride | iwanttowriteyouafic / @iwanttowriteyouafic 

(this fic is just sooo great and angsty and smutty and perfect)

“What if you guys were to come to some sort of arrangement?” Niall said. “Just a strictly, er, business-only deal, where you’d help each other out. You’re not close enough that it’d be weird, but you’re not strangers, either, so you know he won’t take advantage of you.”

“This is a really weird conversation,” Zayn told him. “I hope you know that.”

(Or the one where Zayn and Liam strike a deal to help each other through their dirtiest nights, but Zayn’s perception of alphas may be preventing him from something purer.)

3. these thought i keep, i want to share with you | zipplekink / @zipplekink 

(if you like angst and pining then this is the fucking fic for you, man) 

“Are you going to miss me when I’m gone?” Liam asks softly, rubbing his nose gently against Zayn’s. He teases, lips hovering over his but not making contact.

“Probably not,” Zayn jokes, nudging forward but Liam pulls away.

“Yeah,” he says, voice trailing off. “Have Griff, don’t ya?”

Zayn shakes his head slightly, eyes dropping to the slight tension in Liam’s jaw. He will miss him, when Liam goes back to his hometown for the summer, but it feels as if it is something he shouldn’t share. Especially when Liam will be in Wolver-Hampton with Jade, forgetting the moments like these that Zayn can’t seem to ever stop thinking about. “Not like that. You know that.”

2. Lego House | teaandtumblr / @danosphere91

(i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve re-read this fic. i love it so unbelievably much) 

He hadn’t knocked the house down on accident, he hadn’t accidentally stepped on it. No, he’d torn it apart, sent the pieces flying. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t fix it. Or at least, didn’t mean he couldn’t try.

1. The Killing Type | protagonist_m / @protagonist-m

(surprise, surprise. this literally might be my favorite fic of all time. it’s just amazing)

Liam breathes hotly through his nose, eyes twitching shut as he squeezes a bit more on Zayn’s neck. “Do you know how dangerous what you’re doing is?”

Zayn draws in his own ragged breath. “Do you?”

Zayn is a doctoral student who goes to great lengths to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liam is heading the biggest serial murder investigation London has seen in half a century. And before this, he’d never been sent a love note via corpse.

So there’s the list! I hope you guys enjoy/enjoyed reading these as much as i did! Happy Reading and Happy 2017!

**honorable mentions: because i loved these ones a lot too 

Viva la Vida | iambluehead

Die Young, Stay Pretty | teaandtumblr

I have waited oh, so long (please don’t tell me baby I was wrong) | ziamismyotp 

There are two kinds of people: Ziam edition

Does anyone else remember the time that Zayn and Liam purchased Power Rangers costumes?

And Zayn, bless his nerdy little dork heart, Zayn is all “Ah hahve tah weah it lyke deh doo ahn thah shoah, even wif dees gloves”

But Loammy Jean, that next level masterclass hoe that he is, he makes the necessary alterations

Loammy Jean has dedication, he’s a professional hoe with tenure and technique, so he’s just casually doing slutty karate moves around Zehn

And meanwhile I’m like

anonymous asked:

do you think there's a possibility simon didnt know liam was there because he definitely looked Shook when liam went on stage lmao

if that’s the case i’ll never stop laughing can you just imagine liam sneaking in and simon rubbing his little hands together in his head at getting to accept it then liam jumping up and being like SIKE

lenfaz  asked:

Captian Liam Jones forcing his little brother and lieutenant to come clean about his feelings for a certain member of the Royal Palace. Or in an AU, for a certain acquaintance of them :)

“Come on then. Out with it.”

“Out with what?”

“Whatever’s put that dreamy smile on your face.” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Killian lied.

“Let’s see. Your rations haven’t been expanded. Your pay is still the standard rate. And I know you’re not exactly fond of these royal soiree’s..”

Killian began to squirm at Liam’s observations.

“And I know you didn’t tuck into any of the available libations. But there was one particular presence that caught your attention. A rather beautiful, blonde presence, if I say so.”

“You’re wrong, brother.”

“Oh, so you don’t find the princess attractive? Maybe your sites were more on her father? You did seem to go rather red when he conversed with you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Liam.”

“So you do find miss Emma attractive?” Liam prodded.

“Of course she is, she’s beautiful.” he gritted.

“But I suppose the conversation is rather dull. I can’t imagine how listening to talk of ballgowns, scented bath soaps and croché for hours upon hours is exciting for any man.” Liam teased, knowing he was getting to Killian.

“Stop it, Liam. She’s not like that. She happens to be rather educated. She’s well read and has told me many an adventurous tale from her books. She’s kind and thoughtful and the most interesting person i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You’ve got her all wrong.” 

Killian felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment at his outburst.

“And there it is.”

He turned to see his brother smiling at him.

“I didn’t say anything.” he sighed, feeling defeated.

Liam stepped forward to place a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“You didn’t have to, little brother.”

Killian dropped his head, feeling foolish that Liam was aware of the feelings he harboured for Emma.

“Killian? She’s a wonderful woman. You couldn’t have fallen for anyone better.”

“Aye. She’s magnificent.” He mumbled sadly to himself as he watched his brother disappear below deck. “But she’s the royal princess. And me a mere sailor.”

His shoulders slumped and his head hung low as he followed his brother’s path to his bunk below.

Little Dunbar *Chapter 8*

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requested? yep!

request? Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Maybe make it into a series?

requester? anon LiLi originally .

word count? 612

A/N: lol it’s so short i’m sorry DX . xxx

masterlist where you can find the other chapters!

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Alright, they’ve finally cast one of my favourite YA boys and I really don’t know if I like it. We don’t know much about him. All we know is :

- He’s new and he’s just been in a few movies and two tv series I think??
- He has a movie called beach boys coming out this year.
- He’s british and is like 6 ft tall ( Isn’t Amandla 5"3 ? That’s gonna be cute)
- He doesn’t look anything like how I pictured Liam to be.
- His eyes are pretty tho
- He looks a little too old to play Liam
- Alex said that she’s seen his work and she likes it.
- I’m very sceptical and I can’t see it really BUT he’s read all the books and that’s good, that’s great, that’s fantastic actually. That’s a start.
- Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Also I kind of trust Alex.

Also stay strong TDM fam, because we aren’t too far from finding out Chubs and Zu.

Have I talked about this yet

Read about my headcanons for this au in the tags  ʘ◡ʘ

Please excuse the crummy quality of these gifs.   I was in the mood for watching old videos tonight and decided to watch Arias 2014 ones.  

And this was the first interview that came up. 

Its all five of them and of course for that reason alone, its fantastic.  But then remember that other interview Zayn is messing with the mic and Liam seems a bit irritated?

If you watch the vid from the start then Liam pretty much avoids looking in Zayn’s direction for the first minute. This is typical of it.

But then at about 1.20 onwards it shifts a little.  The video is best but..the moment Zayn strokes his chin, and Liam looks at him.

The little smile/smirk from Liam.  And the happiness from Zayn. 

I mean..

NOPE.  It almost reminded of when Zayn does strokes his own chin/beard in the interview with Angus also for the Arias and Liam’s reaction then.

Anyway just watch the video.

Little Dunbar *Chapter 1*

request? Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Maybe make it into a series?

word count? 1,066

A/N: okay so this was requested by a lovely anon that i have named Anon LiLi XD . i’m going to make it into a series, so if you have any ideas for it, lemme know!!! also i loved writing this so much omgomgomgomg just liam with children yes . but also this is gonna be a series as i said so don’t freak out with the ending, chapter 2 is gonna be here soon enough XD . xxx

masterlist where you can find the other chapters!

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Prompt: Liam knows something that the reader doesn’t

Note: So I kind of took a different route with this request… hope that’s okay…

Warnings: smut mentions I guess? No actual smut ‘cause I’m a chicken.

Breathing heavily, I giggled as Liam pecked my forehead. “That was the fifth time this week.” I told him with a smile.

           “And?” He grinned.

           “It’s only Tuesday! Not even considering the past two weeks, which I can tell you, greatly exceeded the number of days.”

           “Well, what can I say?” Liam nuzzled his head into my neck. “You’re irresistible. Those little cotton panties of yours- they’re strangely hot- and that little sound you make when I kiss you right here…” His soft lips grazed the skin just below my earlobe, making me whimper. “God, just like that.” He whispered breathlessly, rolling back on top of me. “It’s like I can’t control myself.”

           “Is this your way of saying you’re up for round two, Dunbar?”

           “Only if you are.” I nodded feverously, laughing at his expression. My arms came to wind around his neck, holding his warm body against me. His fingers ghosted over the sensitive skin of my hip, producing goose bumps. I arched into him, offering my neck for Liam to devour as my hands did some wandering of their own. He sucked in a deep breath.

           And then he stopped.

           I pulled away slowly to examine his confused eyes. “Is there something wrong?” I asked, rubbing his shoulders soothingly.

           “No, it’s just… you smell different.”

           I laughed. “That’s probably because I need a shower. I smell like sex right now.”

           “No, that’s not what I meant. Your scent… it’s different somehow…”

           Immediately I knew what he was talking about. “Scott said something about that to me this morning.” At Liam’s raised eyebrows, I bit back a wicked grin, “Yeah, he said, ‘Why do you smell like Liam and why does Liam smell like sex?’ He was telling me that lately my scent has been mixed with yours, so he can’t really be sure if you’re actually with me or not.”

           Liam smirked. “If only all the other boys could smell it…”

           “Oh, just shut up.” I stretched to kiss him. Tenderly he cupped my face, kissing me back, but it was too light, too gentle for Liam. “Okay, what is it?”

           “That’s just it. I can’t be sure that it’s just my scent making you smell different. Somehow I think it’s something else. It’s small and… weird.”

           “Alright, do you want to wait on the sex to figure out your little mystery, Scooby Doo, or-” I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before his lips were on mine once again.


           A month later, the pack gathered at Scott’s house for a movie night. Kira and Lydia were in the kitchen sorting the snacks while Scott and Malia were upstairs getting extra blankets and pillows. Liam had come to pick me up. Stiles let us in, and the three of us plopped down on the couch. Pretty soon, the conversation turned to… you guessed it… sex.

           “You guys are like rabbits!” Stiles exclaimed, fighting to keep from smiling while I laughed. “Chill out! I don’t want you to end up on Teen Mom or something.” Gasping for breath and clutching my stomach, I leaned against Liam’s shoulder. Lately it had been hard to catch my breath, it seemed- whether it be from laughter, or trying to get from class to class.

           When I noticed that Liam wasn’t laughing, I glanced up to see his face white and lips thin. “Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked, rubbing his chest slightly.

           Blue eyes bored into mine with shaking intensity. Finally, he mumbled, “Nothing’s wrong, Y/N.” Liam pulled me closer to him, cuddling me to his side. He’s been in such a cuddly mood recently, and I wasn’t about to ask him about it, in fear it would discourage him. I loved it.

           “Aw, look at the couple.” Stiles gagged. “Love is in the air, and it’s making me sick.”

           Malia walked in, followed closely by Scott, who was juggling an assortment of blankets, pillows, and… were those stuffed animals? Malia only carried a quilt, which she threw at Stiles. “That’s not what you were saying last night.” I let out a small giggle, which oddly left me winded.

           Scott was smiling, watching Malia and Stiles interact, when suddenly he frowned. His head turned to the side slightly, as if he were listening to something. Then, with shocking red eyes, he looked at me.

           Liam was up in the blink of an eye, crouched in front of me, snarling with a ferocity I had never before seen. The entire house went silent, watching Scott glare at the growling Liam.

           “You didn’t.” Scott rumbled, eyes still the same bright red. “Oh my God, Liam. Tell me you didn’t.”

           Malia was across the room in an instant, coming to stand between the two werewolves. “Guys, what’s…” She trailed off. Then she looked at me over Liam’s shoulder. “Oh.”

           “You hear it too?” Asked Scott. Slowly, she nodded. Malia turned to Liam, “How long has it been there?”

           Chest heaving, Liam slowly straightened. “I’ve heard it for about a week now.”

           Malia raised an eyebrow. “And your solution was to keep it to yourself, not let anyone near her, and follow her around like a faithful Golden Retriever? Nice.”

           “What the hell am I supposed to do?”

           Stiles decided to interject then, “Okay, so, hi. Human here, without supernatural hearing. Does anyone want to tell me what’s going on?”

           I raised my hand. “Yeah, I’d like to know what’s going on too. Is this about me? Did I do something?” Liam was at my side at an instant, “No, Y/N, never. You’re perfect. Just…” He looked over at Stiles as if he were evaluating him. Then, when it seemed his scan was complete, he demanded, “Stiles, sit with Y/N for a minute. We’ll be right back.”

           I snorted. “I don’t need a babysitter, Liam.” He flinched. “Hey, are you sure you’re okay? I didn’t mean that to be hurtful or anything-” Before I knew it, Liam was kissing my forehead, and then he was being dragged upstairs by Malia and Scott.

           “What was that all about?” I jumped as Kira vaulted over the couch to sit beside me. “I heard lots of growling and could practically see the testosterone rising.”

           Laughing, I filled her in. “Ehh, Liam got protective and now he, Scott, and Malia are having a super-secret pow-wow upstairs.”

           “Oh no, it wasn’t Liam just getting ‘over-protective.’” Stiles butted in. “He was about to attack his Alpha for just looking at you. Yeah, the glowy eyes freak me out too, but to get in front of you and growl like that? Something’s up. Especially if he did that to Scott. His Alpha. Something is definitely up.”

           Before I could respond, Lydia came in with multiple bowls in her arms. “Okay, I’ve got Skittles for Stiles- yes, you take the bowl, honestly- and chocolate for everyone but Malia, who wanted gummy worms, so I’ve got that… and apples for Y/N.”

           “Yes!” I threw my arms up in triumph as I accepted the bowl, kissing her cheek. “Thank you, Lydia.” She waved off my thanks, assuring me that it was nothing.

           “Wait a minute.” Stiles raised an eyebrow. “It’s movie night. That means all junk food is permitted. Why do you want to eat healthy?”

           Lydia rolled her eyes. “You don’t pay attention, do you?” Stiles appeared appalled. Lydia elaborated. “All week Y/N has been eating apples non-stop. That’s just what she’s been hungry for. So leave her alone, why don’t you?” Stiles started to protest, but Lydia ignored him, exchanging a look with Kira and I that clearly said ‘boys.’


           Eventually Scott, Malia, and Liam came back downstairs. Liam didn’t say anything as he approached me, abruptly picking me up and then placing me in his lap once he’d sat down. I didn’t say anything. He looked upset, and he often found comfort in me being as close as possible.

           Everyone settled in, and Kira started the first movie. It was Stiles’s turn to pick, so of course we were watching the Dark Knight trilogy. I honestly didn’t mind; I thought Batman was pretty cool.

           It was kind of hard to focus with Scott watching my every move. Scott had always been so nice and friendly. I didn’t know why he was staring so much. It made me a bit uncomfortable. Liam sensed my discomfort, and tightened his arms around me. “What’s wrong?” He whispered. I was about to answer him when a sudden wave of nausea hit me like a train. Oh God. I struggled against his hold, pushing away his arms and sprinting for the bathroom. “Y/N?”

           For the first time I was slightly faster than Liam, bolting into the bathroom and locking the door, knowing he was following me. I didn’t want him to see this.

           “Y/N? Y/N, open the door.” He demanded, pounding his fists against it. “Open it or I swear I will kick it down. Y/N!” Thankfully I had a ponytail holder to shakingly tie my hair back.

           The clicking of heels on the hardwood alerted me of Lydia’s arrival. “Seriously, Liam? You’re being creepy. Let her use the bathroom. I’m sure she’s capable of doing it herself.” Liam’s big feet slapping across the hall told me that he was probably pacing now. “She just-” I didn’t hear the rest of her sentence because that’s when everything in my stomach came up.


           When I finally opened the bathroom door, Lydia was waiting for me with a glass of water and some crackers. “Thanks,” I told her. She just smiled and nodded.

           Liam was hovering close to her shoulder, flanked by Scott and Malia. He looked anxious. “Sorry about that.” I gave him a little shrug. “I think I caught that stomach bug my Mom had a few days ago.” From the look on his face, you would’ve thought I had said I was dying.

           “I heard that’s going around.” Stiles called from the living room. “Really sucks. Y/N, no offense, but stay away from me.”

           “That won’t be a problem.” I teased.


           The next day was Saturday, and my parents had both left earlier in the morning- Dad for work and Mom for errands- so it was just Liam and I. He had stayed the night, despite my constant badgering for him to go home. He said that he was worried about me, and didn’t want me to be alone. Cutie.

           When I got dressed, I couldn’t help but notice how sore my breasts were. Even putting on my bra kind of hurt. I guess it’s almost that time of the month.

           As I came downstairs, I could hear whispering in the kitchen.

           “A hybrid?” Liam asked, sounding quite distressed, when I walked in. Derek was propped up against the island while Liam sat on a stool.

           “Good morning.” I sang out, kissing Liam on the corner of the mouth and giving Derek a one-armed hug before rummaging through the fridge. “God, I’m starving. I think I’m going to make apple pancakes. Do you guys want any?”


           After breakfast, I was beyond exhausted. “I could barely sleep last night.” I complained to the boys. “I had to go to the bathroom like five times. It was ridiculous.” I yawned as Derek chuckled. “Oh, shut up.” I shoved his shoulder. “I think I’m going to go sleep until noon. It was nice seeing you Derek.”

           “I better get going anyway.” He stood from the table, journeying to put our plates in the sink. “Liam, I’ll talk to you later.” I wanted to know what they were talking about… especially why they were talking about hybrids earlier… but I didn’t want to pry. Besides, it was probably about some stupid video game. It wouldn’t be the first time.

           Once Derek had gone, I stumbled up the stairs, sighing when I collapsed onto my bed. My lower back ached and I had no clue why. Liam’s warm hand eased under my shirt, taking my pain away.

           “How’d you know?” I asked.

           “I could tell.” He whispered, stroking my hair. “Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you, and I don’t know how you’re going to feel about it, to be honest. You’ll probably be more unhappy that I didn’t tell you as soon as I knew than at the actual thing.”

           Rolling over onto my side, I faced Liam. He was now on his back, staring up at the ceiling. “Do you remember when I told you that  your scent changed?”

           I wrinkled my nose. “Yeah. Why?”

           Liam took a deep breath. “Okay, well… other things have changed too.”

           I sat up quickly. “You’re not breaking up with me, are you?” Liam’s eyes widened, and he sat up as well, quickly shaking his head.

           “No! I could never leave you…” He stared into my eyes for a moment, hand coming up to brush my cheek. Then he took a deep breath. “This is going to sound crazy, but… last week, I began to hear this noise. It was soft but steady- a heartbeat. When I first heard it, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard- besides the sound of your voice, of course.” His lips turned up into a small smile. “Scott and Malia heard it last night, too.”

           Liam looked at me as if he expected everything to come together in my head. My mind was blank. “Okay, so, where did this noise come from?”

           With a trembling hand, Liam placed his palm against my stomach.

           “For the past few weeks my instincts have been crazy high, and I didn’t know why, but now I do.” I stared at him curiously. “Y/N, think about it. I’ve been hearing another heartbeat. My instincts are off-the-charts, pushing me to almost tear my Alpha’s throat out. You’ve thrown up, had cravings, gone to the bathroom more often the usual, experienced all sorts of symptoms… probably some that you haven’t even told me about…”

           Liam took another deep breath. “Y/N, what I’m trying to tell you is… you’re pregnant.”