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Little Facts about your Andromeda Crew:

-Jaal snores.
-Liam whimpers in his sleep.
-Jaal’s favorite human greeting is “Shalom.”
-Jaal can’t quite get the hang of human slang. (“Fuck over.”)
-Suvi has questionable cooking skills (according to Vetra).
-Lexi is half-turian. Peebee says this explains why she’s so uptight.
-Peebee’s father, on the other hand, was an elcor.
-Vetra is the Squad Mom who makes sure everyone’s fed, even when it’s not her turn to unpack their rations.
-Suvi stuck a full cup of coffee to a bulkhead with magnets sideways because “her hands were full" and then promptly forgot about it.
-Even though asari tend to find communal living “cozy” - Peebee is a big fan of having her own space. (Probably a good thing, since her apartment on the Nexus is an absolute mess. She’d be a nightmare of a roomie for a neat freak.)
-Drack is old enough to remember First Contact with humans. He thought they were exceptionally squishy.
-Drack is a grumpy old man - especially if you refer to his age. He can be amusingly defensive about it.
-Jaal doesn’t know how to drive (at least not human vehicles).
- Jaal trolled Liam by teaching him an “Angaran folk song” that he then performed for Kallo and Suvi, inadvertently marrying the two according to Angaran custom. He says it can be annulled easily enough.
- Cora tried to explain Snakes and Ladders to Jaal and Vetra as part of an analogy. Vetra thought it was stupid that ladders can only go in one direction, while Jaal was offended by how “cruel” it was to place children in circumstances where they cannot control the outcome as it’s all based on a random die roll.

Liam Payne turns to ginger hitmaker Ed Sheeran to help launch solo career

The track, which is being kept under lock and key ahead of its imminent release, is a co-write between the pop pair, who last worked together on the song 18 from 1D’s 2014 album Four.

Liam has recruited Brit superstar ED SHEERAN to mastermind his debut single.

It’s a huge sign of intent that Liam is serious about ­becoming the UK’s next big male megastar — just like Ed himself.

An insider revealed: “Liam and Ed have been friends for years, ever since Ed first wrote for One Direction on their debut album.

“The collaboration actually came about very quickly ­earlier this year.

“Liam was in Los Angeles and was told that Ed was beginning to write a song with Liam in mind.

“Liam rushed back to the UK and the pair of them wrote the track together and then recorded it.

“With Ed’s expertise in creating a hit Liam knows they can’t go wrong. They have produced something special together.

“Having Ed on board is a clever move too, as it means he will reach music fans beyond just 1D obsessives.”

Ed was a close associate of One Direction throughout their four years in the charts, writing five songs for them including hit single Little Things.

But Liam, who will be teasing his new material on his Facebook page tomorrow, is the only member of 1D who has managed to secure the coup of Ed as a songwriter for solo material.


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Aiden x reader

Requested by Anon

You smiled at Aiden when he walked over to you, looking as if he was going to say something until you felt the heavy weight of Stiles’ arm around your shoulders.

“Move along fur ball.” He muttered, glaring until Aiden left.

“Stiles that was mean.” You pointed out but the boy just shrugged.

“Hey you don’t know what he wanted, he could have attacked you.” Stiles warned with a brotherly tone which made you roll your eyes.

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Yeah, we gave them a good show.  What? Cyrus bet on you. He doubled his donation. It was a show for charity. You knew that. Did you think you actually beat me, little brother? I did beat you. If you have to tell yourself that, go right ahead.

anonymous asked:

Liam's taking a break from moonlighting as a Easter bunny 🐰😃

If there’s any justice in this world I certainly hope so!

@financial-larrie pointed to me that liam’s wearing the same clothes as he was in the studio pic from yesterday (pink hoodie and white pants), so the photo is old:

More importantly though can we talk about How ENDEARED I am that Loam looks extremely smol sitting on the giant Escalade? BECAUSE I AM

The Sister of my Alpha ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Being Scott’s little sister and seeing Liam behind his back.

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word  Count: 470

Warning: Just a quick blowie

TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff @xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney @kittencutie245 @thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv @jkjk-h @migirl323

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The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royal AU [Chapter 1]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Also on FF.net and AO3.

Word Count: 4,386

Alright, here we are! I’m so excited to be FINALLY writing this story and I wanted to have a few chapters written in advance so I wouldn’t have to wait ages to update (I’ll be shooting for weekly updates, god willing). Keep in mind that this is a modern royal AU that’s got a Prince Harry type version of Killian (who I’m kind of in love with already) and there’s going to be a lot of feels/angst ahead. There will be some M-rated stuff eventually, but it’s a long ways off so I’ll post a warning before those chapters. Thank you all for being patient and lovely :) enjoy! XOXO

“You’ve truly outdone yourself this time, little brother,” Liam grumbled, a soft curse under his breath before throwing a sideways glare. “Above and bloody beyond.”

A roll of his tired eyes before lowering his sunglasses was the only response Killian could muster at an early hour like this on a Saturday. Aside from the harsh sunlight battling the tinted windows of the black SUV, the hazy state of his brain had certainly left him in no mood for a lecture or an honor inspired chat - especially one that was clearly about to be riddled with rather specific vocabulary and those well known accusations he truly couldn’t care less about.

Well, at least that’s how he was planning on stubbornly playing this.

“Been fighting cameras and reporters all morning,” Liam continued, silencing his cellphone as the vehicle rounded the corner of a palace surface road. “It’s an absolute royal mess, Killian.”

There it was - irony intended or not. It was that single word he’d been smacked with a thousand times over.

Royal. Royal, royal, royal.

The term had labeled him - well, them - for as far back as his recollection stretched, but even after a few decades of being wrapped up in that title, Killian still found himself a little uncertain on how such a word was defined. It wasn’t easy to fend off his amusement at his brother’s unnoticed pun, but Killian leaned back against the leather seat and considered the approaching speech he’d heard so many times over the course of his privileged life. Talk about a king complex, he thought as he watched Liam type out some sort of message with very obvious irritation.

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AU where Allison and Isaac are still here and Stalia does not exist.
I’ve noticed that you guys go cuckoo for Theo and Peter but I decided to write about the boys that don’t get enough love: Brett, Liam, and Isaac.

Y/N = Your Name
Warnings: Hot men, cutie pie Liam, dorky Stiles, explicit language??? Oh and sexual content af
Song Inspo
: Company by Tinashe

For as long as you lived in Beacon Hills, things have never brightened up for you. For years you went unnoticed by anyone until Senior year. In your family, your mom was a beautiful landmark. Every man wanted to be with her even if it meant death by their spouse or her beloved husband. Your dad was, to be honest, a sex god. Although, no one could understand how two beautiful people came together to give birth to you. Your hair was thick but dull, always tangled, the hair on your body grew thick so you had to shave every day, you didn’t have bad acne but you would have pimples and zits in unwanted places like around your lips or your forehead. You mom told you not to worry because she went through the same thing, she also said things would go your way around Junior year.

She was right. All throughout Junior year, your body went through “slow” change. By Senior year, you grew a cup size, your body had more defined curves, you had to shave less because your mom took you waxing and your hair grew back finer. Let’s not forget about the hair, your hair had more shine and volume and away the acne, hello radiance! During your come up, you came across a few friends like Danny, Gwen, Josh, Hayden, Mason, Corey, and Allison. Aside from Allison, the seven of you constantly hung out with each other so when you got to Senior year, you weren’t alone.

Here you were on Danny’s bed listening to him talk about your last year together. Josh sat in the corner playing a game on his phone, clearly frustrated that he was losing. You pursed your lips and sat up quickly. “I know what we should do!” Danny widened his eyes and blinked a few times before he could ask what. “It’s something that we all do pretty well,” Danny cocked his head to the side, took a look at Josh then back at you. “Let’s throw a party that we’ll all remember.” That got Josh’s attention, he put the phone down and clasped his hands behind his head, “I’m down.” “What kind of party? I feel like we’re running out of ideas.” You scoffed and reached in your bag for twizzlers, “you’re running out of ideas, let’s have a Coachella theme.”
Josh plopped on the bed next to you with a big grin. The two of you looked at Danny. He smiled and nodded in approval, “I can’t believe I never thought of that. Coachella it is, where are we going to have the venue?” “Why would you ask that?” Josh scoffed, “I know people.” You smiled at the thought of wearing that outfit your mom bought last week. This was going to be fun.

Stiles approached Danny in the locker room. “Hey, good lookin’,” Stiles leaned against his locker with a sneaky smile, “how’s it goin?” Danny sighed and turned to look at him and Scott.

Danny: What do you want?
Stiles: Why do you assume there’s something I want?
Danny: Because you’re Stiles
Stiles: Point well taken, there is something I actually want
Danny: What?
Scott: We heard you’re having a party?
Danny: Yeah
Stiles: Were you going to invite us?
Danny: To be fair, every time you guys show up, weird stuff happens
Stiles: You ever think it might be you?
Scott: Danny, we won’t be weird, I promise
Danny: *sighs* You guys can come over if you contribute
Stiles: I don’t know if my dance moves are that good but if you really want me to, I guess I can bust a few out the closet
Scott: I think he means contribute by pitching in for the drinks…
Danny: Yeah…I’ll text you the details, later *closes his locker and leaves*
Scott: Dance moves?
Stiles: If you ever bring that up I’ll shove wolfsbane down your throat

At lunch, Danny sat his tray on the table. You and Josh came soon after laughing about an inside joke. “So how’d it go?” Danny told you guys how much people he got in and then you guys discussed the amount of drinks that would have to be bought. There was also a matter of decorations, which for some odd reason, your parents were more happy to provide. They even told you that they’d go out of town for the weekend. “Y/N!” You snapped out of your trance and hummed in response. Josh told you to go ask Allison and Mason if they were still going.

Liam was still sulking after a month of the bite. He couldn’t get a handle on his transformations. For example, Liam looked up to see a sexy girl wearing black pants that pronounced her curves, a jacket to conceal what her white crop top couldn’t. Liam quickly moved his hands under the table, to hide the incoming claws.
You approached Mason and Allison at their table with a smile. “Hey guys, we got a party this Friday if you’re up for it.” Stiles stood with a sly grin, “Danny already invited us,” Scott pulled him down by his arm. You smiled at the cute boy. “Sure, I’m in,” Mason shrugged. Allison smiled and put a hand on Lydia’s shoulder. “Can’t, I’m going shopping with –” “We can shop and go to a party, it’s been a while since I’ve been to one” Lydia took a bite out of her lunch while Allison made her lips into a thin line. You scanned the table and laid eyes on Liam. “What about you?” Liam nearly choked on his tongue trying to speak. “Wait, aren’t you Hayden’s nemesis?” Liam slowly nodded but furrowed a brow once he saw you form your lips into a sexy smirk. “Perfect, you have to come, Liam.” The way you said his name was enough to give him a boner. With that, you told them the theme and walked off.

The party was coming along. A few people came a little too early. People like Scott and Stiles. They helped Danny set up beer kegs and set out drinks. Josh was serious about knowing people. The house was a perfect setup for the party. It was also spacious so the neighbors wouldn’t complain about the noise. Isaac rolled in the house with two coolers. Stiles face palmed himself when they opened the coolers. Each were full of soda and Caprisuns. “Isaac I told you to get drinks!” Isaac gave him a toothy smile and pointed at them, “yeah, I got the good stuff, sprite, mountain dew, Dr. Pepper, and a whole bunch of Caprisuns.” Stiles was about to kill the oblivious boy before you interrupted. “Great thinking, it is Coachella after all.” You reached inside the cooler and grabbed a Caprisun. “Thanks, you can put them over in the kitchen, Stiles.” You gave Isaac a wink then walked away. You could feel his eyes raking over your body, the feeling creating a tiny pool in your shorts.

More people flooded in and the party really started to kick off. The smell of sweat, liquor, smoke, and perfume gave off an intoxicating scent. At one point, someone brought in edible body paint, a table to play beer pong on and a whole bunch of floating for the pool. Brett walked in with his posse. They knew most of the kids attending the party were from Beacon Hills but that what made it fun. A girl bumped into him, he looked down to see a pretty strawberry blonde. Lydia. Behind her was Allison, Malia, Scott, Stiles, and Liam.
Brett smirked at him and ruffled his hair, “aww the little pup is with the big Kids.” Liam bared his teeth at his enemy. Brett couldn’t help but chuckle, “put those away before you accidentally maul someone. Jesus Scott, you don’t train your puppy?” Before Liam could lunge for him, Isaac got there in time to help Scott pull him back. Brett shrugged his shoulders and walked away from the group.
He walked into the kitchen to grab a beer when you walked in. The way your ass was cradled in your shorts made him bite his lip. He’d never seen you before and that made him curious. The choker around your neck turned him on more than it should have. The thought of hearing you moan while his hand tightened around your neck, excited him beyond measure.

“Like what you see?”
“What if I do?”
“Answer the question”
“You answer mine”

You smiled and moved closer. “I guess both of our questions will go unanswered.”
You grabbed the two beers and headed out the kitchen. Brett smiled at what he had just encountered. He loved mysteries and you seemed like a golden one.

A large group of people agreed to play truth or dare in the living room. Everyone decided it would be easier to play it on an app. The app would take people’s names and it would spin. The group would decide if that person completed the dare correctly. We had a choice of 3-10 rounds, we all chose 10 because we all had nothing better to do. If you choose truth, you have to take two shots of vodka. If you didn’t complete the dare or do it, you had to take two shots of tequila. Truths are worth up to three points depending on how juicy the answer is, dares are worth up to 5 points but you get zero if you chicken out. The most players with the most points win the game.

The game continued, after round four, the dares started to get a little dirty. Lydia had to take a strawberry in her mouth and kiss Aiden for five seconds. When they finished, Aiden seemed hot and flustered while Lydia smiled innocently. Danny had to strip tease the whole group, Mason Eskimo kissed Allison, and Hayden down two shots after refusing to give Liam a hickey. “Y/N, spin a bottle until you land on a guy. Then take off your pants and sit on his crotch until the next round.” You grabbed the empty beer bottle and gave it a good spin. Everyone watched it turn and cheered once it landed on Isaac. He gave you a sly grin and opened his legs a little wider on the couch. You left your comfy position on the floor, slid your shorts off, to sit right on top of Isaac’s member. He kept his hands to the side because he didn’t want to make you feel weird.

Halfway through the next round, you wrapped his arms around your waist so he could get comfortable. You leaned against his chest, unintentionally pressing yourself harder against him. Everyone was laughing at Aiden because he had to draw a smiley face on Stiles’ butt. While you laughed your body vibrated a bit, turning Isaac on. You turned you him and smiled, “you’re enjoying this.” Isaac returned your smile, “a hot girl is sitting on my lap with no pants on, of course, I’m enjoying this.” You bit your lip and subtly grounded into him by moving back in forth, creating friction. His size was unmistakably large and he wasn’t even fully hard. You wanted to moan but you didn’t want to grab too much attention to yourself, Isaac tightened his arms to try and stop you. The feeling was great but he didn’t want everyone to see how aroused he was after she would have to get off of him. Isaac wasn’t going to let you have all the fun, he started whispering dirty, obscene things in your ear and nibbled on your ear lobe. You had to conceal the moan with a heavy sigh and stopped moving so he would let up.

The circle got smaller after Danny had to confess on his dirtiest fantasies. His fantasy included Ethan and small toys. The two raced out the room while everyone groaned. Hayden downed two shots of tequila after calling quits halfway through a dare in which she had to eat raw spaghetti with Stiles. Malia surprised everyone by drinking a tall glass of mixed alcohol without stopping. She didn’t even blink. Moving on from dirty, the dares went very dirty. Allison had to put a piece of ice in her vagina and leave it there, once it melted she had to replace it until it was her turn again. You had to eat whip cream off of Brett. He hooked his hands behind his head and let you go to work. You made sure to trail up his hairy leg quickly, kiss/eat up his arm until you reached his collar bone. You made your tongue flat, making sure you get all of the cream. Brett hummed in approval when you reached his hot neck. You even left a few kisses here and there. Before touching his lips, you cleaned off his chest and used the tip of your tongue to swipe off the cream around the outline of his member. He grinned at the contact. Your hot tongue didn’t throw him off but it pleased him. The people in the room gasped and cooed in agreement. You straddled his waist and licked a line up his throat. Underneath you, Brett shuddered at the sensual act. The unusual feeling sent shockwaves to his sex making it hard for him to pretend that he wasn’t enjoying himself. Brett shocked you by grabbing your lips before you could lick off all the cream. He gave you a smirk afterward and stood up.

The last round was hectic. Almost everyone was drunk except Stiles, You, and Brett. They were going along with the craziest dares to rack up points. A girl named Kelsi gave Stiles a blowjob for two full songs. She pulled him away so they could finish up in the next room. Allison took off her bra to let Kira and Lydia suck on her nipples for one whole minute. Malia masturbated in front of the whole group, Scott had to let Hayden rub his inner thighs and not get hard, and Aiden yanked carried Lydia out of the room so they could have sex. Liam was the last dare. His dare involved you and him for 7 minutes of heaven.

You laughed as Liam fumbled around for a light switch. Drunk and frustrated that you were laughing at him, he accidentally glowed his eyes. At the sudden realization of what he did, he quickly retreated to a corner and grabbed his face in his hands. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, please don’t be scared…” You smiled at his cute behavior.

“I’m a monster, aren’t I?”
“I thought you were a werewolf”
“How’d you…”
“It’s Beacon Hills, right? You can’t be that hot and not be supernatural”
“You think I’m hot?”
“No, I think you’re adorable”
Liam’s voice grew deep and husky.

He didn’t have to glow his eyes to know where you were. He walked towards you calmly and pinned you against the wall. Your breath hitched as you felt his heated presence hovering over you. Liam was tired of being treated like a kid, he was going to show you that he wasn’t. Not being able to see heightened your sense, making you more sensitive. You jumped at the touch of his warm, steady hands, gliding from your hips to the small of your back. At the same time, Liam leaned in to breathe heavily against your ear, “are you scared?” You could feel your folds being slick with your sweet juices at the sound of his rough voice. You shook your head no. Liam planted a wet kiss on your neck then growled against your soft skin, the vibrations making you feel good. “You should be.”
Liam ran a claw down your neck to ensure to felt how sharp it was. He trailed down and tugged at the front of your bralette, threatening to snap it and let your breasts fly freely. You moaned in anticipation, urging the wolf inside Liam to continue. Liam was scared of hurting you so he backed up just as the closet door opened. At the end of the game, Mason totaled the points. You and Brett tied since Stiles left the room.

Everyone left the room and the ache between your legs could not be subsided by a toy. You had to have sex and you needed it now. There was only one problem, well three. Who would you choose to accompany you for the night?

The Overconfident Brett?
Isaac The Smooth Panty Dropper?

Angel-face Liam?

I love Liam’s tattoos, but the feather has to be my favourite. Not only is the design pretty, but the meaning behind that tattoo is just so beautiful. For those who don’t know when Liam was little his grandmother died and his mom, Karen, left feathers around the house for them to find. Karen would tell them that their grandmother had left feathers for them which helped them feel connected to her. I even remember Liam telling once that this was his mom’s favourite tattoo because of this story! So tell me someone with a bigger heart than Liam!? 


Title: Closer Than You’ve Been

Pairing: Liam Payne/Harry Styles

Words: 31,212

Summary: Liam crashes his car and wakes up to haunting green eyes and a man with a secret. Harry tries to push Liam away, but something is binding them together that’s much stronger than any fear that might tear them apart. - OR - Harry is a Siren, and Liam falls for him, despite the risks.


It’s the singing that wakes him up. A rising harmony in his head, like the sun slowly reappearing on the horizon. But when he opens his eyes, the sun is already staring back at him.

“Morning,” Harry whispers, the tip of his nose wiggling a bit with the word and the way he’s grinning so brilliantly. Liam feels like he’s back in the hospital, convinced he’s hallucinating some otherworldly deity. The light coming in through the windows outlines Harry’s hair and body, making it so he’s actually glowing. “Liam…”

Liam blinks, props himself up a little on the old couch with his elbows so his face is barely an inch away from Harry’s. Harry, who’s still grinning like he’s got a fantastic secret to share. “What are you smiling about, Sunshine?” Liam chuckles, giving in.

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Baby Liam| Scott McCall x Reader x Liam Dunbar

Part 1| Series

Requested: Yes

Pairings: Scott McCall x Reader

Prompt: Liam and the reader have a mother/son bond, ironically, Liam turns into a two year old and Y/N tries finding out with the help of the pack how to turn him back to his normal self, or his normal age. 

Warnings: Nothing yet, my loves…

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You rolled over coughing up some blood, “Is that the best you got, Hale?” You challenged, getting up and wiping off some blood with the back of your hand. You smirked as he raised his eyebrows, welcoming the challenge. He sped to you, grabbing your throat into his hands and lifting you up, the both of you too focused in the training to notice that the rest of the pack had already made their way in.

 With a growl, Liam and Scott went over to help you. Liam attacking Derek, as Scott made sure you were okay. You swatted his hands away and ran to Liam and Derek where you jumped on Liam’s back and covered his eyes. Sometimes you acted without thinking, must be a sign that you’ve been hanging out with Scott and Stiles too much. 

 “It’s ok Liam, we were just sparring. I’m fine.” You whispered hoping the smallest beta would calm down. “You should’ve just told them about our sessions.” Derek mumbled rubbing his throat and glaring at everyone making you sigh, “They wouldn’t have let me, they think I could get hurt, which is why I should learn to defend myself.” You said rolling your eyes. “You know, we’re right here.” Stiles sarcastic remark brought you back to reality as he flared his hands around looking at you in disbelief. You scoffed, “Let’s just get this meeting over with.”


 You made your way back home with Scott, and immediately ran to the bed, taking up all the space. “You’re taking up all the space baby.” Scott chuckled, moving you a little to crawl into bed with you and cuddle you. You mumbled some incoherent stuff under your breath making Scott sigh, “Can we please talk about what happened today?” You groaned and sat up abruptly, “You can either support my decision or watch in the sidelines, which one is it?” “Is there another option?” He questioned smiling but stopped once he saw your glowing eyes, “Oh…wow, ok. I choose the first one.” He said stumbling over his words. 


 Morning came around and you were getting ready when you heard a knock followed by Scott letting the person in. “Babe, Liam’s here.” Scott yelled and you rushed down the stairs. “My little baby.” You cheered rushing over to Liam and pinched his cheeks, making him blush and swat your hands away. “Y/N can we please go, I want to be early to get the new video game as soon as possible. I promised Mason you allowed us to play here since you have a better screen…” He stopped midway realizing he never asked you, “Shit, I forgot, uhm…Y/N, can we please play the game here?” He begged stretching out the ‘e’ and giving you the cutest puppy dog eyes. You aw'ed out loud, making Scott turn to you in disbelief, “You’re not really falling for that are you, Y/N?” Scott scoffed. You smirked at Liam, both of you turning and giving your best puppy eyes as he slowly gave in, “Unbelievable.” He muttered walking away.

 The both of you cheered and high fived each other. “Give me a second, I have to go get some cash!” You yelled running off. Liam sat in the coach, digging into sides as a habit. He furrowed his eyebrows, slowly pulling out his hands and revealing a small compact. He opened it and saw little candies, he didn’t think twice before plopping two into his mouth. He got up and waited for you at the door.


 “DON’T YOU DARE LET ME DIE MASON!” Liam yelled as he glared at his friend, making Mason jump and push furiously at the buttons on his control. “OK, NOW WHAT?!” Mason screamed making you chuckle, and Liam follow up with, “Now…, WE FIGHT!” He yelled, making Mason join in. They have been playing the new video game you bought Liam, much to his distaste of you spending money on him, but you couldn’t help it, you just wanted to grab him and hug him all the time, like a baby. “If I hear one more scream, I’m snapping their thumbs.” Scott threatened. “And if you don’t let them have fun, you’re not getting it tonight.” You threatened him, making his jaw drop.


 “Thanks for everything Y/N, you’re the best.” Liam smiled hugging you. Scott glared at him from behind you, making the message clear to his beta, ‘Stop clinging onto my girl and leave.’ He let go and you hugged Mason, him thanking you and Scott for the hospitality. You waved them off, only getting the chance to close the door before you were pinned to it. Scott kissing and sucking your neck, you moaning and him purring at the sound. “I need to take the pill, meet me upstairs.” You moaned out before rushing to the kitchen. You looked for them and came up empty handed before remembering that last time, Scott couldn’t make it upstairs to the bedroom, and ran to the coach where you found it. You opened it but was shocked to see that a couple were missing. You grimaced at the thought of going upstairs to find a horny wolf and explaining that he wasn’t getting lucky tonight. All while you struggled with controlling a horny alpha, Mason couldn’t believe that his friend just turned into a two year old.


Part 2

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Taking a Risk Pt. 2

Summary: The reader is faced with the decision of having to choose one soulmate over the other.

Word Count: 4.1k

A/N: I finally finished it! I hope you all enjoy!

Tagging: @sierrastilinski  @amylillian22  @alphaallie


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Theo stood before me, looking back and forth between Liam and I. The discomfort was far too palpable to handle. I, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), had two soulmates. This shouldn’t be possible. Not too long ago, I wasn’t ready to have any soulmates and now two stand before me. One ready to kill the other, while the other had no idea what was going on.

“I think you’re a little confused kid. Hate to break it to you, but she’s my soulmate, so anything you two have had before is pretty much obsolete”, Theo smiled

Liam hands were at his side, balled into fist. He was ready to explode at any given moment and Theo still had no idea what was going on.

“I think you’re the one that’s confused kid. I met my soulmate weeks ago and she happens to be (Y/N). Maybe you’re necklace is broken”, Liam seethed

“I highly doubt that’s be true”

Both eyes landed on me. Suddenly my mouth was dry and I was at a loss for words. If something wasn’t said, I feared the entire student center would be destroyed by two young men fighting over a soulmate.

This was going to be a disaster.

“Liam is my soulmate”, I began as a triumphant smile spread across Liam’s face, “But I’m pretty sure Theo is mine as well. I can feel it”

“How!? You just met me and now you have another. How does that even work!?”, he nearly yelled

Theo stood there taking it all in. Clearly this was more than he expected when he thought he would be meeting his soulmate and not his soulmate’s soulmate as well.

“Liam I’m just as confused as you are–”

“I’m not”, Theo finally said, “Everything about you feels right to me and if that means having to deal with you having another soulmate, then it’s a risk I’m willing to take, but you have to be willing to”

My heart was racing a mile a minute. Of all people, it had to be me. I’m not at all surprised either. This is what I get for complaining about the entire soulmate ordeal for so long.

“This is a lot to take in for one night. I think we should get together later or meet individually to talk this over”, I let out, “I…we need some time to think about what’s going on. It’s a lot to take in”

Theo nodded in agreement, sending a small smile my way, which didn’t go unnoticed by Liam who visibly tensed.

I grabbed my bag and made my way to the door, “Goodnight Theo. It was nice to meet you”

In two strides he was right next to me. He was absolutely beautiful. I chastised myself for thinking that way in front of my soulmate, but he was my soulmate too. A smile crept along my face as we awkwardly said our goodbyes and he left.

The moment soon ended when my eyes landed on Liam’s. A mixture of pain and agony etched his features and I was at a loss again. When I reached out to hug him, he quickly pulled himself out of my grip.

“Liam, I–”

“He needs to stay as far away from you as possible”, he coldly stated, “There I thought about it”

He brushed past me, leaving on my own.

For the next four days, Liam was attached to my hip. I had no chance of telling our friends that there was someone else destined to be apart of my life with him breathing over my shoulder the way he did. Although, I’m sure he already told Mason who undoubtedly already told Corey. The looks of pity were always being sent my way. No one noticed that Liam was staying by my side throughout the week and it wasn’t because of love and affection. It was fear and jealousy.

I knew how I felt about him and that has yet to change, but these feelings for Theo have peaked my interest. I needed to know where this was headed and why I was destined to be with the both. I can’t spend another day knowing my soulmate was here on campus and I wasn’t even allowed to utter his name.

As we sat in the cafeteria, my mind started to wonder. There was little to be known about Theo Raeken. Was his personality similar to mine? Liam? A little of both? If he was my soulmate, where did that leave Liam and I?

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)!”, Kira called


“We were asking how things are going with you and Liam”

“It doesn’t seem that bad given he hasn’t left your side for four whole days”, Lydia snickered

“Oh. We’re…we’re good”, I mumbled as Liam tensed right beside me

Lydia eyed us quizzically before giving up, “That’s good to hear”

With the knowledge of who her soulmate was, I knew this wasn’t the last I would hear of it. The direction of the conversation steered towards our plans for the upcoming Friday night, but I could care less.

Liam kept his eye on me majority of the time, while the others argued over going to the movies or bowling. I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my head as I fiddled with my necklace. It was already warm because he was right next to me. As my thoughts trailed off to Theo once more, the necklace burned hotter. Slowly, I look across the room to see Theo taking a seat not too far from us. As soon as his eyes are on mine, he gives me a small smile, then gives his undivided attention to Tracy and Josh.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest as the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter. I just wanted to talk to him. How would anyone react if they knew who their soulmate was, but couldn’t even talk to them?

“(Y/N)? What are you doing?”, Liam asked so only I could hear

“What? I haven’t done anything”

“You’ve been staring at him this entire time!”

“Liam, I don’t know what’s going on. I told you before that I didn’t even want to meet my soulmate and now I have TWO!”, I yelled, “I didn’t ask for any of this!”

The entire room grew silent as all eyes were on me. Our friends watched in shock as I ran out the cafeteria to distance myself from Liam.

Avoiding him wasn’t that difficult, especially with Malia, Lydia, and Kira staying by my side. They walked me to class as well as to and from work just to keep Liam at bay. They wanted to know everything about my other half, but they didn’t want to push me. It’s not like I could hide it from them forever.

“You know you don’t have to come out with us tomorrow, right?”, Kira suggested

“We know you’ve had a lot on your mind lately”, Lydia chimed in

“I want to come with you guys”, I said as I unlocked my door, “I’ve had time to think about it, but I’ve been thinking about it too much. I just want to forget about it for one night”

“I have a feeling Mason will drag Liam there for the same reason”, Lydia said sending me a sympathetic smile

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine”

Malia sat across from me fiddling with the contents on my desk, “So (Y/N)…”

“Do you plan on asking about Theo?”

“Theo? As in Theo Raeken? He’s your other soulmate!?”, Malia nearly shrieked

“Yeah, why? Have you seen him?”

“He’s hot”, they all said in unison

We all burst out in laughter. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who noticed. I spent the next fifteen minutes explaining how I met Theo in the first place and how Liam has been ever since their encounter.

“I have no idea what I’m doing. Theo and I haven’t spoken to each other since then. I want to talk to him so bad and get to know him, but…”

“Liam”, Malia finished, “It’s because he’s afraid he might lose you. Somehow your heart belongs to the both of them”

“Of course he does, but he can’t keep her from him. It will cause problems in the end”, Lydia responded

“What kind of problems?”

“You met Theo, yet you haven’t had your time with him like you did with Liam. Remember you avoided us for days after you met?”


“It happens to all soulmates after they meet. They live in their own little bubble for a few days…weeks even. It’s a chance to get to know them better. You’ve already met Theo, yet you haven’t seen him since. It won’t be long before your chest starts burning and you’ll start having a lot of mood swings. It only worsens until you actually–”

“So that’s what that was”, I said as I gripped my chest, “It started yesterday morning, thought it was heartburn”

Lydia’s eyes widened, “What college students do you know that get heartburn?”, she sighed, “Maybe it feels that way now. Eventually, it starts to feel a lot worse. You have to work things out with Liam and talk to Theo”

Friday night finally came and I had yet to see Theo anywhere on campus. Liam decided to stay out of my way for a while. The burning sensation in my chest has slowly intensified. It’s nothing I can’t handle for another night.

“You want another round of shots?”, Scott asked as he downed his beer

I nodded excitedly.

“Alright another round of shots!”, Scott called to the bartender as all of us cheered

We spent majority of the night dancing and drinking. Even if everyone was paired off with their soulmate, I was having the time of my life…just a little. A part of me still felt lonely as I watched Kira grin from ear to ear as Scott whispered something to her.

As I downed my shot, I was already began to feel the affects of drinking all night.

“I think you’ve reached your limit (Y/N)”, I heard a familiar voice chastise me from behind

I smirked at Liam before turning my attention back to the bartender, “One more shot please”

“I didn’t think I’d catch you here tonight”

“Is that what you really thought? We have the same friends”, I said as I downed another shot

“You really should stop. You’re way past your limit”

“There you go again with telling me what to do. First, I’m not allowed to talk to Theo. Now I can’t even drink”

“I see you haven’t stopped thinking about him yet”, he scoffed

The pain in my chest intensified as I glared at Liam.

“Why would I? Whether you like it or not he’s my soulmate and I can’t change that. The longer I stay away, the more pain I’m in”, I grimaced as I grabbed my chest

It was beginning to feel unbearable.

“What are you talking about?”

“The longer I stay away from Theo, the more I–”

It felt like flames were engulfing my chest. I let out a groan and tried to make my way out the bar. Combining alcohol with being pushed away from a soulmate was going to be the death of me. I was soon regretting those final shots.

My vision began to blur as I  made it to the door and passed out in someone’s arms.

Unlike most mornings, I didn’t wake up with my face buried in a soft pillow. I managed to peel my eyes open only to realize there wasn’t a pillow insight. For some reason I was resting my head on someone’s chest. A firm chest I might add.

Whoever it was managed to get me out of the bar and away from Liam. Just as I began to panic, I finally noticed the heat from my necklace. The pain I felt in my chest the night before had vanished. I vaguely remember drinking, seeing Liam, then nothing. I didn’t recall seeing Theo that night.

Given that he’s my soulmate, I shouldn’t be this nervous to speak to him. I’ve hardly had the chance to even have a full conversation with him and here I am in his bed.

“Are you up?”, a sleepy voice asked

I nearly jumped out my skin as his voice broke the silence.

“Y–yes, I’m up”

“I’ve been awake for about an hour now. I didn’t have the heart to move you”

Silence took over yet again as pulled myself away from him and sat up with him.

“You should know that nothing happened between us. I caught you when you passed out. You were–”

“Arguing with Liam? I remember that part”, I recalled

“I was going to stay out of it and give you your space, until you started gripping your chest. I already knew what was happening because it’s been happening to me too. I thought if I kept my distance until you knew what you wanted to do, it would make it easier on the both of us, but clearly I was wrong. Seeing you go through the same pain I was going through made it so much worse. So I took you away from the party”

“Liam let you take me away?

“Let you?”, he scoffed, “He didn’t have a choice. Who knows what would have happened if we kept it up (Y/N). Even if you decide that you only want one soulmate, I’ll still do everything in my power to protect you”

I hated the thought of having to choose one soulmate over the other. Judging by the look on his face, he didn’t want me to. I don’t think I’d want to either because that would mean hurting someone and I don’t think I can deal with that.

“It is nice to finally talk to you again”, he said as his began to grin

“Me too Theo”,  I giggled, “What do we do now?”

“Clean up, eat, and talk. In no particular order”, he says as he swings his legs over the bed and makes his way to his closet

This was the moment I’ve been waiting for. Theo and I spent the entire day in his room catching up on things we never knew about each other. His confidence took me by surprise. He wasn’t too cocky, but there were many things he was so sure about.

Every time we made eye contact, my heart leapt in my chest. He sat across from me on his bed, his focus on me refusing to waiver.

Theo and I spent the next week, lasting all of fall break, together. I never thought I would ever end up feeling this way about anyone ever again. We talked about anything to came to mind. Things were easy with him, just like they were with Liam. Falling for them was so effortless.

“I don’t want this to end”, he said later that night as I grabbed my clothes

“I don’t either, but I have to catch up on my homework. I haven’t spoken to my friends in a week. That’s a long time for me”

“And Liam. You haven’t spoken to him either, he says softly

There was no malice in his voice, just understanding. He knew my heart belonged to the both of them and it didn’t even phase him.

“No, no I haven’t”

There was no doubt in my mind that Liam was losing his mind.

“Well regardless of what happens between the three of us, I’m always going to be here”

It certainly didn’t go unnoticed that he was now inches from my face, waiting for me to tell him if this was alright or not. I closed the gap between us and pushed my lips against his. He pressed my back against the door as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our bodies were closer than before as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

As his hands slid up my waist, he slowly pulled away. I rested my forehead on his, trying to catch my breath as he did the same. My legs moved from his waist and my feet finally touched the ground, but I was still in a daze.

“I didn’t mean for it to go that far”, he apologized

“Theo it’s fine. It’s not like I didn’t want to”

He looked me in my eyes and leaned forward once more, only for someone to knock on the door. Irritated, Theo pulled the door open and relaxed when he saw who came to visit.

“Hey Liam. I take it you need to speak with (Y/N)?”

“Uhh…yeah. I had a feeling she was still here”, Liam affirmed

I backed away from the door as Theo pulled it all the way open.

“Come on in”

Liam slowly walked into the space Theo and I occupied for the last seven days. He looked around until his eyes landed on me. Not only was he in pain, but he was confused as well. He didn’t know what to do and neither did I.

“(Y/N). How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine”

“If you’ve been having a good time, you can tell me. I do know the feeling”, he mumbled

“She’s not going to tell you that”, Theo said as he shut the door, “She doesn’t want to hurt you”

Liam sat in the chair by the desk as Theo and I sat on the bed, no where near as close as we were before.

“Are you still in pain?”, Liam questioned

He took in my expression before answering, “I overheard Lydia talking about it after you left”

“No, I’m not in pain anymore. Thanks for asking”

“I’m sorry. I’m the one that did this to you. I promise you it wasn’t my intention”

“Liam, it wasn’t you. It was because I was separated from Theo–”

“I was the reason you were separated in the first place. I was so jealous and scared that I would lose you that I never paid attention to how this would affect you in the end. The decision i made was for the both of us and never asked how you felt about it. If you want to choose him over me”, Liam paused as looked up at me, tears reaching the brim

“Then…then I’m fine with it. As long as you’re happy I’m happy”

Liam kissed me on the forehead. As he leaned over, a tear fell and touched my cheek. He walked out the room without saying another word.

Why did this have to happen to me? Liam was my first soulmate. There was this pull to him that I wouldn’t dare deny. I opened up to him in ways I couldn’t imagine. Theo may have been the second, but I understand why he was soulmate as well. In the end, I could only spend the rest of my life with one.

“I think I should give you some time alone. Come find me if you need me”, Theo softly said as he kissed my cheek and left me in his dorm

The necklace was still warm, but I didn’t dare take it off. A few minutes after he left, I walked out of the room to get as far away from campus as I possibly could. Eventually the heat from my necklace faded and it was freezing cold.

I didn’t want to repeat what I’ve already been saying to myself over and over. I just wanted to be by myself for once and not have to think about it. Ever since Liam and Theo came into my life, I haven’t had a second to myself whether it was mental or physical.

Honestly, I even with everything going on, the one person I missed the most was my mother. She always has the best advice and I should’ve called her sooner. I reached for my phone in my back pocket and was surprised to notice it wasn’t on me.

Maybe it was a sign that I needed to make my own decision or that I could just call her when I got back to campus.

Somewhere along the way, my legs grew tired and I was forced to turn around. The area became all too familiar once I lost my train of thought. As the lake Liam took me too came into view, I realized how much I needed to rest my legs so this was as good a place as any.

The sun was beginning to set when I took a seat under a tree. It was one of those few moments where I could stay in the same spot forever without moving a muscle. It was still warm out, the sun was beginning to set as crickets began to chirp, yet it never bothered me. I was at peace.

“What are you doing here?”, a familiar voice asked on the other side of the tree

“I always come here. The question is what are you doing here? You followed me?”

“Maybe”, Theo replied as if that was supposed to be a normal response, “I followed you because I wanted to talk to you about (Y/N)”

“What about her?”, Liam sighed

“I just want her to be happy, regardless of the decision she makes. In the end one of us will end up hurt, but as long as she isn’t stressing over this anymore I really don’t care. I may have only known her for a few weeks, but she means everything to me. Whoever she doesn’t choose..”

“Can’t try to get her to change her mind, but we can still be there for her like we already are”, Liam finished, “I never realized how difficult this must be for her. She didn’t want any of this and now she has to choose between TWO of us”

I looked past the tree to see Liam and Theo sitting side by side watching the river. Both of them had the same expression etched into their features: confusion.

As if a lightbulb went off in Theo’s head, he jumped to his feet with a smile spreading across his face.

“What if she didn’t have to choose?”

Liam sat still for a moment as he processed what Theo just said. I never thought of that before. I always believed there was only one soulmate per person. Maybe there was an exception. There had to be a reason why I could see myself being with both of them. The question is would they be alright with that? How would that even work out without the two of them being at each other’s throats?

“You think she would go for it?”, Liam finally responded

“There’s only one way to find out. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“We need some rules so we don’t overstep any boundaries, you know?”

“Yeah we should also–”

Theo paused as his eyes landed on me. I was so caught up in their conversation, I forgot to keep myself hidden.

“(Y/N)”, they said in unison

“How much of that did you hear?”, Theo asked

“All of it”, I answered as I moved away from the tree

Liam and Theo gave each other a fearful look, unsure of what I would say next. They were right. What’s the worst that could happen?

“These past few weeks haven’t been that easy for me and I’m sure you know why. The thought of having to choose and end up hurting one of you was torture. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with having to be with one knowing what I’ve done to the other”

“So what are you saying?”, Liam asked

“I’m saying we should give it a try. You, me, and Theo. We’ll work out the details sooner or later”, I grinned

As the shock wore off, Liam wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. I felt another pair of arms wrap around me as well as I noticed Theo smiling at me.

Not too long ago, I swore off trying to find a soulmate because I thought it wasn’t for me. Then I met Liam and my whole world changed. He was all I ever wanted and I was fine with that until Theo came along and I realized how much I never wanted to be without the both of them ever again. It might not be perfect, yet it was perfect for us. We’ll figure it out because it was a risk we were willing to take.

Company | Liam Dunbar

Finally the last part of Company, the moment some of you have been waiting for. It’s  a bit sweet in someplaces cause you know, Dunbar. 

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Song inspo: Company by Tinashe

Aww bae
You’re just my little side thing
Just a little sweet fling, baby
You don’t have to buy things
I just want the high, supply me

Part One

You Chose Angel Faced Liam

Liam sat on the couch in the living room swirling his drink around. He had fun during the game but now he was alone because all of his friends were having sex or passed out because they had sex. He got up and walked downstairs to get another drink. As he was leaving the kitchen, he failed to hear someone walking towards the door. Liam opened the door and accidentally spilled his drink all over a girl. She shrieked at the contact of the cold beverage.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry”

Liam tried to dry her off but the girl slapped his hands away. Hayden pushed him back and stomped her feet. “You’re so pathetic, no wonder you’re still a virgin, I mean who the hell would dare to be seen with you let alone have sex?” Liam tried so hard not to pull out his claws and rip Hayden to shreds. She pissed him off every chance she got. Hayden bumped past him and made her way to the kitchen. His skin grew hot and at one point he swore he saw red. It was no surprise that a light touch on his shoulder startled him. Y/N drew her eyebrows together in concern, “I was calling you, are you all right?” Liam nodded quickly. “Yeah, no, so I guess your claws just show when you’re okay then?” Liam looked down at his hands to see his claws stretched out. He sucked in a breath and frantically looked around the room to make sure no one else saw.

“Liam stop it, your eyes, they’re glowing!” Liam’s breathing became erratic, he was panicking and he didn’t know how to turn it off. Y/N grabbed his head and ducked it low while steering him to an empty room. She locked the door and closed the curtains. A growl escaped from Liam’s throat as hair began to sprout from his face. Hayden and Brett’s voice rang through his head and he just had enough. Being a relatively new werewolf with anger issues was a pretty big problem. Y/N hugged Liam tightly, burrowing her face in his chest. Liam felt a strange cool breeze over his body. His claws were gone and so was the hair. Liam wrapped his arms around Y/N and embraced her warm hug. Resting his chin on her head, Liam caught a whiff of her scent, the intoxicating smell made the blood from his head rush to other places in his body.

“Are you okay?” Y/N looked up to gaze in his eyes. Liam nodded silently. Her eyes were so beautiful–not the color–but beneath it. He could see stars within a complex galaxy. Liam looked down from her eyes to the curve of her lips. Her heart beat against his chest, significantly turning him on. Y/N moved her arms around his neck, forcing Liam to come a little down to her height. Her incredibly soft lips pressed against his in the most sensual manner. As their lips moved, an eagerness swept through Liam. He slid his hands down to her hips, gripping them with intention. Y/N swiped her tongue across his bottom lip, asking for permission in which Liam graciously accepted. It wasn’t a battle for dominance or a hunger fest, their tongues moved with precision, an exploration of each other’s mouth. Liam moaned at the sensation. Y/N pulled away, the two panting for breath.

“Are you a virgin?” Liam backed away and stared at his shoes.
“Hey,” Y/N reached out for his arm to tug him back, “it’s okay”
“No it’s not, it’s embarrassing”
“Everyone starts off a virgin you know? You just need experience, that’s all”

The room fell silent as they both dwelled in silence. Y/N was horny and she knew Liam was too. Maybe she could do him a great service, “how does losing your virginity tonight sound?” Liam felt his pants jump at the sound of Y/N’s words. She would actually have sex with him? “Are you serious?” Y/N smiled a smile that was so seductive that it could make Cleopatra look like a barmaid. She untied her shoes and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the bed. “You’re the werewolf, you can hear my heart, right?” “Y-yeah” Y/N sat him down on the bed and placed a leg in-between his, “then listen to it.” Y/N reattached her lips to Liam but this time, it was different. Liam understood the direction they were going in and he couldn’t have been any more excited but he was still a bit shy. Y/N sank herself down on his thigh, her natural heat burned through his jeans and he felt like he could actually feel it on his skin.

Y/N peeled off her bralette, releasing her breasts from the already revealing top. Liam gulped at the sight, they were so delicious looking. “Do you want to touch them?” Liam slowly nodded his head up and down, eyes fixated on her chest. Y/N grabbed his hands and placed them on top of her breasts. She shivered at his warm touch on her cold mounds, Liam gasped at her soft they were. Y/N didn’t even have to instruct him what to do next. The wolf did it for him. Liam massaged them, squeezing them realizing, moving up and down, sure to rub his thumbs over her nipple. Y/N’s lip biting assured him that he was doing good. Liam took it further and placed a nipple in his mouth. Y/N moaned and clasped his hair gently. He took his time before he moved on to the other one.

By the time Liam was done playing with her breasts, Y/N’s panties were soaked in arousal. Just as he did in the closet, Liam stood up and yanked her off the ground then threw her on the bed. Y/N softly gasped at how quick he changed. He took off his shirt, shucking it onto the floor. The sound of his belt unbuckling turned Y/N on so much that she unbuttoned her shorts, peeled off her sticky underwear and tossed it to the side.  Liam licked her leg, maintaining eye contact, his eyes dangerous. Instead of playing with the area that ached most, Liam sniffed all the way up to her neck, planting small kisses her and there. “Do you know what you do to me, Y/N?” A hand ran down her curves. “N-No” “Liar, I can hear your heartbeat, remember?” Liam growled against her skin as a warning. Y/N surprised Liam by flipping him over so that she sat atop his clad member. “You’re right, I do know and I enjoy teasing you, but not tonight.” Y/N leaned down and gave love bites that vanished three seconds after. Despite the visible marks not being shown, Liam writhed underneath her lips, the tent in his boxers straining to be set free. Y/N gripped his waistband and slowly dragged his boxers down, a sigh of relief escaped from Liam’s chest.

“Oh..” Liam jumped as Y/N gripped his dick in her hands. She placed a kiss here and there, the gestures made Liam curl his toes. Precum dribbled out from the top and Y/n used it to lubricate his rather large staff. “You ready?” “Are you seriously asking that question?! Yes!” Liam’s hasty answer made Y/N chuckle. She reached underneath her and lined him up to her entrance, “just don’t jump, you’re a bit bigger than I expected you to be.” “Okay,” Liam nodded. This was actually happening. He was going to have sex for the first time. The second the tip pushed in, Liam bucked his hips up at the sudden feeling of heat, Y/N, shocked from his quick movements, sank all the way down. They both moaned loudly and Y/N clamped her walls down on Liam.

“Oh fuck…What is that?!” Liam could feel a tightening around him and the pressure scared him just a bit. “I told you not to jump!” “I’m sorry, you just, it felt, you’re so hot and wet, it feels so good…” Y/N waited until she adjusted to move. Liam gripped her hips tightly as she lifted then sank. This feeling felt out worldly. He was not ashamed of how much sound he was making and neither was Y/N. He was bigger than anyone she’d been with and the feeling of him stretching her out felt amazing. Believing he had adjusted well enough, Y/N began to bounce up and down, increasing the pace.

“Holy…You’re so tight!”

With every bounce, Liam drove a bit deeper. Her walls rubbed against him, opening and closing as they please. Y/N threw her head back and Liam took the initiative to grasp her breasts in his hands and play with it. She moaned at the way he handled them and angled towards her g-spot. Without a warning, Liam spazzed and shot three hot loads into Y/N. Y/N gave a guttural moan and trembled as her sex mashed his cum and her juices together, creating a natural lubricant.

Y/N rolled off of him and laid on the bed out of breath. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know I was going to–” “It’s okay, I’m on the pill” Liam frowned, “did you come?” She shook her head no with a smile. Liam took one look at her naked body and he could feel his dick coming back to life. He climbed in-between her legs then hiked one over his shoulder the way he saw them do it in the pornos. “What are you doing? Liam I – oh my God,” Liam slid himself back into Y/N then leaned down and gave her a kiss. “I want you to feel good too,” he pulled out and slammed all of his length into her. Y/N rolled her eyes in the back of her head and grabbed the bedsheets. Within a few more pumps, she could feel Liam hardening inside of her, his dick growing longer, his need to make Y/N come, desperate.

“I don’t think I’m going to last long.” Liam felt the same butterflies in his lower abdomen as he fucked Y/N with fast thrusts, everytime he disappeared into her, their pelvic bones smacked into each other. This girl was a hot moaning mess, every sound she made Liam go harder and deeper. Liam wanted her to come before he did and he knew he wasn’t going to last any longer. He brought his thumb down on her swollen clit and flicked it at his pace. Y/N gasped and her body began to convulsed. Within seconds, her walls closed on Liam and pulsed around him as she finally reached her release.

Liam’s thrusts grew sloppy, her pussy milking him of his sperm. This time Liam fired six shots, his hips bucking at each one. Y/N cried producing another orgasm within her orgasm. Her body shook in pleasure, her vision blurred. Liam rolled to the side and they both almost died from exhaustion.

“That was… I can’t… You were amazing, can we do that again?”
Y/N laughed and looked at Liam.
“This isn’t going to be a regular thing”
“It could be”
That’s when Y/N grew concerned. She didn’t have feelings for Liam, she just wanted to have sex. Being a virgin, she could understand why he would assume they’d continue.
“Liam… I’m not sure –”
“I know I haven’t been with anyone else but I like sex with you”
“So you don’t want to this because you have feelings for me?”
“Oh I have feelings for you, feelings that make me horny. First and last time, I promise, can we cuddle?”
“You’re so adorable”
“No, I’m not!”