with kimberly

tag urself:

- Trini jumping across a gorgeous to avoid her feelings

- Billy doing nothing wrong, ever in his entire life

- Kimberly cutting off all her hair because Big Mood

- Zack acting like a hard ass and playing that Conceal Don’t Feel game when he is actually a big Soft who loves his mom

- Jason acting like he had the worst problems out of the Rangers as a straight cis white boy who caused his own Problems


A little series I want to start doing–whenever I have time for doodling–of Zack taking selfies/pictures of his teammates. He seemed to like observing people in the film, I can imagine he would love to capture their moments together.

Have ideas for more cute selfies? Send them to my ask and I’ll check them out!

power rangers moments that made me happy:
  • Jason panicking while Billy just keeps talking and doing his thing
  • When they need to run and everybody goes to a different way, but Trini and Kim are running together and they don’t even know each other
  • Kim running faster than Zack
  • Kim tricking Trini with the water
  • Kim + Trini + donut
  • Zack talking with his mother
  • Zack screaming “my mom is the best”
  • Trini meeting Rita first (bc is develops Trini as a main character)
  • Billy coming back 
  • Kim with her zord
  • Trini being the one who fights Goldar with Jason
  • Jason’s father putting an article with the picture of the Yellow Ranger on the fridge