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Hii!(I'm not a kpoper neither I follow all of them closely) I came across a gif of the kaisoo where one of the boys put his hand on D.O's leg and quickly took his hand out and when Kai put his hand he just let it rest their. I'm confuse, are they a thing? I thought that it was just a fanservice thing before I saw theses gifs but they look pretty real like something is going on between them. Could you please tell me about it?

Even without the gifs I can tell you kaisoo is def a thing. Man, to me they are not only dating, they’ve past the honey moon period and can marry anytime soon. They are sickening sweet I tell you. If you are interested, you can go to this blog  where they doc alot of moment. Or go to this blog for older moments.

But I have those gifs right here

Chn rests on soo thighs while ji’s radar goes off immediately

Ji literally fierce glare at chn’s hand while ks who feels ji’s ‘wrath’ moves chn’s hand off 

Ji actually smirkish looked at soo ridding chn’s hand

Ji puts his hand onto soo thighs and had the decency to shoot chn an ‘i challenge you’ glare, they even made eye contact ffs

and soo did not move ji’s hand away. (Because ji is special). Its’ also known that grabbing / squeezing people’s thighs is very intimate, and ji certainly looked territorial 

Now they are technically not in spotlight as they are sitting by the tables offstage at an awards show. Hence I am absolutely sure this is a behind the scene moment. Why?

1. Fan service moments are usually done on stage with huge movements and skinships like back hug / teasing / hugging / and this aint. 
2. Fan service moments sometimes looks planned and this shit aint planned
3. if it is purely fan service, why did ji make ‘i challenge you’ eye contact with chn? He didn’t need to. 
4. why did soo moved chn’s? if its fanservice, that moment couldve beena censoo but ji didn’t want censoo
5. at that time sm did not ship kaisoo, kaisoo wasn’t (isn’t) one of the heavily promoted/ hinted ship by sm. (while sm cockblock kaisoo all the time in real life, sm likes to print kaisoo on their merches bc they are popular though pfft)

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Hey! :3 i really like ur headcannons ♡ it really brightens up my day alot. Can i have ur headcannons abt spoiled ceo jungkook and professional secretary jimin? :3 gomawo~

I’m so happy you enjoy them! ^^

+ Jungkook groans as he looks at the papers piling up for his approval. Jungkook sighs as he clicks the button on his phone.

+ “Park Jimin ssi. Please come here.” Jungkook orders with a soft whine.

+ “Right away sir.” Jimin responds sweetly and the click ends. Jungkook drums his fingers for the few seconds it takes Jimin to reach his office. Jimin smiles as he closes the door behind him. “Yes sir?”

+ Jungkook pouts as he squishes his cheeks as he bats his eyes. “Jiminnie, can you help me with paper work?”

+ Jimin rolls his eyes. “Sir, these are papers that need your attention, not mine.”

+ “Pwease!” Jungkook asks with his big brown eyes and a wiggling bottom lip. Jimin sighs as he gives a nod. Jungkook yips happily as he brings a stack over to where Jimin went to take a seat on the couch.

+ Jimin goes over the paper with Jungkook and Jungkook signs of he agrees or he placed it on the table beside him if he doesn’t agree.

+ Jungkook behaved for a good 30 minutes before Jimin felt Jungkook scoot closer and a palm on his thigh.

+ “Ji-” Jungkook lean in to kiss Jimin’s pretty plump lips but met with the stock report. Jungkook frowns as he leans back as Jimin places the paper in his lap. “Aw, Jiminnie!”

+ “You.” Jimin pokes Jungkook’s nose, “are suppose to work on these.”

+ “But I wanna work on you.” Jungkook says huskily, climbing forward to pin Jimin to thr couch. Jungkook leans down again to kiss Jimin but met again another packet of paper. Jungkook whines as he sits back down and glares at the packet while Jimin laughs.

+ “You can work me after you finish the paper work.” Jimin says holding a pen to Jungkook. Jungkook pouts and Jimin sighs. “How about if you get this done with in the next hour then I’ll let you but buy me dinner.”

+ Jungkook gasps happily “really!?”

+ “really.” Jimin says picking up another packet. Jungkook bounces in his seat and scoots closer.

+ “Ok! Let’s do this!” Jungkook says cracking his neck as shaking his arms lose.

+ Jimin shakes his head as he chuckles before reading the paper work again.


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Leoji headcanons


- guang hong ji is a sucker for stuffed animals
- they watch movies over Skype due to their long distance
- Leo loves horror and comedy
- Guang, as cute as he looks, he loves Action
- Leo surprises Guang over skype by wearing a onesie (his weakness)


- they’re both surprisingly kinky as hell
- guang hong ji *loves* thigh highs or anything feminine
- Leo dirty talks over Skype and it drives ji crazy
- they’ve both masturbated over skype and Guang is always embarrassed at first but is loud once he’s adjusted
- Guang surprises Leo for his birthday by taking a picture of him in nothing but panties and thigh highs

I sinned but I don’t regret this, it’s short but I love these two so much
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) enjoy

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The both hand on ji thigh, i'd like to think that ks purposely trying to rile ji up like so so so close to his crotch hahahahahhahahahaha

Hahahaha. Idk bout that. It’s probably a habit that he just unconsciously put his hand there. 

Like this one

Something that ji do as well


G Dragon Scenario: Crooked

So this is something that I just got inspired to write even though this music video came out a few years ago.

Rated: PG-13

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Drug use; abusive relationship mention

You walked into that club, fully aware that the only reason you were there was to forget.

Forget the last week of hell at work with your bitch of a boss. She only lived to make your life torturous and your work ten times harder.

Forget that your rent was coming up in a week and because of your boss, you didn’t have nearly enough money to pay for your hole-in-the-wall apartment.

Forget the bruises that littered your arms because the man you had been with for three years turned out to be an abusive asshole that only wanted your body.


You had done a few shots to get the night going and were holding onto a beer that you weren’t really interested in. You weren’t in this for the taste of the fancy IPA or pretty margaritas. You just wanted to be drunk already.

You glanced around, almost detached from the party scene in a hazy awareness, and noticed how young most of the people there were. All young college kids who drank like this daily, a thought that made your liver hurt; young, stupid, and free. Your skimpy dress and sleek heels didn’t fit your age and you couldn’t help but feel out of place. ‘You don’t belong,’ you vaguely thought. As a twenty-five year old business major, the scene didn’t exactly scream ‘you.’

“Ah, fuck it,” you muttered to yourself before downing the rest of the beer and heading out towards the dance floor.

For the next half-hour you danced your heart out, surrounded by strangers rubbing against you and putting their hands on your hips. You didn’t care though. You were far past caring if someone touched your butt or rubbed against you in a suggestive way.

However, there was one person you couldn’t keep your eyes off of and had repeatedly made eye contact with.

He was a small guy with bright white hair and tattoos. He wore a cut off white tee and tight ripped jeans. His eye makeup was slightly smudged and you didn’t really know that was a turn on for you until that moment. He was hot- you couldn’t deny that… but there was something about him that made you keep a close eye on him for the next hour or so.

He was there for the same reason you were. Arms flailing and screaming along to the music- but not in a light-hearted or fun style like the rest of kids there. He was just trying to get out the pent up feelings that you felt the two of you shared. But closer examination of his wild eyes and bodily movements suggested the poison he’d chosen hadn’t been of the alcohol type.

You made your way over to him since your interest had now been peaked. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the attractive guy losing himself to the music? As you pushed your way through the crowd you could seem him smirking to himself because of your approach. You made a bold moved when you reached him, something you normally would never do. You slung both of your arms over his shoulders and moved to the beat with him. He lightly placed his hands on your waist before tugging you closer so he could put his mouth by your ear.

“I was waiting for you to come over here,” he whispered. You were surprised you could hear him over the music but his raspy voice resonated through your body. You shivered as you could feel his lips on your earlobe.

“What are you doing here, anyway? You look too good to be here…”

“What do you mean ‘too good’?” You whispered back in his ear, your bottom lip hitting his cross earring.

“These girls… guys… They’re all young college kids looking to get some.”

“How do you know that’s not what I’m here for?” You smiled and you could feel him return it.

“I saw those bruises… You’re dancing like me… We’re here for the same reason.”

p>“Forget,” you both said in unison. You chuckled and you could feel his soft cheek against yours.



Now instead of loosely holding onto one another, you found yourself clinging to him and him to you and you danced together to whatever crap the DJ was playing.

You don’t know just how long you were dancing but at some point you felt his hand trail down to your wrist before slightly tugging you from the center of the dance floor. He pulled you close to his side and again placed his mouth by your ear. It seemed to be his favorite place.

“Let’s get out of here.”

You eagerly nodded your head and let him pull you towards the door. However, about halfway there you noticed how sweaty Jiyong’s forehead had become and how labored his breathing was.

“Jiyong-ssi?” You questioned, worried about his current state. Surely whatever he was on was the culprit of his manifesting symptoms.

“I’m alright-” his speech faltered as he stumbled and lost his grip on your arm. It all happened so fast. Within a moment he was on the floor, passed out. His drug intake finally getting the best of his workout body.

Only a few people paused to take notice of the passed out man on the filthy floor of the club. You kneeled next to him making sure he was breathing fine and his pulse was steady. You called a bouncer to come help haul him to the cab you called due to your intoxicated state. Your car would just have to wait. He was surprisingly heavier than you anticipated due to the dead weight. Once you had loaded him into the car you thanked the bouncer who helped you before shoving a $5 into his hand.

The ride back to your apartment was fairly uneventful besides you constantly checking on him to make sure he was okay. Once you pulled up to your apartment you quickly realized the problem of getting Jiyong safely inside without dropping him.

You decided to man up before giving the taxi driver more than enough and slinging one of Jiyong’s arms around your shoulders. He became conscious but was still heavy for your small frame.

“Come on, Ji…” You grunted as you tried to drag him up the steps to your apartment.

“Ji?” He mumbled into your neck as his head was slumped over.

“Yes. Ji. I’m not really in the mood for formalities right now.”

“That’s okay. I like it.”

You finally reached your door, huffing and puffing, and struggled to get your key to unlock it. Now frustrated with his dead weight you unceremoniously propped him against the wall and he slid down to sitting.

You opened the door and practically dragged him in before dumping him on the couch.

“I’d give you some Advil but I’m not sure that would be a good mix right now,” you said before handing him a glass of water. He seemed to be more awake now because he was sitting up and his eyes were actually open.

“Thank you.”

“I’m gonna be honest, Ji, when I went to the club tonight this wasn’t really what I had in mind when I thought I’d bring a guy home.”

He chuckled and slowly gulped the water down before putting the glass back down.

“Thank you, Y/N-ah. I appreciate this. I’m sure anyone else would have left me there…”

“Oh please, it was the least I could do. Dance with a hot guy who didn’t just want to rub his dick on my butt? I’m actually lucky you passed out. It’s been my evil plan to get you here this whole time,” you joked.

He laughed again.

“Maybe I passed out on purpose. Maybe it’s been my evil plan to get you to take me home this whole time,” he bantered right back.

“You better be lying. I had to drag you up two flights if stairs. I’ll kick your ass if this was just a plan to get me in bed.”

You both laughed at the joking back and forth until it died out. The reason that the two of you had gone clubbing in the first place seemed to settle on your shoulders and you let out a sigh.

“So you know why I went out tonight,” you breathed marveling at your splotchy purple arms. “What about you?”

“Found my girlfriend in bed with my best friend. Horribly cliche, I know,” he laughed bitterly. “I didn’t even know those things actually happened until I walked into my own bedroom. My best friend.”

You moved to sit beside him. He rested his head on your shoulder and you reached around him to rub soft circles on his lower back.

“I’m sure you don’t really want to hear this but I’m sorry you had to go through that. No one should have to go through abuse like that.”

“What about you?”

“I…” You were at a loss for words. Here was this guy you’d only known for a few hours calling your bluff… and it didn’t bother you. He was right anyway.

“It’s… different for me. I deserve it,” you kept your head down. You didn’t want to see the look on his face because you knew what it would be. Pity. Disgust.

“No one deserves this,” he grabbed your wrist and examined your arms. You could tell he was angry now.

“Why not? Huh? It’s not like anyone else would want me,” your eyes were now full of tears as you practically whispered the last part.

“Well… I would… want you…” he whispered. If you hadn’t been as close to him as you were, his words would probably not have been heard but they rang through you.

“What?” You glanced up into his eyes, shocked at what he had just admitted.

Before you could register what happened he leaned forward and captured your lips with his. It was rough and hot and needy. A kiss that confirmed what he had just said and just how he really felt. His hands gripped your waist as if it was all that was holding him there and your hands raked through his beautiful white locks. He pushed you back on the couch and deepened the kiss. You eagerly allowed his tongue to enter your mouth and smoothed your hands up and down his back. The tears were free flowing now but not because you were sad. No one had ever made you feel like this, especially not the asshole you were dating.

That realization caused you to draw back and release his lips. He didn’t mind though as he moved to your neck, staining it, and his hands pushed the dress up at your thighs.

“Ji-” you breathed out. You were determined to stop this before it went to far.

“What?” He growled, still latched onto your neck. He pressed himself into and you almost gave in then and there. You moaned but quickly regained your self control.

“I can’t do this. Not right now,” you softly pushed him away by his shoulders and he sat back on his feet.

“Why not?” He asked. He was very clearly confused due to how you were kissing just moments before.

“You’re hardly in any condition to have sex. Besides, I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, you mean the one who beats you?” He said bitterly and broke eye contact.

You looked down.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Really,” he said softly and lifted your chin to restore the eye contact. “I won’t pressure you. I just don’t want to see you stuck with him. Like I said before, no one deserves to be treated like you have been.” You thought for a moment on what he had said. How many times had you worn long sleeves to cover your wrists and arms? How many times had you walked in on your boyfriend fucking another girl? With your decision made you sat up and tugged Jiyong closer to you. Your faces were close together and you could feel his warm breath. Any closer and your lips would hit his. You moved the last centimeter and pressed your lips against his.

This was soft and sweet. Just your lips entangled with his. This time you pressed him back and moved between his legs. You deepened the kiss and felt him moan as he hardened underneath you. You moaned as well and climbed to fully straddle him. He broke the kiss only for a moment to catch his breath.

“Does he make you feel this good?” He questioned as he bucked his hips beneath you. You gasped as leaned on him.

“No,” you breathed out. You ground yourself down on him and this time you both let out breathy groans, you reveling the way he felt through his tight jeans.

He suddenly stood up, with you still wrapped around him and headed towards your bedroom. As he carried you, you worked on his neck.

“I’ll make you feel so good, baby. I’ll fuck you like he never could.”

Clothes were shed and you spent the night with Jiyong, exploring each other’s bodies and finding new pleasure you never even new existed. Maybe this was just a one night stand… maybe. But you had a feeling that this was so much more. Maybe finally someone would treat you the way you deserved and you could be happy again.

Haha sorry for the ending! (I’m such a tease I know). I feel kind of uncomfortable writing full on smut but who knows… maybe some day. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!!!

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Ji, my thighs jiggle and I'm a bit self conscious about them? Any tips to appreciate them more? :(

I’m sorry you’re self conscious. I am too, all the time. Try focusing on the things you like about yourself, and dress in a way that makes you feel pretty. Remember that there’s only one you, and that you’re special and wonderful just for that alone <3

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