with how much i love that song

Imagine telling Woozi how much you love Seventeen’s new album and seeing his face light up in glee because he’s so happy to know that you enjoyed the songs.


Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write something based on the song 18 by Anarbor, with Sirius please, I don’t know maybe something about reader having parents with a really strict no dates until out of howarts rule but Sirius has been always in love with her but she not as much as him, every time I hear it I can’t stop thinking of how fitting it is! The reader could be a slytherin who parents obviously kind of disapprove Sirius so that why Sirius or reader want to piss them off. Also, your writing is beautiful. X”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: smoking, drinking, implied smut

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Eighteen, crazy
pulled up in your daddy’s car
Should’ve seen this coming from a mile away
I know what you want from me

“So,” your father started, poking at his dinner, “are you going to meet up with your friends at the station tomorrow?”

You perked up at the mention, nodding, suddenly excited as you realised the break was finally over.

“Is that boy going to be there?” Your mother wiggled her shoulders, a cheesy grin spreading on her face.

“Boy?” Your father’s head popped up from the mashed potato he had been scuffing down. “What boy?”

“Oh honey did you fail to notice? (Y/n) was waiting with a boy when we went to pick her up after school finished.”

“No. Who is he?” Your father directed his severe attention to you now. “Pureblood, I hope.” He narrowed his eyes slightly.

“He is, actually.” You fought the urge to roll your eyes as you viciously stabbed your vegetables.

“Good, good.” He responded, eager to drift away from the conversation topic.

“What’s his name?” Your mother asked with raised brows, impatient to learn all the details.

The corner of your lip twitched as you twirled your fork. “Sirius.” No reaction from your father, who was now reading the headlines on his copy of The Daily Prophet. “Sirius Black.”

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Which Taylor Swift songs are about Harry? Could you list them?? Xx

Absolutely! Many of you don’t know this, but I am a hardcore Swifty. I can tell you what pretty much each and every one of her songs is about, haha!

OK so Harry! Here we go:

I Knew You Were Trouble
I Almost Do
Out Of The Woods
All You Had To Do Was Stay
I Wish You Would
Wildest Dreams
How You Get The Girl
This Love
I Know Places
You Are In Love

I think that’s it!

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Im crying rn....Sistar will be disbanding after they release their single on May 31st...😭😭

Are you f*cking serious 😭😭😭??!!! Why do all legendary girl groups are suddenly into this disbanding trend. I hate it so much. After 4minute , KARA ,2NE1 and possibly Miss A , how tf is this kpop industry supposed to even work anymore ? These bands are the ones who ruled and paved the way for others. They can’t just disband like this 😭 I have a feeling that girls generation will be soon gone as well 😧 All the bands I loved and listened to , are slowly leaving the scene. They’re the ones who caught my attention and made me want to get into kpop. Most of the new kpop bands are copying each other and have no originality whatsoever, but the orginal legends never disappointed me T_T whether it was about their songs , mv or dance. I honestly loved After school so much too shdjdjdk No matter how many new songs bands release, you always go back to the original rulers of kpop because their songs never get old. I’m talking about Brown eyed girls, Super Junior , Big Bang, TVXQ, BOA ,Snsd,Shinee ,F (x), U-kiss, BEAST, Miss A, Kara , T-ara , 2NE1 ,AFTER SCHOOL ,4minute,2AM, 2PM and so many others 😭

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also, this is for that anon that school shamed me and the rest of the benildean community:

i’m sorry but we’re too busy building you your next favorite hotels or resorts, designing your next favorite coffee shops or your new theaters, releasing new furniture pieces, couture dresses and outfits, songs that you siMPLY CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT, GAMES YOU CAN’T STOP PLAYING, VIDEOS THAT MAKE YOU CRY, AND SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTS AND THINGS AND SHIT THAT YOU NEED AND WILL LOVE, TRUST ME, THAT WE HAVE NO TIME TO BASH OTHER SCHOOLS JUST LIKE HOW YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW 

so the next time you go around flaunting about how your school is WAY better than ours, just be careful, cause without noticing since you’re ego is getting in your way, the mere things, places, products you’re using and love visiting, could have been the product of a proud benildean


Back in 2012 i first heard the song “Alone” and right away I fell in love with Sistar. They taught us so much: how to be confident in ourselves despite not meeting beauty standards, how being different was okay, that you can score big if you work hard and not give up.

These 4 girls are so incredibly talented and beautiful. They never in all these years had scandals or problematic behavior. They were unique from the girl group scene, outspoken and ready to stand up for themselves in every situation, they weren’t some dumb cutely acting girls, they were strong independent women.

I am heartbroken to hear that their road as a girl group is over, but I know for sure that their amazing friendship will stay forever

I love all 4 of them and wish them the best of luck in their careers and personal lives.
And in my heart I will always be a Star1, I will stop listening to their perfect songs the day I will die

So will you come back to my corner?
Spent too long alone tonight
Would you come brighten my corner?
A lit torch to the woodpile
Come find me now, where I hide and
We’ll speak in our secret tongues

(I heard The Woodpile by Frightened Rabbit on the radio this morning and it reminded me how much I love Emil/Lalli).

not going to post anything ANA/MIA related today

i am so devastated and heartbroken by the events last night in Manchester at Ari concert.22 souls are dead.many more are injured and sacred for life.this is not okay.this IS NOT supposed to happen at a concert of ALL places.a “safe” place.
this was supposed to be a fun night for those kids and their friends and families,a night filled with love and excitement,a night where they meet their idol and sing her songs and dance and laugh and take stupid pictures.not THIS.why would anyone do such thing.kill innocent.kill kids.i cried myself to sleep last night because i don’t understand it.how much hate is in this world?what type of person do you need to be to BLOW innocent kids,enjoying a freaking concert?!i am shaking just thinking about it.i though Westminster was bad …but this,this is UNSPEAKABLE.
what do i do about it?how do i go about my everyday life,knowing that things like this are happening?
i am sorry guys,i am just SO crushed.my thoughts and prayers go with the victims and their families and Ari and her crew and all the people affected by this horrible event.E-V-E-N-T.such a horrendous act of violence and hatred is “an event” now….please people be safe and try not to spread MORE hate.iloveyouallandiamsososad.

McCree may have heard AJR’s song Turning Out before he told Hanzo this.

ITS DONE. my art block is unblocked and im ready to make shit again. yaaay.

I love these two so much it should be a problem.
I didnt give mccree a mustache cus i like a mix of old and young mccree hair styles….

Grey scale version below cus i couldn’t decide which i liked more

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Hi I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your YouTube channel and I just recently subscribed and I love how much depth and emotion you put into your animatics. They really convey the song. Sorry. But I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are at drawing. Sorry if this makes you uncomfortable

it doesnt make me uncomfortable at all!! thank you for the nice words 💕

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It totally come off as a surprise that you like Taylor Swift, I totally love her she has help me so much. And I know she can come off as bit of a problematic but I mean she's human! Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she can't make mistakes. And also how great is that Harry Styles was so great about the songs she wrote about him and was so respectful, because the majority of he exes have been so salty about it just says so much about his character

I’m glad she’s meant something to you as well!

People are almost always surprised when they find out I love her music because it’s not my normal genre, but like I always say, I like any music that makes me feel something. And hers always as! It’s as simple as that, really.

And yes, what a classy fella, that Harry Styles 😻

  • what she says: I love Meant to be Yours.
  • What she means: I love the rhythm and the pacing of Meant to be Yours. The lyrics have the same sardonically charming wit of the rest of the show, but are in absolutely no way romantic. The song is fantastic in portraying the stagnation of JD's morality as well as how he has ultimately latched onto Veronica as an object of worship (something he had previously done with the 7/11 chain). It is not a portrayal of love nor a healthy relationship, and it isn't intended to be. Nothing about JD's fixation or obsessive loyalty is romantic or meant to be idealized as such. The number triumphs in its depiction of a ruined and ruinous relationship, not a thriving one.

if love’s a fight, then I shall die
   with my heart on a trigger

   {Fitz version}


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!