with his underwear and his socks

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Omg I'd love it if you could do a blurb about Shawn and a short girl!!!

You’re still sleepy and heavy-limbed as you slink into the kitchen with twisted socks and braids, Shawn trailing along tiredly behind you. The night before was a wild one that ended in collapsing exhaustedly into bed with your gown still on. Shawn managed to get it off you and hang it up but didn’t bother re-dressing you, instead settling for you in just your bra and underwear with your hair still partially up and braided from the event. 

“Want cereal?” You ask him as you knuckle at your weary eyes. He nods and slumps into a chair at the kitchen table, slouching over and running his hands through his hair a couple times while he watches you move– you’re walking towards him, actually, and you grab a chair before pulling it up to the counter. He sees you put one leg on the seat and start to pull yourself up. 

“Wait, wait,” he stops you, jumping up and gripping your waist to help you down. “Lemme do it, sorry. Forgot that you’re, like, negative three feet.” 

“Shut the fuck up,” you tell him groggily, a smile hinting at your mouth. He kisses your forehead and reaches up easily to grab the cereal. 

An open letter to the girl who saved me today

When I went into the store today after work, I had decided I was going to be brave. I had a pretty good day, and I wanted to reward myself with something I’d been eyeing for quite some time. Mens underwear.

I won’t lie, I stalled quite a bit before I slunk over to the mens underwear section, but eventually I wound up in the aisle looking over my various options. It was while I was trying to figure out what size I would be, that the man is all his socks and sandals glory came into the aisle. I barely had time to look up before he bellowed at me, “you fucking abomination”

I gaped like a fish while I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that yes, this was happening, and yes, he just yelled that at me. He said it again, and began to make his way towards me, very tall and very angry looking. All the clever things I wanted to say died in my throat and tears started pooling in my eyes.

Just as he was getting right up in my face, telling me about how there wasn’t a single god from any religion that would accept a piece of shit like me, you appeared at the end of the aisle. You ran towards us and put yourself between me and him like you weren’t a tiny 5 ft nothing. Then you stuck your finger in his face and told him to “shut the hole in his head that was spewing ignorance and hatred and get out because he wasn’t welcome here”. It was his turn to be the fish then, and before he could say another thing you shouted “GET THE FUCK AWAY” drawing the attention of shoppers who had been so conveniently hard of hearing before. He tucked tail and left.

You turned to me then, put the underwear I had dropped back in my hand and asked if I was okay. I was sobbing and could feel my face doing the ugly thing it does when I cry. I nodded, you asked me if there was anything else I wanted to look at in the mens section, I shook my head. You asked if I had anymore shopping to do. I huffed out that I wanted some bananas. You took my hand and lead me towards produce. You told me I was beautiful. You told me I would look so handsome in the underwear I picked. You helped me pick out bananas and told me my future was so bright and wonderful it was practically blinding. 

You held my hand all the way to the cashier, and then outside. You asked me if I wanted a ride, I told you I’d like to walk, that I needed some time to cry. You stared at me very seriously, then hugged me so hard I could feel all me pieces coming back together. You said “I don’t even know who you are and I don’t care, I love you”

I cried all the way back home. 

Thank you. Thank you for everything. For who you are, and for what you did. Plenty of other people passed by and did nothing, but you came in like a shining beacon and all I can say is thank you. You saved me when I was all alone. Thank you.

Flashback to Episode 2 and 3

Yuuri: What?! ME? EROS? I can’t do anything like that! I’m not even remotely close to being erotic!!

Viktor: *remembers dancing intimately with Yuuri; Yuuri stripping down to his underwear, necktie and socks and pole-danced with Chris like a goddamn pro and Yuuri fucking dry-humping him as he asks him to be his coach*


Viktor: Are you fucking serious?


Testosterone Thursday

London Scottish, Connacht, And Argentine Lads Along With One Woofy, Bearish Guy Strip Down To Their Skivies!

There’s Something Incredibly Sexy About A Man In His Underwear With HIs Socks On!

Sexy As Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

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What kind of underwear do you think the Chocobros wear?


  • Noctis wears boxer briefs––they’re comfortable and not too constricting. They’re black and have his initials monogrammed on the waistband. Ignis may or may not have done the monogramming.
  • Prompto switches between boxers and tighter underwear. Sometimes the legs of boxers are too irritating for his skin, and for some reason he believes that tighty whities help with his mobility.
  • Gladio wears boxers when he feels like it, but also enjoys going commando. It’s the nature lover in him. He likes to be free.
  • Ignis wears boxer briefs. They’re very expensive and have a subtle printed pattern on them and they always match his socks.

Drabble request #47 - @simplyevansstan Hello lovely! I’ve been going through the prompts for days now trying to decide what ones to choose. Honestly I just want you to write them all but since I’m stuck with five, I’ve managed to narrow it down (just) to: 1, 24, 51, 70 and 118. Since I’m such a sucker for him can I please have Bucky in a Neighbour/ Best Friend AU? Now we wait… My socks are on lets knock ‘em off. (with your fabby writing)

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

“Do you always answer the door in your underwear?” Bucky asks, trying his damndest to not rake his eyes over your form. Just because you were on display didn’t mean he had a right to look.

“Only when my neighbor won’t stop texting me to let him into my house.” You mumble, reaching up to throw your wild mane into a ponytail. Your shirt lifted at the action as you turn away from the door, giving Bucky a perfect view of your butt in some ridiculously form-fitting panties. Shit, when did this whole best friend relationship get complicated?

Oh, right. It wasn’t complicated. Bucky was just in love with you.

Bucky clears his throat and shuts your door, following you to your room. “Is that all I am to you? A neighbor?” He jokes, flopping on your bed as you go into the bathroom. “How do you expect me to concentrate if you don’t cover yourself up?

“What do you want, Barnes?” Even though the door is shut, he knows you’re smiling.

“I just wanted to trigger your dopamine. I know you’ve been stressed lately–I wanted to help–”

You come out of the bathroom, smiling at him as he stretches across your bed. “So, you came to my room at four am to cuddle with me?

“More or less, yeah.”

You laugh and it sends Bucky’s heart racing. “You’re a mess, Buck.” he doesn’t have an opportunity to reply before you’re climbing back under your sheets, facing away from him. He wraps his arm around your middle, while the other snakes under your pillow. He tangles his legs with yours, and you shift closer to him, your butt wiggling against his crotch.

Sit still for the love of all that’s holy!” Bucky laughs a little breathlessly, latching his hand onto your hip to still your movements. You chuckle and repeat the action, despite him trying to keep you still. You look back at him, grinning mischievously as he growls, “Quit it or I’ll bite you.

“I’d like to see you try–OW! Bucky!” You smack his arm as hard as you can, but it doesn’t do anything to him. He’s still smirking above where he just bit your shoulder. “I’m telling Steve!” you cry indignantly, trying to push yourself out of the bed.

He laughs and holds you close to him. “You can tattle later. It’s cuddle time right now.” he buries his face into your shoulder and sighs contently.

So one of the captains today works part time for my company and full/part for studios in LA, flying execs, sometimes celebs. He was telling me about the celebs hes flown when he stopped and said “Actually, i have a great story from a buddy of mine that flies for the studios too.” And proceeds to tell me about the time that his friend flew the entire cast of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Apparently they were trying to do that thing where they drank fifty beers on a plane. This flight was from La to New York, and by the time they were passing over the Rockies, Danny Devito had stripped down to nothing but his socks, underwear, and a button-shirt, and he was running up and down the aisle with just the top buttoned.

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No idea if you've had this yet but I'd love to see something where Magnus is being a dork by dancing in his apartment in his socks and underwear (I'd recommend Bi by Alicia Champion for this. You won't regret it.). Alec comes in dressed for a date they planned and just dies laughing at how adorkable his gorgeous boyfriend is and it leads to snuggles or both of them slow dancing once Magnus is dressed. (Your choice to the ending.)

Send me all the Malec prompts

Alec should have known the moment he heard that woman singing about being bisexual that Magnus wasn’t ready for their date. It was admittedly a catchy song, one Alec would have stuck in his head for days. But that was no reason for Magnus to ignore his knocking. Then again, with how loud the music was playing, he might not be able to hear it. Alec smiled and shrugged his shoulders before opening the door; it’s not like Magnus wasn’t expecting him anyways.

He was wrong.

Magnus not at all ready. The only thing he had were socks and a pair of almost see through boxer briefs; but at least his hair and makeup were done. If it had been anyone else, even Izzy, Alec would have been beyond annoyed. He hated being late for anything. But this was Magnus, and Magnus could get away with things others could not. Especially when he was dancing half naked completely oblivious that he had an audience.

Most people would find such a sight sexy, but not Alec. It took everything in him not to laugh at his boyfriend. He just looked so completely ridiculous dancing in his underwear like no one was watching. Not that Magnus was a bad dancer, not by a long shot, but Alec could tell he was feeling a bit goofy today and didn’t care about looking good.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. Alec covered his mouth with his hand, trying to stifle his laughter, but it didn’t work. Magnus turned around and Alec would swear for the rest of his he never saw anyone go so red so fast in his life. Using his magic, Magnus turned off the song (which was Alec’s new favorite song if only because of this moment) and ran to his bedroom. It was adorable.

“Why are you so early?” Magnus yelled, his voice muffled by the bedroom door. There was a slight hint of panic in his voice, but he sounded more rushed than embarrassed.

“What are you talking about?” Alec checked the time on his phone; it was just a couple of minutes past six. “You said to be here at six since the movie starts at 6:15.”

There was some cursing, a loud thump, and another curse. Clearly Magnus had lost track of time and was now hurrying to get dressed. Magic can’t solve all your problems after all, as his boyfriend would say. Alec heard him groan, in what he hoped was annoyance, and then there was silence.

After a moment, Alec grew worried and knocked on the door. “Magnus? Are you okay? Can I come in?”

“Yeah, sure.” came the dull response. Once entering the room Alec felt for laughing earlier. Magnus was laying on his bed, right arm covering his face, and not moving. At lest he had on pants now, but still no shirt. Carefully, Alec walked over to the bed and sat down next to him.

“I’m sorry for laughing at you.” He reached over Magnus and grabbed his left hand, squeezing it lightly. It was the only thing he could think of to show how sorry he was. Magnus shook his head however.

“No, don’t be.” There was a hint of a smile on his lips. “I like hearing you laugh.” Hearing this made Alec smile to himself. Magnus loved to shower him compliments and adoration, something Alec wasn’t used to, so it always made him fall in love with the warlock a little more each time.

“Then what’s wrong? Why are you moping?” There had to be something he could do to make thins better.

“Nothing, I just…” Magnus hesitated, but Alec didn’t want to push him. Especially since he wasn’t sure what was going on. Magnus sighed heavily before continuing. “I can’t find the shirt I was planning to wear tonight.”

Alec was confused. “So wear a different one?”

“I wanted to wear that one, though.” He knew he was being dramatic, it was just a shirt, but it was his favorite shirt. It fit him perfectly and was the color of Alec’s beautiful hazel eyes. Magnus hated not being able to find it.

“Well,” Alec spoke softly, a playful grin on his face, “If it’s any consolation, I think you look better without a shirt on.”

Magnus uncovered his face, smiling widely, and pulled Alec down closer to him. “You always know how to cheer me up, Alexander.”

“I’ve been practicing.” Alec’s grinned widen a bit before he leaned down further to kiss the man under him. It was chaste and playful, but quickly turning into more. Alec pulled away, even though he didn’t want to, to talk. “We’re going to the miss the movie.”

“Good.” Magnus’s voice was throaty and deep. “I can think of better things to do than see a movie.” He tugged Alec down to kiss once again more heatedly this time; it was obvious what Magnus had in mind. Alec hummed in agreement before climbing on top of Magnus, secretly thankful that Magnus had lost his shirt.

is it summer yet?

funny story

When I was in college I was in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. All the male leads had to wear tights as part of their costume and they decided they were going to put socks in their underwear, as a joke, to make that area look more enhanced.

On the day of our first dress rehearsal I was standing in the green room when one of the male leads walked in with his costume on. I began laughing at how ridiculously large his area looked and said (in front of everyone) “Oh my god how many socks did you put in there?!“ To which he responded, "I haven’t put any in yet..” then he patted my shoulder, leaned in, and whispered “but thank you” into my ear.

Still haven’t lived that one down…

anonymous asked: zutara for the holidays, snowed in. part two of the best ask ever, oh gosh.

Katara wakes up to a surprisingly empty bed, frowning. The cold air slaps her cheeks until her sleepy haze shatters and she’s leaning over the edge of her bed to retrieve her discarded clothes. In the end, she pieces together enough of them to form a haphazard outfit—underwear, thick socks, and a heavy parka—before she ventures out of the bedroom.

Having a place of her own to return to in the Southern Water Tribe is comforting, especially considering how much she had changed since she’d left her home all those years ago. Being back is slightly different now, if not for one important reason.

“You’re awake,” he says in a gentle voice, but he doesn’t turn his head towards her. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”

Zuko is fully dressed but his face leans against the small, glass-ice window in what Katara might call her kitchen. His breath rolls along the window pane and she can see his cheeks, bright and rosy from the cold. She takes her time in making her way over to him, not wanting to disturb the clearly serene moment he seems to be having.

“It’s fine, Zuko.” She reaches a hand out and it finds the center of his back, folds itself in the warmth of his parka. “I’m surprised you can tell when the sun is up even with all of this snow.”

It is this sentence that jars him. Zuko turns away from the window and looks at her, and for a split second she forgets everything except for the look on his face. His lips parted, his eyes shining, his pale cheeks glowing. For some reason, the whites and blues that surround him bring more color to his face, and her own face burns in response.

Zuko doesn’t seem to notice. “There isn’t any sun here,” he slips a hand around her waist absently, “and we’re snowed in. I guess my internal clock has an idea of its own.”

She wants to ask another question, but her mind blanks, so she turns her body into his grip. The cold doesn’t bother Katara as much as it does Zuko, who is fully dressed, but his warmth is always something she misses when it is gone.

“You should come back to bed, then.” Katara tucks her cheek against the front of his parka, nuzzling the soft fur and hiding the shyness of her blush. She’d said the same thing the night before and had pulled him to bed, carefully peeling his clothes away all the same. A laugh rumbles in the center of Zuko’s chest and she can imagine his face and the way his eyes light up from the humor.

She tilts her head up and catches the end of his smile, fading into thoughtfulness. “If we’re snowed in, I suppose we have no choice.”

Zuko regards her with a curious look before he lifts a hand to her jaw, holding it still before he leans down to kiss her. It makes her melt when he kisses her like that, as if he has to steady her before pouring his affection down her throat. His arm around her waist tightens and Katara finally pulls away from his mouth, trying to catch her breath.

He grins down at her, with the same flushed cheeks and soft eyes he’d had when his face was pressed into the glass. Katara doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to looking at him, but she certainly doesn’t mind being snowed in if she gets to spend the day in bed.

Liam coming in his room and closing his door.
He turns music on and starts moving his hips to the music as he throws off his top, kicks off his shoes and rips off the socks, throwing them near the door.
He stretches his back where he’s been sweating and undoes the button from his jeans and wiggles out of them, they also get kicked away, then he pulls down his underwear and throws them. 
He picks out fresh underwear but feels a bit dirty after his run, so decided on a quick shower. Reaching the desk he picks up his bag of male cosmetics before he notices a smirking Theo leaning against his wardrobe. 

inch by (painstaking) inch

Yuuri!!! On Ice || Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki || 566
notes: many thanks to @faorism and @ebenroot for screaming with me while i wrote this, you guys are the worst best. also available on ao3.
warnings: FEELINGS???????? also this is set post-series so uh, spoilers i guess


Yuuri has just stepped out of the bathroom and is drying his hair when Victor says, “It’s gotten a little long, hasn’t it?”

Yuuri stops. Pushes the damp towel away and across his shoulders. Blinks at Victor, and says querily, “What?”

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Overwatch Sleep Headcanons: Offense

-With her neural implants, Sombra Sleep-hacks. “So I wake up, knee deep in classified pentagon files and I’m like ‘what the fuck, AGAIN?’”
-Tracer just has to keep the chronal accelerator nearby when she sleeps. It’s on a charging stand next to her bed. She CAN sleep in it, it’s just not that comfortable and she’s accidentally slammed herself into a wall and scared the shit out of Emily when she’s “blinked” out of a nightmare once or twice.
-Pre-Reaper Gabe easily overheated and pretty much would just sleep in his beanie, underwear and socks. MAYBE a tank top in winter. He could nap pretty much anywhere though. Post-Reaper he literally could not sleep because his body could break down into the wraith form or worse– he technically no longer needs sleep as the Reaper though. “I don’t sleep. I wait.”
-McCree gets more nightmares than you’d think. He can nap pretty much anywhere like Gabe could but that’s partially due to the fact that he’ll wake up in a cold sweat on average once a night unless he really conks himself out with booze.
-Genji is a clingy sleeper. You’d think it would be because the cybernetics leave him kind of constantly touch-starved but actually he’s always been like that.
-Jack does that thing where he sleeps with one hand down the front of his pants. The man has not had a regular sleep schedule in 50 years. Help him.

-you know that thing where like, if you’re on a boat or a trampoline or getting smacked by waves in the ocean earlier in the day you can still kind of feel it when you’re in bed? That’s how Pharah feels from the Raptora armor.
Fun. Fan Things

- Jumping the Shark = Headlights ?
- To All the Girls I’ve Slept With
- When Nates pants were so tight you could see his boxers rolled up on his legs
- When Nate told Colbert he doesn’t wear underwear or socks
- Jack’s red striped shirt
- Andrew’s jean jacket
- Doing hours of research trying to figure out what jail dinner really meant but never quite figuring it out
- Nate’s (fake?) glasses
- The juggling poster
- Jack’s labrinth piercing
- Aim & Ignite album art changing lives
- All the beautiful fan tattoos
- The heartbreak on 2/4/15 reading the note from the band
- Trying to cope with the possibility of never getting another album or concert
- Nate’s dancing around stage
- When they played at the White House
- Nate talked about the next album in a Rolling Stones interview and then it never happened so there are probably partial fun. songs floating around right now that we don’t know about and that fucks me up
- Will Emily & Nattie
- Trying to accept the fans that only liked We Are Young, Some Nights, and/or never included the period
- Bad fun. puns
- The Bubble Song, What the Fuck, Stitch Me Up, C'mon, etc etc etc
- Their standing up for gay rights before it was a popular platform to take
- Donating to the ally coalition and other gay support charities with every ticket purchased
- Hammer hands
- Nate saying “what the fuck is that???” in the middle of answering a question in an interview
- Endoplasmic reticulum
- Performing with Queen
- The band drawing each other
- Nate’s live stream interview
- Eat shit and die, motherfuckers.

Possession, Chapter 1

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Fandom: Heathers the Musical

Pairing: Heather McNamara and Veronica Sawyer

Rating: Teens and Up

Word Count: 1024

Heather Chandler was hidden in the darkness of the bedroom. It was around 2 o’clock in the morning, maybe, but it wasn’t like it mattered. When you were dead, time didn’t matter. Nothing really mattered. 

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My parents are coming over in ten minutes so please put your clothes on

Requested: yes this sweet anon did - if you’re not happy, i’ll re-write it xx

A/N: short, lil imagine/blurbish… dunno what to call it. Let’s call it banana. Short little banana for you ;p  (more prompts here, just request away)

You and Michael weren’t officially living together, but you’re were sort of living together. You had pretty much moved into his enormous flat the second you saw it. Michael didn’t mind having you around. Sometimes you would walk around in very little clothes and that would just normally end up in a heated make out session and burned eggs. But today, when he saw you in your matching underwear, standing and cooking the usual, his reaction were a bit different.

“What are you doing? “ He said. He almost just woke up, but he had already put on a shirt and some skinny jeans – without holes. His socks weren’t matching, but then again, were they ever matching?

“Making breakfast? “ You turned your head towards him, but he looking at you. Actually he was, he just wasn’t looking at your face, but your rather naked body. “Because you have to eat otherwise you’d die? “

“Haha, you’re just so funny. “ Michael murmured, walking grabbing the pan and turning down the heat. “But my parents are coming over in ten minutes so please put your clothes on.

“Your parents? “ You stepped aside from the stove and let Michael finish the eggs.  Michael sighed and took the pan off the stove.

“Yes, they are. So I suggest you put on some pants and a shirt and get something to eat. Even though you look ridiculously hot in that bra. “ He barely kissed you before you sprinted to the bedroom and put on pants from yesterday and one of Michaels big shirts. But then you remembered that this was the first time meeting Mikeys parents, and the outfit might be too casual, so you hurried into a yellow-ish summer dress.

“Michael how the fuck could you not tell me that? “ You yelled as you tried to tie your hair into a decent looking ponytail. As you stepped into the kitchen, Michael handed you a plate and a fork, forcing you to eat.

“I didn’t know either. I’m sorry. “ He said, mouth full of scrambled eggs. “You’re pretty. “ He put down his plate and yours and grabbed your waist. His mouth started kissing your jawline before getting to your lips. His tongue ran over your bottom lip. He pushed you against the counter and just as the kiss were about to evolve, the doorbell rang.

“Always the worst times. “ Michael murmured and went to open the door.

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Please could you write a smut scenario of Jeon Wonwoo I don't really mind what happens but just with him tying you to the bed, and over stimulation? Thank you so much, I love you and dyour blog x

Sorry this took a while but I tried polishing this to the best of my abilities! I enjoyed writing this fuck u jeon wonwoo and I hope you enjoy reading this ah ;;

“Wonwoo” you whined, picking up his dirty tshirts, underwear and socks from the floor. “What is it, babe?” he replied from the living room. “Will you ever learn to put your dirty clothes in the laundry, I swear I do it every day and it isn’t that hard” you told him, chuckling with his underwear in your hands. You didn’t want to start a fight but you were getting quite fed up when this happened regularly  - or at least when he was home.

“Oh yeah sorry” he answered, he got up from the couch and placed his book on the coffee table. He quickly joined you in the bedroom and placed a soft kiss on your lips as an apology. “I’ll help you clean up the room” he said, looking around and starting to pick up items from the floor.

Once you were done with the bedroom you went to the bathroom, your eyes immediately falling on his wet towel on the floor. He was home two hours before you and honestly, you were amazed by how fast he could turn this place upside down.

“Wonwoo, come here” you called, he was by your side in a second and you pointed to the piece of clothing on the floor and turned to him. “If you let your towel on the floor like that, it can never dry and then it starts to smell horrid, and then if your towel smells like that, you’ll end up smelling like that too. And just so you know, I can’t cuddle you then and besides - ” you were cut off by his lips crashing on yours, his smile evident in the kiss.

“You’re so adorable Y/N” he murmured against your lips, making you smile and forget about everything, you couldn’t give a damn about the wet towel on the floor or the messy bedroom, all that you cared was his lips on yours.

He placed his hands on your hips and started to drag you out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom. You whined that you should clean first, but you both knew that wasn’t what you wanted to do. So, he didn’t listen to you and kept on walking backwards until his calf met the bed and he felt on his back, making you follow him, falling on top of him.

You were flustered by his sudden actions and as an instant reaction, you tried to push yourself away from him. “Baby” he warned you, grabbing both your wrist to stop you. You tried to fight him gently even though you both knew he was stronger than you. You didn’t want to give in so easily but when his lips met with yours again, you were ready to give him anything he wanted, almost.

In a moment, hd suddenly flipped you over, and grabbed both your wrist in one of his hands, placing them above your head as his other hand caressed your cheek. “I think we need to tie you up so you won’t escape from me, am I right?” he told you, leaning in to kiss you but you turned your head to the side, a smirk forming on your lips as his full lips kissed your cheek.

“You shouldn’t have done that baby girl” he said, his hands fiddling for the pair of cuffs you had in the bedside table. He grabbed your wrists again and put the cuffs on you so that you couldn’t even bring your arms down. He put the cuffs so that they were behind one of the bars of the head of the bed, smiling when you tried to see if you could free yourself from the restraints, with no luck.

He took your chin into his hand and forcefully crashed his lips on yours, kissing you roughly, pushing his tongue past your lips and invading your mouth, dominating you with just a kiss. As he let his tongue explore your mouth and his hands roam your body, you couldn’t keep your moans in.

“That’s more like it” he commented when you moaned into the kiss, detaching his lips from yours and  bringing them down on your neck, going right to your sweet spot where he started sucking and nibbling at your skin, leaving you gasping for air.

“P-please” you whimpered. You felt him smirk against your neck as he trailed his lips down again, landing on your collarbone. He loved leaving marks on your skin, he always called himself an artist and you were his canvas, and the bruises he left on you were the paint on your gorgeous skin.

“But what about the bathroom, babe?” he hummed, mocking you. You groaned and tried to free yourself but it was no use. You moaned when he slowly started to grind his hips against yours, your skirt raising more every time his hips ground on yours.

”Hmmm, I think I know what you need” he said, his voice hoarse, his breath heavy from the way your reactions to him made his heart beat faster.

You were a moaning mess, wriggling under him, arching your back. He moved his way lower until your shirt became a problem. He lifted it up, revealing that you indeed hadn’t worn any bra. He licked his lips and smirked, clearly amused by the fact that your nipples were hard and that you had made this so much easier for him.

He latched his hot mouth on your left breast, flicking the nipple with his tongue. You yanked your wrists, wanting to take hold of his hair and press his mouth harder onto your body but you couldn’t break free from the restraints, no matter how hard you tried. ”Be patient baby girl” Wonwoo almost moaned against your breast, visibly getting more and more turned on by you by the minute.

He sucked on your nipple, erupting loud moans from your mouth. ”Ah, please, I want you to touch me there Wonwoo, oh my gosh, ah

”Oh, here?” he asked, bringing his other hand from your other breast down your skirt, lifting it so that he had access to your panties. You closed your eyes and bit your lip, nodding furiously, your skin almost burning under his fingertips.

”Right here?” Wonwoo asked once again, hooking his fingers on the rim of your panties and pushing them aside, teasing your entrance so lightly with his slender and long fingers. You groaned, arching your back, trying everything to get him to push his finger inside of you.

”You’re so eager…I love it” he said and with that, he slowly inserted a single digit inside of you, eyes completely focused on your face as he watched you gasp out loud and your brows knit together and your lips form a perfect o.

He curled it right into your g-spot before pulling it out and inserting it again, repeating his action at a slow but intense pace. His other hand was rolling around your nipple, occasionally grabbing your breast quite forcefully as well.

After a while of listening you beg for more, he added another finger and you couldn’t help but to raise your hips, trying your best to ride his fingers. He hummed in appreciation, leaning his head down and putting his mouth on your breast, leaving open mouthed kisses all around the flesh before sucking on your nipple again.

”Calm down sweetheart” he said, pumping his fingers inside you, curling them and pressing them against your g-spot when he found it again. He was referring to your desperate grinding against his fingers that was starting to get a little too out of hand.

He had complete control over your mind and body and you just did as he said, forcing your body to keep as still as you could, giving him all the power of your sensations.

You were very close and you didn’t know how you’d handle climaxing when you’re body was using so much energy restraining your own movements. You clenched around his fingers a few times and you didn’t know if you were going to be able to keep your hips down as he led you toward your orgasm.

“Open your eyes baby girl, keep them on me as you come” he instructed, knowing your body better than you did. You forced your eyes open and looked him straight in the eyes, his mouth over yours but not kissing you. You were just on the edge when his lips moved slightly, letting out a barely audible: ”scream for me” and that pushed you over the edge.

You yelled his name, unable to control your body anymore as your hips rose and your head titled back. And that was not it, he didn’t stop there. His finger rolled on your swollen clit, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head. ”Wonwoo” you whimpered, wanting him to stop because you couldn’t handle it anymore.

He slowed down after you said his name but he did not stop. ”Ride it out” he commanded you, eyes focused on your facial expressions. You bit your lip, almost crying because the pleasure was too much. You slowly moved your hips to the rhythm he flicked your clit with his index finger.

”Babe, please no more” you begged him, your voice close to breaking. And after he rolled his finger around your clit a few more times, he pulled his fingers away from your heat and brought his hand which was covered in your juices, up, close to his mouth.

As soon as you regained some composure, and your breath had calmed down, Wonwoo made sure you saw him lick your juices off of his fingers, keeping eye contact with you for the whole time his fingers went past his luscious lips. ”Fuck” you said, almost laughing because what else could’ve been a more appropriate reaction to this?

After licking his fingers clean, Wonwoo uncuffed your hands and threw the cuffs somewhere to the floor. ”So that’s how all of the stuff ends up on the floor hunh” you said jokingly, placing your hands behind his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

”You’re so amazing” he whispered, flashing you his smile that you thought was one of his best features.

You chuckled, brining yourself closer to his ear. ”I think it’s your turn to scream my name” you whispered to his ear, almost biting his earlobe but failing to do so when he got up and sat next to you, his head hitting the wall. You got up and straddled him, leaning in for another sweet kiss.

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