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Okay so what would the skelebros do if someone made them sock monkeys that looked just like them? (UT UF US SF)

So I’m combining this with this ask: ‘’Hi. So what would the skelebros do if someone made sock puppets that looked like them?’’ Because I honestly think they’d react pretty much the same.

UT!Sans: He’s very neutral about it. It’s cool, and the details are nice. It’s probably going to end up on his floor or thrown in a drawer somewhere.

UT!Papyrus: Is so excited over it! He’ll immediately try and make a sock monkey/puppet for who ever made him his. It’s um, unique. But he’s surprisingly good at crafting so it turns out to be pretty good.

US!Sans: It is the cutest thing he’s ever seen. And he’s keeping it on a shelf in his room along with his most valuable possessions. He loves hand made things, and he can’t believe someone made that for him.

US!Papyrus: He loves it ironically. Like, it’s a nice gift and he appreciates it, but it’s also hilarious. And he carries it around to weird people out. It’s propped on his shoulder whenever he’s out in public and people’s faces are hilarious.

UF!Sans: Eh? He doesn’t get the point with it. It’s a piece of cloth, why would you take your time to make that for him? Still, he’ll accept the gift, it sits at the top of his bookcase which he never bothers to dust.

UF!Papyrus: It’s… um… Thank you? He’s too thrown off guard to have any particular reaction. So he just takes the thing and stands there holding it, wondering what he’s supposed to do. He ends up keeping it though. He grows too fond of it to throw it out.

SF!Sans: So he pretends not to care, and acts like it’s a stupid gift that he’s going to throw away. But he loves it. It’s so cute and small and it looks just like him. He sneakily keeps it and puts it with his stuffed animals that no one can know about.

SF!Papyrus: He hates it. Literally hates it. It freaks him out, and he can’t be near it. So depending on who made it, he’s going to throw it away. He’s fine with a sock monkey or puppet that looks like something else though. It’s the people thing that weirds him out.

Knee Socks - Annie’s celebration drabble series


Read the prequel here

So you chose to spend NYE with Steve at his place? Scoot over, sweetheart!

Inspired by: Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys (lyrics are in italics).

Word count: 1.010 (okay, maybe I got a bit carried away with this one).

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How many siblings does Misha have?

Misha has a brother, Sasha, and two half sisters. He’s brought several members of his family to conventions.

Image: Misha with his brother Sasha. Sasha is wearing a sock-monkey hat. They look very similar. Photo by redteekal.

At NJCon in 2013, Misha’s sister talked about what he was like as a kid. She also went with him to Brazil, where she helped him speak Portuguese. He’s also talked about inventing something called the Matzo Monster for his half sisters and “torturing” his younger brother. They actually are pretty close. In fact, in 2008, Misha said that he based how he played Castiel in part on his brother

Both of Misha’s parents have come to conventions as well. 

Gif of Misha, with his mother, Misha saying “My mom was very strict when we were growing up.” Source

Gif of Misha and his dad, in matching Christmas sweaters and hats, dancing to “12 Days of Christmas.” Source

All in all, Misha has a strong relationship with his family.

Dean stops outside a junk shop abruptly. Sam gets two steps further before he realises Dean isn’t with him - he’s staring through the window with a slack jawed expression somewhere near horror. Sam doubles back to see what made him pause.

There’s a giant sock monkey sitting in the window, reflecting Dean’s gormless expression back at him.

“C'mon Dean. It’s just a sock monkey. You’re not creeped out by it, are you?” He’d be tempted to buy it for Dean just as payback for all the clown grief over the years.

“What? No, I just… I used to have one of these. Back when… At the old house.” After all they’ve been through the memories must feel prehistoric.

“You’re actually thinking about buying the sock monkey. Seriously.”

Dean scowls at him and shoves roughly past Sam… To head into the shop. A moment later the old sock monkey is hoiked out of the window display with a puff of dust.

When he comes out of the shop he’s got the thing shoved roughly in a bag, one knitted hand sticking out the top as if grasping for air.

“Shut up,” Dean says pre-emptively.

“I didn’t say anything.”


Though Dean threw the newest member of the family into the trunk apparently never to be mentioned or seen again, the game is up a few days later when, back at the Bunker, Sam overhears Cas loudly asking, with considerable alarm, what the strange monkey effigy was and why it was on their bed.

Hybristophilia | Part 2 |

Hybristophilia -
An attraction to extremely violent criminals, or a person who has committed a gruesome crime, also known as Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.

If you’re uncomfortable with the mention of death, blood, and violence, please refrain from reading this series. Sorry for the inconvenience. For others, kindly enjoy!

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 || Part 11 || Part 12 || Part 13 || Part 14 ||


Jongin didn’t fight the smirk that crawled on his tan face. He saw the terror in your eyes, and he thrived on it. Of course, he didn’t think you’d be coming back anytime soon, he didn’t expect too much of it anyways. He saw the way your hands shook when he lurched his body forward, it was intentional of course. Maybe it was, he didn’t know. He wanted nothing but a calm conversation after all, but being held in solitary confinement with nothing but your thoughts for 24 hours a day, he wanted some fun out of it. 

He didn’t hold back the laughter that built up in his stomach, the deep sound echoing around the empty room. You should’ve strangled her, watch her skin grow pale, the flesh ripping by the chains. He shook the thoughts that swarmed in his head, craning his neck side to side. “Killing her now wouldn’t have been as fun. She’s smart, but we’re smarter.” He mumbled to himself, staring blankly at the wall as he spoke. Jongin felt his hands begin to shake, his forehead beading with sweat, his chest tightening. “Let me out of this hell!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, continuing to thrash and scream until his whole body ached because of the restrictions. 

His head perked up at the sound of footsteps slowly making their way to his room, followed by the jingle of keys. “Hello~” He sang out, letting out small snickers when the small window opened up, revealing the stern eyes of the guard. “Why, what pretty eyes you have~ It would be prettier jabbed deep on the tip of my thumb.” He let out another round of laughter, his shoulders visibly shaking at the thought of the thick metallic liquid slowly cascading down his bronze skin. 

“You have an appointment tomorrow, be ready.” 

“I’m always ready.” He snickered, his eyes wide with manic. He gave the guard a wide smile, his cheekbones sore from all the laughing and smiling he had done since he had even got in. “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chases the weasel, the monkey stopped to pick up his sock, pop! goes the weasel.” He quietly sang to himself, his eyes wide as he stared at the white wall that surrounded him like a blanket. 

The guard scoffed, watching the poor sight. Jongin’s head snapped over to the guard, his eyes cloaked by the long strands of his white hair. “Half a pound of tuppenny rice, half a pound of treacle, mix it up and make it nice.” He paused, a sneer making it’s way on his face as he stood up, running towards the door. He growled against the restraints, thrashing widely. “Pop! goes the weasel.” He hissed, dragging the bed with him. 

“Call for back up, 88′s lost it.” The guard hurriedly called on his hand-held radio. Several more guards hurriedly came to the room, quickly opening the door and grabbing Jongin, who in return, snapped his jaw at the nearest hand. He tasted the bitter liquid that seeped out of the man’s hand, retracting his hand quickly. Jongin let out a round of laughter as another guard replaced the man he had bit, the man’s painful screams like music to his ears. 

“Are you okay?” They asked the man, who’s hand was coated with the red liquid. Jongin smirked, spitting the tip of the man’s finger on the floor, the other guards cringing away as they hurried the injured man to the infirmary. It took 3 men to quickly restrain Jongin, throwing him on the mattress and strapping him in. A fourth man fearfully approached, one look from Jongin’s manic eyes sent shivers down his spine. A smirk grew on his bloody face, his teeth stained red. 

“Do it! Put me to sleep! Sleep is just preparation for death! It’ll soon come to all of you! Starting with that flimsy little girl you sent here.” He growled, snarling his teeth at the men. All three groaned as they held down the thrashing Jongin, practically laying on him as they tried to inject the needle into his neck. 

“Just jab him! It won’t matter!” They all yelled, Jongin feeling the little prick on the side of his neck. His eyes began to feel heavy, his body growing weaker in seconds. “Yo-You’ll all.. g-go… to hell..” He mumbled, his eyes dropping. The workers let out a sigh of relief when he had relaxed, his body no longer thrashing and his breathing settled. “Warn the head guard. Keep that girl protected.” 

“And what about him?”

“We’ll find something.”


“So he just.. bit it off?” You asked one of the guards, who still had the terrified look in their eyes. A shiver went down your spine at the thought of it, of course it was simple to bit someone’s finger off, but much biting into a carrot, but you didn’t think anyone actually did it. The guard nodded his head, chewing nervously on his bottom lip. “We couldn’t really do anything about it anymore, he practically pulled the bed with him and if he was unchained, god-” He stopped himself from saying anything else, his eyes catching a glimpse of your scared reaction. 

“Sorry, I rambled.” You only nodded weakly, your heart dropping to your stomach when you stood in front of his door. “Hello pretty!” He yelled, causing you to jump, almost dropping the items in your hands. “He knows I’m here?” You whispered to the guard, who merely shrugged his shoulders. He opened the door a bit, allowing you to slip in before locking it.. several times. 

Taking a deep breath, you forced a smile onto your face before approaching him slowly. “Hello Kai.” You said confidently, making direct eye contact with him, much like you practiced in front of your mirror all night. A cheshire-like smile crept up on his face as he sat straighter, slightly swaying side to side as he spoke. “Hello miss, how are you today? I’m fairly fine! The weather is wonderful! Don’t you think?” He asked with a cheerful tone, and if he didn’t scare the absolute shit out of you yesterday, you would’ve laughed. “Did you sleep at all last night Kai?” You asked, taking a glance at the clipboard in your hands. 

“I slept fine and dandy with the help of that fucking needle!” He yelled out loud, the veins in his neck popping out. You swallowed the lump in your throat, nodding at his words before scribbling down some notes. “Well, I’m going to ask some questions, and I’d appreciate it if you answered them.” You said calmly, not looking directly at him. His laughter boomed around the both of you, causing your hand to slip across the paper. “Of course! Anything for the pretty lady!” 

 “Did you have a job before you were here?” Jongin thought for a while, his head tilting back to the ceiling before snapping to you. “Of course I did! I was one of the most dangerous criminals. Slashing throats, beating people to a pulp with a bat.” He paused, his dark eyes creeping on you. “Eating people if I needed to.” He snarled, clanking his teeth together. “V-Very nice.” You commented, hearing his famous scoff. 

“Stuttering~ You’re intimidated.” 

“Did you have a family?” His mouth shut tightly, his eyes widening at the sudden question. “Kai?” You asked him, giving him a concerned look. 

“Stop doing that.” 

“Doing what?” 

“Looking at me like I’m some pity party. I’m not.” He hissed, narrowing his eyes. You furrowed your eyebrows together at the sudden behavior change, his body relaxing against the jacket. “Just answer the question, no one will know but me.” You spoke softly, catching his gaze, and for a second, remorse and empathy flashed in his eyes, but left as soon as it came. He turned away from you, which was a first. “You know, it’s in your little document.” 

“Actually, it’s not.” You confessed, showing him the almost empty paper. “All I really know is your name and age.” You said, his eyes scanning the paper. He looked at you in confusion, and for a second you didn’t see him as the insane patient that practically attacked a guard, but just.. a man. “Why?” 

“It’s how I work. I only find out what they want to tell me, that’s it.” 

“You’re a bad shrink.” He scoffed, staying silent for a minute before laughing again. “I’m not going to kill her, it’ll just extend my stay here.” He said to himself, your blood running cold. He laughed once again, his eyes scrunching together as he smiled. “I’m just kidding, that’s not what they said.” He said with a smirk. You refrained from rolling your eyes at him, practically biting your lip off. 

“Okay, uhm, do you have any hobbies?” 

“Killing, stealing, planning.” 

“Anything legal.” You sighed, crossing out some questions that didn’t seem suitable for him. “Well, I love to eat.” He mumbled, causing a small smile to grow on your face. “There we go, now what do you like to eat most of the time?” 

“Chicken.” He answered simply, his grin returning. You examined his face, your gaze softening at the creases that appeared by his eyes whenever he laughed or smiled. “It’s my favorite food. You can write that down.” He nudged his chin to the paper, causing you to laugh a bit as you wrote down the little fact. 

“It’s not what I’m supposed to write, but okay.” You said softly, pursing your lips together. “Anything else?” 

“Pretty much it.” You nodded wordlessly, glancing up at him once in a while. “You don’t trust me.” He spoke up, his eyes trailing over your features. You pushed your glasses further up the bridge of your nose, licking your bottom lip. “I wouldn’t say that.” You mumbled, flinching when you heard his chains rattle. 

He smirked, letting out a laugh through his nose. “Of course. Now if you don’t mind, just tell me what I need to work on and get out. I have things to do.” He laughed, tilting his head back. You heard a faint crack at his actions, rolling your neck to rid of the jitters. “Just think of more things you’d like to express, no matter how.. descriptive.” You muttered, brushing a stray strand of hair that had fallen out of your ponytail. 

“Get ready deary.” He smirked, raising an eyebrow as you collected your things quickly. Just as quickly as you relaxed yourself around him, he quickly turned back to what he was before, instantly bringing your guard up. “I’ll see you tomorrow Kai.” You mumbled, giving him a polite nod before strolling over to the door. His gaze burned into your back,  causing you to clutch your clipboard uncomfortably. “You haven’t told me your name.” He called out, causing you to stop in your tracks. 

“(Y/N).” You said hesitantly, looking at him over your shoulder. You saw a ghost of a smile creep onto his face as he yelled your name out, swaying as he repeated it over and over. 

“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)~” He yelled out, your name echoing off the walls. You knocked on the metal door, the locks clicking softly. “Please get me out of here.” You whispered to the door, flinching when Jongin’s deep laughter bounced off the walls. “Leaving so soon miss? Aren’t you going to miss me?!” He yelled, the chains rattling against the bed frame. 

The door opened, a sigh of relief leaving you as you quickly slipped out of the room, putting a hand on your chest as his voice became hostile. “Don’t fucking leave me! They’ll kill me! They’ll kill you! Your blood will be all over the fucking walls when I’m done with you! (Y/N)!” He yelled, his voice filled with rage and desperation. 

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled to the closed door, your voice inaudible as you quietly marched down the halls, the familiar screaming and thrashing filling your ears. “Creeping, creeping, creeping.” You heard one door mumble, the numbers 04 catching your attention, another growling softly. You let out a gulp as you quickened your steps, the weight of your shoulders slowly lifting as you neared the entrance. Just as you were about to reach the front door, a hand cautiously gripped your arm. 

“Miss, you can’t leave just yet.” 

WINTER | [listen here] [image credit from here] | (a mix for that winter feeling where the sky sinks under the weight of grief, the wind singing soft, still poetry to the sun; i love you and i miss you, waiting at the end of this day where your fingers can’t quite reach, floating, falling, wondering when to let go, not knowing where to hide this weight. )

i. blue - apes & horses | ii. will you - daniel wilson | iii. won’t win - fractures | iv. cold nights - how to dress well | v. marvin’s room (drake cover) - sir sly | vi. mother russia - .fe | vi. coffee - sylvan esso | vii. cavalier (the 1975 remix) - james vincent mcmorrow | viii. bloodflood pt ii - alt j | ix. to me  - chet faker | x.lanterns lit- son lux | xi. paranoia - chance the rapper | xii. bowery - local natives | xiii. advil -  sza | xiv. stay the same  - bonobo | xv. holocene - bon iver | xvi. end of the affair - ben howard | xvii. i never learn - lykke li | xviii. waiting on words - the black keys | xix. knee socks - arctic monkeys

Holidays. 🎄

So this story is going to be like around that time when we weren’t together yet.

It was the middle of winter and Christmas was approaching, and we were all going to have Christmas at my aunt’s house only about 20-30 miles away from my apartment building.

Now it was the first day of break from school for the holidays, but I forgot my phone in Mitch’s class the day before.

Oh joy.

I wanted to go alone to get it, but Arvid (my little cousin) wouldn’t let me, so he came with, along with his sock monkey that he adores.

Since it was break, and only December 21st, I figured that only janitors would be there.

So, when I knocked on the door, I wasn’t surprised to see a janitor. I explained my situation and he let Arvid and I in, and the two of us casually walked to Mitch’s classroom.

To my surprise, teachers were there, all grading papers in their classrooms as I walked by.

Hoping that Mitch wasn’t in class, but secretly kinda hoping he was, we eventually got to his door and I opened it. The lights were on, but nobody was inside.

We shuffled in, our jackets crinkling a lot, and I walked up to my seat and my phone wasn’t there. I gasped and looked around, panicked. Then I, for some reason, figured it was in his desk. So, I walked over to his desk in the front and scanned over the top.

No phone.


Then, I remembered that he also has a desk in his office, so while Arvid was sitting on the floor, bored out of his mind and holding his monkey, I walked up the steps and opened the door and quietly shut it.

It was a small room, and not much ever really changed, but since it was winter the little heater he had in the corner was on, at full blast so the room was nice and toasty.

I looked around, then I saw it.

Not the phone, but the closet door. Wiiiide open. I gasped, and the door shut, and he was standing there.

Now I’m not going to lie, he wasn’t all dressed up and fancy like always. He wore a hoodie with dark jeans that had a hole in them, and his hair was all wavy and he had bed head. His eyes looked tired, slightly bloodshot, and he was holding a stack of papers and a big textbook.

When he noticed me, it obviously caught him off guard because he gasped and slightly jumped, and while he asked what I was doing there, he was running his fingers through his hair and adjusting his hoodie with his free hand.

I told him that I had forgotten my phone in class and was wondering if he had it. He set down the stuff and opened his desk drawer.

I didn’t see much, only a stapler, a few papers, and… My phone.

He grabbed it and handed it to me, I was SO happy to see that stupid phone that I literally jumped up squealing and hugged him.

It was brief, and unexpected, but it was nice.

When I let go I was, of course, blushing, but he was too. He was actually blushing, and smiling!

So I eventually let go and we wished each other a merry Christmas, and I left with Arvid.

And I winked at him as I left, which made his face even redder.

However… That’s not it.

While writing this story today Daddy walked up behind me and read it. When I asked him if he remembered it, his reply was “I was so embarrassed! I looked horrible because I figured I wouldn’t see you!” Lol he’s so adorable. ❤

i feel like we all just need to take a moment and appreciate the ray of sunshine that is eric bass

here we see the humble bass family taking a nap in the middle of a movie. they are probably the most adorable little heathens i believe i have ever seen

here we see the geeknerd himself enjoying a moment of relaxation.

just a dork getting his hair done. looking like a falcon. 

oh dear this precious gemstone was injured and had to use a walker to get around :(( he looks about ready to kill someone tbh

eric friend i think it would be in your best interest to chill out a little with the touching of other men

or you know

nevermind i guess ??? well i mean he’s really not this odd all the time

he can communicate ok that’s all that matters really

quote: “i take pride in being the the most underdressed person in a five star restaurant” dork

is that a sock monkey hat

is this hat just part of his everyday accessories 

while we’re on the subject of things he puts on his head what is this garbage 

and furthermore,

“check out this small kangaroo in a blanket. what are you gonna do? you wanna fight me?”

“alow me to pla y for yuo…. a snO g”

he snapchatted this to the entire band i give up i’m done i’m not even going to try to pretend he’s normal anymore


Kelly settled back in Nick’s lap, cocking his head and frowning as he stared at the ragged sock monkey. He was about twenty inches tall, with a scraggly tail and gangly arms and legs, and big ears that had more often than not been used as handles. He had at one time sported white, green, and orange stripes, with a little blue and green beanie and blue puffs for buttons, but the colors were fading and dirty and the button puffs were long gone.

Kelly had always been vaguely disturbed by the look on its face, especially after they’d had to sew up his left eye and Kelly was used to stitching humans, not monkeys. But Eli had loved him and carried Seymour with him wherever they went, including into battle. He’d stick him in his back pocket or his pack, depending on where they were. When the monkey had taken a piece of shrapnel to the eye – and saved Eli’s ass in the process – Eli had ordered a purple heart ribbon to sew onto his beanie so everyone would know Seymour was a combat veteran.

They’d taken pictures of him at various landmarks around the world, sometimes risking life and limb and jail time in order to position him. It had always been their understanding that Seymour was to continue traveling even after Eli’s death, until he had seen the world.

- Part & Parcel

I’ll have miniature Seymours as swag at GRL in San Diego. They have hooks so they’re easier to attach to your stuff than Eli’s Seymour was. I won’t have many, maybe 20 or so, but since Seymour the Sock Monkey won’t be in a published book by the time October comes around, it’s a safe bet that not many readers are going to know who he is. So if you’re a minion who hangs out on my Tumblr and you’ll be at GRL, you’ll have a pretty good chance to grab a baby Seymour of your own.

(It’s a little-known fact that baby Seymores have spots. They don’t earn their stripes until they grow up.)

DeanCas + strangers on the subway

Dean watched helplessly as the 8th street subway station blurred past, his palm pressed against the cold glass of the window. He was really shitty at this whole public transportation thing.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean grumbled under his breath, before running his hands through his hair in frustration. Sam was never going to let him hear the end of it if Dean got lost and needed his help.

“Trying to get to eighth?” A gravelly and unfamiliar voice asked from Dean’s right side. He hadn’t even noticed the other man sitting there, somehow. He was gorgeous, with bright blue eyes and soft looking skin. It took a minute or two for Dean to find his voice.

“Uh… uh, yeah. Yeah I am,” Dean replied, as the train became surrounded by the darkness of the underground tunnel. “I’m not… from, y’know. Around here.”

The man chuckled in response, a sound that had unintentionally dirty thoughts flowing through Dean’s mind. “I kind of figured.” Crimson heat spread across Dean’s cheeks and down his neck. “Is it that obvious?” He asked, eyes falling to his shoes in embarrassment. He wasn’t one to be stumbling and shy, but something about the handsome stranger had him on edge.

“Well for one… you’re holding your subway map upside down.”

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SFCon Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Panel Recap

Another long one. I won’t edit much out of this one. Only a couple of stories I know have made the rounds pretty well already.

- They walked out joining the band, Jensen with the cowbell and Jared fake pounding on the new shaker. (He ruined Louden Swain’s previous shaker by playing like a cowbell)

- They were impressed that it was literally standing room only. The walls of the theater are completely lined with people. So Jensen was thankful the Fire Marshall wasn’t there.

- With the theater literally in the middle of the hotel, Jensen noted that the poor people at hotel must not know what’s going on.

- They were impressed with the large number of first time attendees.

- Thanked the fans for season eleven. Noting that it really goes both ways, the fans wouldn’t be there without them, but they wouldn’t be there without the fans.

- A fan screamed “Dean loves you.” Jared replied “Dean from Gilmore girls? Yes, he does.”

- Jared said the show has been nothing like they thought it was going to be. Jensen jumped in and said that it was because Jared was still in diapers. Jared replied that Jensen had just joined AARP. Jensen agreed and said that he was working on his reverse mortgage.

- If Sam and Dean had superpowers, Dean’s catchphrase would be “Hold my beer.” Jared then blew holes through his story explaining that if he didn’t have a beer, he’d have tor take the time to order a beer in order to ask someone to hold it. Jared said he’d have to think about it. Jensen said he’d be calling Hairman. To which Jared said “On my life, I was going to say that.” and that his catchphrase would be “Hold my hairbrush.” Which just about killed Jensen, throwing him into a fit of laughter. Or his catchphrase could be “Hold my beanie.” Which Jared then acted out. “I was born to fight crime and have salon quality hair.” then said for somebody to draw that.

- Two days ago Mark, their visual effects artist was on the set to introduce their new effects artist. The new guy was eight when the show started. And they were out at dinner before their Hall H panel at SDCC and their big, strapping, man of a waiter was excited to see them, saying he’d been watching since he was a kid. He was 22 and had watching since he was 12. They say it’s crazy but humbling. They asked if there were any parents with kids there and talked about how great it is to have two generations sharing the show.

- They were asked if they can communicate without saying anything like Sam and Dean do. Jensen pointed out that it just happened with the Hairman thing. They then proceeded to have an entire conversation with just facial expressions and hand movements.

- If they could relive one memory from their lives Jared said it would be the moment he became a father. Jensen agreed that that’s kind of hard to beat. When he found out he was having a little girl, he just kept picturing coming home and her running to him with her arms open. That’s just started happening and he wants to be able to experience that forever.

- Jensen noted they haven’t asked for a salt gun in a long time.

- They were testing how high they could raise their voices while talking. Jensen was able to do it quickly and pretty high on cue. Jared mentioned Stewie from Family and they both immediately started doing imitations of Stewie’s voice getting continually higher while talking to Brian about his novel.

- A girl said that Jared remind her of a puppy version of Gandalf. To which Jared replied “Ruff ruff.” When Jared made her say what Jensen reminded her of, she said a smarter version of Zoolander. Jensen sat there doing the Blue Steel face for a minute or so.

- Jared talked about when he faced the kind of classic actor struggle, eating ramen every day kind of thing. He actually had all of his college stuff lined up admission, dorm, roommate, everything and then he got Gilmore Girls. But he’s still a nervous, sweaty wreck in auditions. He’s happy he stayed because SPN is amazing. Jensen experienced it about a year after moving to California. He had worked a bit but was about to move back home. He got an audition that he got called back for and he said that if he got that role, he’d stay. That was for Days of Our Lives.

- They actually stopped pranking each other pretty quickly because they understood that the stakes would get higher very quickly. It actually stopped in season two when Jensen TPd Jared’s entire trailer, inside and out and set off two stink bombs. That was when they called a truce. Jared said “Thunder buddies?” Jensen replied “Thunder buddies for life.” Jared said and then they cast Misha, and that was when it fell into place (the pranking). Jensen starting doing an impression of Misha talking like a puppet and said that “Sometimes I think Misha is a marionette.”, so they both started doing the impression of Misha.

- A girl asked how they thought the show would end if they made it to their 30th season. To which Jensen said “I’m sorry. Did you say…as in 3-0?” Jared said they’d have really unimpressive fight scenes. That it’d be like they Indiana Jones gun fight when they do all the sword play and then Indy just shoots the Guy. Jared said “That’d be like if Dukes Of Hazzard was still on.” Jensen exclaimed “That’d be awesome.” And they both then agreed they should do it. Jensen told the story that when they got the eleventh season renewed the president of WB sent them an email that said “Congratulations guys, you’re halfway there.”

- An audience member shouted out asking they’d called Tom yet? Jared clarified if they meant Tom Welling. And said that once they finish season 10, they’ll be at 218 episodes, surpassing Smallville’s 217. They’d emailed him to let him know that, but they’ll call when they actually beat it.

- A girl got super nervous when she stepped up to the mic and Jared said “It’s like staring into the sun.” about looking at Jensen. She asked about the weirdest scenes they’d had to film and they both talked about love scenes. Jared said that love scenes are the weirdest thing. Everything is so awkward and planned out, surrounded by hairy grips, (which devolved into a sidebar about hairy/sweaty grips). But you really just end up wanted to say I’m really sorry about filming the love scenes. Jensen’s jumped in saying “I’m really sorry. Alright, I’ll marry you.” Jensen told a story about meeting his costar Ariana when she got cast on Days of our Lives. She brought her boyfriend, who was a big guy in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat who had been a college baseball player. He apologized to him for making out with girlfriend for the next couple of years. After they’d broken up, Jensen tried to get them back together and asked for his number to call him for her. He invited him to a rodeo in Thousand Oaks and they’ve been friends ever since. But the guy just never understood how it’s not romantic to make out with someone on set. How it looks like it is, but it’s all carefully choreographed beats.

- When asked how long they’d last fighting a creature from SPN, Jared asked “Is it me fighting, or is it Hairman?” and “Do I get to use the knowledge from the show?” When told he does get to use the knowledge, he said probably 3-4 seconds. Jensen said he’d last 0 seconds.

- For Jensen, the most difficult scene on SPN to film was Dean in hell at end of season three. He was actually chained up and suspended 13 feet in the air for just that single shot. For Jared, Mystery spot was really difficult. It was funny, but not funny for Sam.

- When asked if he likes pie as much as Dean, Jensen said “I don’t think anybody likes pie as much as Dean Winchester loves pie. That said, I do loves me some pie.” He went to Louisiana for thanksgiving and there was no pumpkin pie. He wanted to go wrestle an alligator. His wife promised it’d never happen again.

- Jared was asking the fan what she liked, and eventually asked “What about beefcake?” Jensen undid his button shirt and was wearing a sock monkey hat shirt. He eventually started doing a striptease-style dance that Jared mimed throwing money at him for. So Jensen gave Jared cash from his back pocket and Jared proceeded to stuff it in Jensen’s clothes

- On a humorous side, Jensen’s favorite director notes are from Bob Singer because they’ve worked together for so long he just gives hand motion notes. He’ll just walk in, motion to Jensen, and he knows exactly what to do. For actual director notes, Kim tells them to kick it in the ass before a take. And tells them to find the nuance and to find the minutiae. The script is there, but they have to find what’s not on the page. Jared talked about a Christmas movie he did with Peter O’Toole that he’s never watched (Jensen said he watches it every year). In a very emotional scene, it was affecting him personally. So Peter O’Toole took him aside and told him to put those tears away, because those were Tom’s (his character’s) tears. And he got very similar notes while filming Croatoan. He couldn’t stop crying and it was explained to him to just bring it back in.

- Someone in Jared’s meet and greet told him he was in the prime of his acting career - between his 30s and 50s.

- Jared thinks that the idea of idols is interesting because when he was a kid he had people he looked up to, but didn’t realize, until he was an adult, they could be considered idols. For him, it was his family. His father and his mother. And he always wanted to be on Home Improvement. He wanted to have three names and be one of the Taylor boys. He’d be in the cage in hell as the forgotten brother. (Nod to the audience) Jensen teased him for wanting to be on the show just to use all three names. And that He just wanted to be on the show because Pamela Anderson was one it. Jared told him hat was because he was probably in your 30s, and that he (Jared) was seven. Jensen’s dad was a James Stewart fan so he grew up watching those movies. He loved James Stewart because he was so realistic, in a time that realism wasn’t the way people acted. That he really paved a new way of acting style. Comedically Jensen looked up to Jerry Lewis and Chevy Chase. Then told a story about shooting a pilot for Fox and filming a walking and taking scene on a street. A car blaring classic music pulled up and it was Chevy Chase. Jensen really wanted to say something, so he decided to try to set him up for a joke and yelled “Hey Chevy, do you want to be my stand in?” Chevy gave him a how-dare-you look and sped off. The guy on set with him turned to him and was like, how could you say that, you know he hasn’t worked in like ten years. Jensen was mortified.

- Jared talked about how it’s almost so easy to work together it’s hard to forget he’s working. And because of that, he has to be careful not to get complacent. Jensen says there are no hiccups or bumps in the road of working together. But, like Jared said, you don’t want to get too comfortable, to where you’re not thinking about what you’re doing. They’re lucky to have each other to bold each other accountable when that happens. If one of them gets to that point, the other can just say “Hey, what are you doing right now?” to help pull them back in.

- When asked if they were going to get their kids into acting, Jared said he’s not going to deny anything to them, but he hopes they don’t. He talked about how difficult it is to get into SAG, and that, in any given year, only 5,000 of the 120,000 members of SAG make over $5k a year. Acting success is kind of like winning the lottery. And he’s certainly not going to nepotism them into the industry. Jensen agrees, he’s not going to encourage but won’t discourage. Told a story about how an electrician that was working on his house in LA was Mel Gibsons son and he was trying to be an actor. Jensen was like, Does your dad know this? And Mel Gibson had told his son that he needs to make it like everyone else did, so he’s working as an electrician while he tries find acting success.

- Jensen would love there to be more Music on the show, of all kinds. But it’s so expensive to get the rights for the songs. So he says he tells them to just get a mic and a band on the set and he’ll sing it myself. The he jumped up and sang (freakin’ amazingly) for a bit with Louden Swain backing.