with his mum

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okay so, this hc literally came to me after scrolling through your tumblr for a good few hours lol. i think that maybe billy had a younger sister that also died as well as his mum (in a car crash or something) and neil blamed billy for their deaths. after this neil got more violent towards billy and is why neil is so protective of max and why billy is so adamant that max is his step sister...

this head canon is liquid pain what are you doing lol. on the other hand…it would be interesting re: max… especially the part about “she’s not my sister…I HAD A SISTER AND SHE’S DEAD.”

god, you people are monsters lmao.

Ladies b careful on tinder my sister was going on these dates w this guy she met on there and they recently had their 4th date and he was like you can’t speak to these other guys if we’re official and she was like he’s my best friend since I was like 12 and then later on he said he beat some lady up in the supermarket for cutting off his mum in line and he also told my sister he kills seagulls for fun… im deceased 💀

J: Introducing the newest member of the Napier-Wayne family! :) Bruce just can’t stop himself from adopting kids. Lol.

Her name is Jeannie (a.k.a Little J.) I chose the name. Jeannie is a name that has always seemed special to me, I’m not sure why. Bruce wanted to call her Martha after his mum but seeing as Superman’s mum is also called Martha I thought it might be one Martha too many.

did i ever tell ppl about the time me and my family thought my older brother was gay and dating his best friend? they used to hold hands and cuddle and shit all the time and cause my brothers super quiet we kinda just thought that was him coming out and didn’t really say anything about it. this went on for maybe two yrs and then one day he arrives home with this girl and is all ‘id like you guys to meet my girlfriend’. at this point everyone is ’????’ and my mom is literally crying and like 'u broke up with James?!?!?!’ and honestly I’ve never seen a man more confused in his life and yeah that’s the time my family fucked up for like 2 yrs


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.



                                                        H A P P Y S A N H A D A Y
sanha might not talk that much during interviews but his energy speaks for him. it is unbelievable how much talent he has at such a young age. even in his fantagio audition you can hear stability in his voice - something that some idols don’t have to this day. but despite how mature his vocal ability is, he is still an innocent and pure little child. now that tiny youngest baby is one step closer to adulthood. as his mother, i could not be prouder of who he is. thank you for your cuteness. thank you for your talent. thank you for your sass. thank you for your cracking voice and high-pitched giggle, which i will always carry in my heart. thank you for being born, yoon sanha. ♥



Print & vinyl stickers (stickers are transparent!) for Fan Expo Toronto at table A37! This is the first in a long time, where I’ve become so heavily invested in a series SO darn fast!! you can see a PROGRESS of this drawing HERE

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