with his messy hair

held on as tightly as you held on me

andreil au in which neil has a nightmare

Sometimes Neil dreams of the past. Sometimes the dreams are so vivid he can smell his mother’s corpse as it burns, so vivid he can hear wit absolute clarity the clang of his father’s ax, so vivid he can see the metal glint off Lola’s knife as she carves his arms to ribbons.

Sometimes he can feel Riko’s knife as it slips beneath his skin, as he hits him until blood fills his mouth, as he makes him run plays until Neil is past the point of pain. It’s like he’s paralyzed, unable to move, unable to fight back.

He doesn’t realize he’s dreaming until his eyes are snapping open, his gaze landing on a hardened face with messy blonde hair, steady hands on his shoulders.

He’s pretty sure someone is screaming, and it takes a moment for him to understand that it’s him, but then Riko’s knife is back, his matches are back, his fists are back, and Neil is powerless beneath him, just as he was the first time, and he can’t stop. He can’t stop his own voice, just as he couldn’t stop Riko’s torture. It lasted so long, god, it lasted so long. Days and days and days and weeks, time running on and slowing down and stretching out.

Then strong arms are wrapping around him, and he’s being pulled against someone’s chest; he knows from the feel of them it isn’t violent, that it’s meant for comfort.

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I’m running on OC fuel again, so uuuuhm… here you go!
I actually just wanted to draw Connor because of his messy hair but I just couldn’t see it as finished without adding Jack. I can’t explain why. I also can’t explain why Jack is wearing sunglasses.
…Aaaanyways @mrevaunit42 @nova-friends

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Point taken. But it is not just being alcoholic that is bad think of how baby not only has a deadbeat mother who throw baby away but dad is mafia. He could be a good character but not as a person and certainly not as a father. Fiction can affect reality!For example Dazai is good since Dazai is trans and that is representation and the baby is loved and in good environment. Maybe if Chuuya gives back baby to the mother to lead a normal life or even orphanage it would be good for everyone.

Firstly, the mother wasn’t the one who gave Chuuya Chikako, that was her aunt:

“-That catch manifests in the form of a cranky, messy haired toddler on his doorstep, and a woman, his ex-girlfriend’s sister, shoving a bag into his arms, and storming off.” [This is from Part 3 of the written AU]

The status of Chikako’s mother is, at this point, unknown.

Secondly, Chuuya talks about this, raising Chikako in the mafia, in part 1 of the AU, even he sees raising her there as something that might not be the best choice for anyone involved. However, he chooses to anyway, and, as her father, that’s his choice to make.

It is something that will be addressed further in the AU as I choose to continue with it, or if someone asks in a manner that isn’t, “Here is my opinion and what I think you should do, submit to my views or you are wrong”. I’m presenting Chuuya and his situation as I see it, because it’s how I want to make it. Yes, I do ask for input, but, this is the wrong way for an individual to give it.

Thirdly, remember Odasaku? Oda was an adoptive father who worked for the mafia, had the cards not been stacked against him from the beginning [in other words the entire plot of Dazai and The Dark Era], I think he would have continued to be a good father. 

Also, regarding giving the child to an orphanage, looking at the situations various orphans in the series come from as a result of being abandoned is far from ideal compared to the life that Chikako would have living with Chuuya.

Finally, if you have this much of a problem with this part of the au, you really don’t have to read it.

[Please, also, take into consideration that I am one person making an AU, because I want to, and have continued to create content for it because others have asked for it and supported the idea and its creations. That’s why I make all of my art/write things.]

Night Visit

Pairing: Kai Parker x reader

Request:kai imagine where he explains his rough past to the reader and she comforts him and they cuddle?

A/Ν:Hope you guys like this!Don’t forget that requests are open so come ask away♥-M

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The repeated knocks on the door woke Y/N up.She rubbed her eyes and grabbed her phone from the nightstand to check the time;2 am.

“Y/N it’s me!”

As soon as she heard the familiar voice,she stood up and headed to the door.She slowly unlocked it and not longer after she opened it,she came face to face with Kai Parker,the young man who lived right next door,in the same condo. He was wearing nothing but his boxers and he looked flustered. His hair was messy and the blue color of his eyes was way darker than normal.

“What’s wrong?“She asked and opened the door wider for him to enter in.

Kai ran his hand through his hair and sighed deeply. He seemed to be forgetting the reason he came into her apartment in the first place.

“I think…I think i had a nightmare…And-and for a weird reason you were the first person i felt the need to see.So…So here i am,i guess…

“Why?” Was all she asked.Sure,she was flattered that he came to her instead of anyone else but if it was just another nightmare he could’ve just stayed home,drank some water and went back to sleep.But he didn’t.

“I don’t know.“He simply said and shrugged his shoulders.

“Do you wanna talk about it?“She asked and motioned him to sit on the couch.

He hesitated at first but after a few seconds, he accepted the offer.

Y/N sat next to him and waited for him to speak.

“I saw my family sitting around me.They pointed at me and kept shouting ‘you’re an abomination,you are useless and weak.You don’t deserve to live!‘And i kept yelling at them to stop but they didn’t.And then i woke up…

Y/N couldn’t find anything to say to him to make him feel better.To confront him.She didn’t know much about his life but hell,she really wanted to know so that she could help him.

“I am so sorry…” She whispered and put her hand on his right knee.He tensed a bit but didn’t remove it.

“Don’t worry…Good thing i killed them all…“ He said and a flashed an evil smile that soon dropped when he realized what he had said.

“Y-you d-did what?”

“Yeah…Every single one of them.And it felt good…”He confessed.He couldn’t take back what he said before so he just decided to be honest with her.

Y/N couldn’t believe her ears.Is this why Damon and Bonnie insisted on keeping her distance from him?Yes,she knew that he was not like the other witches but she never thought that…

“You’re,you’re…How could you?Why do this to your own family?”

Kai stood up and started pacing back and forth,consumed by anger. “They didn’t love me Y/N!They didn’t acknowledge me as a family member!My siblings all had their own magic and i had nothing!And i got locked up in the prison world!How could i forgive Josette after what she did to me?I felt no remorse while committing those murders.And i’d still feel nothing if i hadn’t merged with Lucas!” He shouted.

Kai’s words were like knives,they were slowly stabbing her.She wanted to shout at him, call him a psychopath.But she didn’t know how it felt to be in a situation like that.She was not a supernatural creature,she was only human.So she couldn’t have known.

“I think you should go…"She said in a low voice and looked down.

“Are you scared i’ll hurt you?” He asked as he took her hands to lift her up from the couch.She didn’t reply and avoiding his intense stare,she kept looking at the floor.

“Y/N answer me…” He insisted and lifted her chin so that she would look back at him.

“I don’t know anymore…You’re just…So complicated.I have told you everything about my life yet you’ve told me nothing about yours.We are friends Kai and you’re supposed to talk to me.And i now understand why Damon was pushing me to stop this…To stop us from being…Friends.“

Talking about their friendship was also a sensitive subject that Y/N would avoid discussing because deep down,she really wanted to be more than that.But at that moment she felt betrayed.She felt like Kai didn’t trust her at all.

“I would never hurt you…”Was all he said and that broke Y/N’s heart a little more.

“You’re a liar,“she replied quickly, “because right now,i feel nothing but pain.”

She tried to free herself from his grip but failed.

“Kai let go of m-“

“Not until you tell me that you trust me.“

“You don’t trust me enough to tell me the truth!And now you want me to have confidence in you?I’m sorry but that’s not how it works!“She shouted as tears started rolling down her cheeks.She didn’t know why she started crying.

“Get out,please…"She said as calmly as possible,putting her left hand on her forehead.

For the first time in years,Kai did as he was told to.Of course,he could’ve just stayed there in order to explain everything to her in detail but he knew that she wouldn’t listen.

” I didn’t tell you because i didn’t want you to hate me.But now i see that it was such a huge mistake to let you get close to me.I’m sorry i woke you up…”He said and left the apartment using his vampire speed.

Part 2?

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How about blue?

Nothing was better than nights like this, Jonathan analyzed every inch of his life out of habit, and dissecting these moments were his favorite. Some days when it rained, Steve liked to act like they were kids and make the pillow forts he was never able to build when he was younger.

They’d build large towers of sheets and blankets and pillows and create a little window so they could watch movies from the inside. By the time the popcorn and sodas were gone, the screen had gone blue and would cast a relaxing glow throughout the room and make the sheets around them light up like a fantasy world.

Steve would already be asleep against his chest, drool slowly seeping into Jonathan’s shirt and soft snores echoing around them. Jonathan would stare at the ceiling and run his fingers through Steve’s messy hair, smiling to himself softly.

It really was perfect in these moments, and he wished that they would never stop occurring. He never wanted to lose Steve, and that was how he knew he really loved him. There were a few people in his life that he couldn’t live truly happily without, and Steve had become one of them.

“Jonny?” Steve murmurs tiredly, head shifting against Jonathan’s chest.

“Hm?” Jonathan hums, sliding his hand down to rest on Steve’s neck, thumb rubbing in little circle’s into the young man’s skin.

“S’cold.” Steve presses his cold nose into Jonathan’s neck as if to prove his point, so the younger paws around until he finds a blanket. He tugs it over them and Steve’s arm moves clumsily to assist him.

“Better?” Jonathan asks as they readjust, his head falls back onto a pillow and Steve returns to his spot. Jonathan knew he’d wake up with his arm numb but he really didn’t care.

“Mhm,” Steve nods and squeezes Jonathan’s side gently. “Love you,” He sighs quietly, and Jonathan cranes his neck to kiss the top of his head.

“You too.” He promises, taking in the glowing blue sheets for just a few more seconds before closing his eyes and settling down into sleep.

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That mic stand gif messes me up. Why does he have to treat that thing like a long lost lover? Imagine he's tilting his head to kiss you, his lips just hovering over yours, teasing you. One hand sliding up the back of your neck, his thumb at your jaw. The other hand running up and down over your back.

When he’s not making out with the mic he’s usually stroking the mic stand, just to mess with us probably.

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Open RP

Feli sobs where he’s curled up in the corner of his little attic room, face dirty and tear-stained, hair messy and muddy, his prettiest dress torn and muddied and even worse, a dark purple bruise blooming on his cheek. He sobs and sobs and sobs, until his throat is sore, the sound heart-breaking. 


shades of byun baekhyun

➳ 2 / ; all shades of pink i could find for @my-bobohu

modern au revolutionary set headcanons

Alexander Hamilton
● puts his hair up in a messy bun while working and forgets that he stuck his pen in there
● really loves star wars and had a crush on both luke&leia
● once wrote a trashy novel which he doesn’t talk about. EVER.
● is actually very good at cooking but can only rarely be persuaded to do it
● cut his hair bc he knew everyone was going to lose their shit
● really needs glasses but never wears them
● constantly walks into stuff bc of that

● sometimes pretends not to understand english at all to get out of parking tickets or awkward situations
● is actually too smooth to ever get into awkward situations
● has three plants which all have names
● one of them is dead but he refuses to acknowledge it
● he read John the first Harry Potter book because lil Jacky was forbidden from reading them as a child bc religious parents
● he did the voices
● buys homeless people lunch
● actually flosses

Hercules Mulligan
● best dressed at all times
● looks like he will drink you under the table and then beat you up with it but is actually a straight edge vegetarian who gives his tired drunk friends piggyback-rides home from the bar so that they don’t drive
● the dad friend. obviously.
● he plays the guitar but no one knows?
● has never lost a game of mario kart (or so he claims)
● gives the best hugs

John Laurens
● isn’t that into turtles but people still send him pictures and videos of them all the time? (other people have an embarrassing emo-phase that they never get to live down and he…well he had a turtle-phase)
● the worst at cooking
● doesn’t even have a kitchen, only orders in or is given food by concerned friends (hercules)
● likes space - both outer and personal
● only owns two pair of shoes
● is really into video games and claims to have beaten Herc in Mario Kart
● the issue is not settled

Sweatpants (M)

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pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

genre/warnings: smut, one shot

words: 1,168

summary: You’re playing on your phone until your best friend takes it from you. What happens when you try and get it back?

notes: please don’t be too harsh on me!! This is my first time writing fanfiction!

 “I’m bored” Jungkook whines, walking over to the sofa and sitting across from me. Turning my attention away from my phone and to him, I trail my eyes from his messy brown hair all the way down to the black t-shirt and grey sweatpants he was wearing. Saying Jungkook was attractive was an understatement. This boy was downright beautiful.

  I licked my lips, snapping myself out of my thoughts before shooting him a quick smile before I answered. “Then go do something.”

 He rolled his eyes at me. “Wow, I wish I would’ve thought of that one, good one y/n”

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