with his lucky bracelet that his parents gave him and that ring

Roland’s Proposal {A WWTS Flashforward}

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s a DimplesQueen oneshot based in the WWTS verse. Set immediately after Dear Mama.

Summary: After Robin proposes to Regina, Roland has his own important question to ask.

FF.net link.


At the age of six Roland Locksely was many things, most of them good. Friendly, adorable, kind, protective. All these words could apply to him. However, the one that fit best would be impatient.

As a curious and enthusiastic child, waiting was not in Roland’s vocabulary. Whether it be food, playtime or answers, if he wanted something it was a safe bet that he wanted it now. Something his future stepbrother, Henry Mills, learned late one night when he woke up to find Roland tapping him on the nose and urgently whispering his name.

“Henry! Henry! Henry!”

Henry scrunched up his face as he groaned with his eyes still shut.

“What Roland?” he whispered in a raspy voice. He reluctantly opened his eyes and squinted against the darkness, irritated once he realized it was not even close to morning yet. “What do you want?”

Roland stood by his bed still dressed in his pajamas. It was dark and though he could really only see his silhouette but Henry already knew that he was staring at him with his wide brown eyes.

“Henry, can I ask your mom to be my mom too?”

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Cherry Wine (1/?)

Set a couple of months after Emma and Killian get married, the marriage has completely devolved and Emma starts to realise she’s a victim of domestic abuse. She tries to break free to where she know’s she’s safe. Warning: Abuse of all kinds. Anti-CaptainSwan, Anti-Hook.

FF (X)

Emma didn’t notice the change.

It crept upon her like a monster creeping under the bed, the change happened upon the two of them in a synced dance for power, and slowly Emma lost everything whereas he gained all. She had been in love, she was in love, true love… wasn’t she?


She heard the door slam, she wasn’t sure if it was the actual smell or the memory of it which made her knew that he smelt like a distillery, not just his alcohol of choice he was no longer fussy with liquor he would take any. She felt her heart quicken as he walked up the stairs, his boots slamming down hard on the wood, she wasn’t sure if he was just drunk or was angrily drunk.

She heard him calling her name as he got up the stairs.

“Mrs Jones.”

She pretended to be asleep.


Emma stood in the kitchen making pancakes. It was something she was trying her hardest to learn, cooking, she had never excelled at it – her parents had tried to teach her when she had lived with them, she had never really excelled at it and had been known to be able to burn water. But she tried. She wanted to be able to do something to contribute to their household, Henry spent most of his time with his friends or at Regina’s so often she would just be alone in the house, turning down offers to see people became second nature to her

“I, erm… I thought that I might go to my parents’ house tomorrow.” She said pleasantly. She held her breath. The air as always was intoxicating, the smell of alcohol and her attempts at cooking, she could feel herself chocking on it, slowly.


That was it, no explanation, Emma hadn’t realised she was asking permission, but apparently she was. “It’s just my mom invited me, and I haven’t seen her in ages, and I figured I could probably help my dad out on his farm, not that I know the first thing about farming… I know you’re busy with work and now neither he nor I are at the station I figured…-”

That was another thing she thought in the back of her mind he had slowly convinced her to give up the sheriff position, which had fallen to her deputy to fill. He had convinced her at first she needed some time off, to relax after all the craziness which had happened in her life over the past couple of years. He had been her knight in shining armour. That time off had slowly lengthened she had demoted herself to deputy when he pointed out that she was extremely rusty after her time off. She had taken herself off from work completely when he had announced to their, her, family at a dinner one day while smiling down at her little brother that they’d be trying for their own child soon enough. That had blind sighted Emma, they had toyed around with the idea to the extent that he had strongly encouraged her to talk to Henry about it,

“Aye, and I said no!” He shouted, he spilt some of the rum he was pouring into a hip flask and growled in frustration, he didn’t notice his wife cower as he did, even if he had seen would he care?
Probably not, he wasn’t a morning person.
He stood up and strode towards her. He towered over her and raised his hand to point towards her face, he didn’t miss her flinch that time, he just didn’t care. He pointed at her busted lip and the yellow and green fusion of a bruise which was fading around it.
“You think I don’t know that you’re trying to push me away? What do you think Dave and Snow would say if they saw you like this? They wouldn’t understand! We’re not like them, we’re not heroes, we might have been once before you turned to the darkness and sucked me in with you…” He trailed off deliberately. He placed his hand on her cheek and held tight, forcing her to look at him. “They don’t get us, Emma Jones,” he smiled when he said her name, it had taken him so long to win her, “they don’t get that this was both of our fault.”

Emma found herself nodding her head. She gave him a smile which didn’t meet her eyes. He was right. “I know, I’m sorry, I won’t go. I love you.” But those three words sounded like a question. So, she pulled him into a kiss, it was always a good distraction technique, plus he had to get to work so the kiss wouldn’t be able to turn into anything else.

Killian finally pulled back with a smile, he hadn’t noticed that Emma hadn’t been the one to pull away out of fear, she had simply tried to outlast him, she hadn’t enjoyed it, but what did that have to do with him? He picked up her phone from the counter. “I’ll let your mother know you can’t make it, that you’re ill,” he used his hook to brush one of the purple bags under her eyes, “you should get some rest you look tired.”

He slipped the phone into his pocket and left with it.

It might have been an accident, he might have thought it was his cell phone, and he was simply going to ring her mother, he didn’t mean to leave with her phone. It could have been an accident.

It wasn’t.

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“Don’t Come Back” (Adrinette Fanfic)

Disclaimer: I do not own “Miraculous Ladybug”. If I did, no way would this be in the show.

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Adrinette

Rating: General


           This can’t be real. This can’t be real. This can’t be real.

           But it was.

           Marinette couldn’t take it anymore.

           When her alarm woke her up on a Saturday morning at 7 a.m., earlier than she would normally allow herself to wake up, everything was in motion. Marinette began by tearing down Adrien’s modeling posters she had bought along with the picture of the two of them smiling on their first date at the Louvre on her desk. When she turned on her computer, the bright pink wallpaper with scattered pictures of her boyfriend made Marinette’s eyes squint. Using every reserve of energy she has, Marinette forces the tears to not fall while her trembling hand manipulated the mouse to delete every picture she has of him. Including the wallpaper, which she changed to a simple blue background.

           For the rest of the morning, the young heroine made a dash around her clutter-filled room to either pack her personal belongings into boxes, sort the items that Adrien had given to her over the course of them dating, and other miscellaneous things that she could either give away or toss.

           What set this course of events off?

           Adrien, her best friend, beloved boyfriend, and most trusted partner, Chat Noir, had taken one too many hits for her. For the past week, he had been in the hospital because of an akuma attack that consisted of a frustrated martial artist who had been cheated out of a victory by a cheap trick set out by his longtime rival. The akuma victim had agility and power to match his anger, which in hindsight was very well understood. But Marinette wasn’t paying attention when the martial artist was going to deliver a round house kick to her back while she tried to clear out lingering pedestrians from the battle.

           Chat Noir did though. Just as she had cleared everyone away, Marinette suddenly found herself thrown towards the sidewalk and a loud cry of pain from her partner ringing in her ears. While she had gotten out safely and managed to cure the victim, Adrien wasn’t so lucky. The attack had connected to his stomach and an arm and a leg had been broken. According to the doctors (who had thankfully not seen his detransformation), Adrien wouldn’t be up and around for about a week at best.

           So during that week, Marinette had taken the painful process of trying to figure out what to do. In between visiting Adrien as often as she could between her schoolwork and patrols, she had been wracking her brain for possible solutions for this dangerous pattern.

           They couldn’t keep doing this. For the past year, it’s been on disaster after another. First, Adrien had sacrificed himself, literally getting himself KILLED, with Timebreaker. Then when Dark Cupid came around, he let himself get hit by an arrow, not knowing whether it was going to kill or curse him. And now this! At this rate, there was going to be no good news at all next time!

           It didn’t help that Marinette had spotted a black akuma trailing after them after she had let her Ladybug side down while Adrien somehow remained as Chat Noir. That meant only one thing. Hawkmoth was on their tails.

           That’s it. There’s not going to be a next time.

           “Marinette! You can’t do this!” Tikki cried for the millionth time as Marinette fingered her bracelet that Adrien had made for her when they visited the carnival. It was made out of a simple cord and alternating red and black beads with a little ladybug, kitty cat, and heart charm. It was also the night they had decided to seriously considered their life after (or if ever) Chat Noir and Ladybug weren’t needed.

           They had decided to stay together forever.

           What a naïve delusion.

           “Marinette! Please think about this!” Tikki shrieked as Marinette stuffed her pillows away into another big box. “You can’t just LEAVE like this! What about Adrien?!” Tears cascaded like jewels down the tiny red kwami’s face as she helplessly watched her companion pack up her things.

           “I’ve BEEN thinking about this Tikki.” Marinette mumbled, struggling to keep herself busy with duct tape and organizing her things. “Adrien, Hawkmoth, this mess, everything. I can’t let this go on.” Thrusting open another large empty box, Marinette began packing away her fabrics and various sewing materials. “Hawkmoth knows who Ladybug is and if I stay around Adrien any longer, he’s going to put two and two together. I’m not going to endanger him, my friends, or my family anymore. I’ve got to go.”

           Tikki’s sobs rang out louder as Marinette threw more pictures and mementos of Adrien onto her chaise. As the pile grew larger, the more obvious it was that Adrien was a huge part of her life. He was Marinette’s inspiration to keep working with fashion when she started to doubt her abilities and he was always more than willing to let himself be her own personal model even after a long hard day of modeling for his father’s company on top of patrol. Adrien never gave up on her even when she was about to give up on herself. He was everything she could have wanted and more.

           But she couldn’t afford to let herself weigh him down anymore. No more snide glares and comments from Chloe. No more disapprovals from Gabriel Agreste’s associates who made malicious comments of Gabriel using Adrien as a tool in order to groom a budding fashion designer. No more looking every which way during battle worrying about making sure that her boyfriend got home safely.

           Marinette had been so engrossed in her work that she hadn’t realized that the sun had already set. She had just thrown away the last piece of trash when a black silhouette playfully tapped on her bedroom window.

           It didn’t take a genius to figure out who was there. She had known that Adrien was getting out of the hospital today and that he had promised her yesterday that he was going to do a quick patrol around the city. He had even promised to stop by after he was done so that they could catch up and cuddle like they always did after patrols they had gone through together or separately.

           Tikki bowed her head sullenly as she perched down on Marinette’s now empty desk with the computer screen still on. Marinette tried to take five deep breaths before turning around and unlocking her large window so that her catty boyfriend could sneak in. She tried not to cry as he slunk in and hugged her from behind with a low purr that always made her heart flutter.

           “It’s great to finally see you again Princess.” Chat Noir purred as he snuggled into the back of Marinette’s neck like a spoiled kitten.

           Marinette tried to keep her voice light and cheerful as she giggled at her kitty’s cute antics. “Quit it alley cat.” She whispered, wary of her parents who were still up and clearing the kitchen. “We saw each other yesterday at the hospital.”

           Chat Noir only snuggled in further and tightened his grip as he continued purring. “Every second that I’m away from you sends me into a cat-strophic frenzy.” He trailed light kisses from the bottom of her neck to the top of her head while his cat tail swished back and forth contently. “How are you feeling?”

           “I can’t complain.” Marinette responded with what she hoped was a casual tone. She didn’t want to indulge in this wonderful warmth from her dear one. She didn’t want to put on a front with him, especially after they had just recently discovered each other’s identities. They had gone through too much together to just let there be another charade between them. Intentional or not.

           Marinette had just about prepared herself to break the news to Chat Noir when he surprised her with sweeping her off her feet and carrying her bridal style. She almost shrieked when he twirled them around the room as he grinned like a cat that caught a canary. He kissed her forehead, then her eyes, ears, cheeks, chin, and even along her jaw. An unwilling groan escaped Marinette’s lips when she realized that he was teasing her.

           Chat Noir smirked like the Cheshire Cat when he saw her pout with his sharp night vision. His little lady was so adorable! If she had let him, Chat Noir would kiss her until his lips were sore and his makeup artist would scold him for bruised lips. It was just so magnificent to know that someone as beautiful and loving as Marinette had chosen him, of all people, to be by her side. In spite of the awful puns, misunderstandings, and sheer social clumsiness that came from being sheltered away from the world, Adrien was lucky enough to have been chosen by HER.

           That was why when he closed his eyes and leaned in to kiss her on perfect lips, Chat Noir was surprised when Marinette gently pressed her lithe fingers against his mouth. When Chat Noir opened his eyes, he was even more surprised when he saw tears glide down his girlfriend’s flushed face. His heart began to hammer as he held her small form closer in his arms.

           “Mari? What’s wrong?” Chat Noir whispered, trying to tilt his head so that he could look directly into her eyes. He frowned when she kept turning away from his gaze. “Did something happen? Are you hurt?”

           Marinette shook her head. Tears fell harder as she bit her bottom lip. Reality was so cruel. She had practiced over and over in her head what she was going to say to him while she was packing away her belongings. When the cat had come running towards her with bright eyes and a heart filled to the brim with pure love though, she had almost come undone.

           But when Chat Noir turned his attention to a sniffling Tikki, Marinette knew that the damage had been done. There was no turning back when bright green eyes pierced through the dark, almost bare room. All that was left was Marinette’s empty shelves, bed, computer desk, and a chaise with all of Marinette’s mementos of Adrien. Every picture they had taken together, the gifts had given her (minus the bracelet), and even their scrape book project that they had been working on ever since they had begun dating.

           Chat Noir had a sense of foreboding as his body began to tremble. He continued to hold Marinette close while trying to shake off his nervousness. Surely she was just cleaning her room. Maybe she was going to have her walls painted and she wanted to protect her pictures. And the bright blue computer screen was surely the beginnings of a new desktop wallpaper that was going to feature the two of them.

           “W-What’s all this Princess?” Chat Noir began, quirking an easy going smile that was too nervous looking to be natural. “D-Doing a cleaning up? Maybe I can come by tomorrow and help you finish up? I don’t have anything on my schedule all weekend. We can even see that movie you’ve been wanting to go to.”

           He was rambling and he knew it. Something wasn’t right. Tikki wasn’t supposed to be crying, Marinette wasn’t supposed to be avoiding his gaze, and Plagg shouldn’t be trying to warn him to get out of the house.

           When Marinette moved out of Chat Noir’s arms towards her trapdoor and her patio though, he suddenly felt very cold. And it wasn’t due to the loss of Marinette’s usually comforting body heat. When Chat Noir followed her and tried to hold her close again, Marinette took five steps away from him and he unconsciously stretched out his arms towards her, silently beckoning her to come back.

           For some reason, she felt so far away as she held herself in her own arms and kept her back towards him.

           “Chat. We need to break up.”

           A shattering feeling coursed throughout Chat Noir’s body. Surely he wasn’t hearing his bug right. Did she need him to break something in order to help with her cleaning? Her fashion? His puns?

           Chat Noir, much like Marinette had done earlier, tried to keep his voice light and calm as he took a step closer to her. “What’s going on Marinette?” His heart twisted when he saw her take two more steps away from him. “I-Is this about what happened with the martial artist? There’s n-nothing to worry about. The d-doctors said that I was completely healed.” He forced out a little laugh and brought a shaky hand to rake through his hairs like a nervous preening cat. “P-Proves how great magic is right?”

           Marinette was silent for what felt like hours. She held her hands tighter around her frame and pried open her mouth so that the awful words could come and just END this.

           “This isn’t just about that time.” She swallowed. “I know that you don’t exactly remember the other times, since you weren’t completely yourself during one time and that other time was weird, but you’ve gotten into REALLY big trouble while trying to protect me. I want that to stop.”

           She was startled when Chat Noir scrambled around her and crouched down on all fours so that he could see her downcast face. Marinette tried to turn away from him again but Chat Noir was quick to grasp her hands. Just like the day he did when he stopped her from running away from him that day in detention.

           “That’s only because I love you. You know that, right?” Chat Noir whispered, trying to ignore the screaming in his heart and Plagg’s growing warnings. “Asking me to stop trying to protect you is like asking me to stop loving you. And that’s impossible.”

           Marinette felt a sob rip through her throat and she tried to wrench her hands away from the alley cat’s strong grip. But either she subconsciously didn’t want him to release her or his hands were too strong. She couldn’t get loose.

           “It’s not just that!” Tears were flowing freely now. “I don’t want anything to do with you anymore if it means that I’m going to get you killed!”

           The silence was deafening. If Marinette’s parents had heard her from all the way down there, they didn’t give any indication. And if Marinette had been looking at Chat Noir, she would have been destroyed by the raw devastation and confusion on his face.

           She took another deep breath as she continued.

           “My papa got a job offer over in Florence, Italy. He initially wasn’t going to take it, because he didn’t want to cause any problems with my schooling and he and Mama didn’t want to take me away from my friends.” Marinette gulped as Chat Noir’s grip quivered. “But I begged him to take the job when I found out from Tikki that there was a Miraculous user named Volpina who was living there. She’s on her way right now and she’ll take my place as your partner.”

           “No!” This time, Chat Noir completely enveloped her towards him and he didn’t bother masking his tears and pain. “No! Y-You can’t leave! I don’t want anyone else!” He gently ran his clawed fingers through Marinette’s messy black hair and tried to soften his head. “Isn’t there anything I can do? Anything at all? I-I’ll do whatever it takes…”

           Marinette almost couldn’t bring herself to escape her broken cat’s begging arms. More than anything, she wanted to dash down the stairs, plead with her parents to not leave after all, that she had changed her mind, and that she didn’t want to leave everything and everyone that was beloved to her behind. But an image of an akuma from THAT day surfaced to her mind. Marinette shoved her hands in between them and tried to push against Chat Noir’s chest.

           This wasn’t going to end well.

           “Just let me go! I’m done!”

           If Marinette was going to leave him, she was going to have to either make it hurt so bad that he won’t regret letting her go or she was going to have to tell him the whole story.

           “Hawkmoth knows who I am! And if you stay around me, he’s going to find out who you are! Then he’ll start going after our friends and family!” Marinette kept trying to push Chat Noir away, but his grip remained tight. “And the people who are working against your father! They are saying bad things about you and him because of me! I’m doing nothing but hurting you all!”

           “But it’s going to kill me if you leave!” Chat Noir cried, feeling a cold blackness sweep over him from his feet all the way up to his face. “Please! Don’t go! I can’t go back to living a life without you in it!” He swept an arm out and brought up the wrist that held Marinette’s precious handmade bracelet, his voice beginning to break down. “We…we promised that we would always be together… A-And that we would talk to each other i-if something was wrong…”

           Chat Noir fell to his knees, still holding on to Marinette’s wrist with one hand while he wrapped his free arm around her waist and buried his face into her stomach.

           “Please… Don’t vanish…” Like my mother… “Please don’t go…”

           They were silent except for broken sobs from Chat Noir.

           Finally, Marinette freed her wrist from his grip and Chat Noir heard a faint clinking sound. He felt a light weight rest in his outstretched hand as Marinette stepped away from him again. Chat Noir didn’t dare look up to see Marinette as she held herself close again and walked away towards her trap door.

           “Don’t come back.” Marinette whispered one last time before sliding through her door and locking it behind her.

           In Chat Noir’s hand, to his horror, was the black and red charm bracelet. The one that he had made for her as a symbol of their love and promise.

           It would be some time for Chat Noir to get up from his kneeling position and head back home with a heavy, broken heart.

Klaine Advent: 12.22 Wedding (with 12.20 Uniform, 12.23 Year, 12.24 Zigzag)

So, I got stuck on ‘uniform’ and prompts kept coming as well as the busyness of the season. When I sat down to write, it was clear they’d all fit nicely together in this ARV verse finale. This time, it’s probably better if you’ve read ARV, because this focuses more on Adrian than Kurt and Blaine, although obviously they’re very, very present. 1852 words (AO3)

Oh, and please to forgive the POV flip-flopping around like a nervous politician. I wanted this out to you before Easter.


The notion of a Christmas wedding hadn’t gone over well. At least at first. And then, ideas started flowing and traditions of years’ past morphed into traditions anew for the couple.

A small venue in Greenwich Village was booked, the invitations were sent and the response was so positive, the beautiful venue almost had to be changed for fear of space concerns.

But things worked out as they often do, and on December 23rd, seats filled with family and friends, firemen in full dress uniform, momentarily stealing attention from the guests of honor who would soon be arriving at the back of the grand ballroom.

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