with his little fluffy tail

So yesterday I made Oreo and the others some baked chicken breast for dinner. They all loved it. So much so that Oreo went and sat in the sheet pan that the chicken baked on (after it was cooled) and decided to have his desert by licking up the juices. Needless to say his tail and little fluffy bum are still full of grease today from the sheet pan. As a result I’ve decided his new nickname is “Grease Lightning”.

It's Time We Take the Next Step

 Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader

Warnings- Fluff and swears because of Dan amirite?

I used my dog as a reference to this fic. His name is Scooter. He happens to be the little love of my life. He is as described in the fic for looks.The only different is that he is 14 turning 15 in April. I made a gif of him.

Hello, love bugs !! Dan x reader Hi so can you make a Dan x reader and in the fic the reader and Dan adopt a dog? And can you possibly have some fluff in it? Thanks!-anonymous.

“Dan, do you know what today is ?” You’re practically jumping up and down on the bed with excitement. You have been waiting for this day for months and it was finally here. 

“Is it the day you finally let me sleep in on a Thursday? If not then I’m not currently interested.” Dan rolls over to face away from you. It was already 9:30 am he had plenty time to sleep.

“Daniel Howell we can sleep when were dead today is the day! Today is the day we make a huge step in our relationship. We’re becoming parents today.

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halloween angels ~


youngk | jae | sungjin | wonpil | dowoon


this is my first long written scenario on here and it’s part of @fooderaser halloween writing festa where we’ll be posting day6 halloween writings up until halloween so if you want to join it then write anything you like with day6 and halloween and use the tag #day6halloweenfest so we can spread cute scenarios across everyone’s dash!!!

(not my pics but I put them together for the collage, credits to the rightful owners)


“Come on y/n! We need to get matching couple outfits, I want to be the most unique couple at the Halloween party!” Wonpil had his fingers wound into the fabric of your jumper as he tugged you towards the fancy dress shop, the wool of your clothing was starting to stretch but he looked like an excited little boy so you didn’t have the heart to pull him off of you.

“I really don’t want to dress up,” you whined, pouting and widening your eyes in hopes of persuading him, “please Wonpil.” Dragging out the syllables of his name and pushing your bottom lip out even further, you backed away from the entrance to the shop.

“I’m not falling for that today. Come on, I’m sure you’d make a super cute vampire!” The automatic doors opened and you were instantly overwhelmed with different costumes that you absolutely didn’t want to wear. Ever.

“Aren’t vampires really cliche?” Wonpil rolled his eyes at you, he really was excited about this Halloween party. Every year Jae would throw a huge party with everyone and anyone you knew and there would be votes for the best dressed couple. You and Wonpil came fourth last year and this time he was determined to win.

“Of course! That’s why we’re going to be angels.” He stated, already eyeing up a white outfit and matching wings. There were white and silver feathers springing off the clothing and you cringed at the thought of having to wear it for a whole evening.

“Angels? They’re not Halloween characters.” You protested, dragging along behind him as he scanned the aisles. There were hundreds of outfits stuffed into plastic bags ranging from horrifying zombie outfits to cute little ladybird costumes. Maybe being a ladybird wouldn’t be so bad.

“Exactly! That’s why we’ll be the most unique couple there.” He said proudly, smiling down at you and breaking you away from your thoughts. His smile was so contagious that you couldn’t help but smile back at him, his eyes closing into little crescent moons.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this.” You whined again, you were at the checkout with two matching angel costumes. They were both white, and had wings as well as headbands with little silver halos attached to them. They were actually kind of cute.

Wonpil just ignored you as he paid for the outfits, thanking the cashier and happily swinging the bag as he exited the shop. You followed behind slowly, dragging your heels in protest.

“Trust me y/n, you’re going to be the cutest angel ever and we’re going to win the best outfit award this year.” He intertwined his fingers with yours and squeezed your hand gently.

“I heard Younghyun is going as Mario this year and Jae is going to be Luigi.” You added, giggling once you saw the scowl cover Wonpil’s face.

“I can’t believe them,” his eyebrows furrowed deeply, “they’re so going to win this year!” He stomped his foot childishly, the angel costumes didn’t seem so appealing to Wonpil anymore.

“Ah, Wonpil,” you were the one tugging on his sleeve this time to get his attention, he looked down at you with the saddest expression you’d ever seen on Wonpil’s face, it was heartbreaking, “don’t be sad, we’re going to be the cutest angels anyone has ever seen, Jae and Younghyun won’t stand a chance against us.” You grinned at him to try and lighten his mood.


“Of course.”

“Then what are we waiting for, the party starts in a few hours and we need to get ready!” He opened the car door, letting you in before making his way round to the drivers seat.

“The party doesn’t start for three hours.” You laughed, Wonpil just shrugged and leant over to buckle your seatbelt for you.

The way back home was filled with your boyfriends excited chatter about the party, Halloween happened to be your least favourite holiday and unfortunately for you it was Wonpil’s favourite. Although, he was slowly converting you and each year you seemed to enjoy Halloween a little more, even if it meant dressing up in itchy and uncomfortable costumes for a whole evening.

“Y/n your wings are crooked! We can’t go to the party with crooked wings.” Wonpil fussed around as you stepped out the car. Your whole outfit was white and silver, including the wings and little halo that sat on top of your head. Even your makeup was of silver and white colours, your hair covered in glitter that Wonpil insisted would be cute.

“This glitter will never come out of my hair.” You frowned as Wonpil adjusted your halo. You had to admit, he really did look cute as an angel. He finished fiddling with your outfit and stepped back to admire you.

“There, now all you need is a smile.” He joked, pushing the sides of your mouth upwards until you started giggling and smiling yourself.

You took his hand and dragged him into the party, immediately finding the Mario characters dancing about. Sungjin was dressed as a vampire and Dowoon was a bunny, he had little white ears on his head and a fluffy tail pinned to the back of his jeans. Various other people had come dressed up but you and Wonpil had definitely made the most effort. Well, Wonpil had made the effort for the both of you.

“Doesn’t Dowoon look adorable!” You cooed, pointing over at the younger boy. Wonpil nodded before dragging you into the crowd of dancers, spending the evening on the dance floor.

And maybe you didn’t win the best dressed couple this year (Younghyun and Jae obviously did, Wonpil threw a tantrum and said it was rigged because it was Jae’s party, you had to drag him away) but you were starting to enjoy Halloween a little more each year. And maybe it had to do with your slightly crazy and Halloween obsessed boyfriend who had eaten way too much candy.

Preparation: Honeymoon Vacation fanfic

On a bright, sunny day in July, there was a lot of activity in the streets of Zootopia. Mammals of all sizes walked them. From porcupines, to the timber wolves with their shedding spring fur, to the weasel within the shadows. Cars honked whom were close to being rear ended, mammals shouted and talked on their cell phones. Shop owners yelled out their businesses name , traffic officers blew there whistles at cars to stop or go, and birds chirped in the sky.

But none was more hectic than apartment number 57, on the third floor, that was directly in the middle of it all. Doors opened and closed, drawers slammed hard, making the small table shake, bags zipped and dropped on the floor, and fast pacing paws raced across the floor.

“Come on, Carrots!” A familiar red foxes voice called out from the living room of the apartment. “We’re gonna miss the train at the pace you’re going!”

“I’m still faster than you slick!” another voice answered back.

Nick grinned, allowing a slight chuckle to escape his chest. He watched the doorway of the bedroom, the body of his wife darting back and forth across the room, her silhouette barely visible through the small crack.

Judy folded a few of her favorite shirts on the bed that her and Nick now shared. Judy had finally moved out of that dreary apartment complex named The Grand Pangolin Arms. And boy was it worth it. No nosey neighbors, a better smelling and a much larger apartment. And she had a kitchen as well, not just some old used microwave. Now, her and her husband, Nick Wilde, lived together.

It had been two weeks since their wedding. Judy, dressed in a beautiful and quite fluffy white dress, walking her way down the aisle to her soon to be, her future husband. It was one of the best days of her life, followed months after the hardest weeks of her life. After she had been drugged, unknowingly, by her own sister, Nick and Judy had split up. But after an almost fatal gunshot wound, and many hardships before then, the truth was finally told.

But now, it was as if those days had never happened. She was married to the love of her life, starting a new life with him… And a family.

She lightly rubbed her stomach, that was now starting to buldge ever so slightly. She found out about her pregnancy only a couple days ago. She hadn’t told anyone, not even Nick. She wanted to surprise him while they were on their honeymoon. And the day she took the test, her emotions skyrocketed.

She had no idea how it had happened. A fox and a bunny, two completely different species, had created a new life. But she didn’t care how it happened. It happened. And she was filled with joy and she couldn’t wait to tell Nick that they were going to be parents.

In the beginning of their relationship, she was scared of what would happen if they had sex, due to the fact that they were different species. She didn’t know how it was gonna feel, whether it was gonna hurt or not. But after her time in the hospital, and explaining to Nick why she was so nervous when the topic came up, they compromised.

He took it slow for her, just like he had promised. Every time they tried, her nerves got less and less fearful, and she began to enjoy their partial love making. And when the day finally arrived when they actually made love, it was like nothing either of them had ever experienced before. The body heat of each other filling the room, the many different sounds each one made, while they bathed in each other’s scent. It was intoxicating.

Judy had totally forgotten why she was nervous. She loved it. Every single second of it. When she looked into Nicks eyes, those emerald eyes that glistened every time they looked at her, she could feel their bond harden, as they held each other’s paw.

And for Nick? Well, he loved it. Even more so than Judy. When Judy told him that she was ready, she wasn’t exaggerating.

With her being more comfortable, she almost took control. It was like she wanted to take over the dominance that was Nicks job, which in turn made his senses even more heightened.

He liked a challenge. Part of his ancient instincts kicked in, but oh so slightly, not wanting to scare Judy off. Not now. Not when she was now ready to take that big step. And they made love. Deeper, and more sensual than the word actually meant.

The creaking of the old hinges from their bedroom door broke her daydreaming and made her ears perk up in attention. She turned around to see Nick, smiling widely at her as he paced towards her. She returned one just as big as his, probably bigger. The happiness she was feeling doubled when the father of their unborn child walked up to her with that sly grin that she loved so much.

“How’s my favorite dumb bunny doing?” He asked cheekily, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. He placed his muzzle in between her ears, placing his lips on her soft gray fur.

She wrapped her arms around his waste, barely touching her own fingertips. She loved those kisses. The sensual ‘I love you’ mixed with them. She embedded herself in his scent, rubbing her fur against his red Hawaiian shirt.

“Just folding the last of my clothes, my handsome sly fox.” She smiled widely, looking deep into Nicks emerald eyes with her amethyst jewels.

Without hesitation, she moved her paw down the middle of his back, and grabbed his bushy tail. She felt the sensation of his body react to her loving touch. She was feeling more frisky by the second, due to her increase in pheromones from the pregnancy.

Nick could feel his hair stand up on end from the electricity he was feeling. She had grabbed one of his most sensitive spots on his body, well, other than his neck and his lips, and touched it very passionately, almost teasing him.

“Woah now,” he warned, whispering in Judy’s ear. He took hold to Judy’s shirt. “You know what that does to me, Carrots” he said in a teasing tone. He kneeled down, taking his muzzle and placing his nose right on hers, feeling the warmth of her body escaping.

“You want to start this now?” He raised a questioning, bushy eyebrow with a sly smirk. “Cuz we’ll definitely miss the train then.” Not that he would have cared. A little passionate time with his love before their big trip would all be worth it.

He reached around instinctively and grabbed his bunnies fluffy tail.

The little moan-squeak she let out sent a warmness feeling through him, down to his very core. That was also a sensitive spot for his mate as well.

To his touch, she practically jumped into Nick, wrapping her legs around his waste, forcing them both to collapse onto the wooden floor. With her on top, and Nick staring with surprised eyes, she leaned in and placed a hard, loving kiss onto his lips.

That caught him more off guard. But his surprise turned into passion as he pushed his kiss deeper into hers. She parted her lips, very slightly, to inhale his scent with a hot breath, their tongues playing tug of war. She caressed his lips all around his, and started moving down to his neck.

He couldn’t help but let out a slight sigh of happiness and infatuation

To read the rest go here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8831143/chapters/20247130

Hunny bunny | Ohmtoonz | Hybrid AU

Ryan was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting Luke to come home. As he heard the keys clinking, his little fluffy tail began to wiggle.

Ryan heard the door opening and jumped up to welcome Luke home. “Welcome home Lukie.” he said as he went for a hug. “Did you get bored here?” Luke asked Ryan after awhile.

“Honestly said… yeah a lil bit but I played some Dead by Daylight with Bryce and some randoms.” he aswered happily, his ear perking up as he noticed the bag Luke was carrying.

“That’s something that I saw and had to get that for you. You can see it after dinner, okay?” Luke said while fluffing Ryan soft hair and walked to the kitchen. “What are we going to eat, Luke?” Ryan asked curiously.

“I was thinking about having some chinese food if it’s okay with you? We could get takeaway from that place you like.” Ryan heard Luke say as he followed him to the kitchen. “Yeah it’s more than okay with me. Then we don’t have to do dishes today.”

As they ordered the food, Ryan went to the living room to check if there’s anything good coming right now in television. “Hey Luke! They are showing that Alice in the wonderland with Johnny Depp in it right now! Shall we watch that while waiting for food?” Ryan asked Luke as he came ro the living room. “Yeah sure, the food will be here in about 35min they said.”

After the food arrived and they paid for it, they went back to the kitchen to get drinks. “Hey hunny bunny, what do you want to drink?” Luke asked while checking the refrigerator for drinks. “Is there still ice tea left? If not I can just drink water” Ryan said.

They found their drinks, Ryan getting his ice tea and Luke having ice water. Then they went back to the living room and began to eat while watching the movie.

When the movie ended and both of them finished eating, they laid down on the sofa cuddling. Ryan on top of Luke’s chest. “Why are you always so warm, Luke? I’m always feeling cold without you next to me” Ryan said and pouted. Luke took awhile to answer his question because he was looking at Ryan’s cute pout. “Maybe it’s because you are a bunny hybrid while I’m a cat hybrid.”

They took a nap and Ryan was first to wake up. He looked at Luke and enjoyed how relaxed Luke looked. His cat ears peeking from his hair that was now a mess. “Luuuuke. Luke! Wake up. It’s already a late afternoon! You need to get up babe.” Ryan tried to shake him awake.

“Hmmm not now Ohmie, just five mire minutes.” Luke said tiredly and pukked Ryan back to his chest, one hand on his back and other one on Ryan’s tail.

It took awhile and lots of kisses for Ryan to get Luke up. “Oh yeah, I totally forgot that suprise that I got for you. Wait here and close your eyes, okay?” Luke said as he got up to get the bag from the kitchen.

“Ready to see the suprise?” Ryan heard Luke ask him. After getting a little yes from Ryan, Luke took the suprise out of the bag and held it in front of Ryan. “Okay, open your eyes.”

When Ryan opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was very soft looking grey hoodie with pastel pink bunny ears on the hood. “Oh Luke! It’s so pretty. You really shouldn’t have!” Ryan said as he touched the hoodie as Luke gave it to him. “It was nothing really, just thought how cold you can get. Also you can put your ears to thise ear parts. And of course I got one too. Not bunny one, but a brown cat, so we kinda match.” Luke said as he aat next to Ryan and took his hoodie out of the bag too.

“Aw Luke! You are so cute” Ryan said as he watched Luke put on his cat hoodie. “Put your hoodie on too, I want to see if you look as cute as I think you will.” said Luke.

After both of them had the hoodies on and Ryan even hide his ears to the hoodies ear part. “Thank you so much Luke. I really do love you so so much.” Ryan said voice full of love as he kissed Luke.

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have a ficlet! tony is a cat au– I never did decide if I wanted him to be a bewitched human, or just a regular asshole cat

Steve found Tony when he was just a kitten. He was curled up and shaking under a bench in the park where Steve went for his runs, and Steve might not have seen him at all if it weren’t for the way his fluffy little tail twitched as he shivered. He didn’t try to bite or claw at Steve when he picked him up, and so Steve cradled him to his chest and took him home to a warm blanket and some scrambled eggs.

Tony’d been nothing more than a scrap of fur back then.

He’d grown a lot since then. He was bigger now, with clean, fluffy dark fur and bright amber eyes. And he was, frankly, an asshole.

Tony yowled.

“Tony, you have your own dinner right over there,” Steve groaned. “It’s very expensive cat food, please eat it.”

Tony stood on his hind paws so he could bat at Steve’s hands, and meowed again. Loudly. Steve nudged him back down with his foot.

Tony circled his chair, muttering.

“Feed him from a plate when he’s a kitten, and now he thinks he’s people,” Steve grumbled, and took an enormous bite of lasagna. Tony meowed, this time pitifully, and when Steve ignored him, he yowled again.

“I am trying to eat, you confounded creature!” Steve swore. “You do not need lasagna. You like your cat food. I specifically feed you first so you won’t be hungry.”

Of course, Tony had apparently caught onto that trick, because the cat food was untouched in his bowl. Steve took another bite, chewing extra spitefully this time. Tony wailed.

“Do you ever stop?” Steve asked, watching Tony rub up against his calf and look as sweet as he could. Which, blast it all, was indeed very sweet.

“It’s all a facade,” he said aloud to himself. “He knows you’re weak, Rogers.”

Tony mewled. Steve wavered.

He looked down at his cat, and Tony stared back up at him, eyes watery and enormous.

Steve sighed, defeated. “Do you want eggs?” he asked, and stood up from the table.

Tony meowed loudly, demanding again now, and wound in between Steve’s feet as he crossed over to the fridge.

And then, wonder of wonders, he sat patiently, QUIETLY at Steve’s feet as he cracked open two eggs in a pan and started to whisk them with a fork.

“Yeah, he knows he’s won,” Steve grumbled.

anonymous asked:

No but how much does rabbit Louis need a castle? With Pig standing guard?

Bit more of this verse, inspired by this post, but a bit failier because it involves Nick and Harry. Obviously. 

“Those are nice new boots,” Nick says, because Harry is wearing his brand new Saint Laurent lizard print ankle boots just to sit on Nick’s sofa and put them up on the coffee table. 

“Eddie Lizards, baby,” Harry says, because he can’t resist a pun, even if it comes with an £845 price tag. He taps his heels together.

“They’ve come with a nice box,” Nick says. “Useful, like.”

“Very useful,” Harry agrees, because the box is sitting in the middle of Nick’s living room floor - Pig watching on relatively distrustfully - whilst Louis kicks tiny bunny feet in the air and jumps in and out of the box for the eight hundredth time.

“Do you think he knows he’s the cutest rabbit that ever was?” Nick asks, in a low voice. “Look at his little fluffy tail.”

“And his little fluffy paws,” Harry adds. “Look how tiny and fluffy he is.”

Louis gives them a very disparaging look. “I’m not tiny and fluffy,” he says, although all that comes out is a terribly cute, tiny little nose wiggle. “I’m a rabbit of unusual size.”

“He’s so cute,” Nick says. “Look at how cute he is.”

“Not cute,” Louis says, although he knows his strengths, and he turns around a little bit to wiggle his fluffy tail in their general direction. “I am king of all I survey.”

“He’s got us by the balls,” Harry says, with a sigh. He doesn’t sound bothered at all. 

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Skelewolf Special Brigade

so @harujuurijuuri took @sanspar‘s skelewolf thing and made Red’s cubs and I just??? couldn’t resist because the idea of Blueberry being the alpha of a pack of little skeleton wolf cubs is… too good. 

I don’t even know who to credit anymore but @harujuurijuuri made all the cubs! Will there be more of these rambles? I don’t know. Just go love all of harujuurijuuri’s stuff cause it’s great and that honeymustard is A+

anyways here comes the fanfiction

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Puppy Love

~Hey guys! I’m back with a REALLY cliche fic. I mean I was going to hop on the werewolf wagon someday. It was also a cute drabble to start back up with. I hope it’s not too cliche and I hope you guys like it!~

Mark had just got back from a quick shopping trip and walked up the steps to his front door. He fiddled with his keys with one bag filled hand and finally found the right key between all of his key-chains and other keys. Mark struggled to get the key in the hole and turn it but finally, he got the door unlocked and it swung open. Mark’s eyes widened and his breath caught. He took a step inside and dropped his bags. He took a look around.

Mud. Was. Everywhere. Not only was there mud all over the floor, it was on the furniture, the walls and somehow on the ceiling in spots. Mark’s eyes focused on the patch of muddy paw prints that led into the kitchen. He stepped slowly into the kitchen where a familiar noise was coming from. It sounded like the snores of a certain puppy that is going to be in a storm of trouble.

Mark slowly turned the corner into the kitchen and there before his eyes were probably the cutest thing he’d ever seen. Incredibly angering, though. The room was also coated with mud and Mark saw Jack had gotten a bit hungry as he notes the various meat scraps on the ground but in the middle of it all there was a giant sleeping wolf in the middle of his kitchen. He snored loudly and had his belly up in the air. Mark couldn’t help but smile and forget the wreckage of his house as his chest swelled with adoration for the big puppy in front of him.

Mark crouched down to softly run his hands across the fluffy fur on Jack’s belly. Jack’s snoring seemed to stutter and then stop for a moment before Mark looked into the one big green eye staring back at him. Jack let out a whine and a grunt before he rolled over away from Mark. Mark giggled and rolled Jack back over to him. Jack had opened both eyes now and he looked at Mark with an “are you serious?” look and Mark laughed and pulled Jack with him as he fell backwards onto the ground so now Jack was laying on top of him.

Mark couldn’t be mad at such a big cuddly puppy like Jack. Jack had softened and nuzzled Mark’s cheek and started to lick his face. Mark laughed and struggled under the big wolf and quickly regretted putting himself into this position. Jack finally raised up and let Mark out from under him. Mark pulled himself up and walked to the open back door and closed it, locking it afterwards. Then Mark walked up the stairs to the bedroom. Jack started to follow him up but Mark pointed behind him and over to the giant dog bed.

“Do you see this house? You’re sleeping down here tonight and tomorrow you’re helping me clean this mess up.” Mark said strictly. Jack’s ears pulled close to his head as he whined and walked slowly over to the cushion and slumped on it. Then he looked back up to Mark with his infamous puppy dog eyes (pun intended). But Mark tried to stay strong and walked up the stairs, flicking the light switch on his way.

Mark climbed into bed sadly. He hated making Jack sleep downstairs. His bed felt so large and cold without his furry body or his human body in it. He drifted off to an unsatisfied sleep with Jack’s distant whines from downstairs.

Jack’s had finally given up on whining since Mark obviously wasn’t coming back down for him. Jack got fed up and rolled onto his feet and trotted up the stairs as quiet as possible with his claws. He got to Mark’s door and shoved it open with his nose and his paws. Jack quietly walked into his room and swiftly shut the door behind him with his back foot.

Jack jumps onto the bed sneakily and was positive he didn’t wake Mark up. Jack curled up next to Mark’s back and started to fall asleep. But just as Jack was about to fall asleep he felt mark turn in bed and wrap an arm around his poofy chest and fiddled with his paw.

They both fell into a peaceful sleep. The next morning Mark woke up next to a naked Jack and shook him awake. He would at least let him have breakfast before they started cleaning up to house. Mark passed Jack a pair of boxer-briefs with blue paw prints all over them with caused Jack face to be scattered with pink and he huffed and slid them on, his still incredibly fluffy tail falling a little bit over them. Mark trimmed the top of all of Jack’s boxer-briefs so his tail could fall over top of them comfortably.

They both made their way back down to the messy kitchen. Mark stopped behind Jack who had frozen in the doorway. Jack turned around and wrapped his arms around Mark’s neck and whined with a pout on his face.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a pout. Mark just smiled and kissed his lips and walked them both into the kitchen with Jack walking backwards until he his butt hit the counter and Mark had him pinned against it. He smiled and kissed Jack sweetly as Jack’s hands wrapped around the sides of Mark’s neck and face. Mark pulled away slightly and smiled.

“You can repay me. Eventually.” Mark said with a smirk which made Jack giggle and peck his lips again. Mark smiled fondly at Jack and raised his hand up to rub his dark grey ears that popped out of his bright green hair. Jack’s eyes rolled back slightly as he enjoyed the sensation that the small action.

“First thing you can do is cook me breakfast,” Mark said smiling. Jack huffed and moved towards the freezer to get out a few toaster waffles.

“Thank you~” Mark said in a singsongy tone.

While Jack moved around the messy kitchen gathering things like butter and syrup, Mark watched Jack’s cute little butt in his cute little paw print boxers and the way his tail swayed with his movements.

They enjoyed breakfast together. Mark would sometimes smear syrup on Jack’s nose as he instinctively would try and lick it off but then remember that his tongue isn’t long enough and they would both laugh together.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and giving each other cheeky pats on the butts and sweet kisses.

Love Across the Hall

I’ve had this little nalu drabble in my laptop for a while. This is what I feel it would be like if Natsu and Lucy lived right across the hall from each other. Enjoy :)

Lucy unlocked the door to her apartment and was greeted by the beautiful orange glow of the sunset that penetrated her window. “Home sweet home,” she said with relief. As she placed her purse on the couch, something caught her eye. Sleeping comfortably on the cushions was a fluffy Russian blue cat with a snow white belly and a green bandana tied around its neck. Lucy giggled at the sight of the lazy feline and carefully sat next to it.

“Hi Happy,” she said cheerfully, petting the sleepy cat on the head. The cat greeted her with a raspy purr and droopy eyes. “Is he working late again? Poor little guy just wants some attention,” she said as Happy got up from his spot and made his way over to her lap.

Oh, he was definitely not her cat, but he may as well have been. Happy always came to Lucy for attention when his owner wasn’t home. At first he would just meow constantly at her door until she would let him in and eventually she decided to just get a doggy door – or in this case a cat door – so he could walk in as he pleased. She wasn’t sure exactly how he even managed to escape his home but she didn’t mind the company.

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Pet!Verse (1/?)

Pairings: HaiKise, AoKise mainly (eventually a lot of other pairings damn idk shit son)
a drabble of an idea I always loved 
(these guys are kemonomimis and are looked upon as pets fyi)


When Haizaki first learns of the new pet that his master purchases he sulks around for the next few days. When other pets and servants come near him he hisses and anyone who dares touch him, even tries to talk to him, would receive deep claw marks in their skin. 

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Monsters in the Forest (1/1)

Mom had always warned him to never enter the forest alone.

Alfred knew, in theory, that this was solid advice. It kept you safe. But he was getting older now and he was, quite frankly, bored of safe.

It wasn’t like he was traveling through it on purpose, it just happened to be a pretty convenient, hardly ever used short cut. So what if everyone else piled on rumors? That stuff was all just old wives’ tales anyway, meant to keep little pups from running off and getting lost. Some of the older werewolves were certain that this was some kind of territory issue, so they passed on the advice accordingly, but that was the kind of mindlessness that he thought was really stupid. Sure, they called themselves alphas or whatever, but there were no such things as omegas–wolves unlike them enough to be considered demons of temptation.

Who even came up with that kind of stuff?

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queerskating  asked:

fawnlock crawling onto john while he's sleeping and rubbing his face against john's cheek and licking at his mouth fondly until john makes a little throaty noise that fawnlock loVES and his little fluffy tail quivers happily while john opens his eyes and murmurs good morning and kisses fawnlock's nose and fawnlock burrows into john's chest and kisses his neck clumsily~

john just loves those mornings where his fawnlock wakes him up. even though he’s still tired, he can’t help but feel so full of love when he sees fawnlock looking up at him with his eyes so full of hope, and still a bit vulnerable too as if he thinks that john might change his mind about him. john kisses his worries away as soon as he can, every morning, wrapping his arms around fawnlock so tight.