with his little fluffy tail

have a ficlet! tony is a cat au– I never did decide if I wanted him to be a bewitched human, or just a regular asshole cat

Steve found Tony when he was just a kitten. He was curled up and shaking under a bench in the park where Steve went for his runs, and Steve might not have seen him at all if it weren’t for the way his fluffy little tail twitched as he shivered. He didn’t try to bite or claw at Steve when he picked him up, and so Steve cradled him to his chest and took him home to a warm blanket and some scrambled eggs.

Tony’d been nothing more than a scrap of fur back then.

He’d grown a lot since then. He was bigger now, with clean, fluffy dark fur and bright amber eyes. And he was, frankly, an asshole.

Tony yowled.

“Tony, you have your own dinner right over there,” Steve groaned. “It’s very expensive cat food, please eat it.”

Tony stood on his hind paws so he could bat at Steve’s hands, and meowed again. Loudly. Steve nudged him back down with his foot.

Tony circled his chair, muttering.

“Feed him from a plate when he’s a kitten, and now he thinks he’s people,” Steve grumbled, and took an enormous bite of lasagna. Tony meowed, this time pitifully, and when Steve ignored him, he yowled again.

“I am trying to eat, you confounded creature!” Steve swore. “You do not need lasagna. You like your cat food. I specifically feed you first so you won’t be hungry.”

Of course, Tony had apparently caught onto that trick, because the cat food was untouched in his bowl. Steve took another bite, chewing extra spitefully this time. Tony wailed.

“Do you ever stop?” Steve asked, watching Tony rub up against his calf and look as sweet as he could. Which, blast it all, was indeed very sweet.

“It’s all a facade,” he said aloud to himself. “He knows you’re weak, Rogers.”

Tony mewled. Steve wavered.

He looked down at his cat, and Tony stared back up at him, eyes watery and enormous.

Steve sighed, defeated. “Do you want eggs?” he asked, and stood up from the table.

Tony meowed loudly, demanding again now, and wound in between Steve’s feet as he crossed over to the fridge.

And then, wonder of wonders, he sat patiently, QUIETLY at Steve’s feet as he cracked open two eggs in a pan and started to whisk them with a fork.

“Yeah, he knows he’s won,” Steve grumbled.