with his hair of the gods

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kit on the press tour: whoah, whoah, whoah? sansa's husband? jon definitely DOES NOT want that!!!! jon doesn't like her AT ALL she's so ANNOYING!!!!???? he just wants to be with her. all the time. he wants to hear about her day and tell her about his. he wants to hold her hand and smell her hair. but he does not want to be her stupid husband!!!!!!!! god it's too bad you can't behead your sister for being annoying and not validating you 24/7 :////// #starkbowl

D&D through the earpiece: good boy

god can you imagine the first six months living on the starblaster tho: 

taako and lup: “this is our kitchen now, nobody else is allowed to touch it Ever” “No I didn’t Use Your Shampoo Okay I definitely did but listen it was really nice i dont care that you wont ever get more of it bc our planet is gone” “the entire counter is covered in our hair products and makeup” “lup left a fucking gun on the living room couch what the hell lup” 

magnus: “i will jump out behind you and have 0 sense of personal space” “walks around naked all the time okay this might be a benefit for some” “i will touch all your things because i do not understand what personal property is also tbh” 

merle: “is he talking dirty to his plants oh my god no” “yeah i ate all your chips what are you going to do about it” “please stop trying to tell me about pan” 

barry: “Dont touch that piece of equipment it Might Kill You sorry i left it out i swear i wont do it again oops i did it again” “my laundry is just 80 pairs of blue jeans and i think i broke the washer” 

lucretia: “i leave a detritus of notebooks, papers, and pencils and pencil shavings wherever i go” “i have no qualms about creating wards across doorframes so that you cant get into somewhere” 

davenport: “i regret choosing all of you for the mission” 

Things to say while watching TMNT 2012
  • “No, you stupid whores!“
  • “Everything Raphael loves gets fucking destroyed.”
  • “These stupid children.“
  • “Splinter is never wrong, unless April says he is.”
  • “Shut the fuck up Leo.“
  • “Stop stroking the hair you don’t have, Donnie!“
  • “Ice Cream Kitty is best girl.“
  • “You fucking idiot.“
  • “Fuck off Leo!“
  • OH that is fucked. UP!“
  • “Thank god for storm trooper aiming.“
  • “Dude he just said his mom was a whore!“
  • “Now kiss.“
  • “Donnie I swear to fucking god.“
  • “Can we at least agree that Shredder is the dumbest fucking person to ever live?“
  • “Go Leo, rescue your girlfriend-sister.”
  • “How many times have they died now?“
  • “Dudes stop it April gives like 0 fucks.”
  • “This is actually pretty fucking scary.“
  • “So Raphael is the series’ damsel in distress then?”
  • “Why is this family full of so many sassy bitches?" 
  • Milford: Oh boy, here she comes. Oh Sportacus, I am so nervous!
  • Sportacus: Don't worry, Mayor. I'm sure you'll do just fine. You can do this. Maybe she'll be interested in you. But you'll never know until you try.
  • Bessie: *calling* Oh MILFOOOORD!
  • Sportacus: Now get out there!
  • Milford: *Clears his throat* M-Miss Busybody.
  • Bessie: Oh THERE you are, Milford.
  • Milford: *sweats* H-has anyone told you that your hair looks like soft serve?
  • Bessie:
  • Milford: I-I want in on that-
  • Bessie:
  • Sportacus, thinking: "Oh my God, ..he's so BAD at this"

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#48 mc and jumin please

Mmmm. I had a feeling I’d get this one. Juju is just the perfect one for it. I listened to “Howl” by Florence and The Machine while starting this, see if you can find the influence 😂

#48: “You make me want things I can’t have.”

God, she was absolutely stunning. The way her golden flapper style cocktail dress hung loose along her curves, the delicate curled tendrils of hair that fell across her shoulders and back, the bronze hued eyeshadow that complimented her aubergine lips and nails. Every inch of her was immaculate, entrancing. She smelled like roses, clary sage, and a hint of clove. It was an overpowering pheromone that had him completely ensorcelled. 

He stalked through the crowd like it was high grass, pausing every time she did. He raised his glass to his lips to hide his heavy gaze and peered over the rim as she glanced at him over her shoulder. The man she had brought with her hung languidly behind, scanning the people people around him, never paying her much mind. He was a fool to not have his hands on her at all times. With her doe eyed smile she approached Jumin, her hips swaying as she walked closer to her would-be destruction. Jumin stood still, let her approach him with the innocence of a fawn curious of the panther lying in wait. His heart rate slightly spiked as she approached, her scent luring him in. 

He focused his eyes, too many teeth showing in the smile he gave her. It was a warning more than a greeting. Still, she came even closer, wrapping her arms around him, letting her warmth seep into him through the many layers between them. His arms around her tightened briefly, he glanced once more at the man who had abandoned her. The feel of her pulse beat against his chest and he could almost taste it. The wine went to his head, the smell of her delicate flesh against him, it was too strong. 

“Jumin. One could almost assume you’ve been avoiding me with how little I’ve seen you tonight.” Her soft voice reverberated  like a purr through his chest. She pulled out of the embrace and he reluctantly released her.

“I didn’t want to give your date the wrong idea.” He answered, setting his glass on a near by table to give himself some reprieve from the way she was looking at him. As though he were the prey. 

"Date? Oh no no no.” She giggled. “Let’s just say… I’m not his type? I just needed a plus one. Where is yours?” She looked around them, not sure if she was expecting some ostentatious woman to come sauntering up, or maybe a certain Persian cat slinking up to him to make her claim. She had no clue what she had done, admitting she was alone, looking as she did, sounding like she did. His fingers clutched at his cufflinks as he contemplated his desires. She was able to make him so confused with just a look, to remind him of all the things he pushed deep down, the basic instincts he built his life around ignoring.

"Can we talk… alone?” He answered, the words leaving his mouth before they fully formed in his head. Will you come into my trap, little doe?

A smirk spread across her plump purple lips and she nodded. They exited the room together, him leading with her trailing after him. He rushed into the first unlocked door he could find- an empty office, slivers of silver moonlight sliding in through the blinds, painting the office reminiscent of an old noir film. Pulling her him behind him he locked the door. She was so close to him, one hand tugging at his coat to draw his attention. 

"What’s up, Jumin? Is everything okay?” That soft voice pulled him from his depraved thoughts.

“Yes. No. No.” He mumbled to himself, steeling his urges, holding back the instincts bubbling quickly to the surface. She was so close, not far from him, or the door. 

"What do you need?” She asked, pausing briefly to give him a comforting smile, “I’m here, what are you thinking about?” She tugged again at him, this time to pull him closer. He closed the gap in one stride, his hand falling onto the door behind her, pinning her in. 

"You. You make me want things I can’t have.” He confessed, his free hand brushing across cheek. Her eyes widen momentarily and he knew he had lost her, until a sly smirk answered his declaration.

“And want do you want?” She asked, in an even quieter voice than before.

He heart was thrumming at all the pulse points, the still air suffocating. “You.” 

With a effervescent giggle she questioned him, “Are you Jumin Han or not?”

His brows knit together in confusion for a moment, trying to find her meaning, his lips pressed tightly together. She stood onto the lips of her toes, holding his shoulder for stability as she leaned into his ear. Her lips brushed against it, leaving a smearing of aubergine on the lobe as she spoke, “Does or does not Jumin Han take what he wants?” Then she rested back on her heels, staring at him with innocent eyes through heavy lashes. He was impossibly still, every cone and rod focused on her every movement. The pause between them lasted an eternity, the palm of his hand pressing so hard into the door he was sure to have splinters. 

Suddenly his lips were on hers, hands greedily grabbing at her body and her lust filled whimpers crescendoing into wanton moans that peirced into the empty hallway.

He smirked as they indulged themselves in each other’s clothed bodies. He had been the prey all along.

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Can I have a scenario where the El Masters manage to convince Denif to ride a bike but who can't and the El Masters tease him for that? Thank you!

A human bicycle. The object of admiration from all children, both human and non-human alike. There’s a sense of confusion from Denif as some of the other El masters surround it, all with a starry-eyed face just from looking at it.

“Truly, this is a gift from the gods!” Ventus exclaims, flushing his blonde hair and sitting on it in a childish sort of delight. His fairy surveys the object curiously, swarming itself around the bicycle.

“Harnier and I used to ride together on the bicycles,” Solace smiles, putting a hand on his chin. “She’d make me wrap my arms around her waist and let her bike through the sunset.”

“Ahh… I quite liked riding this in the moonlight.” Ebalon chuckles, his pale fingers brushing on the handles. “I’d have thoughts of flinging my bike into the lake sometimes.”

Gaia is the one to knit his eyebrows in an unpleasent surprise. “That’s a bit concerning, Ebalon.”

“I never rode this device before.” Denif raises an eyebrow. Everyone freezes at the revelation of Denif’s statement. He’s almost regretting to have spoken that statement.

“Congratulations Denif,” Solace states, suddenly pushing Ventus off, and handing it over to the humanoid dragon. “This is yours now. You should try it.”

What? He looks at the bicycle in crossed arms, clearly judgemental on this human thing. He’s never ridden it before, but is this seriously that divine of an object? He touches the handles cautiously. It’s some sort of cheap rubber.

“Where have you been in your childhood, Dennys? This is a sport made for everyone! Including old people!” Rosso shouts in surprise.

“I’m not that old…” he bites his lip, taking the bicycle off from Solace’s support. “But very well, I guess I will try out this human toy.” He sits up, adjusting and putting his feet on the pedals. He’s seen people do this. All he has to do is move his feet around. Or so he thought.

Clearly, he’s wrong once he gets both of his feet on them. The bike immediately tips off, with a panicked Denif forming a yelp as his body falls forth with the bike.


He pushes the bike off, face souring. “This… it must be cheap, right? It can’t possibly…”

“Harnier and I were using the cheapest kind, and it was quite alright,” Solace objects. “Try again.”

He gets up, mounting back onto the seat. Using a foot, he pushes forward, a hopeful attempt to get him moving. The bike wavers just as he manages to get his feet adjusted on the pedals however. He falls a few seconds after.

The El Master of Water can hear Rosso stifling his giggle into a cough. Growling, he tries again. He falls off even faster this time. Rosso is choking in amusement after his 20th attempt, with the rest of the El masters giving him pitiful stares.

El’s sake, he doesn’t need that. He can do this.

He hops back on. Falls right back down.

“You should try and adjust your seat…” Ebalon finally speaks up, running over to him and unscrewing some sort of knob. He feels his vision drop down by a foot. “Try it now.”

“Thank you, Ebalon.”

He still falls down. The Master of the Moon is speechless this time around, backing away to his original spot.

El Damn it. He’ll try one more time.

It isn’t until it’s raining does Denif finally give up. With heavy breaths and minor wounds inflicted all over his aching body, Ebalon shields the soaked El Master with an umbrella, with Denif wiping away the soaked liquid of rain and shame off his face.

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I think it would've made much more sense if Nat dyed her hair black, which she had in her first few years in the comics. As for her conversation with Bruce, I wonder if she will tell him that he was being insensitive by not responding when she told him about her infertility.

God I want their scene to consist of her DRAGGING HIS ASS for being such an insensitive asshole. But I doubt Marvel is gonna give me the satisfaction lmao.

Scarlett is naturally fair-haired so that choice seems pretty natural to me. But it would be super cool to see a nod to her original hair color/costume! We already saw a bit of that with Dottie’s wardrobe on agent carter. I always pictured a scene in a Black Widow movie where Nat walks into a masquerade ball and her outfit/mask resembles her original fishnet costume:

Bonus it Bucky’s with her and he’s wearing something that looks like his sidekick costume from the comics lmao!!!

Descendants 2 Liveblog 4


- Dizzy is the new Cinderella om


- Dizzy’s face when she gets her scissors worries me.

- Harry stealing kids money sounds about right yeah.

- Mal, mock him all you like, YOU dated him.

- Harry doesn’t seem worried about her taking their territory. And EW DON’T STICK HER GUM IN YOUR MOUTH

- Evie fixing his hat awww

- Dude is annoying when he talks oml

- Ohhh Ben

- Awww, Evie is so unnerved and aw, Jay helping her aw

- God their fear of their parents wounds me

- Evie, this cannot be your first time being mugged

- She’s already shaken my compassionate sweetie

- Oh, Ben, no being nice

- Remedial Wickedness come on!

- Chilling like a villain is a delight. I love it! Remedial Wickedness would be funny though

- Ben, you said thank you again. :P How do people hate this sugar cookie?

- Awwww, Gil, you precious child. I love you. 

Someone get this kid a gun. Bang Bang.

(Took me around an hour to draw this. Mostly experimenting with his hair and color matching. I love max and I love this blog. Best thing I’ve ever drawn.)

[this is so adorable and it looks so great!!!!! but i would NEVER give him a gun, oh god]


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair