with hidden noise


Clint grunts softly over comms, barely audible, and Bucky takes off running. 

“Bucky?” Steve yells; his shield flies back to him and he lets the momentum spin him, staring after Bucky like a lost kid. Bucky ignores him. Natasha’s nearby, Tony’s on high, no one’s gonna die without him. 

No. Someone. Someone might die without him. 

Clint requested anaesthetic, once, when Bruce was using a needle to get at a splinter. Clint whined for hours one time about stubbing his little toe. Clint decided he couldn’t do anything except sprawl across Bucky and watch cartoons that time he had a bruise the size of a dime on the inside of his thigh.

Once things’re safe, once he’s satisfied he doesn’t have to go save anyone’s ass, Clint will bitch and moan and exaggerate a limp - and the second one of the team is in danger he will fight his way off a damn hospital bed to get them safe. 

“Buck?” Clint says, and his voice is a little strained but not so you’d notice. “Fight’s that-a-way.” 

Bucky doesn’t have the breath to reply, crashing through the door of the building and running for the stairs, pushing every muscle until he’s burning all over. 

“Good shot,” Tony says dryly. 

Steve’s crisp voice, “Hawkeye, are you -” is cut off by Natasha, sharp, scared. 


Bucky shoves through the roof access and pounds across the rooftop, and Clint’s giving it his best fucking shot - because every shot’s his best fucking shot, that’s Clint, that’s who he is - but he can barely stay upright any more, his grip on his bow failing and his side slick with blood. 

“Hey,” he says, when Bucky reaches him, and he crashes down onto his knees, placing his bow carefully on the floor with shaking hands. “Sorry.” 

“Fuck you,” Bucky says, and presses the quickest possible off-center kiss to his wryly upturned lips, heaves him upright and over his shoulder and across the rooftop and down the stairs almost without breathing. (Clint’s still breathing. Clint’s biting back groans with every step, and Bucky hates every tiny almost-hidden noise.)

Bruce is in the ‘jet and does what he can with the supplies they have. Clint’s terrifyingly pale and still, and Bucky should return to the fight but it sounds like it’s wrapping up and he can’t move

“I’m, um,” Bruce says, pushing his glasses up and leaving a bloody fingerprint on the lens, “he’ll be fine, I’m fairly sure. The response time was excellent, so he’ll -”

He’s interrupted by the team pouring in from outside, and in the chaos Clint’s eyes open, fuzzy for a moment or two but then visibly flickering round in an efficient visual check of their status. Then he catches Bucky’s eye and his mouth tip-tilts up into the tiniest of grins. 

“Fuckin’ ow,” he says. 

Go For It (FPxReader)

FP Jones.

You never expected to catch feelings for someone when you moved to Riverdale, but FP Jones seemed to be the rare exception.

You moved to Riverdale for a fresh start. After finishing college at NYU, you decided that a small town was the right break you needed from the big city. So, you packed up your things and left for a town that wasn’t well-known so you could be hidden from the noise and the bright lights.

You quickly got a job at Pop’s and started making friends with all the frequent customers, your favorite being Jughead Jones.

He came in every night and the two of you always got to sit down and hang out. Despite him being a couple years younger than you, he was easily your best friend.

One day, he came in with Archie (who you were also close to), Fred Andrews (who you adored, since he was such a sweetheart), and a man you have never met before.

“His dad?”, you whispered to yourself. You could only see the back of his head.

Straightening your skirt and tightening your ponytail, you grabbed the notepad and pencil used to take orders and walked over to their table.

“Hey boys,” you say in a cheery voice. “Did ya wanna order something or did ya just come to see me?”

They laughed. “We’re always here to see you, Y/N,” Fred says. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been great! Just got a new dog named Smallfry, and he’s adorable! Juggie already met him.”

“It’s a golden retriever,” he adds. “So the name ‘Smallfry’ is just condescending.”

You let out a laugh. “Well he’s small NOW! And it’ll be an even more adorable name when he grows up.”

You and Juggie share a smile. He gestures to the man in front of him. “Oh, Y/N, this is my dad. Dad, this is my friend, Y/N L/N.”

You turn to get a good look at his dad and- oh. He was freakin’ gorgeous. Like, who the hell still looks that good at his age? Not that his age even matters to you, but damn.

You shake the thoughts out of your head as you stick out your hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Jones,” you say as he shakes it. “I’m glad I FINALLY get to meet my bestie’s dad.”

He laughs. “It’s nice to meet you too, Y/N. Your 'bestie’ has told me a lot about you.”

Jughead groans at the nickname, making you smile.

“So what can I get you boys?”

They all give you their orders and you write them down as quickly as you could.

“I’ll have these ready in no time,” you say as you turn around.

“Oh Y/N?”

You whip around to make eye contact with Jughead’s dad. “Yes, Mr. Jones?”

He never takes his eyes off you as he speaks. “Call me FP. Mr. Jones is my old man.”

You giggle, your heart fluttering. “Gotcha, FP.”

Racing to the kitchen, you try to catch your breath.

“Holy shit, Y/N,” you whisper. “Control your fucking feelings. This is your best friend’s dad.”
You prepare the milkshakes as the chefs prepare the food. Soon, you bring all the food to the table.

“Here ya go, boys,” you say, your New York accent strong.

“Thanks, Y/N,” Archie says, grabbing your hand. “You honestly
make the greatest milkshakes in the history of history.”

“Y/N made these?”, FP questions. He takes a sip. “This is incredible. Nice job, princess.”

You feel a blush creep onto your face when you hear his nickname for you. “Thanks, FP. I used to make them all the time in New York. My roommate craved them 24/7.”

“Oh, so you’re a city girl? What made you come to our small town?”

“I needed a break from the bright lights. I just finished college, and I wanted to get a fresh start someplace small.”

He looked intrigued. “Do you like it here?”

“Oh I love it! Working here is great, I finally found the fresh start I needed, and I’ve made some amazing friends.” You smile at Juggie and Archie when you say this.

FP smiles. “Well, princess, you seem to fit in really well. Thanks for keepin’ my boy sane while he writes his stories.”

“Who wants to be sane?”, you and Jughead say in unison. You nudge him before continuing, “sometimes it’s good to lose control.”

You see the glint in FP’s eyes as you speak. “Enjoy your food, boys. Stay as long as you want.” You swing your hips a little more as you walk away.

You spent the rest of your shift taking orders and making milkshakes, like always. The boys left after about an hour, FP leaving you a $20 tip.

At around 12am, your shift ended and you were just sitting in one of the booths, waiting for your friend to come in and take over. Nursing a strawberry milkshake, you hear the door open and you stand up to meet the customer. Upon noticing it was FP, your heart fluttered.

“Mr. Jones, welcome back! What can I get you?”

He chuckles as he slides into the booth you were sitting in. “It’s FP, Y/N. 'Mr. Jones’ makes me sound older than I already am.”

You threw your head back in laughter. “Well, FP, what can I get you?”

“One of Y/N L/N’s world famous milkshakes.”

Rolling your eyes, you walked to the kitchen, shouting, “coming right up!”

You quickly whipped up a chocolate shake and walked back to FP, making sure to swing your hips even more.

You set the milkshake in front of him. “Here ya go, Jones. It’s on me.”

“Thanks, L/N. You’re the best.”

You smirk and slide back into the booth, taking a sip of your strawberry shake. “I know right?”

He chuckles. “Watch it, city girl. Cockiness ain’t exactly a winning trait in a small town like this.”

“But it’s a winning trait for me,” you say with a wink. You really shouldn’t be flirting right now, but you couldn’t help it. He was sweet and hilarious and. So. Damn. Hot.

NO. Y/N. STOP. He’s your best friend’s dad. Juggie means so much to you, you’d do anything to keep your friendship, including hiding your feelings.

FP leans back in his seat. “You’re different from everyone in this town. A good different. More…happy.”

You smile. Before you could get a word out, your phone starts blasting Believer by Imagine Dragons and you know it’s Jughead calling.

“Oh, I’ll be right back,” you say to FP. “It’s Jughead calling.”

He nods in understanding as you step outside and pick up the call. “Hey Juggie,” you sat into the phone. “What’s up?”

“Is my dad there?”

“Yea, he’s here. How’d ya know?”

“Go for it.”

You were taken aback. “Wait what?”

He sighed. “I know this is seriously weird to say, but I saw the way you two look at each other. He didn’t even start drinking when we got to Archie’s because he kept asking questions about you. You actually kept him sober, Y/N. Something I could never do.”

“Juggie, are you telling me to seduce your dad?”

He groaned. “Don’t say it like that!”

You laughed out loud. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I mean, I do feel something, but if it’s too weird for you-”

“Y/N, I trust you. I want both you and my dad to be happy. I’ve stopped hoping for my family to get back together. You’ve helped me realize that. It’s time for my dad to find someone that could make him a better man.”

You smiled widely. “I love you, Juggie.”

“Love you too, Y/N. Now, GO FOR IT.”

You laugh and hang up the phone, running back inside.

“Everything alright?”, FP asks, standing up.

You think for a moment before asking, “FP, do you wanna go out sometime?”

He smiles. “I’d love to. Tomorrow. My place. I’ll text you the address.”

“Give me your phone.”

You two put your numbers in each other’s phones. At that moment, your friend walked in for her shift and FP walked you to your car.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”

You lightly kiss his cheek. “Until then, Jones.”

You got in your car and drove off, giggling to yourself. When you get home, you pull out your phone and immediately smile at the 6 messages you received.

Ronniekins💋: We heard the news bitch! We’ll help you get ready!!

BettyBabes💕: My place. Tomorrow. YOU’RE GONNA LOOK GORGEOUS!!!!

Archiekins🎶: Scoring Jones, I see. I’ll kill him if he tries anything… BUT HAVE A BLAST!!!!!

JuggieJones🍔: I KNEW YOU’D GO FOR IT N/N


FP😍😊: Can’t wait for tomorrow. Goodnight, city girl :)


For TWD Story Cubes Challenge :D This was really fun to do and a pretty tough challenge. Literally took me an hour to get it under 1,000 words lol I changed the title since my next fic coming out had a similar one.


Warnings: language and mild walker gore

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You tightened your grip on your Beretta 92, pointing it towards the ground and safely away from the other Saviors in front of you. Your eyes scanning the trees surrounding you, on high alert. Your gaze landed on Negan sauntering about 20 feet ahead of you, barbed baseball bat draped over his shoulder.  This was the first run you were allowed to come on and you’d be damned if you were going to mess this up. You wanted to prove yourself.

Earlier that morning, a couple of scouts came in with news of a crashed plane site about 3 clicks to the East. Though visible storm clouds had begun to form miles away, the Savior leader was confident they’d make it back before it hit. Negan rounded up his usual posse of Arat and Simon as well as a few others. You included.

The group in front of you slowed and you could make out the crash site through the trees. It was the shredded metal carcass of a plane much smaller than you anticipated. But you were certain, there would be some useful finds in there.

Negan gestured to Simon and Arat. “You two, check the plane. Pick it fucking clean.” 

“Yes sir,” SImon replied with a playful salute then he and Arat disappeared into the jagged wreckage. 

The Savior leader turned to the rest of you. “Marcus, Tommy and Fat Joseph, check the surroundings. Leave no fucking stone unturned.” His intense hazel eyes fixate on you. “Star, you’re with them. Don’t go too far and stay on your fucking guard.”

You grimace at the nickname but nod your head obediently and begin walking away. Weeks ago, Negan had spotted the black shooting star tattoo on the inside of your right wrist. Since you weren’t one for much verbal communication, he dubbed you with that charming little nickname. Though you supposed it could have been worse. It could have been Fat Joseph.

You were so lost in your own thoughts, you didn’t realize you had walked about two hundred feet from the site, barely hearing the voices of the other Saviors. Inwardly scolding yourself you start to turn around when movement caught the corner of your eye. Raising your gun, you quietly move towards where you saw it when you stare up in surprise. A walker, groaning and reaching towards you, was stuck in a tree. Strapped to the shredded remains of a parachute which was hopelessly tangled in the branches. Disheartened, you begin to turn away when you notice something. What looked like a full fanny pack bulging at the walker’s waist.

You smiled. This was your chance. You could get the pack down and bring whatever was inside back to Negan. Thinking perhaps you could maneuver the walker to remove the pack, you grab a long stick, flicking a large green beetle off first. Jabbing at the walker’s midsection, the stick goes right through the rotted flesh and connects to the tree behind it. You freeze when you hear the sound of angry bees emerging from behind the walker. Fuck! There was a nest hidden back there. The noises the walker made must have drowned out the sounds of the hive. Without hesitation you bolted back towards the wreckage, hearing the deafening buzzing right behind you. You feel at least three sting you painfully and you yelp as you hear the familiar voices of the Saviors. When you burst into the clearing you manage to yell “Bees!” as you run past your group.

This was bad. Very very bad. You could already feel your skin welting up and your throat beginning to close. The earth was tilting and causes you to run smack into a tree, no doubt earning a painful black eye. You roll onto the dry leaves, wheezing, vaguely hearing footsteps rapidly approaching you. Thankfully, it seems as though you outran the hive. 

“Fuck! What’s wrong with her?!” You hear Negan yell over you.

“Damn, I think she’s having a reaction to the stings,” Simon’s voice answered, though it sounded as though you were hearing him underwater.

“There was a first aid kit on the plane! There has to be an epi pen in there,” Arat said frantically and then sound of retreating footsteps followed. Your vision was fading in and out and your tongue was swelling up.

“Why the fuck didn’t she TELL us she was allergic to fucking bees?” You hear Negan ask the others angrily and you want nothing more than to respond. You never wanted to be a liability. You were so stupid. And now you were going to die.

Your fingers grab at your throat and you could no longer breathe. This was it. In a world of walkers, you were going to die by fucking bees

Suddenly you feel a sharp stab into your upper thigh and you’re able to breathe again. 

“That’ll work for now but she needs to see the doctor. We need to move her.”

“Fuck! Ok Fat Joseph, pick her up and we’ll-”

As your vision is slowly returning a deafening metallic crack is heard through the trees, startling the shit out of you. The loud sound rings in your ears and Negan lets out a string of angry curses.

“Lightning struck the goddamn plane!”

You feel the thick arms of Fat Joesph picking up quickly and throwing you over his shoulder.

“Boss! There’s a fire!” You hear Arat say and there’s a mad scramble to gather supplies.

“Fuck! Just our mother fucking LUCK! Fat Joseph, run ahead and get back to base. Take Star to Carson as soon as you get there. Everyone else, grab whatever the fuck you can and let’s move! Smokey the goddamn bear isn’t here so we better hope the rain takes care of this shit!”

You bounce uncomfortably on Fat Joseph’s meaty shoulder as you begin to drift away. Your last thoughts before you fell unconscious being of sheer humiliation and defeat.

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12 ✌️ (nick would probably take a really sentimental moment and say something stupid because he would get flustered) (lol that's the both of them honestly)

When Griffin found Nick, he was curled up at the corner of his bed in their shared hotel room, bundled childlike up in the sheets, face hidden. After the noise and the babble of the conference, the room was almost too quiet, silent except for the faint noise of Nick’s shaky breathing. Griffin slipped his shoes off, crouching quietly by the side of the bed where Nick lay. 

“Nick?” he whispered. “You okay, man?” 

There was no response. 

Worry formed a knot in Griffin’s stomach - he leaned in, resting his head on the side of the bed. “What’s going on, Nick?” 

From under the sheets, a faint voice came, almost imperceptible. 

“Why are you here?” whispered Nick.  

“Well,” Griffin stammered, caught off guard by the question, “You left the panel really quickly and you looked kind of upset, and I didn’t know if you were-” 

“No,” Nick whispered, “why are you here, Griffin. Why are you here with me. Of all people.”

“Nick,” Griffin started, but was quickly cut off by Nick, who seemed to have found his voice. 

“Griffin, I met more gifted, talented, incredible people here today than I could possibly count. They’re game changers. They have big, beautiful ideas. They’re everywhere, and they want to work with people to make those dreams come true. They’re so amazing, Griffin, they’re so-” His voice cracked, and he slipped into silence for a long moment before continuing in a much quieter voice. 
“Why would you choose me?” 

Something ached in Griffin’s chest. Under the sheets, Nick’s shoulders were shaking, almost imperceptibly. With a gentle hand, Griffin pulled the sheets back until a messy head of dark hair was visible, then Nick’s eyes, teary and squeezed tightly shut against Griffin’s gaze. 

“Nick,” he whispered. “Nick, please. Look into my eyes. What do you see?” 

Nick cracked a single eye. “Blue,” he murmured shakily. 

Griffin laughed softly, leaning in to kiss Nick’s forehead. “That’s true, I guess. But what I meant to say was that I saw everyone out there. I saw those groundbreakers and all the designers and innovators and geniuses I could ever imagine, and you know what? They were super cool.” He pulled back to look at Nick again, eyes soft. “But I didn’t love them, Nick. They were amazing but they were like a painting, or a statue, kinda scary in their coolness, you know? They were amazing, but I didn’t love them.” 

He drew closer again, pressing another kiss to Nick’s cheek, his eyelashes, the tip of his nose. “I love you, Nick,” he whispered, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” 

And Nick was crying again, but it wasn’t out of fear. It wasn’t out of loneliness. He laughed as the tears welled up in his eyes, because Griffin’s kisses tickled, and because Griffin loved him, and nothing could change that, nothing at all. 

One Exciting Ride (Gaston x Reader)

One Exciting Ride: Part 7

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NOTE: I am so sorry I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be, I’ve just been slammed with migraine after migraine, but you should be pleased to hear I will be working exclusively on requests and one shots tomorrow (Wednesday 12 July), and if I get at least three of those done, I will continue work on Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? So, hope you’re all looking forward to those! Enjoy!

“So where to?” You sigh dramatically as Gaston lead you through the halls of his home. “You’re room, I assume.” 

“So eager,” Gaston tutted, shaking his head with a teasing smirk. “Save that for the end of the night,” he waggled his deliciously sculpted eyebrows. 

Laughing, you bite your lip and gave him a slap on the shoulder. “That’s not what I meant and you know it!” 

Your date for the evening laughed a bit before bumping shoulders with you. “You look nice, by the way.” 

“Your forced compliment is transparent but appreciated,” you respond with a smirk, bumping his shoulder back. 

“No, really,” Gaston insisted, a twinkle present in his eyes. “You look cozy, which is nice.” 

“I haven’t brushed my hair since this morning, I have no make up on I’m wearing joggers and an old tee-shirt,” you list off, shaking your head as you did so. “Gaston, how on earth is that nice?” 

He thought for a moment, not so much hesitation as gathering his thoughts. “It’s not a ‘you’re the hottest girl in the room, my eyes are drawn directly to you’ kind of nice,” Gaston explained, using his freehand to talk with his words.

“Oh thanks,” you sarcastically chuckle. Gaston went on without pause.

“It’s the kind of pretty that you see in, well, a coffee shop, hair messily up and clothes comfy, a lukewarm hot cocoa beside a stack of books and a pencil twiddling in your fingers kind of pretty.” 

“That was more adorable than I’d ever have given you credit for, Gaston,” you mutter, pleasantly surprised that he hasn’t made any crude comments yet. 

“I have my moments.” 

You reveled in the silence offered at this momentary lapse in conversation. Without the children screaming at you, you enjoyed moments like this. That was until you realized you were in a part of the mansion you’d never been in before, you’d assumed your date would be a boring hour spent in his room looking at his trophies, but apparently he had other ideas. 



“What exactly do you have in mind for this evening? You never did answer my earlier question, you know.” 

Tilting his head up, Gaston drew in a deep breath as he smiled fondly. “Oh yeah, sorry about that. I thought a classic would be the best idea.” 

Sighing, you blinked at him annoyed for a few seconds until he continued. 

“Movie date, obviously,” he continued as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

“We can’t leave the estate, Gaston.” 

He didn’t respond, simply turned down an unfamiliar hallway that held only one door. With a smirk, he unlatched his arm from your and opened the door for you, bowing lowly as he let you go in first. “Who said we were leaving?” 

Walking in, the room was pitch black and for a moment, a hint of fear crept up your spine. Gaston followed in behind you, closing the door and shutting out any light source. “Scared?” He suddenly whispered in your ear, causing you to tense up. You felt his hand on your waist and another shiver ran through your spine. 

Gaston chuckled in an amused way, his hand leaving your waist and reaching for the nearby wall, flicking a switch. “Was only joking,” he laughed as a faint light began to illuminate the room. 

Much bigger than you first assumed, the room was plain in comparison to most rooms in this obnoxiously large mansion. It had five light fixtures on opposing walls, and what appeared to be a movie theatre snack bar complete with popcorn machine and soda fountain on the wall to your left. “Impressed?” 

“Not in the slightest,” you respond unenthused. 

“Good,” Gaston chuckled,walking towards the bar. “If you were, that’s be a little disappointing.” Sliding his hand along the underside of the bar, he flicked a hidden switch. A jarring noise echoed from the ceiling, your eyes darting up to see the roof slowly coming down. 

You gasped as it neared eye level, revealing a beyond large bed filled with cozy looking blankets and more pillows than you could count. As it neared the floor, you saw it was merely a false ceiling, the real ceiling had been painted with the night sky and was absolutely stunning. The now fully lowered bed took up most of the floor space, but left about a fourth of the entire floor for the snack bar area. 

“Impressed now?” Gaston smirked from the snack bar, filling up the popcorn machine with kernels. 

“Maybe a little,” you respond, looking down to the large bed. 

“What snacks would you like?” Gaston inquired, tipping over the popcorn maker and popping open a bag for it. “We’ve got everything from Sour Skittles to Gummy Bears, pick your poison.” 

“Got any jelly beans?”

“Only Bertie Botts,” he kneeled down to look at the stash of candy under the bar. “And I don’t think those are what you had in mind.” 

“Offer me anything and can’t even deliver,” you tisked, walking over and leaning on the bar with your forearms. “Surprise me then.” 

You heard him huff with a chuckle, the plastic of an opening wrapper hurting your ears a bit. Gaston stood again, smirking with a piece of pocky between his teeth. He placed his forearms on the bar leaning down to eye level with you, raising a brow and glancing down to the chocolate covered biscuit. 

Shaking your head, you leaned slightly closer and took the end of the biscuit between your teeth, but before he could get any closer, you twisted your head and snapped it in half, getting the bigger part for yourself. “Thanks.” 

Gaston sighed, eating his half of the biscuit in a huff. “I thought it was cute.” 

“It was, but I don’t know where that’s been,” you responded, gesturing to his mouth. “Now do you have any regular skittles?” 

After getting all your snacks and drinks in order, you and Gaston moved over to the cozy area and got comfortable. “Now, I know you watch them all day, but I was thinking a Disney movie? Ya know, one that makes ya wanna cuddle up under a blanket and eat candy like you’re a little kid again?” 

“And here I was expecting you’d put on some trashy action movie with Megan Fox,” you chuckled, adjusting some of the pillows to make something comfortable to lean on. “You’re full of surprises tonight, Gaston.” 

“I have my days,” he teased, taking a remote from under a pillow and clicking a button that lowered a tray for your snacks. He pushed it to the side, a little wheel on the ceiling giving it mobility. “Now, which one would you like?” 

“Where’s the t.v.?” You inquired, expecting yet another surprise to emerge from the ceiling.

Gaston laughed, pushing another button, he changed the wall before you into a large cinema screen. 

“Right there,” he smirked smugly, fiddling around with the remote until a screen showing a plethora of Disney movies sat in your view. “Now, we’ve got Moana-”

“Dear god no,” you groaned, having watched it three times today alone. 

“Okay then,” Gaston chuckled, flipping through more. “Frozen… Tangled…. Brave…. Aladdin… Stop me when you see one you want… The Hunchback of Notre Dame… Princess and the-”

“Yes!” You excitedly blurted, a smile beaming on your face. “It’s my favourite.” 

“Princess and the Frog it is,” he chuckled, clicking play and sitting back on the bench of pillows you’d constructed. Gaston wrapped his arm around your shoulders, getting comfortable. You meanwhile were too ecstatic to care, your knees brought up to your chest and your smile beaming. 

“All in fair warning, I sing.” 

“Mind if I do the same?” Gaston teased, amused at your enthusiasm. 

Tilting your head, you thought back. “Ya know Gaston, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing.” 

“I have the voice of an angel,” he boasted, using his free hand to gesture to his neck. “Or so I’ve been told.”

“Then I’ll sound like a toad in comparison, but you can deal.” You snuggled into his side, the Disney logo now over. “Now shush, it’s starting!” 

“You know, you’re a lot like Prince Naveen,” you commented, the pair of frogs on screen flying away on balloons. 

“Is it because I’m a dashing, debonaire, charming young man?” 

“No,” you respond simply, resting your head on his shoulder. “It’s because you’re a self-centred, womanizing and helpless trust fund boy who can hardly do up his own pants.” 

“Why do you hurt me like this?” He gasped, taking his hand from your shoulder and holding it to his chest. “You wound me with your words!” 

“Oh, stop being so dramatic and cuddle me,” you huff, moving his hand back to it’s previous location. “I lost some valuable warmth there.” 

“As you wish,” Gaston chuckled, pulling you to him and resting his head on yours. 

“I’ve always liked jazz music,” Gaston mentioned softly as Louis began to play the intro to “When We’re Human.” 

“Once again with the surprises, Gaston,” you teased, nodding along with the song. “If you like it, sing.” 

When I’m myself again I want just the life I had,” Gaston sang, dancing with his shoulders and bouncing with the music. “A great big party every night! That doesn’t sound too bad.” 

You rolled your eyes as he continued, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “A redhead on my left arm, a brunette on my right,” he pretended there was a girl to his right and held up an arm. “A blonde or two to hold the candles, now that seems just right!” 

He continued on with Prince Naveen’s part, and you had to hand it to him, he didn’t sound awful. He actually sounded… pretty damn good. “When I’m human, and I’m gonna be! I’m gonna tear it up like I did before, and that’s a royal guarantee!” He winked cheekily at you, you taking over for Tiana’s part. 

Your modesty becomes you, and your sense of responsibility, I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve got and that’s the way it’s supposed to be!” You responded, noticing the irony in your respective parts- mentally wondering who would fill in for Louis out of the people you knew (it’s Adam btw). 

You two continued on singing, dancing in your seats and being louder than you needed to be, finally getting to the end. “When…. we’re…. human!” You ended with double jazz hands, doubling over with laughter at how silly you both must’ve looked. 

“You’re not too bad,” you elbowed Gaston in the side as you both got comfortable again. You pulled your knees up and covered yourself with a blanket, snuggling up beside your date. He wrapped his arm back around you, keeping you snug beside him.

“Not sure I can say the same for you,” Gaston teased, earning a slap on the shoulder. 


“Those mushrooms ain’t minced,” you muttered, glaring at the screen. 

“Huh?” Gaston chuckled. 

“Those mushrooms,” you pointed to the corner of the screen. “They ain’t minced, they’re sliced.” The venom in your voice was enough to make Gaston give a booming laugh. 

“Well, do you want to be gettin’ a giant bite of mushroom in your gumbo? Cause I don’t.” 

Gaston merely shook his head at your antics. 

 “Look how she lights up the sky,” Gaston sang gently, his voice soft and sweet. “Ma Belle Evangeline… So far above me, yet I… Know her heart belongs to only me.”  

You looked to Gaston in awe, whose eyes were transfixed on the screen. “Je t'adore, Je t'aime… Evangeline, you’re my queen of the night, so still… so bright. That someone as beautiful as she… to love… someone… like me.” 

His gentle singing was absolutely mesmerizing, and you found yourself smiling softly as he continued. 

Love is beautiful, love is wonderful! Love is everything, do you agree? Mais oui! Look how she lights up the sky.. and I love you, Evangeline.” 

Finally, he glanced down to you, his mouth open slightly. “What?” 

“That was…” you chuckled, “Just amazing really.”


“Of course,” you leaned into him, facing the screen. “Almost made me want to kiss you,” you glanced back up at him, “Almost.” 

“What’s stopping you?” Gaston murmured, sliding his hand from your shoulder to your waist. 

“Gaston?” You inquired, your voice higher than usual. You easily understood the tone of his voice and his intentions behind it, and grew tense at the thought. 

“Honestly, (Name),” he whispered, kissing your temple. A shiver ran through your spine as his cold fingers dipped under the hem of your skirt, his fingertips dancing on your skin. ”What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I don’t know…” you mutter, giving a cute sigh and looking away. 

“Come on, (Name),” Gaston pleaded gently, his index finger sliding up your side, sending another shiver through you as he brought your shirt ever so slowly up. Using his free hand, he took your chin and guided it over to look at him so you would look at him. “Please?”

“Oh, Gaston, it’s just…” You bit your lip with a coy smile, looking down. Your tense body relaxed, leaning into Gaston in an almost innocent way. Gaston gave a small gasp of pleasant surprise as you trailed your hand along his torso. 

A smirk grew and his brow raised as you trailed your index down his torso, stopping at the hem of his pants. Glancing up at him with almost a pout, you whined.  “I usually like to make the first move.” 

The pleased look on Gaston’s face shifted immediately to sear, unadulterated pain when your hand roughly cupped the crotch of his pants, a smile growing on your face as you clenched your fist around it. 

A small squeak of pain leaked from his gaping mouth, his eyes watering and stomach muscles clenching as you held your hand in place, your smile growing more gleeful by the minute. “For a while there, you actually had me convinced you weren’t a disgusting slimeball, but yet again, you’ve surprised me.” 

Wiping the smile from your face you let go of Gaston, sneering at him. “Good night, Gaston.” 

Gasping for air, Gaston hunched over, his hands going to the painful throbbing in his groin. “Please, wait, (Name), I just- I misread the mood, I-” 

Gaston sighed as the door slammed shut. 

“Well… that didn’t work.” 

Noticed [Luhan]

genre: luhan fluff
type: drabble/scenario
characters: luhan, reader, etc
do not re-post without permission, this is my work
I finally woke up from my nap xD Ara~

Sometimes it’s easier to hide things when you are on the spotlight. Sometimes you don’t even have to try. It just happens, people sees just what they want to see. They don’t want to see sad people, they don’t want to see people hurting. So you become immune, immune to being noticed.

No one would have thought, not even your co-star, that they could find you in that state. Broken, hurt, in pain, incomplete. But after all you were also human, you could also have your heart broken. 

Unanswered calls.
Unread texts.
No one had heard from you.
There was no track of you.

But Luhan knew where you were, you had become so close since the filming day number one that he kinda was like your best friend. And yet he hadn’t noticed, he hadn’t see how little by little I was falling. 
Those were your exact thoughts as you read his text, demanding to know what was going on.

Is it really necessary? All that mystery.  You though, wondering if you were doing the right thing. But how could you even take one step outside. You were a complete mess, your eyes were all puffy, the dark circles under your eyes made you look more dead than alive. I can’t go out like this, they can’t see me like this. The truth was that even no one noticed that you were going through something, you didn’t want them to know either. It was a hard thing to admit, even to your now best friend and co-star Luhan. 

But he didn’t thought that way, he didn’t think it was necessary to hide. Of course he was worried and of course he went to look for you even if it were too late.

Hidden in the closet, tissues everywhere, you hugging your legs your sobs hidden under the city noise… that’s just a small description of how Luhan found you that night.
“Y/N? …what is going on? Why…”
“Lu-luhan? When did you…?” It wasn’t clear for you why he was there and why he looked so worried. You were just crying, hiding.
“You’ve been… missing for days. Is this is where you’ve been all this time?” His voice sounded more broken than yours, the pain on his face couldn’t go unnoticed. 
Luhan sat next to you, his warmth surrounded you as he embraced carefully.
“What happened Y/N? What…” He wiped a tear away that was on your cheek. “Who did this to you?”
“I just… I just don’t understand Lu..” You didn’t want to open yourself to him but the pain was unbearable, you had to let it all out. “He-he broke my heart Lu… why is it always like that. Why do I always fall for guys that can’t see me for what I really am?”
He didn’t speak a word, he didn’t interrupt you as you told him your story. He just sat there with you in his arms, stroking your hair gently and letting you cry whenever the tears came back. He was there, there for you. Just as you always wanted someone to be. 

It wasn’t hard to notice how much he actually cared, friend or not, he cared. Maybe he cared more than what you could imagine, but it wasn’t the moment for that. He knew, you knew.

Do you think one day I’ll be able to find that person Lu?” You suddenly asked, after some minutes of silence. “Do you think I have already found that person?” For a moment Luhan looked shocked, as if you had read his mind in some ways. But he wasn’t going to take advantage of the situation, even if he was that person you were looking for.
“I think you will Y/N, you are a good person, a good friend, a good girl. You haven’t given up, even after having your heart broken so many times. I do think you will or maybe already have”
“Do you think… it might be you?”

He didn’t answer that moment. His whole body wanted to scream yes but his mind told him to wait. It wasn’t the moment to talk about his feelings, you were already dealing with too much. 
“I think… that I could be, in time, if you let me. But even if you give me that chance, I wouldn’t take it in this exact moment. Y/N, I’m not going to lie and say I don’t like you, because I do, I had all this time. But my feelings can wait, I can wait for your wounds to heal. I want to help you heal those wounds first so I can prove to you how serious I can be. How much you actually mean to me.”

With those words the tears came back, the uncontrollable sobs came with them. But somehow the wounds, even if you could not see it right then, started to heal. You knew from that moment that you had been hurt so many times just to be there that day, just to be found by Luhan. You knew as he hugged you with so much care that he was just the one you had been waiting for.

“It was a matter of time wasn’t it Lu? I had to notice you, just like you had to notice me”
“And from now on, all we have to do is keep moving forward, but holding eachother’s hands”

Holographic Universe

A UK, Canadian and Italian study has provided what researchers believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram.

Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe - in fact, as much as there is for the traditional explanation of these irregularities using the theory of cosmic inflation.

The researchers, from the University of Southampton (UK), University of Waterloo (Canada), Perimeter Institute (Canada), INFN, Lecce (Italy) and the University of Salento (Italy), have published findings in the journal Physical Review Letters.

A holographic universe, an idea first suggested in the 1990s, is one where all the information, which makes up our 3D 'reality’ (plus time) is contained in a 2D surface on its boundaries.

Professor Kostas Skenderis of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton explains: “Imagine that everything you see, feel and hear in three dimensions (and your perception of time) in fact emanates from a flat two-dimensional field. The idea is similar to that of ordinary holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, such as in the hologram on a credit card. However, this time, the entire universe is encoded!”

Although not an example with holographic properties, it could be thought of as rather like watching a 3D film in a cinema. We see the pictures as having height, width and crucially, depth - when in fact it all originates from a flat 2D screen. The difference, in our 3D universe, is that we can touch objects and the 'projection’ is 'real’ from our perspective.

In recent decades, advances in telescopes and sensing equipment have allowed scientists to detect a vast amount of data hidden in the 'white noise’ or microwaves (partly responsible for the random black and white dots you see on an un-tuned TV) left over from the moment the universe was created. Using this information, the team were able to make complex comparisons between networks of features in the data and quantum field theory. They found that some of the simplest quantum field theories could explain nearly all cosmological observations of the early universe.

Professor Skenderis comments: “Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the universe. Einstein’s theory of general relativity explains almost everything large scale in the universe very well, but starts to unravel when examining its origins and mechanisms at quantum level. Scientists have been working for decades to combine Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory. Some believe the concept of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the two. I hope our research takes us another step towards this.”

The scientists now hope their study will open the door to further our understanding of the early universe and explain how space and time emerged.

IMAGE….This is a sketch of the timeline of the holographic Universe. Time runs from left to right. The far left denotes the holographic phase and the image is blurry because space and time are not yet well defined. At the end of this phase (denoted by the black fluctuating ellipse) the Universe enters a geometric phase, which can now be described by Einstein’s equations. The cosmic microwave background was emitted about 375,000 years later. Patterns imprinted in it carry information about the very early Universe and seed the development of structures of stars and galaxies in the late time Universe (far right). CREDIT Paul McFadden

"Can I have a piece of your hair?" || Taehyung fluff.

☁ A/N: This is the first scenario I write and this was requested by one of my best friends irl. This was originally written in Italian, my mother language, and I then decided to translate it in English for you guys. This is my first attempt at writing scenarios with real people and not fictional characters, but I still hope you can enjoy it. Feedback is appreciated and it helps me, so feel free to leave some if you liked this!♡
Summary: Taehyung has been observing you from a distance and as soon as he finds the courage to actually talk to you, he decides to do it in a weird way.

“The weather looks pretty mild today.” You thought. It was a Sunday morning and since you were done with your chores and homework, you thought that going for a walk wasn’t too bad of an idea. Spring had just come and it brought a lot of new colors and sounds for the city to enjoy. You kind of liked to look down at the road from behind your window. You find it relaxing to see how the city slowly woke up in the morning and how it became more and more quiet as the night approached.
You put on a cute scarf and you tied your shoes, ready to go out. You took your dog with you, since it looked like it wanted to go for a walk as well.
As soon as you stepped out, you were instantly greeted by the cold breeze. It was Spring, yes, but it was still a bit cold. You didn’t mind that. You liked the cold as long as it wasn’t too much.
You locked your door and you started walking.
It was around 10 o’ clock. People were still walking around, entering various shops and holding multiple bags of items they had just bought.
You enjoyed looking at them. You find it interesting and almost magical how people looked so simple at first, while in reality they all had a life just as complicated and colorful as yours.
You kept walking at a rather fast pace, your dog happily walking next to you. It barked happily, moving its little tail in excitement.
You smiled at it.
The park was crowded like every other sunday morning. There were kids, old people sitting on benches and people walking. There were also some little stands that sold ice cream or lemonade, and they were crowded as well. The crowds were mostly made of kids, followed closely by their parents.
You liked what those stands bought, but you wanted to go to another place: the little music shop at the end of the park.
You had always liked that place. If you looked at it from the outside, it was probably one of the quietest places in the world. It was quiet inside of it as well, but it was like that just because people had headphones on basically all the time. You like it. Thanks to the headphones, the fake silence that seemed to rule in that corner of the world suddenly disappeared. Everybody had their own music playing, and everybody looked happy as ever. It was a playful silence, a silence filled with hidden noise and sound. You loved it.
You could bring your dog in so you got in the shop and grabbed the first pair of headphones that you found. You chose your music and you started walking around the place. You hoped to find some good CD’s, or some merch of your favorite musical artists.
You didn’t notice the shadow that was following you. You kept looking at the various disks placed on the shelves, not noticing that the shadow was getting closer to you.
It lightly touched your shoulder to catch your attention.
You jumped a bit, not expecting that. You turned your head around, just to meet a pair of deep brown eyes that belonged to a basically perfect face.
In front of you was a guy with big brown eyes, of such a perfect shape. His little nose looked just so cute, with that little mole on its top. You blinked a few times.
-Hello?- you said.
The guy gestured for you to take off your headphones. You did so, not taking your eyes off him. He just looked so nice.
-Hello.- he said. -I have been observing you for a while.-
-You have been doing what?!- you asked, a bit shocked. That sounded a bit creepy.
-Not in a bad way! I just noticed that you come here often, and I do too.- he said.
-O-Oh.- you said, looking down. -I… I’m sorry. I have never noticed you.-
He smiled. His smile was unique, it was shaped like a heart. It was cute, you thought.
-My name is Taehyung.- he said.
-Nice to meet you. I’m (Y/N).- you said, smiling in return.
-I really like your hair.- he went on, moving his eyes from your face to your hair. -Its color is so cute. I was wondering if I could have a piece of it?- he said.
You looked at him with crooked eyebrows. Was he serious? What could he do with a… piece of hair?
-I’m sorry but I don’t think you really need it.- you said, giggling out of embarrassment.
-I do need it! Please, just a little piece!- he said, looking almost desperate. His brown eyes looked like the ones of a puppy and you almost felt your heart aching at such a view. Before you could say anything else, Taheyung knelt down. -Please?- he asked again.
-But I don’t see what you’d need a piece of my hair for… are you a scientist?- you asked, laughing. Your dog sat up and walked towards the boy that was still kneeling down on the floor. It gently licked his hands.
He smiled and caressed your dog. It almost looked like a big dog was taking care of its puppy.
-Your dog is so cute.- Taehyung said. -He thinks you should give me a piece of your hair.-
You laughed once again. -Only if you tell me why you need it.- you said, smiling.
-Actually…- It looked like a blush was forming on his cheeks. -I wanted your hair just because I was looking for an excuse to talk to you. You are really beautiful and I wanted to ask you out.-
You felt your heart skipping a beat.
-Will you still give me a piece of your hair or are you going to think of me as a freak forever?- he asked. He looked upset.
You knelt down and got closer to him.
-How about you just buy me a coffee?- you offered. -If I like you, you will have the chance to touch my hair everytime you want.-
You didn’t think that a smile could be that bright and beautiful, but Gosh, you really had to think twice about it after seeing the boy’s one as he stood up and led you out of the shop.

Florida Gothic
  • Those old houses that are tucked at the edges of the woods often stir curiosity in you. The broken door and shattered windows. They nearly look soulless. You wonder through. What were they like in their heyday? You know not to stare too long. They’ll see you, and stare right back.
  • The sound of crickets that pierce the evening eventually come to a sudden halt. You never really know why. Are they just the cover for something else? Something that moves hidden in the noise? Something terrible?
  • “Don’t go to Cassadega.” Your great grandmother warns. You look at the medium, their eyes wide at the echo. They seem to have heard as well. It was only the both of you there in that small room. You don’t ever go back to the small town. 
  • There’s a reason it’s the lightning capital. Something is in the ground, in the dirt. It demands the lightning to strike with a vengeance. The lightning responds each and every time. Watch your step.
  • The train ride started so leisurely. The swamps around the St. John’s were such a sight. But soon, the train begins to barrel through the swamps faster, you can’t help but curiously ask an attendant why. They scan your ticket without looking at you “It can’t catch us if we move fast enough.” 
  • Lots of sinning happened here. Lots. Maybe that’s why it’s so hot here. Why you get blisters on the bottom of your feet when you step outside barefoot for just a second. Why the humidity chokes you. The fires below are being turned good and hot under us. For us. This place has a lotta sin.
Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe

A UK, Canadian and Italian study has provided what researchers believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram.

Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe – in fact, as much as there is for the traditional explanation of these irregularities using the theory of cosmic inflation.

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Diphylleia Grayi (Oneshot)

Pairing: Jongyu
Word Count: 15 524
Rating: R (I don’t really know so not taking chances)
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Warning: Cliché angel stuff

Hello, hi, so I started writing this a few months ago and stopped but now i wanted to finish it and this is probably the worst time to post this cause I feel there’s not a lot of people online at this hour but I’m annoyed with it and wanna go to bed so sorry if it seems rushed toward the end I just wanted to finish it TT

Horrible pain, confusion, annoying beeping – but mostly pain.


Those are the things going through Jonghyun’s mind when he wakes up. The blond groans when he tries to open his eyes because even his eyelids feel sore. He’s pretty sure every single inch of his body hurts – from what, he’s no quite sure yet.

“Are you awake?” A soft voice asks with what sounds like poorly hidden excitement.

Another noise of discomfort leaves Jonghyun’s scratchy throat as he turns his head toward the voice and he forces his eyes to open completely this time. He frowns when he’s met with an unknown face.

“Hi.” The man says and Jonghyun just then realizes that the stranger’s sitting with his legs brought up to his chest on the chair beside his bed and that he’s playing with a latex glove in his hand and – oh okay – he’s in a hospital.

“Uh…” The blond barely makes out, clearing his throat to speak. “Who..?” He whispers because the more he looks at the man the less familiar he looks and he really hopes he doesn’t have some sort of amnesia because that would suck – he doesn’t feel like he does but that’s probably what amnesiac people tend to think.

“I’m Jinki.” The brunet replies as if that would answer all of his questions so Jonghyun just keeps staring at him. “I kind of…saved your life?” He adds and Jonghyun’s mouth opens and closes a few times because he wants to say thank you but he doesn’t really how you’re supposed to show your gratitude to someone for something like that.

Jinki stands up then and flicks the rubber clove somewhere in the room before he stretches and Jonghyun can’t even explain how or why he’s so fascinated with the man but all he knows is that he can’t take his eyes away from him – maybe it’s the fact that he looks completely gorgeous. The man has the kindest eyes Jonghyun has ever seen, his smile can probably make anyone feel all warm inside, his face is all sharp angles but round cheeks at the same time and with the pushed back hair and white clothing, it’s such a perfect combination that Jonghyun just stares.

“Your mom will probably be here soon, your sister has school until late so don’t be too sad she won’t be here for a while. And your best friend Kibum is out of the country but he’s been calling every day.” Jinki smiles and Jonghyun frowns again, pulled out of his reverie, because why does he sound so familiar with his family and –

“How long have I been out?” He rasps and for the first time Jinki’s smile drops a little.

“Uh…Approximately fourteen days, five hours and forty-eight minutes.” He answers without looking at any clock and Jonghyun’s not entirely sure if he wants to laugh or if he should be freaked out because that man is definitely strange and creepy but he simply doesn’t.  

“What…What happened to me?” He asks, choosing to ignore the answer he received – or the fact that he’s still visiting after two weeks.

“Uh, you died. Fell asleep while driving and crashed into a tree in the middle of nowhere. It took me about fifteen minutes to bring you back. Trust me it wasn’t pretty.” He explains as if talking about the weather and Jonghyun is even more confused than when he initially woke up.

“What…What are you saying? How is that even possible?” He asks because while he might not have extended knowledge on the subject, he’s pretty sure that you can’t just reanimate someone dead for over a few minutes.

“Well, the fact that I’m your guardian angel helped a lot.” He says too easily that Jonghyun almost doesn’t catch the words.

Guardian angel.

He wants to scream, run away, ask for a nurse or something because this man is clearly delusional but he can’t. It feels like everything inside of him forces him to believe the stranger, to trust him.

“Do you need proof?” He starts, jumping up effortlessly on the chair beside his bed with the same stance as before. “I was told that a lot of human ask for proof at first.” Jinki mutters, scratching at his nose but Jonghyun shakes his head as much as he can in his position. He doesn’t want to know it’s real.

“I’m good.” He replies and Jinki looks a little surprised before his smile is back on his face.

“Alright then. Your mom’s going to be here soon so I’ll leave you two alone but I’ll see you soon again.” He says standing up and Jonghyun almost expects him to just disappear in thin air but he simply walks toward the door.

“Wait…Jinki.” He calls out somewhat weakly but the brunet just gives him a comforting smile – he’s not even sure why he finds it comforting.

“We’ll talk once you’re better. Rest for now.” Jinki says before leaving the room.

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An exasperated hiss escaped Shepard as she knowingly fired off her last shot. For that gun, anyway. She turned her head, using the periphery of her vision to keep track of her opponent. He was going to pop out any moment, seemingly from nowhere, and renew the fight. With practiced grace and speed, she stowed one weapon and retrieved another, leaping forward just as another shot dented metal and shattered glass precisely where her head had been resting.

The commander skidded to a stop behind a desk, turning her attention back to where she’d just been to try and assess where he was and how he might be moving. Judging by the trajectory of the shot, she could narrow down his position to one corner of the room. It was a start.

She held her pistol at the ready and peered over the desk, having determined, in at least a general sense, where her enemy was hidden. A slight shuffling noise helped to confirm her assumption, but also had her on edge because he was on the move again. She was determined to end this as quickly as possible, knowing that the longer this fight lasted, the more likely she was to lose.

Losing was not an option.

Shepard ducked down once more, waiting and listening. He was nearly silent. She almost had to respect him for that, but it wasn’t enough to take the time to reason with or save him. She shifted her stance, allowing her to move her feet from the floor to the desk as she prepared to spring. All at once, her muscles tensed and she shoved the desk forward using those tightly coiled leg muscles, directly into her opponent’s path. She heard him stumble and she began to fire.

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Okay the magic au is going on the back burner because this post just BLEW my GODDAMN MIND and I’m angry I didn’t think of it first but I guess I’ll just have to write something

IT’S ANGEL AU TIME (almost 1.5k, wow)

For a kegster, this isn’t so bad, Jack thinks as he weaves his way through the pulsing, excited crowd in the direction of the kitchen.

Shitty had insisted that Jack stay for this one. “No friend of mine is staying locked up in his room watching some conspiracy-theory-““It’s about trench warfare in the first World War, Shits-““While one of the greatest parties in the universe is raging just below! I won’t have it!” So, reluctantly, Jack agreed to hang around for this one. Ransom and Holster were keeping him company for most of the night, providing conversation and making sure Jack felt comfortable, Shitty and Lardo were on crowd control, and Jack was willing to admit that, yeah, these parties might actually be fun.

A song had started playing through the speakers and Ransom and Holster bolted to the middle of the dance floor, leaving Jack alone. It was a Beyoncé song that Bittle was singing in the shower just a few days ago, so when the small blonde wasn’t right there, dancing along with Ransom and Holster, Jack was surprised.

Jack finally managed to get into the kitchen. He was expecting to see Bittle in there, too, making a pie or grabbing another beer, but he was nowhere in sight. Where is he? Jack thought as he put his beer down left of the sink, where he could find it later. Unlike him, Bitty loved Haus parties. He had sworn he saw him earlier that night, talking with one of the swimmers on the porch, but then he was gone.

Jack was about to head back into the living room when he felt a thump beneath his feet. The heavy table, covered in food, snacks, beer, and dishes rattled.  

“What the hell-“ Jack asked the empty kitchen. Another thump answered, louder this time, and a muffled exclamation.

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