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I would argue Amethyst and Pearl have a VERY massive fear of Garnet's temper, as seen when Pearl tries to defend Steven ("wait, Garnet, he didn't mean it!") after he slapped her in Mirror Gem instead of being equally outraged like she normally would. Amethyst reacted with absolute HORROR when he did this, understanding the severity of the situation. The only reason I can think that they would react this way (particularly Pearl, who is most quick to discipline Steven when he fucks up), is that...

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I wouldn’t take Mirror Gem as the be-all-end-all for describing their interactions. Amethyst and Pearl are clearly shaken by the knowledge that there’s a sentient gem in the mirror. They’re panicked, and this is clearly not how they react on a regular basis. Garnet was going to be angry with Steven either way, for taking the mirror and not listening to her. And if Garnet is focused on that, it could take away from her dealing with the mirror. Garnet does deal with disciplinary matters sometimes. Like in Warp Tour, when she tells Steven, “No cookies for you then” after he sprays Pearl with the water gun. Or in Fusion Cuisine, when Garnet says, “no dinner for 10,000 years.” Right now, all three gems are confused, and frightened to an extent. Their faces in Mirror Gem indicate as much. It’s not clear what’s happening, Steven seems to know something they don’t, and he up and runs.

But other characters have, several times before, told Garnet she was wrong. And she didn’t blow up in their faces. Nothing to indicate a temper tantrum. Because angry Garnet gives the silent treatment. The worst we’ve seen happen was in events post Cry for Help, when she refused to talk to Pearl. And I’ve mentioned also before that for Pearl and Amethyst, who need reaffirmation, that’s the worst possible thing that could happen. They don’t fear her temper. If not they should be worried during moments like this.

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Amethyst wasn’t scared in the slightest after whacking Garnet in the face. And in the heat of Steven’s almost dying in the same episode (So Many Birthdays), Pearl and Amethyst don’t hesitate to argue with her either, even though they had no idea whether arguing with her would do anything for Steven.

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Even humans have yelled at Garnet (Kofi), or stopped her in moments of tense emotion.

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Garnet has a personal vendetta against Peridot at this point. And it’s clouding her vision enough that she doesn’t notice Steven is in the escape pod. But the moment Jenny steps in, she exercises amazing restraint. She stops it centimetres from her face. Anger isn’t inherent to her nature. Even Ruby, her supposedly more “impulsive” component, has a very in the moment kind of mental state, and she’s bubbly, cheesy. Her default is “love” and she refuses to come from a place of anger.

Garnet is the most open to Steven’s new plans and ideas. It’s not 100%, but she’s making an active effort. And it’s obvious in the show. There are entire episodes centred around this, like Garnet’s Universe.

In Secret Team, Garnet sums it up best:

Garnet: So, you two can’t get along unless you think I’m going to kill you. Steven, I know you wanted to help them. You wanted to protect them, even from me. They made you feel like you had to take their side. But there are no sides, because we’re all on the same team — The Crystal Gems!

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She does have issues with violence, but all the gems do. I think the CGs sometimes do see Garnet as a war machine, as much as they don’t want to. Remember, we see a tall woman, but they can tell at first glance that she’s a fusion, and her apparent strength is glaring at them in the face. Peridot’s arrival gave us so much insight into what it’s like being on the receiving end. Like Steven in the escape pod, or her seeing Garnet as a very dangerous weapon and asking her to unfuse.

Pearl and Amethyst love her, but those thoughts are affecting them insidiously, especially coupled with their own feelings of inferiority. In future episodes, we see them start to deal with this fear, and I think that’s important.