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Imagine Obi-Wan finding out that you love him

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It’s Not Nice to Eavesdrop, Master Jedi - Obi-Wan Kenobi X Female Reader

Written by: @sakuraaeris1497

(Y/F/N) - Your First Name

(Y/L/N) - Your Last Name

(H/C) - Hair Color

(E/C) - Eye Color

(Y/N/N) - Your Nickname

(Y/F/B) - Your Favorite Book

Author’s note: This was another anonymous request made to intergalacticimagines.tumblr.com, but now I am a contributor to their blog as a Star Wars imagine blogger. Therefore, I decided to help them out by writing requests that they couldn’t get to. Please enjoy! 😉😊🙂😍😘

It had been many years since (Y/F/N) had last seen her old best friend, Padmé Naberrie. They were in the same politics class in their childhood until Padmé was elected as Naboo’s Queen, while at the same time, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) became a schoolteacher for politics after the old teacher who taught her and Padmé passed away. And how were these facts known? Well, the two women kept in close contact through messages on their datapads, but these news were also announced all over Naboo for all ears to hear and understand.
During her time as a teacher, (Y/F/N) loved her students and they loved her back, which meant that her life was overall very good. She was well-paid and well-known, and she was also very beautiful, kind, and intelligent. Why would someone not like her?

It just so happened that Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker were coming to offer Padmé protection but also pay her a visit in Naboo. At the same time, (Y/F/N) was also visiting her old friend as she met Padmé outside the gates of the palace. Dressed in her finest frock and high heels, Padmé ran into the arms of her old friend as she grinned from ear to ear, “(Y/N/N)!”

“Mé!” (Y/F/N) replied back with her own hug and smile as she used the nickname she had developed for her best friend. As soon as the two young women had their fill for affection, the elegant dames walked with their elbows linked together as they began to sight-see and talk about all of the things that they had forgot to mention in their frequent messages to each other. Sometimes, the two women would even make each other laugh as they teased each other and slapped each other on the arms playfully before speaking again about other important matters.

After a few minutes of walking through the gardens, Padmé and (Y/F/N) managed to cross paths with two special Jedi as the former monarch approached one of them, Anakin, first. With a hug and a kiss to his cheek, the two star-crossed lovers greeted each other before (Y/F/N) tenderly hugged the younger man, remembering him as the little slave boy during the Battle of Naboo when she herself participated as a starship pilot before becoming an educator on politics. But what made the visit even better was to see Obi-Wan again.

Truth be told, (Y/F/N) had not seen Obi-Wan in ages since they were much younger. He was only a Padawan and she was only a pilot when they first met, but they were both entranced with each other all the same back then. To her, Obi-Wan was the most handsome man she had ever had the pleasure of knowing in all her life and she was still infatuated with him. The way the man’s auburn hair fluttered soft and thick in the breeze or the way his silver-blue eyes twinkled like Northern stars seemed to make (Y/F/N)’s heart pound deeper in her chest as she felt breathless and weightless with love coursing through her veins. Even just grasping and shaking his large hand in greeting again almost made (Y/F/N) slap herself across the cheek to regain her composure as she gave him a grand salutations with her own tender hug.

And after a welcoming supper, the young women decided to turn in for the night as they departed to Padmé’s bedchambers. In the meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-Wan would be standing guard as they offered protection to the former Queen and her special, attractive guest with the heart of gold. Once inside, the two women took turns bathing before they dressed in their nightgowns, pampered themselves with soothing treatments such as self-induced facials and massages, and then sat down on Padmé’s mattress. Lying down on her stomach, (Y/F/N) began to read her and Padmé’s favorite book, (Y/F/B), from off of her datapad. At the same time, Padmé began to detangle the strands of (H/C) that rested delicately against (Y/F/N)’s scalp before she ran one of her hairbrushes through the silky tresses. Then, with nimble fingers as gentle as a dove’s feather, Padmé began to braid small sections of (Y/F/N)’s hair as the young woman continued to read.

After a few minutes of braiding, Padmé started on another section of hair before she asked her best friend, “So, I noticed something during dinner and I was kind of hoping you could help answer a few things for me…”

“What? Did you imagine the hot body under Anakin’s uniform, Queen Amidala?” (Y/F/N) teased while wiggling her eyebrows flirtatiously before Padmé giggled while she narrowed her eyes and teased back, “Ha, ha. Very funny…But seriously, I really did notice something…between you and a special…Jedi Master…”

“What are you going on about? You know how I hate it when you beat around the bush, Mé.” (Y/F/N) asked as she raised her head slightly from her book to look towards Padmé before the brunette smirked with wiggling eyebrows, “You have a little obsession with the Jedi, and I don’t mean Ani…I mean Obi, the bearded hottie.”

“Padmé, shut it!” (Y/F/N) gasped as she placed her index finger over her lips before she shushed her friend in fright, “What if he hears us?”

“Come on, he’s a Jedi. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, then he needs to work on his use on the Force…But honestly, I think it’s cute. You two would make a good couple. With his comedy and your intelligence, you’d be unstoppable.” Padmé admitted honestly with every hint of sincerity in her tone before she clasped her hands together in a prayer position while also puckering the air with her plump, pink lips as she playfully teased her friend further. At the same time, (Y/F/N) decided to play along as she flopped down on the mattress with her back flat against the soft cushioned bedding before she placed one hand over her forehead as if she were about to faint. Then, she feigned the voice of a damsel in distress as she laughed with her hand cupped over her heart, “Oh, what was that, Obi-Wan?…Marry you?! A schoolteacher marry a Jedi?!…Oh, yes, I will marry you, my knight in shining armor!”

“Well, then, come here, baby. Let me give you a kiss.” Padmé suggested with a lowered tone of voice so she would sound just like Obi-Wan before (Y/F/N) gasped playfully, “Oh, what a maverick you are!…Breaking the sacred Jedi code. You would really do that for me?”

“If my Padawan can do it, then I can too, my darling. Besides, I would do anything for you. I’m infatuated with you, so much so that I can’t stop thinking about you.” Padmé replied in her deep voice before she grabbed (Y/F/N)’s chin while she stroked her fingers down the side of her friend’s face and continued playing along in her low tone, “I love the way your hair feels like silk in my fingers, even the way your skin feels so soft that I can’t stop touching you for fear that I’ll never feel such softness again…And your (E/C) eyes just make me not want to turn away…But your lips…Oh, they’re my favorite bodily part, along with any others that I have yet to explore.”

However, before Padmé could even begin to ‘kiss’ (Y/F/N), the latter female pushed her best friend’s lips away by pressing her fingers against the smooth muscles while shaking her head, “We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we, Master Jedi? If you wanted more than a kiss from me, then you’d need to take me on a date to dinner first.”

“Of course. How shameful of me…I shall do anything you ask, my sweet.” Padmé teased before she cleared her throat. Then, the former Queen of Naboo reverted back to her original tone of voice as she asked, “Just admit it, you like Obi-Wan!”

“Alright, already…I do like him very much…I’ve always liked him since the Battle of Naboo when I was a pilot…But I’m so shy, I wouldn’t know what to say to him.”

“Well, I know that Anakin likes me and I lIke him back, so we’ve dropped some subtle hints to express how we feel about each other…I honestly don’t know how you and Obi-Wan could ever drop subtle hints because it’s so obvious that you two like each other that it’s not even funny…But, if you’d like any help from the lady of love, I’d be willing to offer my assistance.”

“I think we need a dating expert, not a former monarch, to tell me about the language of love.”

“Okay, go ahead and laugh. Maybe if I do get married with children alongside Ani before you, then you’re going to have to start listening to me.”

“Fine, you got yourself a deal.” (Y/F/N) nodded as she shook hands with her best friend before she commanded, “Hop up, your highness. It’s your turn to get your hair done.” With that, Padmé moved from her current seat as she moved into (Y/F/N)’s lap before she made another small jest, “With your hair-dressing skills, I’ll probably look like a Nexu.” That only earned Padmé a slap to her back as (Y/F/N) gave a swift ‘Hey’ with a giggle before the brunette giggled too. The whole rest of the night, the two girls talked about their crushes and how they would tell their men that they loved them if those Jedi didn’t gather their gumption and fess up. After talking until the wee hours of the starry midnight, the two girls bid each other goodnight before they got under their covers and slumbered peacefully.

The next morning, when the two dames were properly dressed and ready to start their day, they departed downstairs, elbows linked together, before they sat down at the table. At the same time, Anakin and Obi-Wan were courteous to the two women as they pushed in the lady’s chairs first before sitting down in their own seats. As they had breakfast with each other, Obi-Wan began to stare more at (Y/F/N) as the young woman blushed while giggling against her palm, as not to spew her breakfast all over the table, before the auburn-haired Jedi giggled too. He was even smiling more while Anakin looked on cluelessly with narrowed baby blues and a scowl on his boyish face, wondering why in the Force his Master seemed more cheerful than normal.

After finishing breakfast, Padmé and (Y/F/N) were about to go for a walk when Obi-Wan requested to escort the latter female, just the two of them. With a reluctant nod and a blush trying to creep onto her cheeks, (Y/F/N) decided to go with Obi-Wan while Padmé teased them from behind, giving her best friend a double thumbs-up with a grin on her face from ear to ear, which only made (Y/F/N) shoo Padmé away with a wave of her hand. Linking elbows with (Y/F/N), Obi-Wan was able to get a whiff of her sweet-smelling perfume as he complimented its scent upon her skin, which made the schoolteacher thank the Jedi for saying such sweet things to her, before he sarcastically suggested, “So, shall we continue with our walk, or should we engage in other activities today…my sweet?”

At once, (Y/F/N) inwardly cursed Padmé for Obi-Wan somehow finding out about her crush on him, even the intimate things that she had told her best friend about him. How the Jedi knew, she didn’t know. But then again, he was a Jedi, so it was no wonder that he found out to quickly. He WAS guarding the door, after all, so he might’ve overheard something if not everything she had said. Regardless, (Y/F/N) couldn’t deny it because she had said it and meant it, every single, solitary word, and he had heard it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be implying anything subtly.

Therefore, (Y/F/N) followed her heart as she looked into Obi-Wan’s eyes with her own (E/C) before she stroked his stubbled cheek with her smooth fingers. Grabbing her hand in his gargantuan one, Obi-Wan accepted the warm gesture before he made another jest, “So…are you going to kiss me or shall I have to take you on a date first?” At once, (Y/F/N) giggled as she kissed Obi-Wan’s lips while she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. After the two broke away for air, (Y/F/N) shook her head before she answered, “No, sir, you don’t…But, it’s not nice to eavesdrop, Master Jedi.” With a tap of her index finger against his nose, Obi-Wan chuckled low in his Adam’s apple before he admitted, “You never cease to amaze me. No wonder I fell for you the first time.”

“And I with you…Shall we walk?” (Y/F/N) suggested as she linked hands with Obi-Wan while they walked through the palace grounds together. Moments like this were rare for them, but on their miniature ideas of vacations, they seemed to admit their love for each other as their bond grew ever-stronger and ever-present like the living Force. To them, it was so peaceful as they began to lean in for another kiss under the rays of the Sun with the flowers as their only witnesses…

But, it was only a short while later when Anakin found out the truth from Padmé before he raced down the hallways, his lover trailing behind while rolling her eyes and muttering “Oh, dear Force!” Then, the younger man pointed an index finger at his Master and (Y/F/N), eyes wide and mouth gaped open, as he ruined the moment with a shout of, “I knew it!” At once, Padmé slapped her palm over her forehead before (Y/F/N) buried her head in her hands while Anakin smirked at his teacher, arms crossed over his chest and back leaning against a pillar, “So, how does it feel breaking the rules, Master?”

“Bye, Anakin.” Obi-Wan suggested through gritted teeth before Anakin continued on, “Oh, you want me to leave?”


“Did I ruin the moment?”

“Yes, my Padawan…Bye!” Obi-Wan waved as Padmé grabbed Anakin by the arm and led him away before (Y/F/N) let out a fit of giggles while she admitted, “Well, that was embarrassing.”

“Now that he’s gone. Where were we?” Obi-Wan asked as he pulled his lover in for another kiss as Naboo seemed to grow more beautiful just for them. Hues of pink and red seemed to be ever-present around the two as they kissed a second time on this lovely day. It was one day that they’d never forget for as long as they both lived and they wouldn’t change their lives for the world. They had each other as lover and that was all that mattered now.

Okay, I’m going to write a longer post about Cathy here because I think there needs to a lot more discussion about it, I’d love it if you could publish (and maybe tag) it, though I think it’s too long for a confession:

Today is Equal Pay Day and Cathy did a post on instagram using it as a setup to promote aboutyou, a site that sells clothes. Do I think it’s good and important that people talk about income inequality? Of course! But then instead of talking about her own experiences with it (or using her insta as a platform for other women to do that), she uses it to promote herself and a site she has a collaboration with.

She wears a “Grrl Power” hoodie on women’s day, but then she turns around and calls Salma Hayek “cheap looking” because she “has large breasts” or calls Halle Berry “not elegant” for wearing her natural hair texture. This is not merely something she said out of ignorance, these are official statements she made in articles she got paid for, in a field she claims to be an expert in. The same way she chose to work for BILD (a newspaper known for its racism and sexism) and got paid by them for her remarks about how “Brazilians steal so much”. She directly profits from being racist and attacking other women (especially women of color) for their bodies. And then she claims to be a feminist when it suits her to promote herself.

It’s not the only time she has done stuff like this. For example, she has worked with PETA against fur in clothes, but the fashion label where she is a designer (The Mercer) still uses fur, she still has no problems wearing leather shoes and handbags, but then she claims to be an animal rights activist to promote herself.

Cathy Hummels has repeatedly gotten jobs that would have normally gone to more experienced and more educated women (sky, Stern and BILD usually only hire top-of-the-class graduates that have studied a field related to journalism/media and have done multiple internships), then she usually abandons these things after 6 months - 1 year, opportunities that other women work decades to have one shot at. And afterwards Cathy claims to be a dedicated, independent woman.

I don’t care who she’s married to, but her appropriating social issues for her own financial gain without having the slightest idea about these issues while simultaneously also (financially and otherwise) benefitting from racism and sexism are actively harmfult to other women. Namely those who are in less privileged positions than her.

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Can you do a Pirate England, Spain and France capturing a Mermaid/Merman S/O that is the type creature that whenever their out of water their tail transforms into a pair of legs?

1p England: “Captain we captured something!”, the crew members shout as they looked at the net amazed.Heavy steps coming closer to the deck as the tall blonde British pirate,Arthur, stare at the net. “What is it lads?”,his eyes trailed to the net slowly as they grew wide in amaze.A mermaid/merman.He carefully looked at the net that was place now in the deck, the mermaid/merman flop around a bit as she/he whimpered .He snap his fingers as his crew stood still and listened for orders. “Take the net of of her/him”,he commanded as the crew didn’t hesitate or ask as they carefully cut the net open.The mermaid/merman extended her/his tail as the crew watch in surprise.Her/his legs were turning to human feet.Arthur turn red to realize that the mermaid/merman transformation have exposed their private part.The crew stared as some whistled and watch her/him from bottom to top.Arthur took of his coat as he bend down to the mermaid/merman level. “Here let me help you there”, he cover her/him with his coat as he grabbed her/his hand gently making her/him stand up. Arthur smiled as she/he looked around in confusement as she/he looked at his coat and played around with the sleeves. “Captain?”,one of the men from the crew waited for answers or command as Arthur nodded. “Gentlemen, lay back we won’t have much in plan for today”,Arthur spoke as the crew cheer as they went to go for drinks they had hid. Some talked here and there about the mermaid/merman but they let it slip.Arthur calmly put one of his arms around her/him as he smile at her/him. “My dear come with me, you must be tired and cold”, Arthur push her/him to his own private room. “Seat here love”, he gently push the young women/young man to his bed as she/he sat down. “How about you get comfortable dear”, Arthur looked at his closet to see his expensive dresses/shirts & elegant pants. Arthur turn around with a smile as he walk to her/him and bend down to her/his level.He looked up at her/his eyes, pure and innocent, how cute.Arthur snickered as he gently kissed her/his leg as he gaze up at her/him. “My name is Arthur Kirkland love, the captain of the ship”,Arthur smiled as he tilted his head, “yours?” The young women/young man blush by the kindness of Arthur’s as she/he spoke, “My name is (s/o).”Arthur blushed by the name and smiled as he carefully brushed their hair, “What a beautiful name, (s/o), how about you stay here for a while dear.To get to know each other~”

1p France: “Sir, we have brought a magnificent gift for you!”, the crew smiled as Francis turn around, he was looking at his maps in his private room from his home.They’ve stop back home to get rest but the crew captured something and planned it to give it to their captain. “Oh how nice, where is it?~”,Francis smiled as the crew carried a glass case in the room.The men grunted as there was a white blanket covering of what could be inside.The crew took Francis papers aside as they placed the glass case there.They smiled as they patted Francis, “You’ll love it cap!”Francis smiled and thank them as they left him alone in the room.Francis carefully looked at the white blanket as he grabbed it and yanked it away.Revealing a mermaid/merman, Francis blush as he watch her/him look around confused as she/he looked at him.She/he smiled at Francis as it look like she/he was trying to speak but she/he was in water, it look like she/he was mouthing words.Francis eyes grew wide as he wanted to hear her/him but it looks like it wouldn’t happen.Francis got close to her/him as he placed a hand on the glass, grabbing the mermaid’s/merman’s attention.She/he place their hand where his was on the glass as she/he smiled making little bubbles come out in the water.Francis blushed and giggled as he got an idea, “Mon amour it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to breathe fresh air?~”Francis grabbed a chair and stood on it as he extended his hands towards the mermaid/merman.The mermaid/merman looked at his arms but didn’t hesitate to grab his hands.Francis wrapped his arms around her/his waist as he pull them up, she/he smile as she/he felt the fresh air hit her/his face.Francis carefully use his other hand to grab her/his tail as he pull her/him up from the glass case.Francis chuckled nervously as the chair he stood wobbled a bit.He lost balance as he fell to the ground. “Gah!Aaah!”,Francis fell to the ground holding the mermaid/merman tightly from the waist as allo her/his weight fell on top of him. “Oof”,Francis grunted as the mermaid/merman look at him with a smile, Francis stood up quickly. “Are you ok?”,Francis checked her/him as she/he nodded at him with a smile.Francis smiled and sighed as his legs felt something, he slowly look at her/his tail to see it transforming to human legs.His eyes grew wide as the tail went away and there came two pairs of legs, realizing sooner she/he was naked in front of him.His poker face turn to a red face as he blush as some blood came out of his nose. “Are you ok?!”,she/he spoke, the young women/young man looked worried but Francis clear up the blood as he nodded his head. “Nothing to worry Mon cheri”,Francis help her/him stand up as he look around as he grabbed the white blanket in his bed close by.He covered her/him with the sheet as she/him touch the fabric. “What is your name ?”,Francis asked as he gently brushed her/his hair.She/he looked at him and smiled, “(s/o)!”Francis chuckled as he brushed their hair gently, “How about you stay here (s/o), with me, it’ll be good for both of us~”

1p Spain:

“Dios mio, it’s been a hard day today”,Antonio sighed as he was the only one sitting on the deck, he had taken of his boots as he kicked his feet.He look at the ocean, nice and warm today as always.He look down where his feet were swinging when he saw movement in the water, he flinched a bit as he payed attention to it.He pulled his feet away as he got to his knees and looked at the little bubbles coming out of the water. “Que es eso?!”,Antonio lean as all of sudden water splashed in his face as he felled back to his bum. “Gah!”,he groan as he hit his bum hard, he rubbed it when he heard a giggle.He looked back to see a mermaid/merman leaning on the  edge of the deck.Antonio blushed to see her/him very beautiful creature. “H-hola!”,Antonio burst out as he blushed and got close to the mermaid/merman as he walked on his knees.The mermaid/merman became frighten as she/he jumped a bit.Antonio realize that and tried to show her/him he wasn’t a bad scary person. “No no chica/chico, sorry for scaring you there I didn’t mean to”, Antonio rubbed the back of his head as he smiled nervously.The mermaid/merman looked at him but gave him a smile.The mermaid/merman looked at his boots and smiled big as she/he  tried to jump up to the deck but couldn’t do it. Antonio noticed it and grabbed her/his hand. “Let me help you there”,Antonio smiled as he pulled her/him up as he grunted a bit but finally pull her/him up to the deck.Antoni stumbled flat in the deck as he hit his head hard on the deck, “Ow ow ow.”Antonio rubbed his head as he felt the mermaid and merman crawl on top him, he got up as he turn red to see her/his tail gone and now she/he had legs. “Gah!”, he took off his coat and shirt and he put them on her/him. “T-there”, Antonio blushed as he watches her/him touch the clothes and smiled at him. “What’s your name querida/querido?”,Antonio rubbed the back of his head as he smiled.The young women/young man look at him and spoke, “(s/o).”Antonio chuckled as he caressed her/his cheek, “what a nice name, how about we got to my house, we can talk more and I can show you around~”

Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel

Q: Do you remember when you first met Coco Chanel and how the meeting went?

A: I remember one day feeling like I wanted to treat myself to something really lovely.  I was fed up with lots of people living off me and not always indulging myself like I’d have liked to.  I had seen and loved a fantastic movie by Alain Resnais, which had Delphine Seyrig wearing a gorgeous dress. By Coco Chanel. It was Last Year at Marienbad. The dress was breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes, much more than Chanel No 5.  I wanted the same one. So I decided to buy it and I went to the Chanel boutique.

Q: Did she receive you?

A: Yes. Immediately. In her inner shrine, on the top floor of the couture house. The woman I met was human and accessible, charming and elegant. And I remember the meeting in every detail. In fact, I’ve described it before. We talked, she told me how she hated physical sloppiness and described her mission to ensure that women could look well groomed and attractive during every moment of their lives.

Q: Did she say anything in particular about you?

A: No, not that I remember. She said she couldn’t stand slippers, dressing gowns, and house coats unless they were beautiful. She said more than once that a woman should always be impeccably dressed. And well groomed. I explained that I wanted to have the same breathtaking dress as the one Delphine Seyrig wore in Resnais’s movie. She immediately had my measurements taken, had the dress made for me, and gave it to me as a gift. I’m still grateful to her.

Big thanks for the photos and info @kseniavs

[fic] Enough


Asexuality. The word gave him pause. It felt strange to name the absence of a desire.

Notes: 3800 words on the life of asexual Tony Stark. Loosely set in the 616, but there’s some MCU influence in there too. Also posted on AO3.

It had started, Tony thought, with that damned chest plate. When he’d decided to dedicate his life to something more than himself, to be something more. In all honesty is was a snap decision, made of emotion more than logic. It was the right thing to do, and all questions about how he would actually achieve it were secondary. He would never claim not to be impulsive.

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How would the rfa characters try to get a date with you in general? (You can choose the situation and places! Love your writing btw!)

a/n: LOLOL i’m gonna assume then they don’t know the reader and in no way affiliated with the RFA ( also excuse my italian & korean it’s rly rusty i’m free to accept any corrections c: )

RFA getting dates with MC winkwonk


  • contrary to popular belief that he loves the crowd all the time, zen loves a quiet, relaxing place – where he can be by himself, it relaxes him from the stress he receives in everyday spotlights and scrutinizing gazes
  • so most like the place he’d be able to meet someone at the library!!
  • he rly loves to read books since it’s his own way of trying to expound his skills in various acting scenarios so he’d love to be surrounded by a place where an unlimited amount of information is provided
  • one day, while it was his rest day ( no practices or rehearsals ) he found himself reading a book with a coffee on his hand at the local public library
  • he was browsing the arts & literature shelves, his eyes busy reading the tags of whose authors are whose when he bumped into someone  – you.
  • you too when you bumped into him was browsing the shelves with shakespeare’s antony and cleopatra on your hand, trying to find samuel beckett’s endgame among the massive collections of books on those populated cases
  • classic but romantic
  • he was so surprised to see such a beautiful woman be interested in olden yet regal plays of famous playwrights
  • and he noticed you were also into the tragedy-type story lines too ( it was bloody obvious when he saw what books you were holding )
  • you caught his breath away
  • you rolled your eyes at him when a due apology did not come out of his mouth and he was taken aback by the gesture
  • because wow you rolled your eyes at him? didn’t your heart skip a beat when you saw him? anything??
  • so when you huffed and decided to pass by him and ignore his ‘beautiful’ existence in which, as long as he can remember, was not ignored by anyone, he did his last resort
  • he blocked your way using his long, toned, jean-covered leg and the half of his body faced your way while saying, “Whoa, hey – you’re not going anywhere.”
  • and your eyes immediately shot up to his face and you badly wanted to wipe off that stupid grin on his lips
  • “I believe this is a public area and I can go anywhere I want?” what a smart mouth for an innocent looking lady, zen loves it lolol
  • ya boi zen loves that attitude
  • “Hmm… I should do something about that pretty, little smart mouth. How about coffee?” his grin grew wider when he revealed what he had been holding on his arms for a while now – Samuel Beckett’s Endgame book
  • your eyes widened and your mouth went hanging when you saw that he was holding the book you were looking for the entire time
  • “Have coffee with me babe and let’s talk about how you’re going to get this from me.”
  • you had no choice
  • you’re too broke to go to any other libraries to look for that book for your upcoming thesis
  • you agreed grimly and he had this stupid wide smile on his features – he told you when & where you’ll meet with him for coffee much to your own vexation
  • zen: 1 | mc: 0


  • jaehee is a busy bee when it comes to work and she had this habit to herself to go to coffee shops during lunch to buy herself a cup
  • and she met you when she was lining in for her own cup at the cashier of the coffee shop she’s a regular in
  • you did not notice that she was actually waiting in line because she was standing a few feet away from the person who’s actually standing in line
  • so you cut in by accident because you thought she was not waiting for her turn – which displeased our little angel here
  • she hates people who cuts into lines, wasting the efforts of people already standing in, waiting for their turns as well
  • but you were in a bit of a hurry too for important reasons
  • so when she was about to tap your shoulder to alert you of her presence in which at the back of your mind, you probably knew she was lining too, you turned to face her
  • jaehee was so surprised of how beautiful you are
  • you raised your eyebrow at her when you saw how her other eyebrow stayed up with her mouth a little agape
  • she was speechless
  • so you took your chance and spoke first – “Uhm, I’m sorry. I’m in a bit of a rush. My friend’s tummy hurts so bad and she’s waiting for me to buy her a cup of a peppermint tea. This was the closest shop by. I’m really sorry!”
  • she just blinked at you, trying to process what happened and she slowly nodded her head
  • the entire time after the small fiasco, she was scolding herself of how beauty can easily disable her mental function, in which rarely happens
  • so she kept on coming on to the coffee shop with different intentions on her mind
  • she was trying to catch you again there
  • she wanted to understand why her mind went blank the moment she saw you
  • and surprise surprise, you came back there!
  • you were ordering a mocha latte when jaehee walked up to you with a blank face – which surprised you lolol i mean wHAT DID I DO WRONG TO YOU M8
  • jaehee immediately introduced herself and asked you to share a table with her that exact moment she was pretty direct & blunt about it too lolol
  • you were surprised because she remembered you? and you thought at first that she’s gon’ sue you or somethin’ lolol
  • your last visit to the coffee shop was like 2 weeks ago how can she remember such brief encounter?
  • you agreed nonetheless she was so adorable the entire time you two talked i.e. rambling mess jaehee


  • jumin was in the farm when he met the woman who would entirely change his world lolol
  • he was looking at which type of fruits other than grapes are used in wine making and what would be harvested for him to see the process since he had been directly ordered by his father to visit this particular winery estate
  • he was in Antinori nel Chianti Classico winery in Tuscany, Italy
  • he was with two of his body guards and the head of C&R International’s food & beverage division while touring the estates of the Marchesi Antinori & while learning their history as a part of the Florentine Winemakers Guild
  • he was listening carefully at the tour guide’s explanations in full italian language oh MY GOD & for once, he looked devoted into something other than his cat
  • jumin likes wine and would want to know more about it okay *insert wines for cats project here*
  • the tour guide showed them the marvelous fields of to be harvested materials and ingredients for Antinori’s wines as well as its spacious and marvelous wine cellar
  • the tour guide was talking to jumin while looking funnily at the head of the F&B who looked like he’s gon poop soon cause he can’t understand italian poor guy
  • “Mi capisce?” ( Do you understand me? ) the tour guide spoke as he faced jumin because he thought he’d been speaking yet nobody understands
  • “Capisco. Riprendere.” ( I understand. Continue. ) jumin fucking speaks fluent italian and he sounds hot oh MY GOD IT’S NO SURPRISE RLY BUT HIS ACCENT AND VOICE AAHH
  • when the lot finally arrived inside the wine cellar, the tour guide called out someone and jumin spotted a woman crouching down while trying to fix her boots
  • “Signora MC!” the gaze of the tour guide landed on the woman wearing a sun hat with braided pig tails, an off-shoulder white blouse and khaki slim fit pants with high black leather boots
  • his gaze burned on her frame
  • “Ah! Ciao Signore! Come sta? Come vanno le cose?” ( Ah! Hello, sir! How are you? How can I help you? ) the woman replied with a soft smile plastered upon her features and jumin briefly acknowledged how regal & beautifully elegant she is ( he briefly thought of comparing her to elizabeth’s beauty and he was so surprised by this )
  • jumin was used seeing beautiful women equal to his own standing but, this woman here, is different – she had a different air around her
  • the tour guide introduced the woman to jumin’s group and jumin remained silent the entire time and he was staring at her all throughout the tour okay jumin stop staring @ her it’s rude lolol
  • the young woman continued to tour jumin’s group to the vast wine cellar of Marchesi Antinori while briefly talking about the process of wine making as well as letting them taste Pèppoli Chianti Classico  – antinori’s wine made of cherry, chocolate and vanilla
  • she turned and raised a brow and jumin’s eyes narrowed when he heard her speak his native tongue, “Nega museun mal haneunji ara deutkesseoyo?” ( Do you understand what I’m talking about? )
  • “Hangungmal haseyo? Nollassneun geol.” ( You speak Korean? What a surprise. )
  • “Ne. Naega hangug haeyo. Mannaseo bangapseumnida, Han Jumin-ssi.” ( Yes. I’m Korean. Pleased to meet you, Han Jumin. )
  • because of that, he wanted to get to know who you were – because you’re eating up his patience & feeding his curiosity
  • and just wow, a korean speaking italian and in tuscany? not many families unless you’re rich af can go in and out of the country for long that they learn the language itself ( stares at my Frostbite story readers because this is a back story of jumin and mc here LOLOL )
  • that night after the tour, he asked you to join him on a dinner date and this was an invitation he sent you through a bouquet of freshly picked red roses together with a short, ruby red dress and black pumps
  • BUT you turned him down with a cold shoulder
  • to be continued…. LOLOL


  • he met you at a game convention he attended because of L.O.L.O.L
  • you were laughing because you were playing a match with this player ( you didn’t know it was yoosung ) who keeps on losing to you no matter what
  • he chats, throws insults and even trash talks because he just loses
  • and you kind of enjoys beating him to death which frustrates him even more lolol
  • you two were fighting him in the game’s semi-finals bracket ( in which if one loses, they’ll automatically be kicked out of the game ) and when you beat him one more time, a crowd that had gathered behind you cheered
  • and that’s when he realized that username aytmchereyousuckballslolol ( he got pissed at the username after he lost to this player 3 times straight on the early stages of the competition ) is among the players inside the convention
  • his head immediately turned towards where the cheers came from and the congratulatory remarks were thrown
  • “That’s him!” he exclaimed as he threw his headphones towards the keyboard, pushing his chair away and immediately ran to the third lane where the crowd flocked
  • “Dammit! You! What is your prob –” his tone was full of frustration and annoyance but when you finally turned around and flashed him a grin-smirk then his eyes widened and his mouth hanged open
  • “Yes? Can I help you?” you said in a chirpy tone while flashing him a smooth smile
  • “Y – you’re a  –  a  –  a g-g-girl?!” he stuttered as he stared at you in horror and at the same time with a bright red face because it sucks for him since he actually lost to a girl ( his pride would be able to take it if it’s a guy or somethin’ )
  • error 404 yoosung couldn’t function at the moment
  • the funny thing is he asked you for a rematch that day and if you lose to him you need to go on a date with him at the amusement park and spill your monster hunting techniques because you’ve got the coolest and rarest items in the history of lolol
  • and you were so confident you’d win because in the games you had earlier with him you always just do?? but then?? he actually wins this game??
  • and now you’re gonna go on a date with him??
  • he turned up at your front door two days after dressed in khaki shorts, striped polo shirt, Sperry slip-ons and the brightest smile and reddest cheeks ever
  • he’s holding a single rose
  • he averts his gaze from you because what the actual f – you look so pretty omg?? you’ve tied your hair in a high pony tail, wore a black skater skirt and a crop top underneath a hanging plaid blue button down longsleeve with your good ol’ converse kicks
  • “U uhm… you… you look really pretty.” cue blushing hard
  • “Thanks! You look nice yourself!” chuckles “Now, where are we going again?” you teased him by wrapping your arms around his left arm and grinning up to him, his entire body tingling at the sudden closeness and he immediately detached himself at you, face bright red
  • “Uhm… Y you could have worn something… else. I it shows too much of your skin too…” poor bby
  • yoosung hang in there bud


  • meeting Seven was one of the most peculiar happenings in your life
  • it was this gala product launching event where you were invited when you met Seven
  • you were trying to mingle and fit in to the crowd but the crowd doesn’t want to fit in with you
  • when you suddenly felt your phone vibrate inside of your pouch and what you saw flashed on your screen made you confused but nonetheless, you laughed the other guests were looking at you curiously
  • the screen says, “hey! hey! you’ve caught the defender of justice’s attention! smile up! just think of these people here naked then you’ll have lesser stress in trying to approach them.” defender of justice? also, not entirely a good idea but yes, when you thought about it, it’s a pretty funny thing that you just laughed at it
  • when you pressed the home screen, you saw an app that’s being downloaded in your phone without your consent and you realized that your phone was actually being hacked
  • you tried to shut your unit down but then it just won’t and a message flashes again that says, “w8 for the app 2 download! tysm.”
  • you frantically tried to look for the person doing this using your eyes everywhere inside the party hall because how can he know your activities?? he’s obviously here and it was obviously someone you do not know of
  • and when the app finally finished downloading, another message flashed and urged you to launch it and use it wow m8 how can you be believing a stranger’s words lolol @ u
  • it doesn’t hurt to try? says every people who got scammed online lolol @ myself too
  • when you launched it, your camera was used but nothing was happening, only then when you pointed it towards the woman wearing a long, pink flowing gown in front of you that something happened
  • you screeched in surprise at what you saw
  • you saw her in her underwear and nothing else
  • when you lifted your eyes at her, she was still wearing the gown, and when you pointed your phone camera back at her, she’s only with her underwear again
  • you stared at her in terror which surprised most of the guests too because OMG WHY R U SCREAMING MAN
  • your phone beeped again and flashed a message from the very person who’s been sending you these anonymous texts
  • it said, “pretty cool, ye? that’s my invention! lolol use it well”
  • and then you got extremely creeped out because what the actual fuck was that app and you tried to call the number
  • you barely heard the introduction of the next speaker in front because you were too busy trying to find out who the hell forced downloaded that perverted app on your phone
  • when the speaker’s phone rang loudly on stage indicating that someone was calling him, he said on microphone, “Whoa! Wait, I’m getting a call. Hold a sec.” and he smirked when he saw his phone and realized who was the caller
  • “Ah, ah – it seems that I’ve got a curious soul’s attention. Mhm…” he was shaking his head when he held up one finger to the air, trying to quiet the already murmuring and gossiping guests who looked confused
  • “Yes? Defender of Justice on the line!” he imitated a surprised gasp and said, before you can even interrupt him, the words, “Whoa! You decided to call me immediately? I’m really touched! Though, a date after the party would be best, yes?”
  • you were so surprised to hear his voice on your phone and everywhere on the party hall that when you turned to look on the stage, he was staring at you, phone on his hand, a proud grin on his face as he mouthed, “Catch ya later!”
  • and the call ended like that, with your gaping face and the surprised glances from the guests of the party ( you have certainly got everyone’s attention )
  • it turns out that the one sending you the messages and the app was the inventor of the product that’s going to be launched in this party
  • smooth move, seven, smooth move

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Individually for the four mentioned characters.

// Alrighty! Thanks for clarification. I hope ya like them.


  • He unintentionally picks up a lot of women. His elegance and higher up attitude is incredibly attractive to them.
  • He teases Belgium a lot [this is canon, but I love their sibling relationship a lot]
  • He plays with his dog often, and loves her to bits.
  • Since his dog and Germany’s dog (Aster) seemingly get along, he knows Ludwig quite well. Dog dads talk, yknow.
  • Not really a headcanons but just think about Pelutze (his dog) licking his face when he comes home, all happy and excited her owner is back, my heart can’t take this.


  • Hong Kong, Portugal, China, and him all have guys’ nights.
  • He treats most women like ladies, as he does with Taiwan, but mostly only after getting to know them.
  • He and Portugal share jokes that would probably be considered inappropriate. It’s guy stuff.
  • He and Hong Kong are pretty good friends, inside and outside of business and trade. They also joke around often, but much more…politely than with Portugal.


  • A pretty bad case of RBF. I feel you, Gupta.
  • Once you get to know him, you’ll never get the guy to shut up. It’s impossible, but he has a lot of good stories to tell, so it isn’t that bad.
  • He finds the stereotyping of Egypt from other nations amusing; though sometimes, it gets to him quite a bit.
  • A small part of him still misses his mom, Ancient Egypt, but he’d rather retell stories about the past than dwell on it.
  • His favorite person to exchange stories with is Turkey.


  • Monaco thinks it’s slightly amusing to watch France poking fun at England, though she’ll draw the ‘amusing’ line somewhere.
  • She slaps Francis every time he pats her head. She hates it.
  • She watches ballet performances in her free time every so often, as it’s a hobby of hers, and she enjoys watching the gracefulness of the dancers.
  • She is probably awaiting the day she can enter her own casino. The jokes about it from Francis and Seychelles are god awful puns, mostly.

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hear me out ok ace!kima

Oh man, Ace Lesbian!Kima who was always more interested in her god and a good fight than a relationship. She’s never had any interest in men. Most of them are loud and obnoxious and get a bit too mouthy when they wonder what a hafling is doing becoming a paladin. Women though, that’s another matter. Some of them are pretty (very pretty) but what does she do with that??? The Platinum Dragon doesn’t exactly offer a lot of guidance when it comes to relationships 

So she tries not to worry about that too much. But then there’s Allura

The first time they meet, Kima is stunned, Allura is so beautiful, but she’s such a pain in the ass. Who does she think she is, honestly? With her elegant poise, and perfectly proper manners, and know-it-all way of talking, and her stupid pretty face and sparkly eyes (which Kima absolutely never lets herself get lost in while they’re talking, thank you very much) She’s pretty sure they’re going to end up killing each other by the end of the first week

But they don’t

They’ve got quests to do, and they’re not the only ones in their party, so they can’t just huff and stomp away from each other. The bickering slowly turns a little more friendly. Jabs become inside jokes. They’ll often need only a look for them to both start laughing, while the rest of their party roll their eyes. And Kima still doesn’t know quite what to do with herself. She likes Allura, she’s pretty sure about that part, but the rest is all confusing. Kima’s never had a relationship (she’s kissed a few girls, and that’s nice, and she’s tried to do more, but… that wasn’t quite as nice) And it’s not like she’s the only one in the world who can see how amazing Allura is. But she puts it on the back burner (there’s quests and dragons and plenty to keep them busy)

And then the quests get more intense and Allura rushes in because she’s brave and good and ridiculous and Kima’s never been so in awe. She’s never been so terrified before either (Allura’s just lying there, not moving barely breathing, and Kima’s sure she can’t either for a second) After Allura’s alright (thank god, thank all the gods) they fight (What were you thinking Allie? You could have died?) Kima’s somewhere between being ready to cry and wanting to tear her hair out (You’re the most difficult–) And Allura just doesn’t understand why she’s so upset

So Kima shows her (it’s been a while since she kissed someone so tall) 

Things get quiet for a while after that, but they don’t stop talking. Kima’s nervous (more than she was facing down dragons) but she tells Allura that she’s not sure how to do this, that she’s not sure she wants to do all of it (they try a little and some of it’s alright, but some of it makes Kima squirm and not in a good way) And Allura understands and it works and it’s good for so long

And then comes Thordak

They cling to each other as they lose friends, but once it’s over, they begin to drift (Kima still loves her, she always will, but it’s harder now) They both hurt and they need time for themselves. Kima picks up Allura’s habit of rushing into fights, thrashing her sorrows away. Allura retreats to her tower and tries to grow up (she’ll always be Allie though, she can’t outgrow Kima) They don’t break up exactly, but they take a break

(Kima wonders if that’s for the best. Allura isn’t like her. She has needs Kima doesn’t. She’s always said that doesn’t matter, but Kima can’t help feeling guilty, like she might not be enough)

They write. Letters are stilted and slow at first, trying to figure out where they stand now. It gets easier in time. Old jokes are familiar and warm (the memories hurt less when they can laugh again) Kima keeps traveling, she tells Allura all about it (not everything, not how much she misses her, not how she thinks Allura should move on) Allura responds, talking about the council, her experiments, and a curious group of travelers she’s met (One of them reminds me of you, Kima, she’s a gnome–I know, I know that’s not the same thing, but she’s a cleric and you should see the way she looks at their druid)

Kima’s lost in the underdark for too long, but she never breaks. Allura’s little team comes to her rescue and they bring her home (which isn’t a place anymore) She leaves with them again for Vasselheim, there’s work to be done, there always is. They start writing to each other again, it feels natural now. Kima wants to ask if Allura met anyone while she was gone (like a red, dragonborn anyone) but she doesn’t, they aren’t there yet (at least that’s what she thinks until Allura asks her that very question a few letters later)

They put things back together and it feels natural (it’s not quite the same as before, but that’s alright, they’re not quite the same as before either) Kima still has her doubts, but Allura doesn’t push, doesn’t ask for anything she can’t give, and it works. And there’s dragons on the horizon and probably worse things coming after that, but they’re happy (and after everything, Kima’s pretty sure they deserve a bit of happiness)

So that got longer than I intended, but ty anon! idk if this is what you were thinking, but I love the idea of Kima as an ace lesbian (partially cause I’m also an ace lesbian) and Kima/Allura is kinda my favorite 

Rumours - Vernon

sorry for it being late!! i’ve been sick for a few days but have gotten better :) 

pairing: vernon x reader 

genre: fluff

word count:1,033

You and Vernon were both at an Awards party where you guys were having fun with the others. You had just arrived with him and  the rest of Seventeen and your group.

Vernon and you were dating, happily together with not so much drama and rumours from the media, well the most least rumours there could be. It wasn’t much trouble since the two of you weren’t really the type to show of affection or your whole relationship in public.

The minute you walked in, almost all eyes were on you, especially the other girl idols. They didn’t seem like good stares either. Vernon didn’t notice and instead just smiled, being happy to be at the party with you.

As your eyes followed back to his, you gave him a small smile back but in your mind you were still curious to know what was up with the other girl idols, looking at the both of you.

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browniej126  asked:

Um if you're needing some prompts, maybe Genji and Angela/Mercy having to wear formal wear and Genji doesn't feel comfortable doing so, so Angela/Mercy has to help build his confidence for a party or something. Maybe a lil dance? just an idea kinda long winded sorry

Okay so, I put my own spin on it because I honestly don’t think Genji would ever go anywhere formal, but I got the party and the lil dance so, here you go!


Gency. Oneshot. Fluff. Little Angst.

Mercy was asked to speak once again about her work on nanobiology. She’s done it before, it wasn’t difficult for her. Overwatch always needed more investors.

It was just the whispers of an attack impending on this certain gathering that caused this one to be different. There was talk about someone wanting to take down Overwatch. Even attacking a medical conference to do it. Anything to get at Overwatch, to shut it down.

So, here she is. Speaking about her breakthrough that helps improve healing and wellness of everyone. Her words memorized by now as she stands at the podium. As she continues on, she looks over the crowd.

Beautifully dressed women with men styled in tuxes sitting at elegant tables in a grand building. Outlining along the walls are Overwatch officers, ready to react at a drop of a pin. Guns and armor ready.

The show of force is unnecessary, Mercy thought. Not liking so many battle ready men mingling with civilians. Aware of the danger they pose.

Unfortunately, Yes, it is necessary. The leaders at Overwatch hoping that the display of power will make anyone thinking of doing wrong tonight thinking again.

She finishes her speech, getting an applause as she steps down from the podium. Going to her table, she waits for another doctor to finish his speech. Then finally, she’s free. Everyone begins to mingle as the party really starts.

Slipping away upstairs, she finds the doors to a balcony, but a guard stands a few feet off to the side.

“Dr. Zielger, you need go back to the party. It’s not safe up here.” He tells her as she approaches.

“Oh, I’ll only be a moment. I just need some fresh air.” She tells him kindly.

He hesitates, and she adds, “When I speak, I get rather anxious. Please, I really need some fresh air.” She lies sweetly.

He finally caves him, and opens one of the doors for her. Then, it clicks softly behind her as it closes.

The stone balcony is a half circle, peering out over a lush garden. The moon is full tonight, shedding light over the area, casting dark shadows.

Walking, she reaches the parapet, placing her hands on the cool stone.

“Angela.” Speaks his smooth voice, appearing out of the night air like the wind.

The only good thing about tonight is that she’s not alone. He insisted on coming, covering the dark corners of the building and waiting in the shadows. Daring anyone to come near this party.

She turns to face him. He stands only a few feet away, his body shining in the moonlight. The green visor now bright.

She smiles at him.

“Genji.” She says his name.

“It’s not safe out here. You would have better protection inside.” He says, taking his first step towards her.

She lets out a soft sigh.

“I know. I just needed a moment away.” She says, going over his visor with her eyes.

He stops at this, looking over her. He’s just within her reach.

“You shouldn’t be alone.” He says softly. Moonlight glistening off his helm.

“I’m not.” She says, reaching out to touch his face, when he suddenly turns his head away.

Mercy freezes at this, her hand coming back to herself.


He still doesn’t look at her. “You should be with someone that can take you to a party. You should be with someone that can dance with you. You should be with someone that doesn’t have to hide.”

Mercy finally understands. She steps forward, towards him. Gently, she reaches with one hand, taking his face plate to turn his head back to her. Making sure he’s seeing her.

“I don’t want someone to go to parties with. I want someone to stay with me late at night in the lab. I want someone to walk me to my room while I hold their arm. I want someone to want to comfort me as much as I do them. I want someone I can talk to on a balcony late at night.”

She takes her other hand and makes sure he’s staring right at her. Holding his face closely. She needs him to know what she says is true.

“I don’t care about a party, I care about you.”

He’s motionless in the moonlight, before his hands reach out to her. Slowly resting on her cheeks.

“And I care about you, Angela.” He whispers.

She smiles at him, knowing he’s heard her words.

His eyes travel over her dress, before he looks at her again. “You are so beautiful.”

Her dress is beautiful. Long, smooth and simple. The sleeves going all the way down to her wrists. A beautiful tyrian purple that she almost didn’t dare wear. Its neck is wide, exposing her collarbones and shoulders. Then, there’s the slit, going halfway up her thigh. For once, her hair is down, curled.

“I cannot give you everything, but I can give you this.” His voice resolute, looking her in the eyes.

“May I ask for a dance?” His smooth voice only trembles at the end.

“Yes,” Mercy breathes.

Moving her arms, she wraps them around his neck, leaning against his body. His hands slowly traveling to her side, resting above her hips before encircling her completely. The metal cool but familiar. The scent of steel and musk making her calm. His helm resting against her hair.

 With no music, and only the moonlight and their bodies pressed close against each other, they gently step and swirl. Mercy’s eyes closed and she just feels him. His body that she knows inside and out. The man she wants to never let go of as they slowly dance on the balcony.

Being so close, is freeing. The hissing of his metal body, his familiar smell, his glowing lights. The comforting pressure of his arms around her lower back. The curve of his neck. The feeling of his chest against hers. He’s so gentle, so caring. He’s beautiful, and she just wants to know that as well as she does.

“Angela?” His cool voice breaks the silence.

“Yes?” They still dance, slowly and pressed against each other.

“You are my angel.” He whispers into her ear, his voice so lovely.

She stops, and he stops with her. His hold starting to loosen from waist but she tightens her arms around his neck. Burying her head against his neck, pressing her cheek against his cool metal. His own arms somehow pressing her closer to him. His head tilting to press against her hair.

“And you are my heart.” She whispers back.

(11-year-old Catalina of Aragon, as painted by Juan de Flandes)

Today we are going to talk about Catalina of Aragon, fifth and last child of the Catholic Monarchs Isabel and Fernando of Spain, and Queen of England between 1509 and 1533. Catalina was born in Alcalá de Henares, Castile, on December 16, 1485. She was the first of Henry VIII’s six wives, and mother of Mary I of England.

Catalina is said to have been quite beautiful, with her mother’s looks: light hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and great elegance. Thomas More and Lord Herbert are quoted as saying that ‘few women could compete with the Queen in her prime’. She was also described as ‘the fairest creature in the world’. Her education was extremely meticulous, in politics and culture as well as religion; unlike her sister Juana, Catalina did share their mother’s fervour. She learned law, math, Latin, Greek, French, dance, drawing, cooking, manners, music, and had a soft spot for literature. Her education was superior even to that of other royal women of her time.

She had been considered as a bride for Arthur, Prince of Wales, since they were both small children; Catalina was three years old when they were betrothed. They were married on May 19, 1499 and she arrived to England in 1501.

Not much is known about this short-lived marriage, yet a lot is said about its (lack of?) consummation. They were together for only five months, in which he had to travel around the country and later fell ill and died. She swore until her death that this first marriage was never consummated. It was so declared by Pope Julius II, and that declaration allowed her to marry Arthur’s brother later on. In 1533, Thomas Crammer annulated her marriage to Henry on the grounds that the one to Arthur had indeed been consummated. What really happened there we will never know, but analysts and historians tend to side with Catalina, since her education and values would have never allowed her to lie, and declaring she was still a virgin brought her more trouble and suffering than if she had just said there had been intimacy with Arthur.

Marrying Catalina was a huge help to the Tudors –they were new to the crown of England and needed to solidify their position on the throne. The House of Trastámara, which her mother came from, was the most prestigious of Europe after the fall of Granada, the discovery of the New World, and the overall rule of the Catholic Monarchs–an alliance of such importance was vital to strengthen the Tudors. She was of English descent from her mother’s side, and a distant cousin to Henry VII; it is even said that her own claim over the English throne was superior to that of the Tudors. That is why even after Arthur’s death they offered her to marry Prince Henry, five years her junior.

The wait between both marriages was very difficult for her. After her mother died in 1504 Catalina’s position was no longer safe and she suffered mistreatments at the hands of her father-in-law, who would not allow her to return home so that he didn’t have to give back her dowry, but wouldn’t give her proper care, wouldn’t support her financially, and was even harsh and rude to her. There are letters from Catalina to her father complaining about these mistreatments, which she endured with dignity and strength ‘for I am not as simple as I may seem’. Eventually, she married Henry in 1509 and became Queen of England that same year.

We all know about the king’s Great Matter, that in which his passion for Anne Boleyn made him desperately seek a way to reject Catalina in order to marry Anne. I will not stop too much here since most of the events around this episode are widely known. But I do want to go over what happened on June 21, 1529, when Catalina was summoned to the Court to question the validity of her marriage. Instead of testifying before the Court and the representative of the Pope, she knelt at Henry’s feet and gave one of the most famous, most moving speeches in history. Here are some parts of said speech:

‘My Lord, I beg you in the name of all the love that has been between us to do me justice, to have some mercy and compassion on me, for I am a poor woman, a foreigner (…) I have no sure friend here, and much less an impartial Council (…) I name God and the whole world as my witnesses, for I have been a true wife to you, humble and obedient, always according to your will (…) I have loved all of those you have loved, only for you, had I reason or not, were they my friends or my enemies (…)

And you have had from me many children, although it has pleased God to take them from this world (…) And I humbly implore you that in the name of charity and the love of God, who is the supreme judge, you spare me the trial before this court while my friends in Spain have not advised me which is the right path for me to choose. But if you do not want to grant me such a small favour, your will be fulfilled, for I commit my cause to God.’

After speaking, Catalina left the audience. Given that Catalina did have the Pope’s support (after all, she was Isabel of Castile’s daughter and the aunt of Emperor Charles V), Henry VII decided to break with the Catholic Church altogether.

Catalina never gave up her title as Queen of England, and her court and supporters always addressed her as such. When she and her daughter Mary (only surviving child after a series of terrible miscarriages and stillborn babies) were banished from Henry’s court, and sent to different locations, Henry offered to let them be together and have better accommodations and service if they gave up their titles and recognized Anne and her daughter Elizabeth as the legitimate Queen and heiress. Both Mary and Catalina refused.

Catalina died at age 50 on January 7, 1536, after a long agony. Her death arose quite a few suspicions, both because of the whole conflict between her and Henry and because upon autopsy her heart was found to be blackened; this was interpreted as the result of poisoning. Modern science has explained that the blackening of the heart could have been provoked by cancer, which would then be the cause of her death. This is a plausible theory, since both her mother and her daughter died of cancer. In turn, this agrees with several health issues present in Isabel of Castile’s line, one of which is the chronic depression Catalina’s grandmother and her sister, the famous Juana ‘the Mad’, appear to have suffered.

As to why Henry and Anne wore yellow when Catalina died, there are many explanations. Some interpreted it as mourning in Spanish style, for yellow was the colour of mourning in Catalina’s homeland; others viewed it as a rather vulgar display of joy, for Catalina’s death finally settled Anne and Henry’s marriage. There are now reports that say that Anne and Henry mourned Catalina in private. The fact that Anne miscarried a son on the day of Catalina’s funeral definitely did not help to the connections of ill will that were being drawn between the three of them.

Along with Margaret of Austria and Anne of Brittany, Catalina of Aragon is considered one of the most intelligent women of her time. In 1507 she became the first female ambassador in European history, when she worked for Spain’s interests while living in England. She was a huge influence during Henry VII’s reign: he even named her regent of the country while he fought in France in 1513. She was loved and respected in England, where people took her side during the Great Matter events. Catalina is known to have fought for female education and donated to several universities; in fact, the book ‘The Education of Christian Women’ was commissioned by her.

Time has contributed to solidify Catalina’s position as one of the best, most distinguished monarchs and women of history. Thomas Cromwell, one of her best-known enemies, was even known to say that ‘if not for her sex, she could have defied all the heroes of History’.

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Could you please do something with this Beneloo prompt: In TV Molly is the one with a gigantic crush on Sherlock, but in real life it's the other way round - Ben is fascinated with, and has only eyes for Loo, and as all the people around can see his admiartion and love for her, she's totally oblivious of it....

“He’s in love with you, you know?” Amanda sent off a text on her phone, then took a sip of the champagne in front of her.

Louise blinked. “Who?" 

"Ben. Don’t be dense. You know who I’m talking about." 

Louise shook her head slowly. "We’re just friends.” Her gaze drifted around the party and caught the tall, dark haired man she and Amanda were speaking of. He was gazing at her, and his face split into an adorable grin when he saw her looking back. He waved. She waved back. “He’s so nice to everyone.” Someone tapped on his shoulder, and he turned to talk to them, ever the elegant conversationalist. 

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What's your favourite thing about women

I’m going to make a list because I have a lot:

  • when they walk past you swiftly & you can smell their perfume
  • how pretty they look when they wash their face and they still have a little eye liner on
  • every woman’s legs while wearing nice heels
  • how powerful a feminine girl looks in masculine clothing
  • how elegant a masculine girl looks in feminine clothing
  • soft skin
  • when they put too much hand lotion on and they share with you
  • how pretty their voices sound when they whisper
  • the smile they make while putting on blush
  • when they wear clothes too big for them
  • the way a pregnant woman glows when she talks about her unborn child
  • how helpless they are after they paint their nails
  • happy tears
  • when a woman looks just like her mother
  • the way women can do anything a man can do but make it a million times more beautiful.

Benedict Cumberbatch interviewed by Style (n. 1-2 january/february 2014), magazine of Corriere della Sera newspaper.


For everyone who can’t understand italian I translate the interview. (please let me now if something sounds odd, it’s since high school that I don’t translate such a long text and my english is a bit rusty)

Magazine cover: Benedict Cumberbatch. Change life: an actor’s art.

page 51: Benedict Cumberbatch. Very british (I know, sounds a lot like the doge meme XD). He changed face and personality to interpret Julian Assange, the man who changed the rules and relationships in the world with his revelations. He is the coolest actor of the moment, for elegance, aristocratic charm, beauty changeable. And transformation. «I flee to change the routine. A year in a Tibetan monastery. Silence and English lessons»


page 53-55: He is considered a master of transformation. A true artist in changing private life. As well as the characters he portrays. From the most iconic of detectives, Sherlock Holmes (in the last english TV series), in that kind of digital detective who is Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate. To Khan, the villan of the last Star Trek, Into Darkness, the sinister dragon (which lends facial expressions and, in the original, even the deep baritone voice), which gives the title to The Desolation of Smaug, the last chapter of The Hobbit saga. And then, even the actor in more mature films whitch could all wins Oscars: Catholic landowner and slaveholder, oscillating between pity and sadism, in the already praised 12 years a slave (in theaters from February 20); mentally unstable member of a disrupted family in August: Osage County with Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper (from February 6). So many different characters, only one face: the modern and aristocratic one of Benedict Cumberbatch, 37, englishman moved to Hollywood, one of the most popular actors at the time because of its elegant transformation. In his England where, thanks to Sherlock enjoys immense popularity, he is a reassuring presence for the charity events of prince Charles. Thanks to its style made of impeccably cut dresses, regimental ties or silk in shades of gray and worn elegance shoes. Plus a charm typical of certain characters that you meet in the pages of Evelyn Waugh or Julian Fellowes, Anglo-Saxon high society style. But in spite of the ancestors whorty Downtown Abbey is one of the faces of most contemporary cinema: rangy, ductile eclectic, able to embody the good and the bad, but most notably in trouble with the ugly. Cumberbatch looks in between the boy and the mature young man, away from the excesses and able to keep their emotions hidden, he is son of artists: the family, with strong theatrical traditions, has always supported his natural talent for acting (albeit with some invitation to graduate in Law). Even if you ask him how it ended its long relationship with actress Olivia Poulet, he avoid answering with British snobbery: “I do not like talking about myself, thank you. I had a serene childhood and adolescence, but introspection is in my nature. Talk about me to strangers it’s hard, I usually disappear behind my characters or litt run away ”

Where do you flee, mr Cumberbatch?

My last time I went with few, trusted friends on the Himalaya and I confirm that I spent a whole year in a place of silence and culture in a Tibetan monastery where I taught English.

You became Assange in The Fifth Estate: a character among the most topical and controversial.

When I am stimulated I give myself unreservedly. I feel admiration for what Assange tried to do to and his consistency; I support protests against cuts to culture in the UK and sending troops to Iraq. and then sometimes I have fun to embody the mysterious types, radicals and spies.

You graduated from the prestigious University of Manchester and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. What was your favorite subject?

Literature: I always found who knows how to translate the clarity or cluodiness of the ideas in enlightening words. Panting and film came soon after.

What is your favourite film? There is a director with whom you’d like to act in particular?

Among colleagues I have a great admiration for Gary Oldman and Daniel Day Llewis. Lawrence of Arabia is my film par excellence. It has everything, adventure, a good script able to project into the present, spendid and complex human portraits. My cinematographic imagination has been shaped forever by this great show, its actors, Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif, by its wide open and limitless spaces and at the same time with limits and historical meanings, in which the film of David Lean was set. With the doubts of Hamlet, which I brought to the theater, this great film show is one of my references for an ideal world of entertainment that is culture.

Among directors, from which one would you like to be sign up?

I would be thrilled to be chosen by Paul Thomas Anderson: his films give something strong and true to the audience, and Martin Scorsese, who has a deep passion and knowledge of cinema. There is a sort of musical rhythm in all of his works.

What music do you prefer?

One that can translate into notes a thought, a state of mind. Just as I’m interested in painting that knows how to be read. There are some bands that I follow, like Radiohead.

How you spend a typical day of yours?

I do a job that takes away the anchors to habits. An example? We shot 12 years a slave mostly in New Orleans: a charming place, even disturbing and gothic. Although I often shut myself in the hotel, I was seized by this strong film and the history that I felt around.

You love to travel. Which of the places where you have shot a film was impressed in your memory?

I’ve played August: Osage County in Oklahoma and Nebraska, in the middle of nowhere, with streets that were lost and an old house that seemed out of a painting by Edward Hooper. It had created a curious intimacy between us as actors: Meryl Streep, the great Chris Cooper, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis, Edwan McGregor. Even the small towns not far from the sets in the two Countries seemed as empty appearances, lost in the streets of America. Moreover, in these places often I lack the energy that London can give me; ah, I will never take permanent residence in Hollywood or Los Angeles.

Do you usually use your computer, smartphone or internet?

No, I don’t. But I find fascinating the parallel realities of cyberspace. The film about Assange has also represented a time of study and knowledge. After that, the books of J.R.R. Tolkien stimulate me more fantasies and mental journeys.

You have attended Catholic schools. Did they form or condition you?

I would not say that, and in a more mature age I chose the pacification also made of silences of Buddhism, though I do not practice any religious doctrine.

Even in Star Trek there is a form of longing for religion…

I prefer the word spirituality, I always liked Star Trek because it goes beyond life, as director JJ Abrams always says, a true visionary.

Be honest: do you like most Sherlock Holmes, the detective often depressed Baker Street or Dr. Watson, who loved women, playing cards and drinking?

They seem complementary to me: Holmes is an outsider, Watson the nicest. I like them both, they are two literary creatures of eternal fascination as Victorian England.


Do you think you have an Anglo-Saxon elegance?

I prefer classic dresses in men, but I’m comfortable in jeans and sweaters, and yes, I am convinced that the style of a person will reveal at least part of his/her character. Sometimes I wear shaved or ribs velvet suits, suitable for all hours; I could never pose as a model. I would feel absolutely ridiculous.

Do you consider yourself a snob or a elitist?

In some aspects yes, especially if I chat with someone who does not grasp the things I’m talking about. There is a difference between the words elitist and aristocratic. I prefer the first.

What do you ask in a friendship?

Energy, availability, advice if I need it and sincerity. Meryl Streep on the set of August: Osage County has proved to be an extraordinary and potential friend and a woman with a genuine, strong femininity.

What do you value most in a woman?

The ability to be herself, with spontaneity and without superstructures. The female world today is overpopulated by models.

The same can also be applied to men…

That’s true, today virility is showed off. Too much, which, in my opinion, hides fragility and insecurity.

How do you deal with the vanity that every actor has, even if he pretends that it is not so?

Reading, traveling, studying, being interested in the world. Usually I buy two newspapers, trying to avoid the ones that trample and manipulate reality through stereotypes, the exasperation of consumerism and the morbid hunting revelation about privacy of others.

Be a quick-change artis on the screen has changed some of your attitudes or habits?

Being an actor is a job of continuous adaptations and transformations. Due to these characteristics frees you from a lot of filth habit. On the other hand, I love the routine of walking to London, to feel free from any label, be Benedict Cumberbatch and nothing else.


requested (sorry, I know you’ve waited for so long)

“Steve” - Natasha whipered moving to him. - “that girl is looking at you.”

He frowned. Natasha was looking a girlfriend for him since a time, and Steve thought that was so friendly for her and he was grateful, but she didn’t look for a women that he liked at all; all of that women were so beautiful, but some were stupids, vain, or just her and Steve hadn’t thing in common.

“What girl?”

“The one with the green dress.”

He heard that and looked with the sight that women, but it didn’t take him so long; that woman shone about the rest. She had her (y/h/c) in a elegant upsweep and really she was looking at him with a shy smile, with which Steve felt some warmth.

“She is beautiful…” - Steve said awestruck.

“Yeah, she is…” - Natasha said with a smile looking the way Steve looked at you. - “Why you don’t dance with her?”

Dance with her? Well, he wanted to talk to her and maybe dance, and the song that sounded in that moment was a good one.

“I should?” - he asked insecure.

“Holy, yes!”

“Okay….” - he said and after seeing how you went to the balcony he followed you. There was a beauty sight of all the city, and the song sounded clearly even there.

“Hi.” - he said with a friendly smile.

“Hi…” - and you greeted him shy.

“Uh, I wanted to ask you if you would dance with me. - he laught nervously .- but when I was going to ask you, you were gone.”

He confessed and you blushed.

“Really? I’m sorry. The truth is that I wanted to dance with you too, but I don’t really like dance in front of all that guests, and I saw you so close to that redhead girl so…”

“Well, the redhead woman is a friend of mine” - he smiled again, there was something in you that made him smile like a teenager.- “but the song sounds clearly here, so….if you want…” - he didn’t finish the quote but it wasn’t necessary.

“I will love to dance with you.”

You smiled and he get closed to you. He looked at your eyes and gently he took your waist while you, without knowing where to put your arms (you weren’t so good at dance) you clung to his arms. He started to moved and you clumsily tried to followed him. You were clumsy, so clumsy, and you were blushing; but you didn’t matter, you just enjoyed of dance with Steve, what was what you have wanted all that night.