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Too Many Clowns: Jokers Daughter Imagine pt. 3

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For the first time in your life the house was dead silent. No gun fire, no laughs, no calling for ‘puddin’ or ‘princess’. It had officially been a week since Batman took your son away. For the first few days the screams and the tears didn’t stop. The Joker wreaked havoc on the city, searching everywhere he thought his heir would be with no luck. Harley stayed in bed most of the days. When you saw your mother her blue and pink makeup was running down her face. Martini glasses were scattered around the house with lipstick marks around the rim. She gave you a pathetic attempt at a smile when she saw you before closing the bedroom doors behind her. There was a void in the clown family that ripped everyone apart. Since the day he was born, Jay had never left the side of either you or your parents. Up until he was taken away you yourself had barely ever left your fathers side and now you never knew when he was even in the house. You had never felt this empty and alone since the night you became pregnant. You decided to head to your parents bedroom that, before this all happened, was always a safe and comforting place. Now walking to the doors you felt anxious, you slowly pushed the door open and peaked your head in. The room wasn’t a mess as you expected, it was actually organized chaos. Photos of you and Jay were carefully placed on the ground surrounded by rose petals picked individually, guns and various weapons were dismantled and lined the walls, and the grand white piano was torn apart and the pieces placed in a circle. At the center of all the mess was your father. He looked up at you with what looked like dried tears on his cheeks. He was only able to get out one word


He didn’t say it in a greeting way or curious way, more just making a statement. You walked towards him unable to speak for for a moment yourself. You had never seen him so beaten down before. The Joker always gave off an impression of being in total control and being strong, the man sitting before you was not the one you grew up with. 

“Daddy I didn’t want to be alone anymore.” You said sitting down next to him. He didn’t reply, just lifted one arm up signaling you to move into him. You complied and he placed a weak grasp on your shoulder. Harley laying in bed didn’t move, but you sensed she knew you were there.  

You rested your head on your fathers chest, closing your eyes focusing on his heart beat. Just 5 years ago you were worried and asking your father if there were too many clowns, now the family seemed so small and empty. 

The Jokers head was pounding from his migraine. He kept telling himself you fucked up you fucked up again. Another voice in his head kept yelling you promised them you promised them and you failed. The worst voice just kept saying theyll never forgive you never never never never never.

Jay was sleeping in a cell underneath Wayne Manor in the batcave. Bruce hated having to put him in there but the little boy wouldn’t stop trying to jump on Bruce and Alfred, trying to bite them and pull their hair. When Alfred brought him food he took the fork and tried to stab his legs. Bruce tried to have the boy sit down and he grabbed weapons out of the utility belt. After hours of fighting and crying he finally fell asleep. Bruce was able to take off his suit and relax. 

“Master Bruce?” Alfred walked over to him  with new bandages for Bruce’s shoulder“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I can’t let that clown do to this innocent little boy what he did to his daughter.” the word clown made Jay open his eyes to see the two men talking, he wondered where the Batman had gone . They continued not noticing him awake. “You should have seen him Alfred, so small but holding that bastards gun.. and he actually took a shot. He’s still just a toddler, he might have a few images left of them but in a few years he’ll be living a healthy and happy life away from all that evil.”

Jay saw Bruce stand up so he put his head down to avoid being detected. He kept one eye open on the man who walked up to a glass case. He stood there for a while not moving, Jay couldn’t figure out exactly what he was staring at.

“Master Bruce are you sure this isn’t… some type of redemption for you. Or dare I say an eye for an eye?” Alfred always was frank with Bruce, but this particular subject had the ability to set Bruce off.

“Alfred I can’t believe you would think that of me. I’m doing with this boy the same thing I did with Dick and Jason, I’m taking them from a bad situation, and giving them a better chance.” Jay watched Bruce spit his words at Alfred, he was frustrated with himself for  not understanding what was going on. He thought about returning to his mother and grandpa, they would be able to help him understand. Jay kept telling himself to remember what he was seeing. He looked at the object in the glass for as long as he could so he wouldn’t forget what it looked like, so he could tell his grandfather what he had scene. 

A few more days had past and every day you went to sit on the floor with your father. The silence was interrupted by a knock on the door frame, Frost stood there waiting for his boss to tell him to enter. The Joker seemed not to care so you motioned to Frost to come in. He sat on the steps before the clown family, you asked him what he wanted and he held up a photograph. You immediately shot up and darted towards Frost, he pulled back a little at your animal like movements. You snatched the photo from him, it was Jay. Jay was being carried around by a man you thought looked familiar. 

“Daddy look!” you yelled at your father, for the first time since Jay was missing a little life came into his eyes. ‘It’s really him Daddy!” you crawled back to your father and swung your arms around him. He took the photo from your hands. Harley came rushing over. When Joker looked at her they smiled at each other for the first time in what felt like a hundred years. “Who is that man? He looks familiar.” you asked looking around at everyone.

“That’s Bruce Wayne princess.” The joker said stroking his daughters hair.

“Not just Bruce Wayne!” Harley started jumping up and down. You were fascinated by how fast her mood changed like a snap of the fingers. “The one and only infamous playboy millionaire!” Your mother squealed like a little school girl causing the joker to growl and give her a threatening look.

“Oh… uh… I mean that ugly, over rated, terrible dresser with the dead parents who could never compare to my puddin.” she smiled warmly at him. He ignored her attempt at an apology and turned to Frost.

“Boss what I know for sure now is that my guys saw Wayne with Jay. He was walking around his compound when our chopper saw them. What I’m thinking is the bat gave the kid over. Since Wayne has the reputation to take in orphans.” Joker growled even louder and pointed a gun up in Frosts direction and fired. He bullet went past his head and he froze.

“NEVER. SAY. THAT. WORD.” Joker jumped up to his feet. You, Harley, and Frost stayed. Your father turned around and looked down at you. In the softest voice he could muster he said  “get ready Princess, Daddy is going to make everything right again.” 

You couldn’t contain your excitement. You planted kisses on his cheek and ran to your room. You were finally going to have your family back. Harley leaped over to her makeup and started gathering it all up. 

“Frost… bring the car around. We’re going for a drive.” The clown prince slithered to the floor and laid down. Frost slowly got up and backed out, not wanting to take his eyes off Joker’s trigger finger. 

The Clown prince roared with laughter as he was finally able to release all the tension in his body. He relaxed on the floor knowing that tonight he was about to unleash hell on the entire city, and destroy Bruce Wayne.

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The First

Prompt 15 of 642: Describe your first kiss.

“What was your first kiss like?” Charlie asked, tipping her martini glass with most of the Cosmo in it long gone at Jo.

Jo laughed and covered her face.  “No!  It’s too embarrassing!”

“Well…if you want to take a dare instead…”

“Oh, God, no.  Not one of your dares.  Alright, fine.  I’ll tell it.”

Charlie, Dorothy, Benny, Jesse, and Cesar all leaned forward to hear the story better.  Sam leaned back so that he could sign for Eileen; Jo still had her face covered as she started talking making it impossible to read her lips.

Castiel leaned back into the couch and sighed heavily.  He was doing a fairly good job of ignoring the fact that Dean’s thigh was pressed against his.  Dean was doing it on purpose, Castiel knew that much.  This weird, competitive game of gay chicken they’d been playing with each other for nearly two years now had started to escalate lately.  The banter and suggestive dialogue and double entendres were about the same, which was to say every other sentence out of their mouths, but within the past couple of months things had started to get…physical.  And Castiel didn’t know how to respond it.  He liked it.  He liked the idea of it going further, but when he considered it in reality it just seemed impossible.

Dean rolled his head on his neck so that he rested it half on the back of the couch and half on Cas’ shoulder as he whispered into Cas’ ear.

“So, we’re, like, thirty-somethings,” he said, “and we’re drinking girlie drinks and playing truth or dare on a Saturday night.”

“What would you rather be doing?” Castiel asked.

Dean snorted and glanced up at Cas with a knowing smile.  Cas rolled his eyes.

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Because I was a stripper at 15 years old, I think a lot of people look at that and they think I was a prostitute and I was a whore and I did dirty things for money. When really, i was very young and I did what I had to, to survive at that time. It’s not like I was a little girl thinking like, Oh when I grow up I want to be a stripper! And I want everyone to treat me like sh*t. It definitely wasn’t like that for me. It was a survival tactic. In the urban community [especially] they really, really put me down. This one time I was in Milan and I’m literally around multi-millionaires and billionaires at this dinner and Dita Von Teese goes on stage and she gets buck naked and she spins around in a big martini glass and everyone clapped for her. And it’s bullsh*t. It’s not fair that it’s OK for her to do it because she’s doing it for rich white people but you know I was in like, the hood, and I did what I had to do to survive… and I constantly get ridiculed.
—  Amber Rose
Boys Boys Boys

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It wasn’t like she wasn’t happy for her friend.

She was. She was incredibly happy that her friend found someone to spend the rest of her life with. And she was overjoyed that her friend wanted her to be such a big part of her journey to the big day.

She just wasn’t happy about being involved in this part of the journey.

Raven licked her teeth and tried not to roll her eyes as a round of fruity pink drinks was brought to their rainbow penis themed table. A repetitive, over autotuned, overplayed, barely coherent pop song thudded out from the speakers, the bass making everything vibrate, including her chest, and she couldn’t help but count the songs until it was okay to leave.

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@jayce-piltover whispered – Jayce slicked back his hair and walked over to the woman at the bar. Her figure and general demeanor had caught his eye and he wasn’t one to let that kind of woman get away without at least a try. He could tell she was older, but not that much older than himself. “Hi there, name’s Jayce. Buy you a drink?” He offered with his classic charming smile.

Jessie sat back on the barstool, eyeing the man who had approached her. He was certainly attractive, and he had the walk of someone who knew it. Slowly, she smiled at him, stirring the straw in her current drink and letting him stew in curiosity over whether or not she’d say yes. She lifted the martini to her lips and drained the glass before finally speaking. “I’ve made it my goal to never say no to a handsome man offering alcohol,” she said calmly, setting her glass back on the bar and gesturing to it. “I could use another martini.”

Suffer in Silence || Taylor&(Open)

Taylor was sitting at the bar in the grill a martini glass in front of her. After the argument with Davina, Connor’s weird suggestion outside of the grill, and a very bitter sweet Birthday, Taylor was sitting at her local bar drinking. This was her either second of third martini, she stopped keeping count when someone sat next to her. She didn’t see who and she didn’t feel like saying anything but then she muttered. “That seat is taken." 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Criss || Learren

Lea wanted to surprise Darren on his birthday. She had been able to get off early that day and she caught the earliest flight she could to New York. Since he was spending the day with family, she had managed to arrange with his mother time with him in the evening. She had to admit, she liked being sneaky and keeping him guessing as to what she was going to do. Finally, she let the cat out of the bag and told him to come down to the hotel’s bar. Currently she was sitting off to the side, a martini in front of her and a glass of whiskey waiting for Darren next to her. Since it was a special occasion, she had dressed in a tight, short, red dress that she knew Darren would love. Part of his birthday gift was her, but she also had a few more tricks up her sleeve for the night. She looked up just as Darren entered the bar, smiling at him and waving him over.


          with the rain pouring down around her, ariella let out a huge sigh as the bus she was supposed to get home just drove past her even though she clocked it clearly. fuck it. she grumbled, hugging herself to try and keep warm as the cold drips fell onto her skin. the brunette looked around from where she was stood to see if she could find somewhere to shelter until the rain stopped. ariella mentally counted to five before sucking in a deep breath then running from under the not-so-great bus shelter to a nearby bar that was clearly open, but didn’t seem to be extremely buzzing with life.

          as she approached the door, her hair stuck together in thick yet damp strands by the sides of her pale cheeks and she waited a few seconds before entering. as the door shut behind her, numerous well dressed individuals in the bar turned to look at her with martini and champagne glasses in their hands… definitely not a place she would fit in at the slightest.