with her head ducked down


Kara is not sure if Lena is into girls. Maggie offers help.


In which Maggie says way too many lesbian references and Lena answers with just as much.

Also on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9955643

“Spit it out, Little Danvers. What has got you all worked up?”

“Why do I need a reason to spend time with my sister’s girlfriend?” It’s somehow slurred and it makes Maggie wonder how much she already had drank before Maggie even got there.

Maggie stares at Kara, eyes narrowing while the young girl blushes and ducks her head down, fingers rapidly coming to push her glasses back, and she knows there’s something Kara wants.

She takes a look down; at the three empty glasses of a drink she’s sure Kara shouldn’t be drinking on her own, especially on a Wednesday night. Then back at red cheeks and adverting gaze.

The crinkle appears in between her eyebrows when all Maggie does is tilt her head to the side, waiting for an answer. Not so long ago, Alex had told her, her sister has a weakness: not being able to endure the silence. So Maggie takes a long swing of her beer and waits, because she knows it won’t take long.

And Kara honest to God starts squirming under her gaze. She groans, plays with the glass in her hand and finally drops her shoulders, loud sigh leaving her lips.

“How did you know?”


“That something is bothering me.”


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I didn’t know,“ he said. ”I didn’t know you needed me.“
Her voice shook. ”I always need you” (…)
He ducked his head down, kissed her cheek.  “I swear on us.
Clary wound her fingers into the sleeve of his T-shirt. “Why us?
Because there isn’t anything I believe in more.”

“You love each other – anyone can see that, looking at you – that kind of love that can burn down the world or raise it up in glory.” Lilith, City of Fallen Angels about Jace and Clary

Out of Your League (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Word Count: 1012

Genre: Fluff

Request/Summary: “Hercules x reader 5 and 38″ - @hydroartitst444​ 

Prompt List  |  Ask Box  |  Masterlist

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x Reader (With maybe a little too much Lafayette x Peggy)

AU: Modern

Warnings: None

A/N-I’m sorry this ended up having so much Leggy, I couldn’t resist my ship.

Originally posted by rackhamrogue

“They’re cute, you should ask them out.” Alexander’s voice in Hercules’ ear dragged him out of his daze.

“Way out of my league.” Hercules responded, continuing to stare at the person across the room.

“Okay, can you at least stop staring? It’s kinda creepy.” John commented. Herc straightened his posture and turned to look at his friends.

“Who?” Peggy asked, leaning into Lafayette and throwing her head back to finish off whatever fruity drink was in her hand. He ducked his head down to kiss the top of her head.

“Been together for… a month.” You told Maria nodding toward the couple across the room.

“Hmm… I say they’re not together yet, but he’s really crushing on her,” She countered. “Hey she looks like me. But happier and cuter.”

“Sure, but you’re hotter.” You shrugged. “Maybe he’s crushing on her, but if they’re not together, she likes him to.”

“Nah. They’re just friends at this point.” She shook her head. “I think he’s trying to get the courage to tell her he likes her but is afraid of how she’ll react. He values the friendship they already have and doesn’t want to make it awkward.

“No, did you see that look she gave him… right there, see? It’s either they’re both into each other, or they’re already together.” You argued.

“Ooh, that one just pointed at you! He’s hot.” She gave the man a once over before turning back to you.

“He’s gay.” You stated.

“What makes you say that?” She frowned.

“See the curly haired one with the freckles?”


“That’s his boyfriend.” Just as you said so, the one who had pointed leaned over and kissed the freckled one on the cheek. “What’d I tell you?”

“He could be bi…” She pouted. “Anyway, why do you think he pointed at you?”

“I think he pointed at you and was telling his friends that that one who was staring earlier is into you.”

“The one in red?” Peggy asked.

“They’re both in red mon petit chou.” Lafayette pointed out.

“Oh. The one that’s way out of your league?” Peggy giggled.

“They’re both out of my league.” Herc groaned.

“I know.” She laughed. “Okay, so which one is it?”

“The one on right.” Alexander told her.

“Our right?” Peggy queried.

“Yup.” Hercules confirmed.

“Oh, you should ask them out!” Peggy encouraged.

“Will you do it for me?” He shifted uncomfortably.

“You want me to ask them out for you?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Mm-hmm.” Hercules hummed, setting his chin in his hands.

“Geez, you’re that desperate?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He answered shortly, swirling the ice in his drink around with his straw.

“Oh! She’s coming over here! We should ask her about her relationship with the tall one.” You said excitedly as the woman dressed in yellow who resembled Maria walked over.

“I feel like I’m usually not the one to say this, but that might be overstepping our boundaries.” Maria pointed out.

“Hi!” The woman greeted as she approached you. “Peggy Schuyler.” She stuck out her hand for you to shake.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” You stated, shaking. She turned to Maria,

“Maria Reynolds.” She nodded in greeting, ignoring Peggy’s outstretched hand.

“My friend Hercules over there want me to ask you,” You glanced across the room at the group of boys, all huddled together looking at you, they quickly began examining the walls at your gaze.

“Which one?” You questioned idly.

“Uhh, broad shoulders, beanie?” Peggy described.

“The one that’s been staring all evening?” You questioned.

“That’s the one.” She confirmed. “He wanted me to ask you out for him.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Oh my god I ship it!” Maria said excitedly.

“Wait, me?” You asked, your eyes widening in surprise. Peggy nodded. “Well,” You began, regaining your composure.

“I would’ve said yes if he came over here himself.” You told her, sipping your drink.

“(Y/N)!” Maria whined.

“I appreciate a little courage in those interested in me.” You shrugged.

“I’ll pass on the news then.” Peggy nodded.

“Oh, wait before you go,” You stopped her.

“Yes?” She turned back to face you.

“Maria and I were wondering, what’s the status of your relationship with the tall one, with the fluffy hair?” You queried, Maria elbowed you.

“Lafayette and I… are… friends.” She told you, her brow furrowed. “I’ll be honest though, I might have a tiny crush on him.” I told you! You mouthed to Maria.

“You should tell him.” You advised. “It’ll be worth it, I promise.”

“Thanks I guess, maybe I will… But first I’m telling Herc what you said.” She said, turning around again and walking back to her friends.

“They said they would’ve said yes if you’d gone over there yourself.” Peggy reported, glancing nervously toward Lafayette. Hercules frowned before getting up from his chair.

“You’re going?” John asked.

“I’m a little bit drunk, and a lot desperate. So yes, I’m going.” Hercules stated.

“Bonne chance!” Lafayette called after Hercules.

“I’m Hercules Mulligan. You wanna go out sometime?” The broad shouldered man asked, walking up to you.

“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N). And I suppose I’d be up for that.” You giggled.

“Can I get your number?” He asked, releasing a sigh of relief. You traded phones and put your number into his.

“I’ll call you later Hercules Mulligan.” You smiled, handing him back his phone.

“Oh Mari, look what we did I feel so bad!” You said once Hercules had left. She looked over to see Lafayette and Peggy standing off to the side. Peggy seemed to be extremely interested in her feet and Lafayette looked… well… guilty.

“What? He’s rejecting her? But we were so convinced he liked her!” Maria complained.

“I guess we were wr- Oh, never mind.” You cut yourself off and Lafayette lifted Peggy’s chin and brought her lips to his in an extremely passionate and sloppy kiss. You looked back over at Hercules and exchanged smiles with him.

“I still ship it.” Maria whispered in your ear.

“Shut up.” You rolled your eyes.

Time for a story - Listen with your heart

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

“What are you doing?”

Felicity turned her face into the pillow with a sleepy smile, screwing her eyes shut. When Oliver’s lips continued their path down the side of her neck, Felicity pulled her shoulder to her ear, denying him access to continue tickling her skin. Oliver didn’t let that stop him, though. He ducked his head and kissed down her back. His warm breath ghosted over her shoulder, leaving goosebumps along her spine.

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girl direction fics  ♡

(♕ = my favorites)

my heart is untamed, still by ariadne_odair or @everyjawdrops

“Maybe when you’re not ten, sweetheart,” Louis sneers, and laughs in her face. The girl blanches, her entire face turning white, bitten nails clutching her plaid shirt.

“Louis,” Liam says slowly, watching as the girl leaves. “You know that girl is in our year, right?”

Louis watches the girl go, the way her shoulders are slumped, head ducked down, and fights down the squirming feeling in her stomach. “So?” she says icily, trying to keep her voice steady, “I don’t care.”

Or the one where Harry pines and Louis’ mean, but it’s not so fun when the tables are turned. (12k) 

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Byrne: Part Five


Abraxi didn’t remember much. She remembered looking up at him, his canines, his eyes, his voice, his anger, and then there was only darkness. A deep, stronger darkness than what should have been possible for a Fae to create.

The witch wasn’t even sure if Fae could have powers over pure shadows. There was so much about him that didn’t add up, and she hated it, but those were the parts that drew her to him. And repulsed her the most.

He reminded her of something, like an old fairytale your parents told you at night but you couldn’t remember everything about the characters. It was like she had met him before, tasted his magic before, but she couldn’t remember.

Abraxi blinked as white light slowly filled her eyes when she opened them. She winced and ducked her head down. She had been in that darkness for so long, she had given up hope of ever seeing light.

How long had she been in that darkness?

There were soft groans, some of them her own, and Abraxi slowly crawled forward to the light. Her hands met bars and she tugged on them, blinking slowly. A cell. A part of her was hurt that she had not woken up in a bed, with Byrne sitting in a chair.

She noticed him. Noticed him in ways she wished she didn’t, but it made her want to notice him more. The slight tremor of his jawline, the way his eyes seemed to look into two different worlds. And also the way when those eyes landed on her, it was like she was the only world.

She didn’t know what to think, or really what she had thought. But when Byrne had snapped, when darkness had filled her veins and her lungs, she knew everything she imagined was a lie. She knew every flinch of his was planned, everything he said to her was calculated, there was nothing true about him.

Still, it hurt.

“Where the hell are we?” Abraxi gasped at her brother’s voice. She peered through the bars and the darkness - though considerably lighter than whatever Byrne had put them in - and she saw her brothers eyes. “Hey, Brax” Ciel smiled and Abraxi covered her mouth, her fingers trembling.

“Back in these stupid cells,” Nadia cursed. She slammed her foot against the bars and slowly lied down, wrapping her arms around herself. “What have we gotten ourselves into? It doesn’t make sense. What Fae is that powerful?”

“Did you guys see it too?” Artemis shivered, her hands pressing down on her own shoulders. Abraxi noticed she had been a girl for a while now, and she had a good feeling she was afraid to be anything else. “The darkness? It was…terrifying. It felt like I was trapped between something as well as trapped in myself and-”

“Breathe, Artemis” Rajni whispered and reached between her cell bars to hold Artemis’s hand. “Forget about that, okay? We can see now. And we’re going to get out of this. Our parents have most likely done something by now, I mean, they’re not useless”

“They shouldn’t come after us,” Abraxi whispered, even though she hated to say it. “He wants them. Ciel, you should have seen how angry he was when I mentioned father. I’ve never seen such quiet anger like that”

“We’re bait,” Nadia groaned. She laughed drily and ran her fingers through her matted hair. “He wants your parents. That explains why the witches had such control over Erilea. He’s been surrounding us and planning for God knows how long”

Abraxi noticed Nadia said ‘God’. Even surrounded by witches and faes, with parents blessed by several gods, the girl still kept her faith in one god. In one thing, she needed one thing to explain everything to her. Abraxi wondered what that God was telling her now and if it was helpful.

She doubted it.

“Like a raven,” Abraxi whispered, remembering the ravens. That was his animal form. That was the animal his shadows took the form of whenever they came out of him. That was his very essence, ever watching, ever calculating. But did he answer to someone? The thought made her laugh.

Byrne answered to no one. But his ravens answered to him, they watched for him, calculated for him. Abraxi shuddered and she hugged herself slowly, remember that one bright blue eye and the hazel one. And the scars she had wanted to drag her fingers down.

“Gavriel,” Lyria whispered. Everyone went quiet and Abraxi tried to peer through the musty darkness and she saw Lyria’s light head. She was shaking, sobs traveling through her body. “Gavriel!” Her voice rose and she clutched at her hair.

“Is he breathing!” Artemis jumped up, trying to squeeze out of her cell.

“He’ll live,” came a voice. Everyone froze as a small flame lit. Iskra Yellowlegs stood at the foot of the spiral staircase, smiling. She clicked her iron claws together, before looking at them. “I was told you all would be awake. How was your nap?” The witch gave a cruel grin, her iron teeth gleaming in the fire light.

She walked down the row of cells, resting one hand on her hip, holding the candle in her other. “He should have killed you by now. At least sent the human’s head back home. But he hasn’t,” Iskra sighed. “But don’t worry. It’s almost over”

Abraxi didn’t believe that. There were two Byrnes. There was the one that Aradia and Iskra saw. There was the one that bit their heads off, but at the same time caressed them. There was the one that gave them their iron.

But then there was her Byrne. The one who somehow knew her favorite color was the deepest violet. The one who somehow knew about hair and liked it when it was open and free. The one who felt something, she knew he did, but squeezed himself into a chair; his legs and arms too long to be sitting down. The Byrne that danced with her, played chess, and sparred with her and laughed when she found out he couldn’t bleed.

It was that Byrne that she was counting on.

“We know what you’re doing,” Abraxi growled, snarling at the witch. Her mother had told her about the Heir to the Yellowlegs. She had tried to kill her mother once, and Petrah Blueblood. It was no surprise she would ally herself with whatever the other Byrne was.

“I doubt you do, Abraxi Blackbeak. You’ve probably pieced some things together, thanks to my brother wanting you to know. Whatever you know, it’s because he wants you to,” Iskra whispered. She slowly knelt down in front of Abraxi’s cell, gripping her chin. Her iron claws dug into her skin.

Abraxi hissed but that one word pounded in her ears. Brother, brother, brother. Was Byrne half witch then? Yet he called Aradia mother, when she was Iskra’s aunt. Brother, brother, brother. Iskra had said it a different way. A mix of love and admiration, wonder and disgust. Abraxi felt for her Byrne again. A mother and a sister who so obviously bowed to him, but at the same time would rip out his heart if they could.

What had made him so sure Abraxi wouldn’t do the same?

Somehow he knew, because Abraxi found herself less and less likely to stab him. Even when she saw her scarred brother, a barely breathing Gavriel, a panicked Lyria, an unbelieving Nadia, and a terrified Artemis, she would not lay a hand on Byrne.

The blood running down her neck brought her back to the present. Blue blood. Byrne did not bleed, there was no way to tell if he bled blue or red. Another clue, another hidden equation, another step closer. But to what destination?

Ciel and Rajni growled, wanting to get to their sister, but unable to. “I hope he kills you first. Rips your heart out and gives it to me as a present. Or maybe I’ll rip it out myself,” Iskra taunted. Abraxi winced as Iskra let her go, and as the small streams of blue blood fell down her chest.

“He wouldn’t kill me,” Abraxi whispered. Everyone looked at her and Iskra raised her eyebrow, wiping Abraxi’s blue blood on her brown trousers. “He won’t kill me” 

She felt it with everything inside of her. As she would not lay a hand on Byrne, he would not lay a hand on her. No matter what Iskra taunted, no matter what Byrne did or showed he could do, Abraxi would not be hurt.

“I think I can speak for myself, thank you.” Abraxi’s heart fluttered and dropped at the same time as Byrne’s voice filled the room.

“What are you doing?”

Asha looks up from her task at the question, hands pausing for a moment, before answering.

“I’m braiding Cole’s hair?”

She is, her hands are deftly maneuvering the boy’s white hair, twisting together sections before plucking a ribbon from the pile and moving onto another.


“The Orlesian ambassador is visiting…and since I’m not allowed to set her on fire and Cass is still too injured to spar, I needed a different distraction.”

Thom thinks for a moment before remembering the ambassador and her pointed comments about unsuitable oxmen.

“Alright, but why braiding?”

“Seething, festering, blooming, haven’t I proven myself? Haven’t I done enough?” The boy whispers, and Asha ducks her head down to hide her pretty blush.

Thom settles down next to her, leaning against the wall, and Asha leans in to kiss him briefly before turning back to Cole with a grateful smile.

He’s carved half a mabari, a gift for the smith’s son, when Sera appears in the doorway.

There’s a question in her eyes, and Asha looks up with a smile before nodding.

She joins them, and he listens to her easy chatter with half an ear, peaceful and content, before Cole moves to the side and Sera slides in front of Asha.

He doesn’t know how much time has passed before Varric appears in the doorway.

“Hey, Hero, Josephine’s looking for-” and Varric stops and looks at the scene laid out before him. Asha is braiding Sera’s hair and Cole is sitting beside him, clumsily trying to imitate his work on another block of wood. Thom knows how domestic it looks.

“I’ll just be going then…”

He listens to Asha’s humming and Sera’s laughter, watches Cole focus on the block with single minded intensity, and can’t help the small smile on his face.

They feel like a family. 

Coming Home | one-shot |

Summary: Himawari always knew home was where the heart was. Luckily, her heart was big enough for all. 

Pairing: mild NaruHina, mainly Himawaru-centric.
Prompt: Inspired by this prompt by godzillanon​ and narootos​. 

AN: I sat down on my computer this morning to do work and ended up spending the day writing this instead. It was much too good a prompt to pass up. Enjoy! (And side note: Hima named everyone. She is definitely her father’s daughter.)
(Also on ff.net)


“Hm?” Naruto looked up from the report he was reading at the kitchen table to see his daughter standing in the doorway. She shuffled from side to side, her head ducked down, her arms tucked behind her back. She looked distinctly bashful and so very much like Hinata when she was that age. Naruto smiled at the thought.

“Can you play with me?” Himawari’s bright blue eyes darted up to look at his face hopefully.

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Just Like You - Part 4 [Harley Quinn x Joker]

Part I  - 2 - 3

Summary:  Where the rest of the world sees a deranged psychopath, Harleen Quinzel sees a man. She is drawn into his world and finds herself unable to turn away. This is her transformation into Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad-verse.

I never sang for love, I never had a heart to mend
Because before the start began, I always saw the end
But nothing’s ever gonna give, I’ll never set you free
Yeah, I’ll never set you free

Whatever her plan had been for this, she had not expected to find herself in a corner, crouching behind an overturned table as a group of costumed men with machine guns closed in on her. Harleen pressed herself against the wall, unarmed and horrified. Another explosion went off and she crouched down with her arms thrown over her head, ducking as parts of the ceiling gave in.

This was not a part of the plan.

One of the intruders, dressed in a fancy suit, grabbed her harshly by the arm and yanked her up to her feet. She immediately directed a punch to his face only to receive a hard blow in return. The men held her down by the neck as they dragged out of her hiding place.

Another loud sound made her flinch, a metal door was blown off it’s hinges - accompanying the sounds of bullets spraying all over when more masked men stormed the hallways. She was pulled right into the war zone, struggling against their vice grip. Bright flashes all over, broken windows, the inmates released from their cells, the fire alarm blasted.

“Keep her alive,” the man in the suit ordered. “Boss’ orders.”

It had been surprisingly easy to get a machine gun. Maybe had she had gained the guards’ trust, or they had simply taken a liking to her, but either way it suited her purpose.

She ordered a nurse to bring her heavy sedatives, claiming the Joker had been acting out again. After his recent behavior, Harleen immediately got what she asked for, no questions asked. Then she told the nurse the true story of how the Joker wouldn’t have his medication given to him by anyone else than her, which left her alone with the goods.

She loaded a syringe with the biggest dosage and kept it hidden in her coat. She waited around in the hallways until she spotted one of the guards who used to wait outside during her therapy sessions. He was always nice to her, more so than the others.

She asked him to accompany her to the Joker’s cell for an unscheduled visit, claiming she was scared to go alone. She played her part of concerned doctor perfectly, and he was more than willing to join her, taking his mission to protect this seemingly innocent woman seriously. His mistake.

Once they were alone, she kept up her game for another few minutes to lull him into a sense of false security. Lying had always come easy to her, especially when it was for Mister J. She was proud to be his trusted accomplice. She was going to show him just how serious she was. She wouldn’t let him down.

She fed the guard long sob stories of how threatened she felt, urging him to keep himself extra close to her. All she needed was for him to turn around, and as he was busy unlocking the door for her, she brought the syringe up and stabbed his neck in one swift movement. He gave a surprised gasp and stumbled back, but she had already emptied its contents into his vein. Using his surprise, she pulled him inside of the Joker’s cell, closed the door behind her and removed his rifle from him. He was on the floor, losing his consciousness quickly. Impatiently she slammed the end of the gun on his head.

When she was sure he was out, she hurried over to the Joker, who was sitting on the bed. He watched her, his head tilted slightly to the side and a grin playing on his lips.

“That was quick, doll,” he purred. “I knew you could do it.”

Relishing in his praise, she immediately removed his straitjacket, heart pounding with anticipation. They had created a routine during the past week of always starting his sessions with her removing it, but now that time was over.

This was it. The beginning of his final freedom. Yet, she had decided not to think of what would happen afterwards. All she knew was that she was going follow, wherever he went. Their paths were intertwined now, for better or worse.

“Now, you wait here,” he told her, grabbing the machine gun, his eyes sparkling with dark anticipation. His eyes were steel gray again and coldly focused. She sensed the blood lust in him and her excitement grew.

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tlourellie  asked:

for that 3 sentence fic thing do elitown in the tlou au 👀 but also levian in unwind


His laughter fills the air like a warning signal. Logic tells her she should ask him to quiet down. She grins and ducks her head, instead – joy is needed for a successful life, anyway.


They talk about injuries a lot – it’s common ground. One is covered from scars from a clumsy childhood; the other is dealing with newly forming marks. Both think the other’s are beautiful.

|| @dark-blue-mondays ||

Emma had made a habit of wandering around in the day time since her incident with Drago, needing something to do to keep herself busy when she wasn’t working. The park was something that she loved so much.. it gave her just the slightest feeling of home again.. while she missed it, she knew without a doubt that if she ever had the choice she would never return. 

No.. this was home. 

She didn’t even realize what it was that happened unti suddenly she was much shorter, swimming in the clothing that she had been in, and absolutely no memory of where she was, or anything else that happened. She sat among her clothing, blinking slowly as her smaller ebony ears moved about slowly on her ears, picking up every small noise around her. 

She made a soft noise of fear, ducking her head down just a bit as she clutched the oversized shirt to herself and stood, looking around before she began to wander, trying to find something that would be familiar. 

celestial | vi. what you remember


There was a gentle knock on the door.

Alma slowly rose from bed. Squinting, she raised a hand to block out the rays of sunshine that poured through her window. Her long raven hair tickled her thigh as she ducked her head down, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes before standing up and lazily stretching.

Another knock.

“Coming,” Alma sighed, before shuffling to the door.

When she opened it Cassian stood at the entrance, his eyes quickly glancing over her clean face and fresh clothes. He nodded, a neutral expression on his face. “You’re awake.”

He had left Alma last night with the blood still on her hands and dirt in her hair after she confessed to him. She didn’t need to tell him twice to go, he needed time to think about everything, to take in the weight of her actions.

“I am now,” she murmured. “Listen, about last night —”

“Alma,” Cassian interjected, “ It’s okay, we’ll get the chance to talk about it later. Get dressed, we’re going somewhere.”

Alma tilted her head, a confused look on her face as she replied, “Where?”

Cassian looked down and let out a breathy chuckle before meeting her gaze again. He gave a soft smile, “You’ll see.”

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   “——you know, you really didn’t have to do this. i could’ve just waited until i got back to my motel room to fix it up, really.” she mostly just wasn’t used to someone else looking after her when she’d hurt herself ( or at least, someone that wasn’t her parents ). holding back small smiles was all she could do while ducking her head down in shyness. she’d tried the confidence thing– didn’t really work out for her. “—–it’s incredibly sweet of you, though, all the same.” // @hclfbrd liked !

@guidestotheriverstyx continued from here

Seeing his master’s face turn so red, brought a combination of a slight grin and a slight smirk to his face, though he didn’t say much about it. He did notice the sarcasm in her voice, and decided to comment upon that.

“…. You know, the sarcasm you’ve been trying to use doesn’t hide how nervous you get each time I spin the bottle and it lands on you.” Upon seeing her head duck down once more in a vain attempt to hide her blush, the mixed grin/smirk on Raziel’s face grew slightly.

“.. You had to have slightly expected this to happen, since once again, this was your idea. But anyway master, it’s your turn to spin the bottle.” Looks like the servant had heard her comment, and decided to reply to it at the same time he reminded her it was her turn. After a moment or so of his reminding her, he decided to bug her about that blush she has.

“…. So Master, why is your face so red? Is there something you’re not telling me? Like perhaps….” And here the real teasing had begun, which accompanied his smile becoming a full out smirk. “…. you enjoy this?”

“I hear you, Captain,” he says. Then he starts walking toward her—or toward the ladder behind her—and Hera instinctively moves out of his way. But he stops right by her, ducking his head down beside her cheek. She’s terribly, uncomfortable aware of his nearness, and the low timbre of his voice sends a shiver across her skin as he says: “Next time I won’t get hurt.”

Rough sketch of the spaceotp XD I have to draw them after read  Eloquence Another great fic by @worriedaboutmyfern

The frosty air gnaws redness onto the apples of her cheeks and the tip of her nose. “Shit.” She hisses through her teeth, jaw clenching as she presses her hands deeper into her pockets when the wind picks up. She hates being out in the cold, but if it means stopping her stomach’s growling and satisfying her need to drink something a little stronger than what she has at home, braving some chilly temperatures is just a small price to pay.

Picking up the pace once she rounds a corner, she ducks her head to cut down on the wind’s nipping at her face. A few more minutes and she’ll be in the warmth of a bar. Or so she thinks until a quick glance up and a familiar face in her line of sight tell her that she might not get there as soon as she was hoping to.

So this all stemmed from imagining Emma Swan playing Pokemon go in my head and somehow this happened. Idek.

“I fucking hate this game,” Emma mumbles as she and Ruby stroll up to granny’s. They’d circled storybrooke at least five times and Emma had caught literally like two Pokemon and they were both rats.

“I guess this is what happens when you live in a town that’s literally not on the map.”

Emma shrugs because good point and closes the stupid app.

Emma and Ruby sit at their usual booth and Emma orders her usual, hot cocoa with cinnamon, and Ruby orders her usual, coffee- black.

“Shit, fuck.” Emma mutters and then ducks her head down making it way more suspicious than she actually has to.

“What? What is it?” Ruby immediately starts craning her neck, looking around the diner. Also, suspicious as fuck. Then Ruby sees her. “Ooooh. Regina.”

Emma kicks her under the table, “can you like, shut the fuck up. She’ll hear you.”

“Honestly, Swan. You’re hopeless. Just go talk to her. She’s the mother of your son, for Christ’s sake.”

Emma just shakes her head. No way she can go over there right now. Not when Regina is sitting over there with her perfect fucking hair and her perfect fucking suit jacket and– Emma looks a bit to the side, enough to where she can see the rest of Regina’s outfit and she gulps– and her perfect fucking pencil skirt and God, her perfect fucking legs. Emma burns her mouth as she attempts to chug her cocoa. “Fuck.”

“You’re pathetic you know that, right?” Ruby just shakes her head, laughing to herself as she needlessly looks over the menu (as if she doesn’t have the damned thing memorized).

“I’m well aware,” Emma grumbles and then opens that damn game, pointless Emma thinks but at least it’s a distraction.

And it’s a pretty good one until Emma scans the room with her phone and then “holy mother of Jesus, /shit/.”

Ruby looks at her over the menu, “what now?”

“Fucking PIKACHU.”

“Where?!” Ruby drops the menu.

Emma slams her phone down. No way. “At Regina’s table.”

Ruby throws her head back this time and laughs. “Fate is cruel to you, Emma Swan.” Emma gives her friend a pointed look, “or perhaps, very kind. Go over there, catch your Pokemon, and your woman.”

Emma shakes her head, “I can’t. No way, Rubes.”

“You got this. After all, you’re Emma Swan, savior and Pokemon master!”

Emma stares at the condescending little pikachu shit on her screen, under the table, bouncing around on one Regina’s fuck me heels.

“You’re mine!” Emma mumbles and Ruby isn’t sure whether the blonde means Pikachu or Regina but either way, she encourages her friend, “that’s the spirit! Now go!”

Emma slides out of the booth, phone in hand. She doesn’t have to get THAT close, she tells herself. Just walk up, catch that little fucker and leave. No big deal.

Emma walks up, a mere foot /maybe/ from Regina’s table and holds up her phone, aims the poke ball at Pikachu on Regina’s foot and 1…2….3…

“Exactly what do you think you’re doing Miss Swan?” Shit. “Are you taking photos of me?”

Emma almost drops her phone. She turns back to glance at Ruby who is just giving her a thumbs up and Emma reminds herself to disown her later. “Hey, Regina, I - um no, I was trying to catch a pikachu….”

Regina’s eyes boggle, “you were trying to catch a peek at what?! Miss Swan that is highly inappropriate, even for you.”

Emma is sweating. If the earth ever decided to open up and swallow her this would be a great moment. Maybe she could ask Regina for a sleeping curse after this. “No, no, it’s a game. A pikachu… It’s a Pokemon… Surely Henry has played before?”

Regina shakes her head and then takes a sip of her coffee. “I’m afraid not.” Regina tries to look disinterested but there’s a slight quirk to her lips, she’s amused.

“I didn’t mean to disturb your lunch, Regina –I…”

“Too late. Have a seat, Sheriff.”

Emma gulps and turns back to Ruby as she goes to slide in the booth and Ruby is fist pumping like this is the key to Emma getting laid and she played a part of it.

“So tell me, EM-ma,” and the way her name slides off those Crimson lips, it almost sounds sinful and Emma has to wipe the sweat from her palms on her jeans, she’s fidgeting, “did you catch what you were looking for?”

And somewhere in the tone of maybe it’s in the smirk that’s all in the way Regina is staring at her there’s a double meaning to her question and Emma’s throat is suddenly very dry because on one hand, no, she didn’t catch pikachu but here she is with Regina and…. Maybe. “I, uh, yeah, I think I got it.”

Regina glances at the menu, feigning disinterest again, “well good.” Emma suddenly feels awkward again, because /well good?/ how the fuck is she supposed to work with that? And then the toe of Regina’s heel is sliding up her leg and holyshitwhatthell and Regina’s voice is low and husky in a way that leaves no room for confusion on Emma’s part, “and, Sheriff, if you ever DO want to catch a peek of me, next time, dear, just ask.”

. Because of Her .

Summary: “She’d saved them all. But, oh God, at what price?” {One-shot}{Natsu x Lucy}

Based On: “All of those people are alive right now - because of her.”

Author’s Note: Originally supposed to be a part of my Drabble Game, but meh.  I thought it’d be better as a one-shot.  I decided to be an angsty person tonight.  I may have choked up while writing this.

His fingers trailed through her golden hair, his onyx eyes staring blankly ahead of him as he held her to his bandaged chest. Her breathing was faint, but there. She’d been patched up by Wendy hours before, but he knew.

Oh, how he knew.

But he wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her. Not yet. Never would he be ready to say goodbye to her.

The thought crushed his very soul as he ducked his head down to press a kiss to the top of her head. “Why?” he whispered, tears boiling over as he tightened his grip just fractionally. “Why would you do that, Lucy? Why did you have to-”

His voice broke.

He remembered it clearly.

He remembered the giddy excitement he’d felt at the prospect of tearing every one of them into pieces…and then she’d been there. Her brown eyes mournful yet determined as she threw her arms out and stood in front of the rest of them, screaming for him to stop, that this wasn’t him, because damn it, she wanted her Natsu back!

She’d saved them all.

But, oh God, at what price?

The magic had torn through her body, ripping her soul and mind and body to pieces. He didn’t know how. He didn’t want to know how. But she’d somehow used the unending power of Lumen Histoire to rip the demon from his blood and seal it away, this time permanently.

Etherious Natsu Dragneel, demonic brother of Zeref, was gone.

Natsu Dragneel, son of Igneel, was not.

And soon, he’d lose the celestial mage who meant more than the world to him.

It had destroyed her entirely, what she’d done for him and their beloved guild.


The tears didn’t stop; his eyes only widened as he yanked back to discover the tired blonde looking up at him with eyes that were full of agonized pain…and love. Her face held the same determination that she had worn during the battle, the one that had saved them all.

“Lucy,” he breathed back.

It was impossible.

Should have been impossible.

But here she was, alive. Awake, when he’d just been waiting for the last breath that would destroy what was left of him.

She gave a tight-lipped smile as his forehead rested against hers. His eyes slid shut, and hers did as well. Both clutched at each other when his lips came to brush against hers in search of comfort only she could provide, and he didn’t know how, but he found himself ordering, “Marry me.”

She only laughed breathlessly. “If I…survive the night…yes.”

The next hour found him contently soothing her pain away with gentle caresses and kisses, his heart swelling at the realization that she loved him in such a way.

The next morning found a hopeless dragon slayer giving a keening wail as he pulled the still and un-breathing body of his partner to his chest.

The next week found him settled beside her grave, speaking in low tones about what had happened after the battle that had killed her.

The next month found him smiling secretly as he chatted away about what adventure he’d gone on with Happy, about how hard it was without her, about how he wasn’t sure he wanted to go one without her.

The next year found him in her welcoming arms, taking comfort in the touch he never thought he’d feel again.

For decades, Fairy Tail’s mages would tell the story of how the stricken dragon had given up his life to rejoin his princess despite the fact that he’d known he was leaving them behind.

Smile {Angst Week Day 1}

IDK if this is really “angsty” but oh well!

They stare as she walks by–they always stare, and she hates it. She absolutely hates feeling their eyes on her. She knows why they’re looking–what they’re looking at. She knows that they look at her and think “dear God, what happened to her?” On some level, she can understand. She gets it. She would probably stare too if she was one of them, but it doesn’t change how awkward and hurt she feels. Like their disgust is palpable–she can feel it creeping across her flesh, burning her. The stares make her feel like those memories are being dragged out of the darkness all over again, and she can’t keep running forever.

Lucy ducks her head down as two girls pass, raw gasps coming from them. Shame creeps through her, phantom pain flaring across her cheek. It doesn’t hurt, not anymore, but sometimes she swears she can still feel it–like there’s still something there ripping through her skin–and the blood, God, there was so much blood.

She sucks in a sharp breath, eyes squeezing shut. Absentmindedly, her fingers skate across–no. Her eyes fly open, hand dropping back to her side, and she bolts, nearly crashing into several people as everything starts coming back.

She doesn’t want to remember–she doesn’t. Her feet slip as she takes a sharp turn, her books spilling out over the floor. Lucy doesn’t stop to pick them up–doesn’t look back. The world around her blurs, and it’s almost like everything else has just disappeared. She wouldn’t care if they did. It wouldn’t matter, not at the moment.

Tears burn at her eyes as she bursts through the first door she finds. The room is empty, and she briefly acknowledges that she’s enter the girls bathroom. Her head snaps to the right–

And suddenly she’s looking into a mirror.

Lucy freezes, her mouth going dry–and then, her heart drops into her stomach, bile rising in her throat. Her reflection stares back at her, and she sees wild, terrified eyes, pale skin–as if she saw a ghost, her mouth stretched into a grim line. Shaky fingers raise to her face, lightly grazing her cheek, just below the–

Lucy shakes her head, backing up until her back hits the wall behind her.

It’s never easy to face the truth. And this isn’t something she wants to see.

The scar–red and angry and cutting across her face, marring her features–is the only thing she can see. And she hates that it’s all anyone else can see.

Eyes wide in terror, Lucy couldn’t do anything as she was dragged into the alley and shoved against the nearest wall, a hand over her mouth. A sudden weight was thrown against her, the drunk man over her leaning against her and pressing her into the wall. Realization hit her, though she wished it didn’t. It was the man that had been following her around at Fairy Tail earlier during her shift. He had already been drunk then, but at that moment he looked beyond smashed. He had been harassing her, following her around and asking her to “smile.” She had the first few times, if only to make him leave, but he had become even more persistent after that, daring to get closer, touching her shoulders and back, hands drifting lower and lower each time until Elfman had dragged him away, tossing him out onto the street. She thought he had left.

Seems she was wrong.

The man leaned in so that she could smell the alcohol on him, his warm breath on her exposed neck, nose sliding across her skin slowly. “Can you smile for me, Sweetheart?” he breathed against her skin, lips latching onto her neck, followed by a vicious bite, his teeth sinking into her flesh. Lucy screamed against the hand on her mouth, struggling to break free, but he only bit down harder, jerking her away from the wall, only to slam her back against it, her head hitting the concrete with a loud “crack.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as he pulled away, throwing her to the ground roughly, only to fall on top of her moments later, crushing her between him and the ground. His dark eyes met hers, hazy and unfocused, something cold and cruel there. He reached behind him with one hand, blindly groping for something, and she reacted instantly, hand flying up to claw at his face.

She caught him off guard, and his head snapped to the side with the force of the blow. Three bright, angry red lines marred his cheek, blood welling up from the scratches. Lucy felt satisfaction bubble in her for only a moment, because in the next her own head was knocked to the side from his harsh blow to her jaw. She yelped, freezing when something cool pressed against her throat. Her heart lurched into her throat, skipping a beat.

“Shh, shh,” he whispered, lips on her jaw. “Shh. Just smile for me, Baby. Smile.” He pushed up on his elbows, what she realized was a pocket knife pressing tighter to her neck. The flat of the blade was dragged up her neck, not cutting her, but surely scaring her. She released a squeak and he backhanded her quickly. “Shut up!” he roared, grabbing her jaw in one hand, forcing her to look at him. The knife was pressed to her lips. “Open your mouth,” he ordered, squeezing her jaw tightly. “You look better when you smile,” he whispered, fingers caressing her cheek.

The knife slipped between her lips, the blade close to  her skin, nicking the inside of her cheek. “Smile for me,” he demanded, the blade pressing harder when she refused. “Com on,” he cooed, leaning down to nuzzle her neck. “Smile, smile for me.” She squirmed beneath him, trying to shove him off.

The blade ripped across her skin, tearing through her skin as if it was nothing. Lucy didn’t even have it in her to scream as her flesh was torn, blood spilling down her face.

“You look pretty when you smile.”

Lucy leans back against the wall, sliding down slowly and burying her face in her knees. A sob rips from her throat, tears welling in her eyes. Her hands fist in her hair, fingers absentmindedly tracing the scar on her cheek. Her eyes squeeze shut tightly.

It’s not something she wants to remember, but it’s a day she’ll never be able to forget entirely. She doesn’t remember what happened after that man sliced her face, just that she woke up two days later in the hospital, stitches across her cheek and her jaw wired shut to prevent her from popping them. Natsu was beside her, and as soon as he saw her eyes open he jumped up from his chair and kneeled on the bed next to her, arms wrapping around her as he whispered how much he loves her, over and over again, breathing the words against her temple, lips lingering against her skin and tears wetting her hair.

She learned later that Gajeel and Elfman found her on their way home from the bar after their shift was over, and that it was Natsu who called them, asking where she was when she didn’t answer any of his calls.

And God was he terrified. She could see it in his eyes when he pulled away from her, his gaze tracing her features, drinking her in as if he was afraid he would never see her again. And then, he ducked his head down, nose nuzzling hers as he placed light butterfly kisses across her cheek and jaw and chin, whispering nonsense to her, voice thick with emotion.

And sometimes she wonders just how close to dying she must have been–just how much she must have scared him for him to practically be sobbing, cradling her against him as if he was afraid to let her go. And all she could do was hold on just as tight.

She had tried to speak, tell him that she loves him too. That’s when she noticed the pain and the stitches, how it hurt to swallow and she couldn’t move her mouth.

It left a scar.

It’s an ugly thing, she knows. It stretches from the corner of her mouth, all the way to the back of her mouth, rippling across the fleshy part of her cheek, marring her features from the inside out. She doesn’t want to think about how bad it must have looked when they found her. The skin over her cheek had been split in two, leaving the left side of her face a mangled mess of torn flesh and blood.

Her fingers graze the rough, raised skin, tracing it with a light finger, eyes squeezing shut.

She hasn’t smiled in months.

Crying into her knees, Lucy doesn’t here the bathroom door open, or the quiet footsteps that stop in front of her, not until a hand falls on her shoulder. Lucy jumps slightly, flinching away from the touch, about to push herself up and run again.

“Hey,” the person whispers, giving her shoulder a light squeeze. “It’s just me,” a familiar voice tells her. “It’s just me.”

“Natsu?” she sobs, blinking at him through her tears. Bright green eyes meet hers, his eyes sad as he looks at her. She turns away from him, hair covering her eyes and scar. “What are you doing here?” she asks, trying not to look at him. “This is the girls bathroom.”

Natsu leans forward, wrapping an arm around her as he settles on the floor next to her, tucking her against his shoulder without a word. She curls against him easily, tossing her legs over both of his and slinking her arms around his waist. His lips meet her temple, lingering against her skin for a long moment.

“I don’t care,” he breathes against her hair, lips brushing her skin. “My girl needed me. Like hell I wasn’t going to come in.” His fingers trail up and down her arm slowly. “Are you okay?”

Lucy nods, shifting her head to rest against his chest. Natsu pulls her into his lap, both arms going around her, locking her against him as he cuddles her into his chest, almost as if he’s trying to swallow her whole. “It’s just hard,” she whispers, head over his heart. “Everyone looks at me like I’m damaged, like I’m broken and no one is ever going to want me.” Tears stream down her cheeks. “And every time,” she snarls, fingers digging into his shirt. “Every time I look into a mirror I think they’re right.”

He growls, arms holding her tighter. “Don’t you dare say that,” he murmurs, voice rough and thick with something she can’t explain. “Not while I’m right here.” He pulls away enough to see her face, both hands coming up to cradle her in her palms. “I love you,” he tells her, leaning in and giving her a heartbreakingly sweet kiss, lips moving against hers slowly. He veers off after several long minutes, placing gentle kisses along her jaw, lips never once leaving her skin. And then, his lips brush her scar. Lucy startles, trying to jerk away, but Natsu holds her in place with a gentle hand against the back of her head. “I love you,” he repeats, kissing the marred skin. “I love you so much,” he breathes against the scar. “I will always love you, scar or no scar.” Tears well in her eyes, a few sliding down her cheek. A low whine pulls from Natsu’s throat. “Don’t cry,” he says, voice cracking. “Please, don’t cry.” His nose bumps hers in a silent apology.

Lucy releases a watery laugh, her arms squeezing him tight as she pulls away from him, meeting his eyes–

And then she smiles for the first time in a long time.

Do it for Aslan

Happy Valentines Day, @horcruxa! 

Summary: “Why are you hiding inside a closet?” 

It was too dark to see her expression but there was enough light filtering through the cracks of the doors to see her duck her head down in embarrassment.

“I was looking for Narnia.”

A/N: I tried to make it as fluffy as possible, while still having them keep their banter up to par, and I sneaked some fake/pretend trope at the end so I really hope you enjoy it! Have a lovely day! 

Bellamy managed to evade two rowdy children and the overflowing bag of a disgruntled-looking old lady before making it somewhat safely to the far corner of the bedroom section of IKEA. His sister, however, was nowhere to be found.

Cursing, and ignoring the angry glare the woman next to him threw him, Bellamy turned on his heel, desperately looking for any sign of Octavia’s red shirt. He knew they shouldn’t have strayed off the path and headed straight to the kitchen appliances. But no, Octavia just had to take a quick look at the cute pillows on one of the beds and now she was gone, lost in the overwhelming Sunday crowd.

Calling her turned out to be futile and Bellamy was stuck standing awkwardly next to a big wardrobe, with mirrored sliding doors and giant pink butterfly stickers on them. Between checking his phone and searching for his sister in the crowd, it took Bellamy a while to notice that something wasn’t quite right with the wardrobe.

One of the sliding doors sat ajar and somebody was peeking out from inside the wardrobe. When he tried to take a better look, the door slid shut and he was left blinking owlishly at his reflection. Surely he had imagined the whole thing. He had seen people take naps on the beds but to take residence in one of the wardrobes was too weird, even for IKEA.

Pocketing his phone, Bellamy pulled the sliding door aside and was met with few empty clothes hangers. Frowning, he peeked towards the back of the wardrobe where two eyes shone in the darkness. Before he could even voice his confusion, he was grabbed by his arm and the front of his shirt and pulled inside, door sliding shut not so quietly behind him.

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