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Angler - Artistic - Loves the Outdoors - Natural Cook - Social Butterfly

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Please do not reupload/claim my sims as your own. Do not change thier features. Please credit me and tag me so I can see what they get up to. I track the tag #indielectualll. You can change her hair style and clothes but hair and eye colours need to stay the same. I suck at remembering traits so some of my sims have 3 instead of 5. If so feel free to add a couple more but don’t change the three they have

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anonymous asked:

Can I get mattsun, kuroo and oikawa discovering that their s/o dyes her naturally light brown hair black? (I dislike my natural hair colour soooo muchh uugh)

Anon! Don’t hate your hair color! I’m absolutely sure that it’s beautiful, just like you are! But if you wanna dye it, by all means do! I’m gonna throw a bunch of red into my hair myself soon. I think hair coloring is one of the best and funnest ways to express yourself!

And seriously, most guys WILL NOT notice this kind of thing unless it’s spelled out to them. At least guys that I’ve had experience with. I’ve learned to tell my BF before I leave that I’m changing my hair so when I come home he can be like “OOOOOH! Pretty!”  I had an ombre when I first met him and he thought it was natural. xD

But hope you enjoy this, Anon, and that you don’t mind I did headcanons for it.

Matsukawa Iseei

  • He probably noticed the lighter hair coming in when she hadn’t been able to touch up her roots in awhile. Like, they were cuddling on the couch and he turned to kiss the top of her head and was all “WHOA you’re losing the pigment in your hair!”
    • Even when she told him that her natural hair color wasn’t black, he would still google if one can turn into an albino at the age of seventeen (instead of assuming that gray hair was coming in).
  • It wouldn’t bother him - he would probably beg to see pictures from before she had dyed her hair just so he knew how she looked (plus baby pictures, OMG!) and he would never push for her to change it back, even if he wanted to see it, because her hair is however she wanted it to be.
    • Though he would make jokes that if her hair was it’s natural color people wouldn’t assume they were siblings. (okay, I didn’t think this was a thing until this last weekend when two people - SEPARATE people - from his work were confused when they met me because they thought we were siblings. While when I went to lunch with my brother, some girl was like “don’t you love when your boyfriend treats you to a good meal?” like WTF?)

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Boy probably walked in on her in the middle of her dying process. Like, she’s leaned over the side of the tub with her head under the faucet and there’s just black EVERYWHERE.
    • His immediate reaction: “HOLY SHIT, THE GRUDGE!” (he watches waaaay too many horror movies over the weekend with Kenma.)
  • After he calms down and everything is explained to him, he’ll just quickly start helping her finish washing her hair. I’m sure this kid would ask why they never told him that black wasn’t their natural hair color, it’s a part of who she is and even if she didn’t want it to be that, he still thought she was beautiful, no matter what color it was.
  • I think this boy is really sensitive to trust and secrets in his relationships. Like, even though it’s something really small and in the end, it’s really insignificant, he would still feel a little hurt that there was something that they couldn’t come to him with. He’d definitely work on making sure that she never feels like she has to hide anything from him ever again.

Oikawa Tooru

  • I feel like - when throwing in this boy’s little fan club - he’d just be going on and on about her to them and he brought up her hair and how pretty and shiny and perfect it was. And because girls can be mean and spiteful, one throws out that it’s not even her real hair. OIks would be so confused, like “of course it is, haven’t you seen it on her head???”
  • And even though it doesn’t even matter, like, he knows it doesn’t matter, he still finds himself bothered about it and starts complaining to Iwaizumi that she’s hiding something from him. (”Just fucking ASK her then and stop bugging me!”)
    • He’d approach her casually about it, probably while they’re working on homework or something together. Her head will be bent over the table and he’d just be staring at it, trying to see the color underneath because being like “[First Name]-chan, do you dye your hair?”
  • He’d assure her that he didn’t care, that he thought that she would always be beautiful no matter what color hair she had. He was just curious since it would be something that he hadn’t known about her previously. He would tell her that he was sure it looked pretty, because she could never be anything else!

You’ll meet all kinds of people in your life.

Some you won’t even remember. Some leave a bitter taste in your mouth, even if it is because of one fleeting memory. Some leave a smile on your face. Some make you yearn for lost time. And then there are some that come in your life and wreak a havoc of emotions and leave it upside down.

She was one of them.


If she had it her way, she would merge into the lonely corridor echoes, never raising a suspicion of her presence there. She’ d read you like an open book while you pull out your hair, even trying to guess her favourite colour.

But she had an aura to her that few possess. A warmth that pulls us petty humans like moths to a flame.

She locks herself up in walls of titanium, through which sometimes rays escape, giving glimpses of the sun burning inside. But if you extend a hand, she’ll grasp it and pull you in. In into her kingdom where her doodles adorn the walls and her words are taped to the ceiling. She will talk to you like you are the centre of her universe and for one fleeting moment, you will actually mistake it to be true. But just as her attention draws elsewhere, you’ll feel as though it were her gaze holding you up like a star in the sky - and without it gravity pulls at you, a long way down to earth.

She is the thunder and storm, with the insecurities of a drought. A rainbow that will blind you if you get too close. She is the ice that burns if you hold her at one place, she’s a butterfly meant to rule the skies. She forgets herself and immerses her tears, her laughter in you. She is everything, and yet to her..nothing.


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silly-slacker-person  asked:

Wasn't Barbie originally a brunette when she first came out?

She was both a blonde and Brunette. Up until the 70s where the oil crisis made plastic more expensive, Barbie was always given different hair colour choices and it was always “her” sculpt that differentiated her from her friends rather than mere hair colour.

Of course, the rampant nostalgia for the 80s onwards and Mattel’s aggressive branding has made sure only dedicated Barbie collectors remember Barbie wasn’t always a blonde. Even Monster High, and BJD collectors seem aggressively married to the idea that Barbie was ALWAYS blonde, and Mattel has a lot of work to undo the shit they did to Barbie.




Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf

Little Miss Nobody - On 31 July, 1960, the body of a little girl was discovered in Sand Wash Creek Bed, Congress, Arizona. She had been partially buried and estimated to be between five-years-old and seven-years-old and had been dead for approximately two weeks. It was noticed that whoever had partially buried the young girl, had attempted to dig a number of prior graves. Her natural brunette hair had been dyed an auburn colour, presumably in an attempt to conceal her identity. She was wearing white shorts and a checked blouse along with sandals that had been cut to fit her small feet. A small, bloody, pocketknife was discovered near her body, however, her cause of death could not be determined. Despite a thorough investigation, the identity of the little girl was never uncovered. Locals donated money to give “Little Miss Nobody” a proper burial, with a local florist and mortuary providing funeral services.


Here is my entry for @fe-communitydesign‘s February theme, Valentines/Hearts! Peri as the Queen of Hearts.

I wanted to stream it but without any internet in my apartment, I didn’t have much choice. I don’t know when I’ll be getting that set up either(Long story short, I’ve had a roommate switch and it’s caused some trouble).

What is fe-communitydesign?

A lot can change in 6 years.

I wanted to draw Colette as a teen, and I didn’t really go into this without much of an idea except that her hair was a different colour and that she had a broken arm at some point—but this is the result. I guess she was quite a loner with a bit of a ‘tude at the time.