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PSA - Pirate Lavellan AU Needs Your Input!!

So, thanks to @dirthamensbird​ and @savvylittleminx​, I’m gonna work on a short little Lavellan pirate AU story. This should be interesting. Solas will be the LI. I’ll think of the story details, but I want to try something new! I want your help to create Lavellan!

I am creating a survey, trying to keep it…not too long, but long enough to have good details. I think I have about everything hashed out, but I would also love name suggestions for two things - Lavellan herself and her ship!

So far, our Lavellan name suggestions are: Emma, Charlotte, Rayvan, Angelique, Simone, Isabella, Rebecca, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Elisa, Adhlea, Athera, Davhalla, Kenna, Alexandra/Alexandria, Luceia, Juno, Genevieve, Lena, Miranda, Mariah, Astrid, Siobhan, Eirdhava, Iselan, and Enasalasa.

I did not realize we had that many already. Thank you, everyone who suggested some!!

The only ship name I have is: Aravel! It’s fitting, eh?

Anyways, I am here to ask you to suggest Lavellan names and ship names! Also, to see if there’s even any interest in participating and creating an awesome group Lavellan! From hair style to hair color, eye color, scars, skin tone, body type, class, and so forth! Let me know what you think! If you like or reblog this, I’ll consider it as you being interested. I’d appreciate it!!



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