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If I had a dollar for every time  the word “half assed“ was used in sekai ichi hatsukoi’s anime/manga/novels

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relationship status: married to @keunakool

favorite color: blue, green, pink, purple, black, basically all colours

pets: i’m currently trying to convince my mum that getting a pet duck is a good ide

last song i listened to: Wings - BTS

favorite tv show: Teen Wolf, Danny Phantom, a bunch of anime

first fandom: hmmmm probably One Direction, Percy Jackson, or Warriors

hobbies: hmmmm I have a lot

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can you recommend any active b1a4 blogs that make original content? also btob? thank you!

[multifandom meaning they post 3 or 4 other groups than btob or b1a4]

I hope this helps , maybe our followers can reccomened more for you

tagged by @henmi thank u :D ive been busy lately with school so i haven’t been active here sorry xx

relationship status: single
favourite colour: purple & yellow <3
pets: i really love cats and i used to have one 7 years ago but my little siblings are allergic to cats so we gave to a friend :/
last song i listened to: ariana grande - one last time
favorite tv show: i dont watch tv shows a lot but i like 2 days 1 night
first fandom: ELF
hobbies: drawing, reading, watching movies, music
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10 Songs Shuffle Tag

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Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle, skip through the first 10 songs and write them down 

1. Sing - Pentatonix
2. Hometown - Twenty One Pilots
3. OMG - Double K ft. Seo In Guk, Dok2
4. Cypher pt.4 - BTS
5. The Run And Go - Twenty One Pilots
6. Satellite - All Time Low
7. What U Need - SPEED
8. Wherever You Are - ONE OK ROCK
9. Toy - Block B
10. It’s Christmas - B1A4

(pls don’t judge me too much, i haven’t cleaned out my music in a while lmao)

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