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hey tumblr, i really need your help. a while ago Madison Beer posted one of my pins to her 9 million followers, but with no credit. it’s not her fault - this pin has been shared all over the internet with no credit and no watermark, so she couldn’t have known. but i’ve DM'ed her on instagram, and it would help me so much if you would come to my insta @littlestarthings, and tag her in this post asking her to check for a DM from me. i’ve politely asked her to repost it with credit and i think if she did it could literally change my whole life. pls help! reblog, signal post, tag her on my insta, whatever you can. thank you so much ✨
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You and your body are not meant to work against one another, but to work together in harmony. You’re both a team. A single unit.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

*pssssst* robert sugden loves aaron dingle so much that he chose him time and time again over the life he thought he wanted for himself and he risked everything to be with him so many times because he couldn’t get his fill and then he became the best version of himself to help aaron through the worst time of his life and then he tried to change for him for the better and he’s still trying and he saved aaron’s life and would have stayed in a sunken car with him like romeo and fucking juliet and then he organised a surprise wedding just to make him realise he wasn’t going anywhere and he needed it to be perfect and then he broke into pieces without his husband and made a terrible unforgivable mistake but he’s come so far that he’s going to come clean and risk everything because living a life of lies with aaron is not the life he wants to live because aaron is the first real relationship he’s ever had and he needs it to stay real forever because that’s important to him now and that’s how much he loves him.

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moments in ‘dear evan hansen’ that make me cry:
•waving through a window
•evan writing THE letter
•murphy’s telling evan about connor
•for forever
•cynthia murphy
•every mention of connor
•evan’s rehearsed speech
•you will be found
•heidi hansen
•every moment ben platt looks sad
•'did you fall? or did you let go?’
•connor murphy
•words fail
•evan about to tell heidi about his ‘accident’
•the finale
•every ‘dear evan hansen’
•like every other fucking moment of this show
•all I see is tears, for forever