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  • BLACK is good for getting out that dark negativity that sits inside of you. That depression, burning hatred and chaos. Black isn’t a bad colour, in fact it’s a very protective and powerful colour for the witch who uses it! Black is perfect for Karmic work. Basically, if you feel that you’re in trouble or have some negative energy following you around, black is the colour to use.Stones that pair well with this colour I’ve found are black agate, onyx, black tourmaline, obsidian and hematite.

  • CHARCOAL is similar to black in the sense that it is used as a form of protection, I use it to help battle any sad emotions or mundane negativity. This colour is best used if you wake up just in one of those moods that you can’t quite put your finger on, you know? It’s just a little boost of energy protection. Stones that pair well with this are cat’s eye opal and grey quartz.

  • SILVER is used when I need to receive guidance or insight from a spirit guide, communication and when I need help finding something I’ve lost or misplaced! Stones best paired with this colour are hematite, grey moonstone and grey quartz.

  • LIGHT GREY: Personally, I use light grey when working with water or storm magick but, I’ve read others use it for glamour type spells and even fear, so this colour goes all over the place. Whatever magickal energy you feel drawn to use it with/on, go for it. Stones that pair best with this colour are moonstone, russian agate and grey quartz.

  • OFF-WHITE is used to help clear a clouded mind/ judgment; when things feel fuzzy and off and like you’re suffering from a hangover. It’s that solid and opaque grounding colour. Stones that work best with this colour are calcite, howlite, citrine and white jasper.

  • WHITE represents purity, perfection, universal energy and the source/creator/gods/goddesses to me. Used before and after magick work, circle casting and calling for extra personal healing from your guides. Stones that pair best with this colour energy are diamonds, opal and clear quartz.
Getting in touch with your guardians and/or guides

I believe most all people have natural guardian and/or guide spirits, which aid them in life. You may not be aware of your spirits, but they are almost always with you, sending you subtle messages and organizing things for you to help life go your way. If you ever feel that things just always work out for you, or you catch a lot of lucky breaks, that could be your spirits working on your behalf. On the other hand if you feel that nothing ever goes your way and life is out to get you, there could be a problem with the spirits that are intended to aid you.

Some people believe everyone has spirits to aid them. I don’t believe everyone does, because I have met people without them. There also exists lore that a person can offend their spirits to the point where the spirits abandon them entirely. From my own experience, when someone does not have spirits around them, it is for an unusual magical reason and this can often be remedied by help from a witch, shaman, or spirit-worker.

Regardless, you very likely have guides around you right now. Meeting them is easy and does not require any kind of spirit summoning or conjuration.

If you use a pendulum and/or a spirit board, have those with you. Otherwise do things the old fashion way and just contact your guides through visualization.

Remember that ‘visualization’ basically means 'magical imagining’. Your imagination is a powerful cauldron of magical potential. When you contact spirits it may easily seem like you are just making them up, but have faith in yourself and faith in them.

Sit or lie down in a relaxed state. Imagine a large door before you. Note what color it is and what style it is. Say to yourself, “beyond this door is the World Tree.”

Open the door and observe a massive tree standing before you. It’s trunk is the size of a city block, it’s roots are as tall as houses. Within the roots of the tree you notice small doorways much like the one you passed through. Think to yourself that you would like to find a room where you can meet your benevolent and helpful spirit allies. A single door will stand out to you. Note it’s color and design, and walk to it. Open the door and pass through.

You will find yourself in a certain location. This will be where your spirit companions feel most comfortable. This could be a cathedral, a cozy cottage, a forest, or a sunny field. Many times I open this door to find blackness, which indicates to me that my guides do not care where they manifest. Observe this location.

Somewhere close you will see your guardian or guide. There may be more than one that appear to you at this time. At first your imagination may become confused and project several different appearances on to your guide, but don’t force anything. Relax and see what comes to you. Remember that your spirits may be in human, animal, plant, insect, mineral, elemental, or mythical form. Do not expect to see a creature that you have a spiritual connection with, as these will not necessarily be your guide spirits. Note what this spirit looks like.

Once you have met, try talking to it. Think or speak your questions and wait for something to come to you – words, images, thoughts, feelings, sounds. A list of questions you can ask is [here].

Once you are done, exit back through the root door. Walk back to the original door you came through, exit it, and close and lock it firmly behind you. Wake yourself up from your trance state with food, water, and mundane activities.

You do not always have to use the world tree visualization to contact your guides. I simply think the names of my companions and I am connected to them, able to communicate mentally.

When good people get cursed

Now I know I am a good person. When I am done with school I give free readings and offer tarot advice. I have cleansed homes and gotten rid of evil spirits. I have never wronged a living soul. I work at a nursing home to take care of the elderly. I even cook food for poor college friends who can’t afford a decent meal. To be honest, I take care of people more than I take care of myself.

Yet I was cursed. I don’t know what I did to wrong this person but they did something unforgiveable. They blocked me from my spirit guides. Soon I began to develop serious health issues that interfered with my studies. My relationship with my partner was falling apart and we were facing homelessness. I sought help from an oracle who broke the barrier to allow my spirit guides to come back. Then I did some serious cleansing on myself and my loved one.

I am neither for or against curses. But I will say this; before you curse someone you better have a DAMN good reason to. Don’t curse good people who don’t deserve it. This is not funny, this is serious shit. I have been too scared to talk about this on Tumblr out of fear of this happening again. I feel like some people are throwing curses like play things when in reality you can do some serious damage.

However, you do what you want. Again, this is not to belittle those who do curses and hexes. Like I said, I am neither for or against them. It is your right for your practise. All I ask is really think about it before you curse a person.

Do not remove this text.

Obsidian - The Black Healer
Base Chakra // Grounding // Scorpio // Prophecy

  •  Please use with caution! This stone is very fast acting and powerful, which may cause unpleasant emotions and truths to rush to the surface. These disharmonious things must be confronted for peace to return, the stone will help push for change and will release the harsh energy. The stone’s confrontational nature may assist in overcoming addiction, eating disorders, and other emotional blockages.
  • Good for spiritual and psychic growth. Place a stone on The Third Eye and ask a question out loud for a possible answer.
  • Extremely protective. This stone forms a shields against negativity and blocks psychic attacks. It assists in sealing the aura against future problems, while cleansing it of fog and blockages.
  • Use a shiny obsidian (with a mirror finish) to make contact with the spirit world. The images of passed loved ones and even prophecies of the future might be seen when used in certain lighting (low or dim). This may also help in finding spirit guides, and receive messages from spirits via your own emotions.

Soul Contracts:

Before you were born you constructed your life plan in many ways. You may have chosen to incarnate for a specific soul calling such as healing yourself and others, or planned a family oriented life. The lifestyles we have to choose from as an incarnating soul are innumerable. Rest assured your soul picked the life in alignment with your deeper needs as a whole being. It is natural to question why we did not all choose to be wealthy, healthy and happy. I have found I learn the most in times of struggle or need, these are the trails that make us complete. Stronger or older souls tend to take on challenging life paths. 

Planning a life path includes:

*Choosing the time of your birth to create the correct astrology chart
*Agreements with Guides and Spiritual teachers
*Choosing your parents
*Agreements with other souls to participate in their lives

Spiritual Guides are beings//essences with which your soul has a “contract”. Think of spirit guides as teacher/parents who chose not to incarnate, but to help you from their level of reality. Your spirit guides are always connected to you, watching over you and giving you hints to make your path in life as joyful and loving as possible.

Astral Guides
our teachers and protectors

Spiritual Guides are beings//essences with which your soul has a contract. This soul contract means your spirit guide is a loving teacher/parent who chose not to incarnate in order to assist you through spiritual means.

Spiritual guides exist on a higher dimension of reality known as “The Astral Plane”. As incarnated souls we can only experience the astral from an enlightened or visionary state because the frequency of this plane is much higher than our third dimension. From our perspective the astral is a dream like realm of constantly changing art and thought.

The nature of the Spirit guide are beyond time and basically all other physical laws of our world. Your spirit guides are always connected to you, watching over you and doing their best to protect you. Most guides constantly give hints, symbols and clues to make your path in life as joyful and loving as possible. Making an intention to open your awareness to allow your guides clearer communication is an effective way to open the door. There are many other types of spirits that guide us during certain periods of growth, Yet your personal spirit guide stays with you through out your lifetime.