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“Here’s a real question: how have you survived this long when you’re so violently self-destructive?

Andrew cocked his head to one side in a question. Neil didn’t know if Andrew was playing stupid to rile him or if Andrew really was oblivious. Either way it was frustrating. He wondered why no one else had caught on, or if people noticed and just didn’t care enough to say it. Now that Neil saw it, though, he couldn’t look past it. Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.

Call out post: @ The social services department responsible for the town of Riverdale, USA. Y’all should be intervening more. This town is going to shit and y’all are sleeping on the job.

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PRE-FINALE: On April 30, viewers will get “answers to what makes the Black Fairy tick,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis — including why she never named Rumplestiltskin, and why she gave him up. May 7 of course cues up the musical episode, during which Emma and Hook are poised to trade vows. “Everyone was nervous and giddy and excited,” Kitsis says of the musical endeavor. “You really felt like it was the pilot again.” As for a possible wedding crasher, Jennifer Morrison hints, “There’s evil stuff going on.”

SEASON FINALE (MAY 14): Per its title, “This is the final battle,” says Kitsis — and thus the end of Henry’s storybook. “The two hours are devoted to everything we’ve set up for six years, and the final scene will let you know what we’re going to do” in the event of a Season 7. “After 132 episodes, we wanted to be able to complete this chapter — and set up the new one,” with help from characters played by Andrew J. West (The Walking Dead) and Alison Fernandez (Jane the Virgin). “They tie directly into our future plans,” says co-creator Adam Horowitz, “as well as what we’re currently doing.”



“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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Andrew Shaw ready to make difference
Out of all the players the Montreal Canadiens could have as their You Can Play ambassador for diversity, equality and inclusion, they have Andrew Shaw.

ok actually after reading this i’m significantly less bitter about the whole thing

like on the inside i want to be like “that sounds fake” but idk… i also don’t want to be bitter about everything…..

Andreil & Baking

Yesterday I posted about craving chocolate chip cookies, which lead me to crave an andreil baking hc and thought of how nice it would be. Sooo I wrote one? Just for my own self indulgence. That and I’m not sure if I’ve seen many andreil & baking scenarios? Anyway enjoy and sorry if it’s a bit shitty. 

Confession: Originally it was just Andrew & Neil. Until I remembered Neil doesn’t like sweets & I cursed myself wildly at my ignorance.


“Are you sure this is right?” Neil asks Andrew, cocking his head at the mixture of flour and egg inside the bright fluorescent orange bowl. Neil isn’t used to baking. Most meals he had were cold slices of left over pizza or burgers from whatever restaurant was the most convenient. So the idea of taking all these base ingredients to actually create something that should turn out to be as Nicky said “Unfathomably delicious”, was entirely a foreign concept, especially to someone who more or less didn’t harbor or tolerate sweets of any sort. But Andrew sat atop the counter a few feet away, legs dangling over the wooden cabinet doors, his nose buried in the cookbook they were using.

Andrew flicks a chocolate chip from the bag next to him, into his mouth before looking unconcerned at Neil.

“Well it’s certainly not wrong. I mean,” Andrew flips the book towards Neil and points to the title. “..not like it says auto repair manual.” He answers matter of fact.

Neil huffs out an annoyed breath and stops stirring the wooden spoon in his hand before addressing Andrew again.

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Neil says, more frustrated than anything else. Andrew had to understand his unease with this newness of baking. This uncharted territory in Neil’s ever expanding world voyage of things he’s already done and things he never had a chance to enjoy. Something as simple as baking cookies like this was not common in the Wesninski household. He was too busy mixing hair dye and assuming new identities than he was busy with mixing eggs and sugar and flour together to create a taste of comfort, of warmth and sweetness that tasted of safety and reassurance. There had never been time for those intangible feelings. If there had, perhaps his sweet tooth would be as insatiable as Andrew’s.

“No? Then what did you mean?” Andrew stares, his legs swinging still, the gap between his legs to the ground makes Neil smile.

“Stop it.” Andrews golden gaze levels his. “What did you mean?” Andrews eyes focus on him like a cat catching sight of movement in a patch of tall grass. Focused. Insistent.

Neil’s smile doesn’t fall when he answers Andrew. “I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m going to mess this up.” Neil remembers the honesty they agreed upon. Truth for truth. He figures it’s the best path to take right now.

Andrew folds the book face down in his lap. Reaching over, he grabs a few more chocolate chips from the bag, popping them in his mouth again before addressing Neil’s confession.

“There’s nothing to mess up. I’m reading off every step required. You’d have to be truly incompetent to think that it’s possible to mess up, all things considered. Unless you don’t trust my directions.” Andrews voice curls into a tone usually reserved for the other foxes, his walls slowly sliding up, his eyes slit to harden hues of topaz.

Neil back peddles, tripping over the right words to stop Andrews wall from locking into place.

“ No..” Neil closes his eyes, gripping the bridge of his nose with his right hand that is covered in flour after one too many zealous strokes of the mix.

“No you don’t trust-” Andrew starts but Neil cuts him off before he can continue to interpret his unfinished comment.

“No. That isn’t what I meant. I just, I’m nervous, okay? You say this is simple and I truly want to believe that but nothing is ever as black and white as it seems and even in it’s simplicity, there’s room for error.” Neil admits.

There’s a thunk sound, the shuffle of feet heading closer to him. Neil turns his head and finds the 5ft blonde beside him, staring into the mix. He sets the cookbook face up on the counter, visible to both Andrew and Neil.

“Okay.” Andrew tells him. “Hand me that measuring cup there.” Andrew flicks his head over to the pile of measuring cups to his right. Neil grabs the nearest one and offers it to Andrew.

The roll of Andrews eyes eludes Neil to the realization of having already messed up again. “What is that?” Andrew asks him.

“Um. The measuring cup you asked for?” is the only answer Neil has because it was the only answer it could be.

“Wrong. I swear, I’d be afraid too if I were you. You are oblivious.”

Neil’s brows furrow, confusion twisting into his face. “But you asked me for the measuring cup?” Neil defends.

“This is a 1/3 cup. I need the 1 cup. But you’d know that if you’d look at the instructions in front of you. That’s step 1.” So Neil leans over the counter, scouring the page for the step they were currently on. Finding that in fact it did say 1 cup and not 1/3. But could it have hurt Andrew to specify for once in his life?

“I’m not psychic.” Neil spits back. Using Andrews own words he’d once used against Neil.

“Clearly not, other wise you’d realize I have about 2% patience left with you. You’re clearly not a very avid reader either, otherwise you’d know to look at the directions before freely reaching for whatever measuring utensil is available first.

Neil plucks back the incorrect measuring cup from Andrews hand, his fingers barely brush Andrews but the roughness of them eases some of the uncertainty in his chest.

Tossing the cup back onto the pile, Neil grabs the matching orange measuring cup that is clearly marked 1cup and hands it to Andrew. It takes less than 2 minutes as Neil watches Andrew step in and fill the cup with sugar, pouring it into the bowl. Neil reaches for the spoon again to start mixing but then Andrew is repeating his last step of filling the cup again and dumping a second cup of sugar into the mix.

Neil feels flabbergasted, why would he intentionally try to sabotage these? They were for a Foxes fundraiser that Renee helped set up with a few of her acquaintances from a local church. It had been a good idea. Getting their name out there, not to mention the publicity that the notoriously delinquent Foxes were partaking in a charity fundraiser.

"I can read your face Josten. Trust me, I didn’t mess it up. You’ll see.” Andrew tells him confidently.

“But you just doubled the required amount of sugar? Isn’t that going to mess up the rest of the ingredients in the recipe??” Neil asks him, honestly curious.

“I said trust me.”

Neil nods, closes his mouth to hold in any more comments. Andrew asked, no told him to trust him. He had yet to fail Neil but he began to seriously doubt how well these cookies would turn out.

After 45 minutes & 375° later, a rack of 16 moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies sit, cooling off. They wait a few minutes before Andrew grabs one of the cookies, the middle slightly buckling from the weight of the chocolate chips (also doubled thanks to Andrew).

Andrew hands the cookie over to Neil with a “here eat this.” As if Neil were Andrew’s personal royal food tester, searching for any poisons.

“You know I don’t like sweets.” Neil reminds him. An irritated sigh escapes Andrew lips.

“That’s right. Pity.” Andrew tells him. Just then, as if on cue, Matt walks around the corner into the kitchen. Last Neil knew, Matt had gone over to the girls room to help Dan and Renee since Allison had refused to get dirty the $200 manicure she’d just gotten done.

“Matt will try it. Ask him.” Neil suggests, gesturing to him as he walks closer.

“I asked you. I didn’t ask him.” Andrew retorts.

“Yeah, and I told you no. Sugary sweet things do not tempt me in the slightest.”

Andrew looks at him a beat before returning with “You like kissing me.” A fact, no question behind it.

“I don’t see the relevancy to that in this situation.” Neil lies. Clearly Andrew was referring to the kisses they shared and how Neil never turned those down. And yeah, he didn’t.  Andrews kisses were sweet but it wasn’t the same kind of sweetness. They were welcomed. That sweetness didn’t turn and twist unpleasantly in his stomach later.

“Hey Matt, will you try this?” Neil calls over his shoulder. Matt, who hadn’t said anything, trying to keep off Andrew’s radar even just in passing, looks up beaming when Neil asks.

“Oh totally. Is this your contribution for the fundraiser?” Matt looks to Neil and then to Andrew, whose eyes were still lingering on Neil.

Neil nods his head yes, taking the cookie from Andrew before turning toward Matt, cookie outstretched.

Matt accepts it, lifting it to his mouth wrapping his lips around it. Neil braces for the worst after Andrew’s impromptu and hastily doubled ingredients but Neil is shocked when Matt’s face lights up excitedly before taking another large bite.

“This is amazing.” Matt’s jumbled words spill out of his mouth, along with a few cookie crumbs, staring at Andrew & Neil in awe. Visibly taken aback that they could create something so unbelievably good.

“Dude, I need the girls to try these. These are going to be so dope at the the fundriasier. You might want to make an extra batch!” Matt tells them. “Do you care if I grab another to take next door?” He asks.

A “No” and a “Yes” simultaneously fill the air. Matt freezes because the “Yes” came from Andrew.

“It’s fine Matt. Go ahead, you helped us so you have earned another.” Neil tells him. Andrew stays silent, which Matt takes as permission to do as Neil said. He pockets another cookie and heads out the same way he came in.

“Seriously, these are fantastic. They’ll be a hit tomorrow.” Are Matt’s last words before he vanishes back outside.

“I told you to trust me.” Andrew tells Neil. His face as stoic as ever, it’s only the flicker of a lightness in his eye that Neil can tell Andrew is pleased with Matt’s reaction.

“But. How did you.. You didn’t follow the directions though. You improvised, how did you know they would turn out so great?” Neil asks

“Sometimes the best things in life call for new plans of direction.” Is Andrews only reply.

Neil knows Andrew is talking about more than just baking. Their whole lives were built on forming plan A’s, plan B’s and plan C’s. Sometimes D’s & E’s, sometimes more.

Andrew turns to leave but Neil calls out a “where are you going?” before Andrew stops, turns and walks back up to Neil. “I’ve got some things to take care of. Box those up and start another batch, but this time follow the directions exactly as they’re written.” Andrew reaches behind Neil, grabbing a cookie for himself and taking a bite of it.

Neil stares at Andrew, perplexed.

A fraction of a smirk slips onto Andrews mouth, invisible to the untrained eye. But Neil’s eye had been trained, fixated on Andrews mouth for long enough to spot each time one of these almost smiles appears.

“This batch is mine. I trust you can handle the rest from here on out. You completed your first real baking challenge Josten. Congratualtions, you didn’t fuck it up. Now prove you can repeat this success.” Andrew’s hand lifts to the corner of Neil’s mouth and wipes away what must be a smudge of chocolate that he inevitably smeared on himself. Without hesitating, Andrew brings his thumb up and slips it into his mouth. Neil sees a flicker of his tongue swirl around it, cleaning it off successfully.

“See you later, maybe. Don’t forget, Renee said to bring two dozen of them.”

And with that, Neil watches Andrew exit out the door, leaving him with a new fondness for baking and a secret plan to “accidentally” share Andrew’s batch of cookies with the other Foxes once he finishes the next two. Batches he was already planning on using those improvised two cups of sugar on, going against Andrew’s instructions .

Neil was aware that Andrew liked to play these little games of his but Neil was getting better and better at playing them too.

Andreil HC

• Neil loves collecting stuff now that he can keep it

• Andrew likes wearing Neil’s hoodies

• Like all the time

• Neil ACTUALLY has a sense of fashion now that he can have modern clothes that fit him

• Andrew is sheken

• Andrew knows everything about succulents

• like the plants

• One day he and Neil decide to go buy some plants or some shit

• And Neil goes on a whim and asks is they can have a cacti while pointing at a succulent

• And Andrew, never one to give up an opportunity, goes fucking OFF

• “That is not a cacti, it is an Aloe Polyphylla. It is a member of the Aloe family and this one have obvious sun burns on it leaves and under watering AND its overgrown its pot.“

• “okay … what about this one?”

• “Not that one either. It is a Pachyphytum Oviferum and it pretty much on the verge of death. There is no flower stem growing despite it being the end of spring, meaning a lack of nutrients, since it is its normal blooming time, and there it has had a lack of sunlight since the stem is all stretched out and the leaves are so far apart. There is a poor watering system here since the powder on its leaves, its sunscreen, is so splotchy, and the the tips are showing signs of rot. There are no holes in the bottom of this pot, so no drainage. The workers here must be complete fools since they used regular potting soil and since it retains to much water, they are pretty much drowning this plant. I almost feel bad for it.”


“What? I thought you wanted a plant.”

“You pick.”

“Fine, we’re getting this Echeveria Derendergii Blue since it looks the healthiest.”

• Neil will forever remember the day when Andrew revealed his love for succulents and proceeds to fill the entire apartment with them

• Andrew loves it, but he does go back to the store and leaves a very long and detailed lecture to the gardeners, all without changing expression

• After they retire from exy they open a nursery


anonymous asked:

your writing is amazing!! could you write Baltimore/post baltimore andreil in the daemon au pretty pls with extra chocolate on top?

There’s faith, and there’s knowing that Andrew won’t leave without seeing Nathaniel first.

The real question will be whether Andrew pauses long enough for Nathaniel to apologise before taking his head off. It might end up being for the best – Nathaniel doesn’t know what to say to him anyway.

Browning’s SUV pulls up in front of a Fed-infested motel and they bundle Nathaniel out. Jacinth is curled over his shoulders, partially obscured with an oversized jacket and the folds at the back of his hood. The wounds on her haunches are healing faster than any of his, but she’s not moving any more athletically than he is right now.

“Twenty minutes,” Browning reminds them as he and his badger daemon lead them up the stairs to the second floor. When he knocks on one of the doors, it opens a crack to show a suited guard with a scowl on his face and a big Alsatian daemon. He looks at Nathaniel before turning to Browning.

“I don’t like it,” he says.

“Noted. Watch him for a moment,” Browning replies, and steps by him with a brisk clap. “Listen up, people. You’ve got twenty minutes. Let’s keep this orderly and have only one person up at a time.”

The guard on the door lets Nathaniel straight through – into a wave of protests from the Foxes all objecting as one to Browning’s proposal.

“Twenty minutes? You’re kidding me,” Dan snaps, before she sees Nathaniel in the doorway, hood pulled up around his face. The shift in her expression isn’t anger – it’s relief, pure and laced with fear. “Neil, oh my god. Are you alright?”

Nathaniel hasn’t got the words to reply. It’s the sight of them that does him in, bruised and exhausted but still here when he thought he would never see them again. And as much as seeing them is a relief like every soft thing in the world, he knows that this is a goodbye. He can’t see himself leaving out that door without breaking into pieces.

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anonymous asked:

what the fuck your andriel-meeting-while-in-hs au has me fucked up. i love it. amazing. you considered turning it into more than that one drabble then know that i would def read it.

anon: 10/10 would be down for more of that Jake au!!!

anon: Ohmygod please make that a thing

soooooo apparently y’all liked it? for those curious, here’s part 1, and there is at least one more scene in my head if y’all want it

Of all the things that Andrew has been forced to give up and change about himself, he’s refused to stop smoking, and he’s refused to stop wearing his armbands. He’s not giving up his nicotine, and no one is seeing his scars.

“Jake” - that’s not his real name, Andrew has learned, and his current name is Noah - doesn’t seem to mind the smoking, though it’s obvious that his mother has tried to quit and is bitter at Andrew for making that worse. Good. Fuck her.

“Antagonizing her isn’t going to help anything,” Jake says, watching Andrew from the corner of his eye as they wait on the sidewalk for “Brenda” to get them from school. 

Andrew drags from his cigarette. He doesn’t care. She hasn’t been welcoming to him since he joined in their little runaway tag-team. Trust must be hard for her, not that he has any pity for a woman who packed up and ran at the first sign of trouble. 

Jake sighs. “You find it amusing, don’t you?”

“Nothing else to entertain me,” Andrew says. He doesn’t want it to sound meaningful, but it does, and Jake isn’t stupid, even when he’s pretending to be.

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noimalive  asked:

Ok more with languages and Neil, imagine after he retires from Exy, he becomes a language professor at PSU

Personally I always saw him going back to mathematics and actually winding up in engineering or something, but either way, here’s Professor Neil Josten:

-His first three years teaching, students would CONSTANTLY derail his lessons by asking him about Exy

-Those students could be placed in a Venn diagram of “students who actually want to know about his past in Exy” and “students who don’t want to learn”. You’d be surprised at the size of the overlap.

-Eventually this becomes his system: every lesson, he arrives exactly on time. He already told his students what the lecture will be about last time, and he’s going to follow what he said to a tee. If he manages to finish everything early, than the class is dismissed. If he doesn’t cover everything he wanted to because of interruptions, then too bad, learn at home.

-That said, he has the longest office hours in the university, and he will absolutely sit down with the same student over a single subject for days on end until they get it.

-He actually does this. Often. His office has like 8 different whiteboards and each one is dedicated to a separate office-regular student.

-his tests will always include at least three Exy-related problems

-he still goes to the gym religiously and plays Exy on the weekends so he’s still hot AF and it is Distracting™ his students

-He and Dan have a Rivalry™ over which pro team is better because Neil will just Stan whichever team impresses him the most on any given season while you’d have to pry Dan’s unwavering loyalty Matt’s team out of her cold dead hands and the two simply do not coincide often enough for this to end well

-every year there’s at least one student who is both in Neil’s class and on the Exy team, and Neil and Dan will fight over that students favoritism like it’s the most valuable thing in the world. Except that one guy, Ethan, who tried to use this to get better grades. There was no mercy for Ethan.

-he always hands back tests folded inwards so you can’t see your grade until you open it. Every year the freshmen see this as an omen of doom, until they understand that he does this because anyone who gets a 95+ gets a glitter bomb with their test.

-no, he will NOT round up your 68 into a 70

-but he is far more forgiving in his grading if you show up on exam day with food

-one year he caught a bunch of his students cheating, so for the next exam he (with a lot of help from Andrew) designed a different exam form for every student. All 48 of them.

-it was so worth it

-if the Foxes are playing and he doesn’t need to rent an overnight, he will attend

-occasionally Sir and King will attend a lecture because they’re adorable and his students love them

-Bonus: Andrew is the criminology professor

-Bonus bonus: Kevin is the head of the History department

anonymous asked:

Lol i love your gifs & writing ofc! So much andreil angst i read today, and i need fluffy fluff.. something with the other foxes? Or it can be just normal domestic fluff where they're still in college. Thank you! ❤️😊

Thank you for the prompt <3 I’m always a slut for fluff :D 

Prompt me aftg stuff! :) Andreil, Jerejean, other pairings…! sfw and nsfw will be written (but please only prompt smut if you’re of age.)

Andrew and Neil are good with each other, and good for each other. 

At first, everyone is a little concerned, because Neil… and Andrew?! How is that supposed to work?

But, turns out, it does.

They fit, and one after the other, the Foxes realize that.


Kevin is the first to see it. 

He doesn’t say anything, of course, because as long as it stays off the court, it’s nothing to bother with.

He can see how they share glances, how Neil takes Andrew seriously and sees through his hard facade.

He can see how Andrew looks at Neil when he thinks noone is watching.


Renee notices shortly after.

She smiles and listens and nods when Andrew talks about Neil. It’s never much, it’s just little mentions or something Neil said or did.

Renee lets them figure it out for themselves, but secretly, she prays every night that the two of them find what they need in each other.


After it’s obvious, the other Foxes notice as well.

Matt watches Neil and Andrew communicate without words so much that he starts asking himself if the two of them have mastered the art of reading each other’s minds. Neil nods to Andrew’s pockets with a questioning look, and Andrew hands him the pack of cigarettes, and then points upwards with his thumb, and Neil nods and they’re off, and Matt stares after them, a smile slowly spreading on his lips. 


Dan snaps pictures when she can. She always shows them to Neil afterwards and asks him if she can hang them up on their wall. There is one of Andrew and Neil on the bus, taken from behind, Andrew with his arm over the backrest of Neil’s seat, Neil leaning his head against Andrew’s shoulders. Dan smiles at it for a long time when she prints it out, and gives Neil a copy for himself.


Allison watches Andrew pick a little stray piece of yarn off Neil’s suit jacket right before the winter banquet, and straighten his tie. 

She grabs Renee’s hand and squeezes so she doesn’t squeal because that’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen.


Nicky finds them curled into the beanbags one morning, and he grins so hard that his jaw starts hurting while he tiptoes through the room to the kitching, trying hard not to wake them. 

Andrew is splayed out on his back, Neil is curled into himself like a cat, and they are holding hands. 


Aaron doesn’t understand why the others think it’s cute. 

But when he walks in on Andrew hugging Josten from behind, he can’t help but notice how relaxed his brother looks right before he sees him and tenses up. 

He turns on his heels and leaves them alone. 

Katelyn later tells him to be happy for Andrew, because, apparently, she thinks Josten is a decent person. 

Aaron doesn’t know.

But seeing Andrew being less miserable around him is an okay feeling. 

anonymous asked:

Ah, I'm confused by the Homestuck news you reblogged today, I'm not a native English speaker or an american and these complex financial terms fly over my head... If you can/want to, could you clarify what the facts here are? I understand it's something to do with investments?


so, homestuck the comic was made by a guy named andrew hussie with a bit of later help from someone named cynthia dominiguez on some art/music i believe. but homestuck has had a lot of helpers. homestuck has its merchandise, like t-shirts and stuff, made through a company called What Pumpkin.

WhatPumpkin was founded to provide this merch and later it was also given the responsibility of making its own game studio to create the upcoming game Hivebent. WhatPumpkin is staffed by fans and artists of homestuck and is credited for what it has done.

this new thing that has been registered, Homestuck Inc., has no known existing project out for it as far as we know. WhatPumpkin has hussie as their boss and we know what WhatPumpkin has made, and we know that the homestuck comic is part of the mspa website made by hussie.

so, this new Homestuck Incorporated thing from what we can tell has had $500,000 invested into it. And we have no idea what it’s for or what it’s doing, and from that registration form it looks fairly real since its office is near the WhatPumpkin office.

overall, we don’t know what Homestuck Inc. is doing or meant to do and that’s exciting!

a little bit of sick andrew and caring neil 


Neil stood at the side of the bed staring at Andrew. He stared back, teeth chattering quietly. He was wrapped in two blankets and had the hood of Neil’s hoodie over his head, but his fever hadn’t broken yet.

It hadn’t been quite 24 hours yet, but Neil worried. He’d never seen Andrew sick with a fever and while it made him weak, it also made him difficult. He refused to eat and barely drank anything. He’d gotten up a few times and stumbled to the bathroom, but otherwise he wanted to bury himself in blankets and wait it out.

“How about a hot shower?” Neil tried. Andrew gave Neil what Neil recognized as an attempt at a glare.

“No,” he said quietly. Stubbornly.

Neil sighed. “I’ll be back.” He headed back downstairs to the kitchen where he was heating up milk for hot chocolate. Andrew didn’t feel like eating, but his stomach wasn’t upset. Neil hoped hot cocoa would help a little. Maybe take the edge off…

And help Neil from feeling completely useless.

He paced the kitchen. Andrew refused medicine which didn’t surprise Neil, but he also wouldn’t let Neil take his temperature. Neil just had to watch him shiver and groan in his sleep.

Neil brought the hot chocolate up to Andrew and set it on the nightstand. Andrew opened tired eyes when Neil sat on the bed. Neil held his hand out near Andrew’s head and Andrew nodded.

Neil pulled the hood down and pushed his fingers through Andrew’s sweaty hair. Andrew’s face was flushed and he was shivering.

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