with hard work

Ravenclaw: *gets stressed out*

Ravenclaw: *starts stressing out about being stressed out*

Ravenclaw: *becomes so stressed they can’t get anything done*

Ravenclaw: Why haven’t I finished this project already?


By Roo @validdan and Milo @demiboydaniel / @sexgodphil

Description: Growing up is hard; growing up as an angsty gay wizard is harder.

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut, so much plot, friends to enemies to friends to lovers

Content Warnings: Bullying, f slur, speech impediments, belittling of speech impediments, accidental omo, underage sexual content, anxiety, love potions, cursing

Chapter One: 3.6k

Phil’s tiny form was weighed down by his trunk and a cage holding a tiny, fuzzy black kitten with amber eyes. He was small, even for an eleven year old, and he had messy black hair that stuck up all over his head and large, inquisitive eyes behind chunky, thick-framed square glasses that made his pale face look even more wan.

He hugged his mum Katherine tightly as the train whistle sounded, indicating that it would be pulling out in five minutes. He wet his chapped lips as she ushered him onto the train, murmuring a constant stream of reassurance interspersed with reminders to write. He nodded mutely, too anxious to talk, and gave her a little wave before setting off down the train looking for a compartment.

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Downton Abbey Autumn Aesthetic 2017
Hogwarts AU  
2 of 4

Lady Sybil Crawley

“…You might belong in Hufflepuff
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil…”

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ME with tears in my eyes: You wrap up that world tour, Monsta X! You wrap it up! You guys kicked that world tour’s ass! I’m so proud of you!!! Love you for eternity!!!

HEADCANON.   one of my fav things about kirishima is that while he loves  ~ manly ~  things and masculine-coded stuff, he likes feminine & non-gender conforming things too !  like. he totally steals the girls’ headbands and hair-ties and stuff when he can’t find his / can’t be fucked to go look for his own, and walks around with mina’s funky tie-dye or uraraka’s pastel flowers on his head all day and doesn’t even bat an eye at it. paint his nails, he doesn’t care. put little designs on them, glitter them, he won’t protest. he’d watch a cheesy rom-com and think it’s cool as shit as long as the love interest isn’t a dickbag. and he’ll definitely be vocal abt it if he thinks they’re a dickbag, you can bet on that.


back at it again with this emo bullshit wow ! well i was going to be extra and do all three options ‘cause i couldn’t decide which option to do but tbh im too … lazy for that and its hard to find songs so :/ take me for what i am you fools. with that i decided to go with option two meaning they are all songs that describe jaewon. i have a [ link ] to my few explanations so enjoy that and i’m sorry you have to deal with me and my overly emotional ass. when will i let jae live ? stay tuned to find out. 

I have no idea how my novel ends so I’m just writing increasingly overwrought interactions between the main characters in hopes that eventually it’ll just magically work out.

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I hope thar fandom doesn't forget to give Namjoon the credit he deserves for producing Sea.

bro we have his back if anyone forgets tho, don’t we?


I saw that KARD was going to be doing a Q and A time on Tumblr and I was really excited to see the questions people would ask them. A lot of questions were really creative and I was curious about their answers, but suddenly this person’s comments came up. If you don’t know KARD, why are you commenting? If you don’t know the group or the members, why talk about them as if you do? Seeing messages like this from people who don’t know Kpop or the struggle our groups go through just to debut is so crazy to me. The things he says, like that the members just show up and do as they’re told, that they don’t think? He obviously saw the notification at the top of the screen, clicked on it, and decided to give the two cents no one asked for. Before you post or say rude things about other groups or other people in general, do your research. Watch a video or two. Listen to a song. Watch one of their interviews. You’ll see just how dedicated and hard working these groups are, and hopefully understand not to judge a book by its cover.

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