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SuperBroJocks AU + Prom 

for that one anon (ily for this btw) || all superbrojock aus related things

  • Jason and Percy go to prom together it’s simple.
  • Percy wears a tux with a blue vest and tie bc he likes blue and wants to match Jason’s eyes. Jason wears a black tux with a very dark green vest and tie to match Percy’s eyes. (They did not coordinate their outfits beforehand.)
  • They got each other corsages. (The corsages did not match.)
  • Jason went all out with prom getting the two of them the gaudiest limo he could find knowing full well that Percy will love it. He did love it. It’s the ugliest thing ever.
  • Percy’s mom, stepdad, and little sister all made a big fuss about everything. Jason and Percy were so embarrassed. Little sister thought it was cute.
  • They arrived at the dance. They take the obligatory school prom photo with Percy holding Jason by the waist as they smile to the camera next to a fake palm tree. They danced with friends. They danced together. They slow danced to Carly Rae Jepsen.

But this isn’t the best part though. Nope. The best part happened before prom.

The Promposal.

  • Percy has it all figured out see. He already asked the cheerleaders and the marching band for their help. He made like 10 banners (and had Grover spell check them bc Annabeth also has dyslexia).
  • He asked Jason’s teammates for help which they all happily obliged. He asked the gardening club tips on what flowers he should get. He asked his family what to do exactly. He may have even debated on getting his horse, wearing a knight costume, and riding to school with a giant sword and a bouquet of roses with the marching band and cheerleaders trailing behind. (The principal did not give him permission to let his horse on school grounds. That plan was scrapped, regrettably.)
  • Percy’s plan was perfect. He would text Jason to meet at one end of the football field. The field would be questionably without people, but Jason wouldn’t notice. Annabeth will signal him when Jason is there and waiting. Then from the other end of the field he would suddenly hear the marching band playing their song and he would see the cheer leaders doing their thing and then when they get right in front of him do a series of elaborate human pyramids and they’ll raise the signs that say ‘Will go to Prom with this guy? —>’ pointing at Percy who is basically surrounded by bouquets of flowers looking adorable.
  • At that point there will be two very large hoops raised covered in paper one saying ‘yes’ and the other ‘no’
  • Someone will give Jason a football to throw in the hoop of his answer.

This is all well and great and would have been sweet as fuck but you see

  • Jason has got everything figured out. He asked the whole theater department to help him out with his promposal. He’s even got the tech guys control a fog machine. A freaking fog machine! How cool is that! Even the lighting guys brought along some of their things.
  • He fretted over what exactly he should do for this special event while Reyna, Leo, and Piper were all overly supportive. He tried asking the cheer squad for their help but apparently someone else got them for their promposal but no biggie. He had back ups made. He asked the baking club, the robotics club, and Percy’s teammates to help him make everything just perfect for what he has planned.
  • His original plan was to jump out of a helicopter and have a group of trained parachutists do a performance as they hold a ‘will go to prom with me?’ sign but the Principal did not give him permission to land about 30 professional parachutists on school property. His other plan was to have sky writers write a ‘will you go to prom with me?’ sign but that just was not special enough.
  • Jason’s plan was perfect. He would text Percy to meet at one end of the  football field. The field would be questionably without people, but Percy wouldn’t notice. Reyna will signal him when Percy is there and waiting. Then from the other end of the field out of the fog Jason is going to bust out with the theater club dancing and singing a version of their song. The then as the song and dance stop a banner carried by two drones is going to show up carrying a giant cookie that asks if Percy will go to Prom with Jason.
  • At this point Jason will have two blue cupcakes one with a ‘yes’ and one with a ‘no’. All Percy has to do is pick one.

Here’s what happened

  • Percy was uncharacteristically being secretive all week. So, was Jason. Neither of them noticed because both were pre-occupied with their promposal.
  • Grover, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, and Reyna knew of both promposals. None of them said anything to the concerning parties.
  • Percy and Jason led their steads simultaneously both making their way from the opposite part of the football field. Their parades met in the middle to the confusion of literally everyone especially Percy and Jason.
  • They looked at each other’s over the top show of affection in utter awe, completely unbelieving. Jason’s heart felt like it would burst from sheer happiness and Percy felt like his cheeks hurting from smiling so big.
  • “Is that for me?” “Yes! Is that for me?” “Of course, who else would it be for?” “So… What do you say?” “What do you say?”
  • Jason throws the football to the yes hoop and Percy eats the yes cupcake
  • They hug, they kiss, everyone cheers.
  • “You know, I would still said yes if you just wrote me a note.” “You know, I would have said yes even if you didn’t ask.”

lotte world with kyungsoo

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i love every single song on flicker so much like usually there’s at least one song that i don’t like on all of my favorite albums but every song on flicker is so good


honestly it’s actually the small, mundane, boring things that someone does for you out of love which mean so much rather than grand gestures and proclamations

On a happier note, Jen Bartel is drawing Pharmercy!

In fact, she’s drawing all of your favorite wlw ships and lady favs.


And super, extra, special bonus:

Pharah and Mercy are holding hands!