with green tea boba

listen to this dumb genyatta hc

ok so me and ben last night were thinking about this genyatta art and like…

what if genji loves going on coffee dates with zen but in all his eagerness he never thought to ask whether zen likes coffee or even if he could drink .. things?

but zen wants to spend time with him so they go out anyway and before he can say anything genji is already ordering both of them his favorite drink and zen is just too polite and in love to tell him the truth

and this happens all the time, they always end up walking down the street holding drinks (and hands)

and every time, zen has to find some inconspicuous and somewhat comedic way to pour his drink into a plant when genjis not looking . *points to store window* “what a marvelous jacket that is!”
*dumps the entire coffee over his shoulder*

but then one day genji makes something special for zen. he places his favorite passion fruit green tea boba in front of the guy and is like. waiting for him to take a sip, and after like a minute of awkward silence zen just sighs and is like “i did not think it would happen like this”


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Day 7 - Kindness for my sister 

Today’s act of kindness was a little one but I hope it brightened my sister’s day a bit. My sister is really amazing at making all sorts of teas, and she always makes tea for me when I come home to visit. 

For the past few months she’s been really sick - so today I made her some matcha with boba and left it on the counter for her to find when she woke up. I hope it made her feel at least a little bit better. 


Clear weather on Paektu Mountain.*
#Heavenly lake
#Field of snow
#Snowboarding chapter
#Really want to eat kidney with sesame oil
#As well as Abo noodles
#As well as frozen taro
#As well as chicken cutlet, mildly spicy and cut
#As well as boba milk green tea, 70% sugar and less ice
#As well as black leek delicacy, 40% thicker and with some ice**
#Drink American style and you’ll be fine
#9 degrees below zero

*Translator note: I believe the last character in the first line is a typo. It should be “晴” for the “clear” in “clear weather” instead of “睛,” which means “eye.” Then again, this is Roy, so who knows.
**Not entirely sure what he’s talking about here…

Cas: This is CAS, reportin’ from SEACON!!!

We made some NEW FRIENDS today!

……And went to a DIM SUM PLACE!!!


Also, BOBA TEA!!!!

An’ KALE, which was kinda GREEN, though DA MOOSE liked it!!!!

Oh, also, there was a REAL PRETTY RED-HEADED LADY!!!  She had a cute accent and a flowery dress.

Dean: So you’re goin’ back tomorrow??

Cas: Looks like!  We’re supposed to meet some dude named MOOSHA.

Sam: DA MOOSE needs more KALE!!!