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A Guide to Bubble Tea!

I’m not a bubble tea expert by any means, but here’s some info for those interested, curious, or confused! 

In short, bubble tea is just flavored tea with extra additions called toppings. 


You start with a base, most commonly green, black, or oolong tea. These teas are transparent: 

From there, you can add flavors. Flavors can include fruit (like strawberry, peach, or mango) or can extend to more unique flavors like almond, rose, jasmine, etc. These teas will all be transparent. 

If you want a creamier or milkier consistency, you can get a milk tea instead: 

These also come in fruit flavors, or you can go crazzzzy and get flavors like coffee, chocolate, nutella, caramel, almond, hazelnut, green apple, thai, taro, coconut, vanilla, etc. These teas are opaque. If you want something awesome, feel free to mix flavors! A favorite of mine is to mix thai and coconut! 

You can also get most of these in slush form, also known in America as “slushies” or “slurpees”: 

Or smoothies and milkshakes!

Now for “Toppings!”

Most think of “toppings” as something that goes on top of a drink, but in most bubble teas, these usually float to the bottom. 

Boba is the most popular (in short, these are tapioca balls). The texture feels gummy and chewy. They also have clear boba (or crystal boba), which is tasteless but adds texture. And lastly, popping boba, which is fruit-juice filled balls that explode in your mouth!:

Next are jellies! These are usually rectangular-shaped gelatin pieces, but they also come in star shapes! They are the consistency of gummy bears, but softer. Some flavors include coffee, strawberry, mango, coconut, apple, etc.: 

Next is PUDDING! I’ve seen pudding come in three flavors: almond, taro, or egg. They are usually added in cubes and are the consistency of flan or jello gelatin: 

If you wish, you can also add a whipped topping like whipped cream, creamer, or crema (like sea salt or almond):

If it’s hot, feel free to add ice cream if it’s on the menu!: 

Other toppings include grass jelly (almost tasteless with a slight bitterness): 

Red beans: 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me! Enjoy!


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let’s kick it.

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Anon said: Hii can i request a yuta scenario where he is just cocky af and a fuckboy but ends up being really sweet and you fall for him pls (:🌸

Yes, perfect. 

Pairing: Yuta/Reader

Word Count: 4100+

Summary: The end of the school year is approaching and the only obstacles ahead of you are graduation, prom, and Yuta. 

Senior year tends to be a bittersweet experience for most people, including yourself. You didn’t think it would fly by so fast and it’s all coming to an end after this week. With prom and commencement being the only things ahead of you, the feeling of relaxation is becoming a recurrence for you. You observe the surroundings of your associated student body room and think to yourself, “Hey, I’m probably not going to see any of these people for a very long time or never again!”. For you, it makes things a lot easier.

Going off to college with a clean slate and having the ability to showcase your introduction skills to new peers makes you content. Until you’re brought back to reality that one of your colleagues is coming with you for the ride. Yuta Nakamoto. It is unfair to say that you can’t stand the guy because you two have never properly met but…you can’t stand him. Knowing each other’s names is good enough for you. Having the opportunity to choose from 10 colleges that accepted him and the odds of him choosing the same college as you is highly unlikely. But, Lady Luck thought wrong. You catch him in the middle of the room discussing with fellow classmates on final prom preparations. He always tends to get loud and obnoxious over the smallest of things and today is no different.

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ramblerogue  asked:

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I really admire your art! Like, the linework is very smooth and flowy and the colors are always really nice. Anyway I just really like the whole aesthetic and vibe and I think it's super cool! Keep up the great work!

I offer my gratitude/thanks in a cup of hot cocoa.

Mornin’ treats: Green Tea Boba 🐢

For the boba:

1/3 cup green tea boba pearls

Bring a pot to boiling water then add boba. Once boba floats cover pot with a lid and boil for about 3 minutes on medium heat. Then, turn off heat and and steep (covered) for another 3 minutes. Scoop out boba and place in a bowl of cold water for about 30 seconds. Drain and add to another clean bowl and toss with 1 tsp. maple syrup.

Green tea drink:

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 tsp. matcha powder
1-2 tbsp. maple syrup
½ tsp. vanilla powder
½ cup ice

Blend until smooth.

nct and their boba orders

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Anon said: all of nct’s boba orders & why? (ps ily u already know who this is)

my dude… i live for this concept. 

  • Taeil: Taro slush ! This drink isn’t too sweet but provides the feeling of being refreshed after drinking it. This could relate to Taeil because even though he could be shy at times, when he does have a moment it leaves everyone happy !!  

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listen to this dumb genyatta hc

ok so me and ben last night were thinking about this genyatta art and like…

what if genji loves going on coffee dates with zen but in all his eagerness he never thought to ask whether zen likes coffee or even if he could drink .. things?

but zen wants to spend time with him so they go out anyway and before he can say anything genji is already ordering both of them his favorite drink and zen is just too polite and in love to tell him the truth

and this happens all the time, they always end up walking down the street holding drinks (and hands)

and every time, zen has to find some inconspicuous and somewhat comedic way to pour his drink into a plant when genjis not looking . *points to store window* “what a marvelous jacket that is!”
*dumps the entire coffee over his shoulder*

but then one day genji makes something special for zen. he places his favorite passion fruit green tea boba in front of the guy and is like. waiting for him to take a sip, and after like a minute of awkward silence zen just sighs and is like “i did not think it would happen like this”