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All I’ve been going on about for two months is dragonball/dragonball super and so one of my best friends (@knight-enchanter) decided to make an infographic of everything they’ve gleamed from me, one opening and google images.

This is it. This is what my friends hear when I talk about it. 

psychicdinneranon  asked:

For your MiB Au, I had a thought as to what kind of alien Shizamaki would be. Perhaps he came from the planet of the Mole People whose cities have been underground for so long that they are all blinded by any light. Also I dare you to try saying "Planet of the Mole People" with a straight face. I look forward to hearing if you can do it!

first of all, great new friend: I didnt make it. I started laughing the moment I googled mole images to scrap up a design for shimazaki. what the f uc k is a Planet of the Mole People what is th i s

then I came up with minegishi just to put both of them in the same place and 

I just

mole and plants

we did it reddit 

anonymous asked:

Foreigner here, what are the posts about the new logo for Estonia about? (the green one) I tried doing a reverse google image search of it and didn't get anything.

The posts about logo are pretty salty because they spent 2 years and 200 000€ on a green blob that looks like it was done a minute before deadline in MS Paint.

General opinion of this logo is that it’s a puking hedgehog/that puking cactus on FB/piece of shit.

Our government and president love that green stain however, therefore it’s here to stay until they make even more embarrassing logo 10 years down the road, and let me tell you - the standards for logo of Estonia have never been this low.

fogsblue  asked:

Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY!❤

Omg, @fogsblue, how did I miss this until just now????  THANK YOU!!!!!  <3<3<3<3

Okay, so five nice things…  Hmmmmmm…

1. I make damn fine GF brownies that you can’t even tell are GF.  And for those of you who are skeptical, come over.  I will make them for you. Prepare to be stunned and amazed.

2. I’m working hard to raise my kiddos to be decent human beings, who respect and love everyone equally.

3. I didn’t vote for a psychotic, bloated pumpkin in a toupée.  (Also, I googled that word to see where the accent went, and GUESS WHO POPS UP IN THE GOOGLE IMAGES IMMEDIATELY?  HAHAHAHAHA!  Made my day.)

4. I will very bravely not run away when I see a spider on the wall anymore.  (caveat: This is only so that I know where the damn thing is, so I can show my husband when he comes to rescue me.  It’s not really brave.  I just know it’s worse NOT knowing where the spider is, than knowing.  And then I will dance up and down screeching, “Don’t kill it, don’t kill it!  Just put it outside,” while he sighs in annoyance.  Still an improvement over me shrieking in terror and considering burning the house down, so I’m listing it.)

5. I will rescue any animal in need, I don’t care how many teeth it has.  Or scales…or like…wing flaps, because one time I saved a flying squirrel that came down the chimney and was terrorizing my cat.  And as you can see from number 4, I even stand up for spiders despite the fact that I’m pretty sure they have been trying to murder me since birth.  Not wasps, though.  Not them. Wasps can go fuck themselves.  They know why.

I know I’m supposed to send asks, but I’m a rebel, and I’m gonna tag instead.  SO, I’m tagging: @amidtheflowers, @pinkpandorafrog, @georgiagirlagain, @sweetsigyn, @hollyspacey, @anniemar, @pollydoodles, @itsjanetsnakehole, @usedkarma, and @neverending-shenanigans (who wrote me this super cute little fic about a goat and witchy Darcy, and sent me a link to it this morning - THANK YOU!!!!!)

You’ve probably heard of Akita Inus: 

And Shiba Inus:

Which  are really cool and cute Japanese dog breeds. Let me introduce you to these other cool and cute Japanese dogs, which I think deserve equal attention.

The Kishu Inu:

The Hokkaido Ken:

The Kai Ken:

The Shikoku Inu:

I just really love dogs, and look how cool they are! Dogs!!!