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You remember this? My dad and I used to build model airplanes. And this, this was my absolute favorite. Tenth birthday. This is a Nieuport 28. It’s the same plane Quentin Roosevelt flew in World War I. When you were about two years old, you got your hands on this, and you broke off one of the wings. I spent about an hour with a hot glue gun trying to fix it. It ended up in about 20 pieces instead of 2. Quentin, sometimes trying to fix something only makes it worse.

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Grandma! Grandma! Grandpa told us a story about this lady at McDonalds, do you have any stories for us?

Oh goodness, my children have children now ;;

Hmm, so for Christmas when I was 7 years old my father got me a Furby because those were all the fucking rage at the time. I loved the creepy thing to death until a week later I realized it wouldn’t shut up. I didn’t know how to take the batteries out, and I was going crazy with it chirping in the middle of the night when I was trying to fucking sleep. So logically, my child brain came upon the conclusion that if the mouth can’t move, then it can’t make any noise. So I fucking glued the mouth together. Like, imagine someone dumping a bottle of Elmer’s glue on a tiny furry creature in hopes of it drowning under the gobs of adhesive. That was me. Anyways, my dad was about to come into my room, and in panic I shoved the thing under my bed. I promptly forgot that I shoved a glue covered furby under my bed. Jump cut to that night when I was trying to sleep. I woke up at 2AM to the sound of some HORRENDOUS GROANING and GURGLING and I fucking thought I was going to DIE. And it didn’t STOP. I realized 10 horrifying minutes later that I shoved my glue drowning furby under my bed so I took it out and fucking threw it into my hallway. My dad found it the next morning and probably swore to never get me anything for Christmas again LOL.

TL;DR: Furby’s are terrible gifts.

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have you posted/do you have a recipe for the fluffy bubblegum slime? i always see it and Want It

this is the one i found but idr where and i can’t find it again but:
pour 8 oz of white glue into a bowl, then add one cup shaving cream (i got pure silk for $1 at the dollar store) and one cup foaming hand soap then stir till it’s not lumpy.
throw in one tablespoon of corn starch and stir that in.
now add food color if you want and a few pumps of lotion. stirrr
now start adding in an activator. i know ppl are starting to steer away from borax but its what i have and its easy. put one teaspoon of borax into hot water and stir until it’s disolved
add it in slowly and not all at once !!! i fucked up like 3 batches of slime by adding it all at once. stir as you add it in until it’s the right texture. you probably won’t use all of the activator.
take it out and knead it a bit. if you want it to be stretchier, add more lotion !
and yay ! slime !

I like how my retail rants often turn into discussions like…

“What the fuck is glue slime?”


“What is it about Ohio that makes people want to leave the planet?”

The important questions. 

I made meditation or worry jars today. I use them to calm my mind . I give them a shake and watch the glitter settle. And the best part is they are very easy to make!

Here is what you’ll need:
Sealable jars
Glitter glue
Extra glitter
Food coloring
Hot water

Now a couple things to keep in mind. I used dollar store jars and at first they leaked but after 8 hours they dried and no longer leaked. I think if I make more I will use mason jars that can seal better.

I read some reviews that said instead of glitter glue use clear glue and glitter otherwise the jars will be cloudy. I didn’t do it this way and mine didn’t turn out cloudy at all. But I did only use two small tubes of glitter and then added my own glitter.

Also I actually tried making 3 jars , but one time I got the water too hot and it cracked the jar. So be prepared and have oven mitts and towels on hand because the water and jar get very hot! This would also be a good use for moon water if you have enough.

The process: bring your water to a light boil. Fill your jar ¾ of the way. Add two tubes of glitter glue, three drops of food coloring and your extra glitter. I did more fine glitter and just a shake of the big glitter flakes. Stir the mixture , you can use a whisk or a butter knife . Fill the jar rest of the way. Leave some room at the top. Leave jar open until the water cools down. Screw on the lid and let the jar sit overnight.

From there I said a blessing over my jars and charged them with my intent for calming. Cleansed the jars with incense and tada! Easy as that.

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Have you seen Face the Music ??

Not yet. I’ve seen star crushed and I have an important question, who needs tape or glue? I mean so far it’s about what I expected but the rest of ya’ll? Who needs to be fixed up? Free of charge

To the SVTFOE fandom and especially Starco fans

Don’t worry about tomorrow. I have duct tape and crazy glue ready. I also have a story ready to post for extra measure.