with glasses and all omg really

The Heroes: How They Deal with Kids

-because when you grow up and become a hero, kids will hear about you. And you will be recognized on the street.

-Denki gets distracted a lot. So when a kid is like, “ohmygosh hi!!” he is like: “WHAT HAPPENED?!” And starts sparking and shit like a villain is gonna jump out at him. The kids tend to just giggle and get excited to see his electricity. Then he calms down and like, spends some time making them laugh with static electricity between their fingers.

-Kiri LOVES the kids’ attention. He’s really smiley and happy, and will autograph anything. One time, a child asked him if he could break a glass bottle against Kiri just to see how hard his skin was. The parents were like STOP OMG DONT PLAY WITH GLASS and Kiri is like, “sure, I bet I could break it with just my pinky!!”

-Izuku is super flattered and shy, and tells them they’re gonna grow up and be awesome heroes too. He cannot believe that people want his autograph, but he doesn’t say no. Parents really love him and kids like to pile stuff in his arms to see how much his strength can hold. Or they just climb on top of him.

-Shouto is all right with kids. He’s kinda soft-spoken, but he smiles at them and will give them really good advice. He comforts a lot of crying children by making snowflakes for them. Children like to ask him to heat up stuff for them just to watch it melt. He’s superrrr protective and is completely the type to see any sort of parental abuse in public (whether its verbal or almost physical) and like, scare the shit out of said parent. Kids are very grateful for him.

-Katsuki hates children. Just….He doesn’t….Yeah it’s bad. He’ll sign stuff for them, but most of the time, it goes like this:
Katsuki: “The fuck?”
Kids: “So I can say it too?”
Katsuki: “Uh, why would I give a f—why would i care?”
Kids: “Can I—?”
Katsuki: “See me blow up something?”
Kids: “—touch your hair?”
Katsuki: “…”

RFA with an MC who is seeing colour for the first time!

inspired by one of @anyway-i-love-vanderwood minor trio reactions (because I have no requests and I honestly think this is the cutest idea). 

I made this an MC with complete colour blindness- also known as achromatopsia- which is the most severe form of colour blindness and results in seeing only in monochrome (black and white). 


✮ you both got your eye surgeries at the same time 
✮ he was so excited to see you completely and he was smiling so wide as you both saw each other in the waiting room of the clinic 
✮ you haven’t said anything yet 
✮ he asks you what you’re thinking about 
✮ you just 
✮ “your eyes. what colour are they?” 
✮ ‘they’re purple’ “I love them. I love purple.” 
✮ is blushing so hard and he just hugs you super hard 
✮ holds your hand while you slowly walk outside 
✮ he doesn’t wanna overwhelm you 
✮ gets excited with you as you run around looking at everything
✮ he cries a lil he’s just so happy for you 


✎ you decided to surprise her at work with a really colourful outfit (that, admittedly, looks a little ridiculous) 
✎ it takes you a while to get to the cafe because ‘wow! those flowers are so pretty’ ‘what colour is that person’s shirt?’ 
✎ when she sees you she’s kinda surprised because you don’t usually wear colours because you don’t know what they actually look like 
✎ she goes up to you and is like ‘MC your outfit is very… different’ 
✎ but you’re smile is bigger than your face 
✎ and you say that the colour of the walls is very nice 
✎ ‘yeah, thanks’ 
✎ doesn’t realise at first 
✎ you just stand there staring at her for a while until she gets it 
✎ ‘wait,,,, whAT’ 
✎ hugs you and spins you around 
✎ is super giddy when you tell her you love her eyes 


✽ is sitting in front of you 
✽ you’re looking around like ‘woah wtf’ 
✽ and he’s like ‘MC look at me! look at me!’ 
✽ because that’s just what he’s like 
✽ you look at him with bright eyes 
✽ and then,,, ‘your hair is the same’ 
✽ is kinda disheartened until you grab his face and just stare really closely at his eyes 
✽ ‘woahhhh’
✽ ‘what colour are you eyes?’ 
✽ he’s super excited and proud when he tells you they’re red
✽ admires your amazed expression as you kinda tilt his head to look at different perspective 
✽ is so excited to take you everywhere and loves how excited you get 
✽ tries to brag to all his fellow actors that you can now see colour 
✽ and they don’t really get it?? 
✽ and zen just realises how everyone takes colour for granted~~ 


₩ he paid for the surgery 
₩ of course 
₩ when you see him you’re like ???
₩ ‘jumin it didn’t work??!’ yikes 
₩ he’s like ‘wtf are you talking about i will SUE THIS HOSPITAL’ 
₩ then the doctor comes in with a colour chart and you’re like 
₩ ‘oh,,,’
₩ ‘oHH’
₩ and then look back at jumin and you’re like 
₩ ‘your hair and eyes are black,,, you’re still as beautiful as I remember!!’
₩ and he’s just ‘omggg’
₩ holds your hand and lets you drag him around 
₩ he loves listening to you rant on about all the colours and how pretty they are 
₩ even if he already knows 
₩ he admires how beautifully you describe everything 


⌨  made you a pair of those sunglasses (i have no idea if this would work with full colour blindness but,,, we’re doin it anyway) 
⌨  he puts them on you while you’re sitting face to face 
⌨  you have your eyes closed when he’s putting them on and then open them after
⌨  you practically lunge at him 
⌨  he yells he was not expecting that 
⌨  you just kind of stroke his hair and lie on him looking at it 
⌨  he is s h o o k 
⌨  he thought you were cute before?
⌨  bAM 
⌨  cuteness level x38927839257
⌨  he doesn’t really wanna go outside so he’s like 
⌨  ‘my monitor is super HD you can just see all the colours in the comfort of our house!’ 
⌨  you drag him outside 
⌨  he decides that it was definitely worth it 
⌨  he gets excited with you 
⌨  you’re like ‘the grass is so… gREEN?!’ 
⌨  and he like forgets what the world was like and goes ‘omg yOU’RE RIGHT’ 
⌨  ‘seven why did you get glasses like that?’ 
⌨  immediately tries to take the glasses off 


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My sons are domestic and cute and argue over sleepwear :(

I cannot believe. The creepshot war. Has developed into this. The best part was, this is what I freaking woke up to AHHHHH. I’m crying over Dan being a little brat who teased Phil all while standing on the other side of the door and pretending for at least a few minutes that he wasn’t there until Phil realized that Dan was in fact there

The best bit is, I can freaking imagine it already, just from the pics. Phil’s knocking on the door, slightly upset, laughing at himself. He puts his hands on the glass to peer in when no one answers, and then rests his forehead there, still giggling. 

Then it starts to get cold, and he remembers he’s in his PJ’s, and he’s like damnit, let me in, and he’s still kind of laughing and knocking on the glass when his phone goes off, and he remembers, oh yeah! I have that in my pocket! So he pulls it out, and he’s got a notifcation from a tweet from - Dan? And there’s a photo of him, leaning against the glass, but on the other side of the door, and omg, is Dan really standing right there?

So now Phil starts calling Dan’s name in that exasperated way he gets. Remember the prank video, when Phil is half asleep and pushes through a doorway, and a pillow falls on his head, and he just complains lightly and says Dan’s name, and it’s all exhausted and soft? Yeah, yeah he say’s Dan’s name like that, and then he rings the doorbell, trying to get someone’s attention, and says Dan’s name some more. He knocks on the glass, and shouts Dan’s name this time, that way he does when Dan’s being a brat in gaming videos, and when Dan just laughs on the other side, loud and mocking and adorable, Phil picks up his phone and calls him. 

At first, Dan ignores him, but Phil calls three more times, this time getting a bit frustrated, until Dan finally answers the phone, and the first thing Dan says is “I’ll let you in if you agree to burn those pajamas,” and all Phil can do is groan and whisper, “Fine, yes, okay, but only if I get a kiss as well.”

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I discovered this blog on Tuesday and I've been checking it for updates EVERY DAY I'm OBSESSED and even showed my best friend. Could you do SHINee at IKEA? I can't remember if you've done it yet lol

you are too cute anon! i’m so glad you and your best friend are enjoying!! also I LOVE IKEA what a weird magical swedish wonderland 


  • must sit on every sofa 
  • judges them like some sort of sofa connoisseur “ah yes, just the right amount of squish and support for the butt”  
  • keeps pretending to live in every display 
  • unpopular opinion: swedish meatballs are just ok 
  • sitting on the flatbed cart while members push him grinning like a damn fool 


  • complaining that no one’s room looks like this
  • is that a jar of hay
  • looking forward to getting an ice cream cone on the way out 
  • oh there it is
  • he was wrong, they were just here he could tell by the impractically small stools 
  • “found this lil plant i love it it’s mine” 


  • before entering chants “kibum you will not buy things you don’t need you will NOT BUY things you don’t need!!!!!!!!!”
  • buys a stuffed broccoli, a shower curtain, and two of those plastic garbage cans that everyone has (”dammit kibum why have you lost all control over your life YOUR SHOWER HAS A GLASS DOOR FOR GOD’S SAKE”) 
  • crawls into a bedset with a fluffy duvet cover 
  • “i live here now”


  • failing very hard at pronouncing the names
  • “if we pool our money and don’t eat for the next month, we can redo our kitchen” 
  • found a HUGE picture of a scribbly cat?? not really sure what it is?? (minho: ”hahaha hey guys look how ugly this is” / shinee: “hahah omg” / minho: *looks at it again* “i must have it”) 
  • buys a set of 100 forks 


  • there is too much furniture, they all look the same, he is overwhelmed 
  • turns “on” all the faucets of every sink he sees bc he knows it’ll bug someone eventually 
  • chaotic evil 
  • “that’s a really big fridge” ….. “wonder if i could fit in there” 
  • he can
  • bye taemin


  • everyone looks at their purchases in the sunlight and they’re like damn you ikea and your strange magnetic power 

Kidge Week Day 1-7

These were from like…a month ago, but still posting just cuz. It was Kidge week around the second week of December and I decided to participate. Even though I never submitted these and it’s hella late now. OTL

I AM…SO SORRY. All but the first one actually looks decent. I worked really hard on the first one and *burned* myself out, okay?

Posting anyway, so enjoy the Kidge (Keidge? Peith?).

Long haired Pidge gives me life honestly. Also her glasses aren’t in any of these omg shit fuck.


Ok, so I am super, super nervous about posting this.. but I have been loving all the cosplay of the Sanders sides and I wanted to join in.. 

So.. here’s me cosplaying as Morality, better known as Dad. 

@thatsthat24 ‘s I really love your characters and this community is just really wonderful.. so, I guess me posting this is kinda trying to say thanks? cause I would never do this otherwise… So yeah, Thanks, Thomas. ( and everyone in his wonderful fandom ^-^)

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Could you possibly do a HC of the RFA + V reacting to MC not finding Zen attractive. Like he posted a selfie and MC's just like "Meh, I don't see it..."

LOL Ya for sure!

~I swear this is kinda me haha. I love Zen but..the rat tail….omg….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

◉ Yoosung

  • Laughs and laughs and laughs
  • and laughs
  • He wishes he knew where you were so he could hug you
  • You’re his favorite person from now on
  • You can’t see him but he’s literally rolling around on his floor laughing after reading the message
  • He’s not necessarily happy to see Zen upset
  • But he thinks he needs to be knocked down a peg or two
  • Now he is curious
    • “So what is attractive to you, MC? I think I’m pretty cute…”

◉ Jumin

  • Dat smirk emoji
  • Jumin is elated
    • “It takes a wise person to have a firm grasp on their taste and preferences”
  • You’ve moved up a few notches in Jumins book
    • “You have a good eye, MC. Next time I’m looking for models when we launch a line, I’d like it if you could be involved as a consultant.”
  • Makes little digs at Zen and they end up arguing a lot lol

◉ Zen

  • He is so confused!
    • “Maybe that wasn’t my best angle…hold on I’ll send another one”
  • Keeps sending selfies only for you to say “eh”
  • This can’t be possible??
  • Chat is drowning in selfies
  • Everyone is begging him to stop
  • Perhaps she just needs to see me in person?
    • “Seven tell me where MC is I need to know this instant.”
    • “You know I can’t do that.”
  • Is having a panic attack
  • Crying emoji
  • In the end it honestly just makes him want you more because it’s like a challenge lol 

◉ Jaehee

  • Offended™
  • But also glad that you aren’t attracted to him
    • “This is for the best. It wouldn’t be wise to have feelings for him, anyway.”
  • The only one really trying to cheer Zen up and remind him of all of his fans
  • Saving all the selfies
  • like
  • She about 2 fAINT
  • This is the best day she’s had in months

◉ Saeyoung

  • Laughing with Yoosung omg these two
  • Spit out his PHD Pepper
  • Him and Yoosung are just feeding off of each other typing joke after joke
  • In all seriousness though
  • Once he calms down a bit…
    • “MC you might need glasses like me, Zen is pretty attractive. Or maybe you just have a different taste…? It makes me curious about you.”

◉ V

  • He just wants to stay out of it tbh
  • Daddy V is the calm mediator
    • “Zen, everyone has different tastes. You can’t expect everyone to find you attractive. Let’s all calm down, shall we?”
  • Laughed a little to himself when he read it
  • Just sits back and reads the chaos
  • There’s no way he can control this bunch
  • Really only sticking around because Zen was adamant on going to the apartment so he had to try and calm the situation lol
  • city of oh another name for muggles
  • city of oh don’t mind me shipping incest
  • city of nobody speaks of that second of an instant we all sort of shipped sebby with clary
  • city of the one in between jace’s resurrection and jace’s demonic possession where clace finally becomes canon but nobody really remembers the plot or is that just me
  • city of omg sebby is a lonely misunderstood lil snowflake that just needs love in his life #rip
  • city of we were all expecting the worst but where are these 6 main characters who were supposed to die

leos-pineapple  asked:

Head canons with 707 with an S/O that has glasses as well! I really enjoy your head canons! Thank you for sharing all these with us~!

Guys! Please keep sending in asks for 707/Saeyoung/Luciel/whatever other names he goes by that I can’t remember right now. I have like 3 

When I get these finished up I’m gonna go back and do Saeran’s I just wanted to get some done on the intended day so don’t worry, i didn’t forget his or anything. 

Hello again! Again I saw your comment and no problem!!!

Omg thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them!

Hehe I wear glasses I’ve thought about this too much tbh. 


  • When he first saw MC’s picture the only thing he was kind of internally screaming a lot because omg they wear glasses like me!
  • He can’t help but wonder how bad their vision is and if they’re nearsighted or farsighted and while he could easily figure these things out, he wanted to figure them out from MC, by talking to them instead of going behind their back to find out every detail of their life before they’d even met in person 
  • They’re definitely going to swap glasses
  • Constantly
  • It doesn’t really matter if MC’s vision is worse than his or better or even if it’s bad in an entirely different way, he’d constantly going to be like “Your vision is so bad” 
  • If they have a similar prescription to him he might take to wearing their glasses instead of his own, especially if he wakes up first in the morning, he’d take their glasses instead of his own 
  • Even if there prescriptions are different he’d mess around with MC
  • He’s well known for waking up early and hiding MC’s glasses somewhere in the bunker and leaving them to helplessly wander in an attempt to find their glasses
  • Eventually he’d feel bad enough to help, them search, not really giving them too many hits unless he started getting bored
  • He’d love to see MC without glasses because it was so different 
  • He’d also like to take off his glasses around them and only them as kind of a secret sign of trust and because he knows that MC likes it when he doesn’t wear his as much as he likes it when they don’t wear theirs 
  • He definitely has contacts, but he normally doesn’t use them

leos-pineapple  asked:

Um may I request something? I'm kind of new here.... Could I have head canons when the RFA realizes their M/C is taller than average and wears glasses? And like couples head canons with it like that? That would be lovely! Stay safe and have a wonderful day admin green~


- :-0 

-ur so,, tol 

-lots of people think he would get salty but from what I’ve seen he’s actually pretty comfortable with his height? I think he would just get super flustered at first because w o w ur pretty and a lot taller than him,, wo ow

-he doesn’t really mind your glasses, the only time they bother him is when you bend down to kiss him they sometimes fall down on his face mc please get ur glasses tightened so he can live in peace omg

-loves when you pick him up and just carry him around sometimes ,, its amazing he can see the whole world up here


-he’s cocky 

-you two are about the same height, so that part doesn’t really bother him

-he doesn’t mind that u wear glasses ofc but he loves to play pranks on you and make you grab fake pairs in the morning

-saeyoung where did you get all these glasses?? safeway???????

-he likes to give you big hugs!! you’re the perfect height for hugs !

-will sometimes request that you be his prince and carry him to bed


-b ro,, u know this guy don’t care

-the only thing he asks is if u want contacts and if u don’t he’s like “k” and the next morning you have 1500 new pairs of glasses in different styles and colors 

“to go with your outfit of the day” he says


-awww she’s got a tall s/o!! 

-jaehee herself isn’t the tallest person in the world, nor is she the shortest

-she really loves how tall u are tho! likes it when you come up behind her and just cover her in a huuuge hug 

-you are always the big spoon


-e h ?

- why are you not the cute small ___ he had always envisioned???? you literally are taller than him and???????????


-at first he doesn’t really. like ur height. 

-but he gets over it because omg zen it doesn’t matter 

-he’s the kind of person to steal ur glasses and go “wow ___ you’re really blind aren’t you”

- “how many fingers am I holding up”


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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC who is addicted to gardening or collecting houseplants?

•he likes it!!
•he falls into it quickly and the shared apartment quickly becomes covered in plants, the balcony too.
•he likes naming them!
•probably calls the plants their children

•he thinks its cute
•comes to really like cactus and eventually has them all over the bedroom and windowsills (along with other plants)
• names the cacti
•is unfortunately allergic to some plants, so they gotta be selective from now on

•also quickly picks it up as a hobby, but controls the amount so her house doesn’t become a botanical garden
•puts lil plants in coffee cups
•definitely has a green thumb
•brings little plants to work to keep on her desk (right next to a picture of MC of course!)

•a bit unsure about it at first, but warms up to the whole plant thing
•prob not too good with plants, but tries anyway (please help this man before he kills all the plants)
•probably makes a new room in the house with a glass ceiling just for a garden.
•definitely plants rose bushes with MC

•he likes plants too! But he can barely remember to take care of himself, let alone plants.
•makes a little box garden for MC
•probably gets weird obscure plants from god knows where to give to them
•starts taking care of the plants himself because it calms him down

•he has plants too!! They all have names!
•they combine their collections when they move in together
•there’s so many plants everywhere omg where does it e n d
•it’s like a greenhouse in THE house

•he secretly really likes plants but won’t admit it
•they make a garden and he’s really good at caring for the plants (he actually smiles a bit! But don’t tell anyone!)
•plants a bunch of flowers because the color makes him happy (he will take this fact to the grave)
•likes watching MC tend to the plants, it genuinely makes him happy (he might not even hide it this time!)

the-glasses-are-my-disguise  asked:

Oh my gosh! I can't believe I just found your blog because I've admired your art for ages!! It is so flipping great that I can't take it! I'm really sorry for seeming super lame with all of the exclamation points, but I'm really excited that I finally actually found your blog. I hope that you have a wonderful day you talented person.

thank you!! there’s nothing lame about shout poles, i’m glad you found my blog and liked it! here is a christine for you!

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I really like how when Pidge revealed she was a girl nothing changed about her. Like her clothes, her voice, they way she acted. All the same. She didn't remove her glasses or grow her hair or feminise herself. I really appreciate that the VLD team did that

i love it too omg

"Once a upon a Dream"

Prince Charming! Logan Howlett x Cinderella! (Y/N) Reader

Request: It’s my birthday, can you do where logan forgets my birthday, Logan and I get into argument, but Logan didn’t forget he really planning a special Disney party for me, “I love Disney,”. Kind like a Cinderella story. Request by @mishacrazy3

Warning: Angst,Romance,Fluff

Words: 1,837

A/N: “X-men meets Disney AU” this was a request! If you want to a request one-shot send me inbox :) Enjoy. You are a mutant with Invisibility and Telekinesis.


Today is the day. It’s my birthday, I will be turning 27 today. the sun was shining on my face. I look over at Logan. He looked so handsome sleeping. I got up, did my morning routine,Take a shower, brushing my teeth. Hair & makeup but more excited for this day. It’s 8:30 am in the morning, I had my first class to teach in half hour. I went to our small kitchen to cook breakfast. I got my phone off the charger, plug into my speaker. It was playing my favorite song, it was from my top 5 favorite Disney songs. Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping beauty. I started singing with the song, dancing around the kitchen. Then felt arm around my waist. Logan singing along. Logan was good singer. Logan was looking down at me smiling. I stopped.

“Oh…” I said. Moving away. “I’m sorry didn’t mean to scare you” Logan said. I tried to stay into character.

“Oh..it-” I move away but he took my hand again. “It wasn’t that?…..” I said. Blushing.

“Its……that you’re a……Uh..” I move away but Logan grabbed my arm again. Logan finished my sentence. “I’m a stranger….”

“Yea” I nodded. “Well, Didn’t you remember we’ve met before” Logan said. I put on a shock look.

“We’ve-We’ve have?” I asked. Logan nodded. “yes , you said it yourself, Once upon a dream” Logan said. I gigged. I pulled Logan into a kiss, I Pulled away, I went to finish breakfast. After I was done, Logan was at the coffee table. I set the food done! We ate. Got ready for class.

Times skips

(Just a example of your mood)

School was over, It was 4:30 pm in the afternoon, it seem that everyone forgot about my birthday, No one said happy birthday or even gave me a card. They just act like it was a normal day. And the sad part of it is my own boyfriend forgot my birthday. I finally got to Me and Logan dorm, I opened the door, Logan was chillin on the couch, drinking a beer, watching TV. I clenched my jaw. I went to the TV and turn it off.

“Hey, What’s wrong?” Logan asked. Looking worried.

“Did you forget what day it is?” I asked. crossing my arms to my chest, narrow my eyes at him. He looked confused.

“Uh……It’s 16th just a another day??…. why you ask” Logan frowned. He would never forget my birthday. But now it’s like he had memory loss.

“Really?….I can’t believe you right now James” I yelled his real name. Logan got up from the couch, putting his beer on the coffee table. He wrap his arm around my waist. I sighed.

“Okay..Babe what’s wrong?” Logan asked again. I rolled my eyes.

“Everyone in the school and you forgot my birthday” I said. “I didn’t mind about people at school not saying happy birthday. But you, my own boyfriend forgot my fucking birthday” I said, walking away from Logan.

“Oh shit sweetheart, I’m sorry.” Logan said, following into the bedroom. I was sitting on the bed. I tears coming down my face. Logan was rubbing my back.

“Can we just stay in and order pizza, watch a movie” I asked. Cuddled to Logan. Logan lightly pushed me off on him. I frowned.

“Shit, If would’ve known it was you’re birthday I would cancel my plans but I can’t” Logan said. Getting up from the bed.


“I got plans sweetheart…” Logan looked at his watch. “I’m little late…right now, but are you going be ok?” Logan asked. smirking at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever James” I said. “Thank you sweetie” Logan said, kissing my cheek. Leaving. 

After 15 minutes passed I got up, got my keys and purse. I walked out the dorm, I couldn’t believe him, I need to go to my safe place. I walked through the woods. I was finally at my safe place, I got my backpack out behind a tree. I unzipped, took my headphones and a my old IPod. I had hide battery speaker in it. I started playing my favorite song from Cinderella it was calm down or make me feel better. I started singing song and dancing in the woods.

I’m as mild and as meek as a mouse
When I hear a command I obey.
But I know of a spot in my house
where no one can stand in my way.
In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
and the world will open its arms to me.
I’m a young Egyptian princess or a milkmaid
I’m the greatest prima donna in Milan
I’m an heiress who has always had her silk made
By her own flock of silkworms in Japan
I’m a girl men go mad for love’s a game I can play
with cool and confident kind of air.
Just as long as I stay in my own little corner
All alone in my own little chair.

Soon after was done with the song, I sit in my chair. I cried, this was the worst birthday. None of my friends didn’t care, My boyfriend bailed on me, not even the professor said “Happy birthday”. I curled into a ball into the chair, sobbing just wish this day was over. Soon I heard a crack. I looked around, then I Heard a crack sound again. I went to investigate.

“Hello” I said. Silence. “Who is there?” I asked. Then my best friend came falling out of a tree. She had on a beautiful floral blue dress. She looked glorious

“Damn it,” Y/Bf/N said. She got up, wiping off the dust off her. She smiled, came over to me.

“Why are you so sad it’s your birthday you should be happy” she asked. I shrugged, then I got confused on why she was here.

“Wait? Y/bf/n what are you doing here?” I asked. “Uh.. who is this Y/bf/n, you speak Of, I’m your fairy godmother” She said. I burst out laughing.

“Okay, Y/bf/n quit with the act?” I said went back to sit down in my chair. She followed.

“I’m being serious. If didn’t believe me then I will show you” She said. Grab my hand and teleport us to a room. There was Storm and Jean in beautiful gown dress. What the hell is going on.

“Hello, My Princess” they bow down, I frowned.

“Uh…guys what are you doing?” I asked. They ignore me and Storm led me to sit down. They work their magic. Storm was doing my hair and Jean was making look beautiful, then I realized what they were doing. It made me happy inside that they didn’t forget about my birthday.

“Wow! You look so beautiful, Y/N, now for the dress” Y/bf/n said. Someone pushed the Cinderella dress into the room. I almost cried. It was was my very own Cinderella dress. They even had the glass shoe.

“Omg! Thank you guys this is really amazing” I said. Trying not to cry. I pulled them all into a hug.

“You’re welcome love, but we are not done yet. go put on your dress meet us in the front there be a big surprise for you” She said. I nodded. I went into the dress room. To put on the beautiful dress. After I put on the dress and the glass heels. I looked at myself into the mirror, I really looked like my type of Cinderella. (picture is up above)

I walked down downstairs, went into the front of the door, their waiting was a beautiful horse carriage, kinda like in the movies.

“Ma Lady” The man said. Holding the door for me. He helped me into the carriage. He closed the door. Then We were on a way to go, to whatever we are going. I’m was so excited.

We stopped, in front of a familiar building. The man helped me out of the carriage. I walked up the stairs and I was about to opened the door, when someone opened it already it was my best friend, how the heck did she get here so quick.

“Come on, My dear, you’re going to miss you’re on birthday party” she said. Pulling me follow her. We walked to, two double doors. She smiled at me. Disappear. I took a deep breath.

“Here we go” I opened the door. It was really dark inside. Then the lights turn on. I was scared with.

“SURPRISE” I Hold my mouth. Everyone was here. My friends, the students. They were all dressed up. I felt so happy. I walked down the stairs. Everyone was smiling at me. I blushed. Soon everyone was getting out of the way for someone in a prince charming suit. I squint my eyes to see who it was. My mouth dropped. 

It was my boyfriend, the one who forgot my birthday and bailed on me. Who was walking towards. My heart was filled with love and warmth. Logan did all this for me. I wanted to cry. I walked towards him and We met in the middle. Logan looked me up and down.

“Logan?” I said. “You look so stunning” Logan said. Looking me up and down.

“You look very handsome, Prince Charming” I giggled out. Logan smiled, holding out his hand.

“May I have this dance?” Logan asked. I took his hand “you may” I said. Logan wrapped his hand around, our fingers entwined together. We started dancing, they were playing Ten Minutes Ago. soon the song finished. I pulled Logan into a passionate kiss.

“Thank you so much Logan, this is the best birthday gift ever” I said. “Their one more present” Logan said. I frowned. I think what he did was enough. I was wondering how much this cost?. Logan had a mic into his hand.

“Uh…Well I don’t know how to do this, so I am just going for it” Logan said He was getting on one knee, He pulling out a beautiful simple diamond ring. I covered my mouth with my hand. My heart is beating fast.

“I’m so in love with you Y/N I want to spend rest of my life with you, you bring so much joy and love into my life, I want you to be my wife so…Uh w-will you marry me? Logan asked I had tears coming down, I was so happy. I tackled Logan down on ground kissed all over his face

"Yes, Of course I will marry you I said Logan chuckled and We kissed, Logan slide the Beautiful Diamond ring on my finger. Everyone was clapping and cheered.

"I love you Logan” I said “I love you too bub” Logan said we joking around, danced, and party. I change my mind this wasn’t the worst birthday ever it was the best birthday ever.


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i was wondering if you would perhaps consider doing 44 and elorcan? it doesn't have to be smutty, it could just be like Lorcan training her after the war or like during an exercise routine together ( which, headcannon alert, they totally get up early and complete together and do all those really cheesy and ridiculous coupley positions together like Elide perching on him when he does situps! DONT JUDGE ME ;) ) its really sweet of you to take time out of your day to do this btw so thanks !!

Omg this is so sweet! ❤️ and yes I agree, they totally do all the cheesy things. But it’s tolerable because they are so dang cute!

It was their routine for months now. To get up early in the morning while others are still sleeping and while a particular witch couldn’t stalk them and make sure Lorcan stays at least 5 steps away from Elide.

It was Elide’s idea, to start training. They all assured her that she’s not useless every time she brought up how she had to say hiding while they fought battles. So she decided she will learn how to fight. At least how to defend herself. So she asked Lorcan to do it because he’s the one who put brace on her leg. (It definitely has nothing to do with how glorious he looks shirtless and covered in sweat.)

In the beginning they run and they made exercise for her muscles. Then, she learned how to punch with her fists. And today was the day to learn how to punch with her legs. Lorcan showed her in which position she should stand and how she should kick.

He grabbed kicking pads and hold them in front of her. “Okay, come on, show me how hard you can punch for the beginning.”

“Are you kidding me?” Elide just stared at him, not amused at all. “You put them in the level with your head. l’m not that flexible! I can’t even reach them with my hands, you idiot.” Awkwardly, Lorcan lowered them to his hips. “Is this better?”

“I am not a dwarf!!” She yelled at him, grabbed his hands and put them in the position high enough. “Well, you are to me.” He murmured to himself and Elide couldn’t help but smile and agree.

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It’s messy, but it’ll do. Just a PSA to all my followers: I REALLY LOVE PUPPIES

Lapis glows in the dark // Peridot gets revenge // Jasper punches glass for Steven //  Peri and Jasp get in a sticky situation // Homeworld Allergies // A Subtle Parks and Rec Reference // Clumsiness and Static Friction // Amethyst is in so much trouble

What could be in Glass Sword: Shade edition.
  • Shade and Farley
  • Shade and Mare
  • brother sister moments thats cute
  • idk why but I feel like something will happen to Shade
  • FOR EXAMPLE death, or destruction, or betrayal (all common themes in VAve’s work, thanks VAve.)
  • I feel like he’s the most accepted red/silver because he’s Shade Barrow
  • all of the soldiers like him
  • SHADE AND GISA- omg how cute though like she amazes him with all of her intelligence and stuff, he’s like “since when did she grow up”
  • but then he catches on to her crush on kilorn
  • and hes like 
  • NOPE
  • and gets really protective like “oh hey gisa and kilorn having a chat let ME JOIN IN”
  • kilorn and shade have banter
  • sometimes shade’s banter is more “lets insult kilorn so gisa doesnt like him” and kilorn gets very confused
  • he makes puns all of the time and she hates them
  • but secretly she smiles alot and he likes that
  • he’s a very quick thinker and can talk himself out of loads of situations
  • farley does not approve of this, but also thinks its awesome
  • shade and dan barrow get on well
  • dan feels like shade gets what the war was/is like and they exchange stories quietly
  • and mama barrow looks on like “MY SON”
  • shes super proud of him, and doesnt forget to tell him
  • and this makes him happy because he feels like he dragged everyone into this rebellion
  • he watches gisa sew and she teaches him
  • and he makes this little green and red cloth thing to hang outside the family door with mare’s one (SPOILERS IM SORRY)
  • and he makes Cal one bc Cal is pretty left out
  • and Cal just looks at him
  • they have mutual respect because they both want to protect mare
  • shade always ruins serious moments with puns

I’m trying so hard to come up with a timeline but cannot for the life of me. She uses female pronouns and the only ship that could have been legit beside Austin was Camren.

With the way that Lauren has been known to lie or be forced to lie by the label and Camila’s female pronouns/glass closet video moment, I’m waiting for the flood gates to open. Camila spent so many interviews talking about boys and how she never sees them, denies the album is about boys and uses she in her debut single. Yeah. Not straight.

Unless she’s just doing the whole gimmick of “heartbroken pop so sad omg I wrote this all but actually have 7 writers and 10 producers per song” which will make everything about her leaving 5h a hypocritical move. I’ll be very disappointed if that’s the case but I really think there’s a slim chance of that.

“Boyfriend Wonwoo” moodboard

● he’d like someone he could sit in silence with and read with or something without it getting uncomfortable
● matching sweater paws (this is so cute)
● being cute sometimes
● waking up to him is the best
● always catching him staring at you fondly
● when you catch him he looks away all red and shy (so cute omg)
● dates are typically sitting together in a place which really quiet and peace and talk about deep conversation together
● or reading books together
● big bear hugs and when he’s really misses you so much its gonna very long
● wears glasses more bc he knows you find them sexy
● he cares a lot for you
● sometimes he’ll giving you a peck in the cheeks while youre talking
● not many talks but many acts
● you’ll so rarely fighting with him, but if you do he’ll give you silence act
● likes cover you with a blanket when youre sleeping
● bc he really love you so much