with glasses and all omg really



Dating Namjoon would include:

- always getting hurt because he’s a clutz
- Like he’s constantly flailing n sometimes ur just like “why do u have 0 control over ur limbs bitch omg”
- Getting elbowed in the head when y'all are cuddling
- Slapped in the face when u play wrestle
- Everyone thinks u have a kinky sex life cuz u always covered in bruises but he once pushed you off the bed by accident cuz he was gonna nut too fast n he ain’t mean to shove u that hard
- being the perfect, overly ambitious, successful couple
- Lots of cute study dates during exam week where you two don’t really talk, just you biting your lip as you annotate notes and him pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose cutely
- But every now and then he’ll pause and just reach over and grab your hand and you’ll look up and smile like omg
- He has the best comfiest sweaters that are just so big and soft and smell like him and you just wan t to drown in them
- He pretends to be annoyed when you steal them but has like 600 hundred pics of u in his phone sleeping in his hoodies
- Speaking of sleeping, he freaked out when he first found out you sleep with one hand down your pants
- Woke you up from your nap to inform you of his new discovery
- Nearly died afterwards for waking you up
- “Why do you sleep like that”
- “It’s warm”
- Insists on you shoving your hand down his pants to keep warm
- Him forcing you to take his Kim Daily pics
- “Just one more I swear”
- Being needy is your favorite past time
- You’re forever crawling into his lap, resting your head on his shoulder, lacing your fingers together
- It’s hard to be needy when he’s constantly working!!!!!!
- Like sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and look over to find him gone
- So you sleepily drag yourself into the living room and find him on his laptop or his phone or something
- You don’t even say anything just crawl into his lap and shove your hands up his hoodie for his warm
- He’s so used to it he just runs his hands through your hair and let’s you fall asleep while he works
- You putting your stuff in his purse
- Him getting pissed everytime you call it a purse
- “It’s a murse”
- “Purses have no gender”
- When y'all fight … omg
- He comes at you with logic and big words and snarky ass comments under his breath
- And there you are, on top of the couch so you can look him in the eye when you call him a dick ass bitch who doesn’t know what he’s talking about
- “You’re so mature”
- “You’re so mature” you mock in a high pitched voice
- Him child locking the car so your crazy ass will stop opening the door to leave whenever y'all get into a fight while he’s driving
- You child locking the car so he has to get out and open the door for you like a princess
- Baby proofing the house because he could trip on his imagination and get hurt
- Him trying to bring up the Pythagorean theorem during sex because your pussy reminded him of the fundamental relation among the three sides of the right triangle-
- “Will you shut up and finish eating me out you fucking nerd”
- Putting your fingers on his dimples
- The two of you making up the wildest stories about how you met
- “We met in a league of legends chat room”
- “So there I was… Bbq sauce on my titties”
- Making nerdy science jokes
- Everyone cringing at how fucking nerdy the two of you are
- “I hate this relationship”
- “No one asked u Yoongi”


Kidge Week Day 1-7

These were from like…a month ago, but still posting just cuz. It was Kidge week around the second week of December and I decided to participate. Even though I never submitted these and it’s hella late now. OTL

I AM…SO SORRY. All but the first one actually looks decent. I worked really hard on the first one and *burned* myself out, okay?

Posting anyway, so enjoy the Kidge (Keidge? Peith?).

Long haired Pidge gives me life honestly. Also her glasses aren’t in any of these omg shit fuck.

*20 Years from Now
  • daughter: hey mom i really like this new book series...
  • me: omg Im so sorry
  • daughter: sorry?
  • me: ill call the teachers
  • daughter: why are y-
  • me: to let them know your grades will be dropping
  • daughter: why will-
  • me: im afraid its all downhill from here
  • daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • me: you might as well say goodbye to your friends
  • daughter: but i-
  • me: do you want me to help you with your blog?
  • daughter: i dont have a-
  • me: you will
  • daughter: but-
  • me: shhhh... its already done, there is no turning back

“Boyfriend Wonwoo” moodboard

● he’d like someone he could sit in silence with and read with or something without it getting uncomfortable
● matching sweater paws (this is so cute)
● being cute sometimes
● waking up to him is the best
● always catching him staring at you fondly
● when you catch him he looks away all red and shy (so cute omg)
● dates are typically sitting together in a place which really quiet and peace and talk about deep conversation together
● or reading books together
● big bear hugs and when he’s really misses you so much its gonna very long
● wears glasses more bc he knows you find them sexy
● he cares a lot for you
● sometimes he’ll giving you a peck in the cheeks while youre talking
● not many talks but many acts
● you’ll so rarely fighting with him, but if you do he’ll give you silence act
● likes cover you with a blanket when youre sleeping
● bc he really love you so much


2p America Headcanons
  • Wears contacts rather than glasses.

  • Loves to play baseball and is really good at it.

  • Has a lot of self-esteem/small depression issues.

  • Loves old cheesy horror films from the 70s/80s.

  • Not strictly a vegan but tries to eat as little animal product as possible.

  • Normally has a Bostonian/ New York accent, but can change it depending on the region he’s visiting.

  • Still has strong ties to Native American roots.

  • Has a weakness for puppies.

  • Big fan of Hamilton and knows all the songs by heart.

  • Has a small fear of hights.

leos-pineapple  asked:

Head canons with 707 with an S/O that has glasses as well! I really enjoy your head canons! Thank you for sharing all these with us~!

Guys! Please keep sending in asks for 707/Saeyoung/Luciel/whatever other names he goes by that I can’t remember right now. I have like 3 

When I get these finished up I’m gonna go back and do Saeran’s I just wanted to get some done on the intended day so don’t worry, i didn’t forget his or anything. 

Hello again! Again I saw your comment and no problem!!!

Omg thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them!

Hehe I wear glasses I’ve thought about this too much tbh. 


  • When he first saw MC’s picture the only thing he was kind of internally screaming a lot because omg they wear glasses like me!
  • He can’t help but wonder how bad their vision is and if they’re nearsighted or farsighted and while he could easily figure these things out, he wanted to figure them out from MC, by talking to them instead of going behind their back to find out every detail of their life before they’d even met in person 
  • They’re definitely going to swap glasses
  • Constantly
  • It doesn’t really matter if MC’s vision is worse than his or better or even if it’s bad in an entirely different way, he’d constantly going to be like “Your vision is so bad” 
  • If they have a similar prescription to him he might take to wearing their glasses instead of his own, especially if he wakes up first in the morning, he’d take their glasses instead of his own 
  • Even if there prescriptions are different he’d mess around with MC
  • He’s well known for waking up early and hiding MC’s glasses somewhere in the bunker and leaving them to helplessly wander in an attempt to find their glasses
  • Eventually he’d feel bad enough to help, them search, not really giving them too many hits unless he started getting bored
  • He’d love to see MC without glasses because it was so different 
  • He’d also like to take off his glasses around them and only them as kind of a secret sign of trust and because he knows that MC likes it when he doesn’t wear his as much as he likes it when they don’t wear theirs 
  • He definitely has contacts, but he normally doesn’t use them

It’s messy, but it’ll do. Just a PSA to all my followers: I REALLY LOVE PUPPIES

Lapis glows in the dark // Peridot gets revenge // Jasper punches glass for Steven //  Peri and Jasp get in a sticky situation // Homeworld Allergies // A Subtle Parks and Rec Reference // Clumsiness and Static Friction // Amethyst is in so much trouble

Break The Glass

(A Better Place Part Two)

Daveed Diggs x Reader
Words: 755
Anon: omg will there be a part two to “A Better Place” becauSE MAN THAT IS AMAZING DONT LEAVE US HANGING
Anon:  Ooooooo! A better place was really good! Could you make a part two of it please?

Hi everyone! I felt like you all needed a daily dose of Diggs… so here it is! Enjoy, my friends!

also, if anyone is in need of anyone to talk to, i’m here. I’m less mad and sad, so i’m actually approachable!

have a good day everyone!


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You threw the Starbucks rubbish in the bin, adjusting your coat as you walked down the street after leaving your apartment. You had made other plans for your night, but they were going to have to wait. You may have just lost your best friend.

One part of you felt mad at Daveed. He had left without speaking a word, you were hurt. But another part of you knew that you were the one who was wrong. Your bubble had finally burst, releasing all the secrets you had been holding for the past couple of months. If it wasn’t for Jalene, you probably could’ve kept your mouth shut.

You entered the venue of the launch party, frowning when seeing Daveed hadn’t graced the crowd with his presence yet. You paid at the door, looking around the crowded room. You had your reasons for avoiding Daveed’s gigs. Your main one was your hatred for small spaces and loud noises.

You pulled out your phone, quickly sending a message to him. Hopefully, there would be enough time to talk to him before the gig started. Unfortunately, you never felt the buzz of a reply. You took a seat at the bar, sighing quietly.

“Long day?” The bartender asked, picking up a bottle of Vodka and pouring you a shot.

“Oh, um, I don’t drink,” You said quietly, glancing at the stage.

“I’ve been in this business a long time; I can tell when people are doing it rough. I’d suggest you take it… it’s on the house,” The bartender replied, moving away from you.

You let out a quiet sigh, taking the shot quickly and screwing up your face as a burning sensation hit the back of your throat. “God help me,” You mumbled, watching as Daveed, William and Johnathan walked onstage.

You noticed that Daveed was slightly more slouched than usual, but you didn’t take anything from it. You sighed, staring at the ground. You ignored the happy crowd around you, letting your thoughts consume you.

“Hey, (Y/N)! I didn’t think you’d be here.”

You looked up to see Daveed’s other best friend, Rafael Casal walking towards you. You stood up, hugging him gently. “Neither did I, honestly.”

“You seem a little less excited than usual. How great is this album so far?” Rafael said, sitting at the bar. You sat next to him.

“Daveed played it for me a while ago. It’s just as good live,” You replied, shrugging. “How long have you been here?”

“I helped set up. Diggs seemed a bit down too. Did something happen that I didn’t hear about?” Rafael asked, leaning against the bar with hand and putting the other one on your shoulder.

“I don’t know. I mean, something definitely happened. I just don’t know what,” You replied, letting out a quiet sigh.

“Are you coming to talk to Diggs after the show? I’m sure he’d be excited that you’re here.” Rafael moved his hand away from you, starting to focus more on the show.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling like I might head home honestly,” You muttered, checking the time on your phone.

“Really? But they only just got started…”

You let out another sigh, shaking your head. “You know I hate these gigs. I came to talk to Di… I came to talk to Daveed and he’s busy. I’ll deal with it another time,” You said, turning to the bartender and ordering another shot.

“What’s gotten into you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so mad at Diggs,” Rafael stated, raising his eyebrow as you took your second shot of the night.

“Well, maybe if he wasn’t such a self-obsessed asshole, I wouldn’t be so mad,” You muttered.


“I bet that Jalene chick didn’t even show. I bet she told him to go jump off a cliff or something.”

“Wait, is that what this is about? (Y/N), Diggs called Jalene and asked her not to come. Something about clearing his head.” Rafael stated, “She’s super mad at him.”

“Wait, what?” You asked, “It was only a few hours ago that he said today was the day. He was gonna ask her out.”

“Well, something must have changed his mind,” Rafael replied, shrugging and standing. “I’m gonna go have a bit of fun in the crowd. I’ll see you after?” You nodded slowly, taking your glance away from the floor from the first time that night.

It was then that you again noticed the slouchiness of your best friend’s posture, and this time you took notice.

Pitch Fic: Raise My Glass ‘Cause Either Way I’m Dead

A semi-angsty, Mike Lawson-centric look at how Ginny Baker’s first season with the Padres might end.

A/N: FIRST BAWSON FIC OMG. Happy to be here, hope y’all enjoy!

Title from “La Cienega Just Smiled” by Ryan Adams, because it’s Mike LawsonAF. When the “San Francisco” episode opened with a Ryan Adams song, it sent me into a spiral. Also, don’t tell me Mike Lawson hasn’t gotten divorce drunk with Ryan Adams at like, No Name Bar or something.

Raise My Glass ‘Cause Either Way I’m Dead (AO3)

As luck would have it, Mike Lawson’s last good knee finally gives out just after Ginny Baker’s pitched the final game of her rookie season.

If he’s honest, really, it goes out sometime in the top of the eighth. But she’s pitched seven scoreless, her fastball’s still in the mid-80s and the screwball looks so nice it belongs on a magazine cover. He’ll be damned if he’s gonna leave this game before his pitcher, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

He strikes out on purpose in the bottom of the eighth, just so he won’t have to try and run anywhere. (They’re up 7-0 and he’s not even sure he could jog out a walk at this point, his teeth are gritted to the point that he’s worried about adding an oral surgery to the lengthy list of procedures he knows are in his very near future.) Of course, that’s when Ginny realizes something’s up.

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Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “hiya! could you please write something about peter maximoff (x men) being in a bit of pain from apocalypse breaking his leg and the reader having to look after him and he’s really cuddly and tired and just adorable PLEASE I NEED THIS HE’D BE SO CUTE”

Warnings: None

A/N: I love writing fluffy Peter so much omg

“Y/N,” Peter groaned from the couch. You turned around.


“It hurts,” Peter whined, gesturing to his propped up broken leg.

“Well, it’s broken. It’ll take some time to heal,” you said, picking up the pain medication and bringing over a glass of water with them. 

“I know, but I hate sitting still all the time. It’s boring,” Peter said, knocking back the pills. 

“Here, we can watch a movie or something,” you said, flicking the TV on. You found a movie, setting the sound just right. Peter sighed, adjusting until he was comfortable. You slid in next to him, his arm coming to rest around your shoulders. He pulled you into his side, you taking the blanket hanging over the couch and snuggling into it, Peter yawning. The meds usually made him drowsy. 

“You need anything else?” You asked. Peter shook his head.

“I’m good. Thank you,” he whispered, kissing you on the top of your head. “Although I could go for a Twinkie.”

You laughed, getting up to retrieve his favorite snack food.

“You’re going to have a heart attack from eating too many of those,” you commented while Peter took a package out, biting into the food happily.

“Well, then at least I’d die eating my favorite food,” he said through his mouthful of Twinkie. You shook your head, sighing. Peter offered you the box, you taking one gratefully.

Near the end of the movie, Peter had finally fallen asleep, his head tucked into the crook of your neck. The empty box of Twinkies were sitting discarded on the table where Peter’s leg was resting. When the movie ended, you flipped the TV off, cuddling into Peter’s side comfortably. With all of the ruckus the past few weeks with Apocalypse and Peter’s injury, it was nice to slow down, and in Peter’s case come to a complete stop, and just enjoy the luxuries of watching TV and eating junk all day. It was nice.

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omg I just found ur blog and I've been scrolling through it for like an hour now bc all of ur art is The Best?? I'm in love with ur stardew valley pieces and ur glasses seb is my literal life source. it's okay if you're busy/don't want to/not taking requests, but maybe just as an idea, I think it'd be really cool if one day i drew sebastian (w/ glasses ofc) showing off his motorcycle to the starstruck male farmer. anyways thank u for being awesome!! I love u and hope u have a great day <3

thank you!! //w// that means alot! <3

I’m not sure if you mean you’d like to draw glasses seb and the farmer or you’d like me to? haha ^^;; but I hope you have a great day too! ouob

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Further headcanons: Lovelace really likes nail polish, and it's seriously disappointing to her that there is none on the Hephaestus. Eiffel needs glasses but hates hates hates wearing his, so his days are spent in a kind of confusing blur and he has to really squint to read anything. (Hilbert was using eye exams to track whether or not Decima was doing anything for a while, actually, because if it was then Eiffel's eyesight would have improved). Maxwell can lip-sync really well.

okay lovelace liking nail polish is A+ to me because I have an absurd amount of nail polish and i wanna be like isabel lovelace. also buff lovelace working out at 2:30 am and then painting her nails is EVERYTHING TO ME

anonymous asked:

Hi I'd like to hear ur Zane headcanons or how u interpret him because ur both my babs LMAO.

Why am I your bab rofl-

Omg yeah, I’d love to tell you my Zane headcanons!!

He has a Swedish accent bc Dr. Julien was Swedish.

When it’s his turn to cook he knows exactly how everybody wants it and will work really hard on making it just how they like it.

He loves P.I.X.A.L. more like a sibling than a lover (NOT INCEST DYFGVDDDDDDDD).

He’s a vegetarian (and doesn’t eat eggs, fish, etc. but still uses dairy products) because he feels bad for the animals. He doesn’t mind cooking meat for the others too much, though.

Time for some visual headcanons- he has ice blue eyes (original Ik) and likes to wear turtlenecks, sweaters, anything cozy rlly. He also skirts/dresses.

Zane has heard of “shipping” (( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)) but he understands it incorrectly kinda like Brent Miller.

I probably have more but I can’t remember them?????????????????????????????? Maybe I’ll update this later but lmao here ya go.


Veep Season 4:
⤷ 4x02 - East Wing

❝ Any kind of obscenities that have been thrown at him from her, he just doesn’t hear it. He doesn’t see it. He’s got huge rose-colored glasses on. But when [the abuse] comes from everyone else, he does see it. So he’ll blow up at Dan or Jonah, but never Selina. But when she referred to him as “a middle-aged man who gets me my wipes,” he had to actually face what she thought of him. And that was in contrast to how he saw himself the entire time, which was as her “first lady.” Then he just lost it. […] Gary’s got a lot of secrets. Gary’s known her a long time and, as we know, she’s not the purest lady. He knows all the skeletons. He knows all the secrets. But that secret, whatever it is, trumps them all. […] In the heat of the moment, there probably was a realization in her mind that he’s more than just a lap dog. […] [T]he fact that Gary has been separated from Selina now that she’s President has been emotional suicide for him. He would rather be attacked and cussed at and abused than be distanced from her. After this [fight], they’re close again. He’s around her again. ❞  —  Tony Hale


GOT7 stans: *always getting something* we got Jackson we got Jaebum we got BamBam we got JYP aka Jr we go-aka we got JAMS HAHAHA 7 reasons to be broke aka loud hoes aka most of all we got GOT

BIGBANG stans: *lowers glasses* We are fine with any time increment wether it be seconds (pfft) days (lol) weeks (ha!) months (lmfao) years (daww cute) anything really as long as you tell us WHEN. YOUR. FAV. WILL.!!!!!111 CAN U PLS @ UR FAV PLS WHEN- OMG SHES DEAF, //WHEN// DO U HEAR ME BI-

SHINee stans: anything you can do they can do better, fun fact you know it too lol *real life Regina Georges* *actually have lives, jobs, careers, aspirations* *dont stan anybody else* *or stans everyone @ #2. 3. 4…* *100% this is their ultimate group* 

EXO stans: did they slay again? quick act surprised *bickering with each other for letting Kai invent dance&sex appeal* *self abSORBE-* *worshiping Satansoo* *5329345 ships* *smiling on the outside but high key hysterical cuz broken bone members lmfa-*

BTS stans: *making an Mwave account as. we . spea-* fuck er right in the pussy we coming 4 ur nec k yea clutching that shit shoo shoo mofo skraight thru lock ur doors close ur curtains YEET YEET how to make casserole? we there homie, Trump vs Hillary? just scroll down youngin’, military personnel in Syria? bruhbruh WE ARE DA ARMY!!!!!!!! GRATATATATA-

B.A.P stans: IS THAT MY DAD? OMG ZADDY, ZAA- *judging you and your favs* *flips hair cuz 6/6 visuals* *either ultimate group or bias* *biases someone else but rips clothes drops into splits for Yongguk 25/8*

Super Junior stans: He looks like Kangin, omg Heechul said that before! hes like a mix of Eunhyuk and Yesung, Shindong would tota- 🙄😂 *old time kpop fans* *no one really fights a suju stan even though theyre super soft* *extremely proud of Siwon* *exist as swarms in Asia*

iKON stans: GRATATATATATATATATATAAAAAAA- *red filter, deep bass* HHHIIIPP HOPPPP *always hype, hasnt seen their favs in 367.89 decades* 

Seventeen stans: *judged as fuck* no its 17 cuz 13 members plus bs plus bs plus 1 dream team = seventeen average age seventeen average weight sevente- *removes panties for Vernon/Wonwoo/Jeonghan* *fearing the Last Day when Jeonghan cuts his hair* *truly believe 17 invented pop music*

Winner stans: haha no hes not gay, hes just very swee- *SEIZURE* EM EYE EN OWE *prays to YG for group* *digging a tunnel to YG office to murder YG cuz cancelled comebacks… mid comeback lmfa-*

Monsta X stans: *actually have Dads Shownu/Wonho for members* *50% watched the competition to make the group live* *50% think the name is DANK AF* *50% embarrassed when they found out* *100% exaggerate group/fandom achievements every. chance. they. get* *low key exploit Wonho’s body* *high key dont give a flying f*

Infinite stans: a C8? Sungkyu invented that shit get in line *bragging about 7/7 vocals* *actually have some of the best kpop albums* *98% bias someone else but say Myungsoo is most handsome* *buying/sending shit for members* 


we had a celebration evening at school today for my sixth form and i won a trophy for academic excellence and i didn’t cry once !!!!

Seventeen Drunk Type

S Coups : Philosophical drunk. Asking weird but deep questions like “Do you think that bugs have feelings ?” Would discuss over anything and turn it into a really deep conversation. 

Jeonghan : All flirty drunk. He teases everyone. I can see him flip his hair like a bitch and bite his lips to every person he has in eye contact. 

Joshua : Blank drunk. He’s there, his glass in his hand. Jun is grinding on him but he’s so focussed on his empty glass that he doesn’t react. 

Jun : Naughty. Grinding on anything, even his chair, he doesn’t give a fuck. 

Hoshi : LOUD DRUNK. like hell omg. I can see him shouting while dancing weird things (like octopus dance) with Mingyu. Laughing his ass off for nothing.

Wonwoo : Fighting anything. Shouting on everybody. You touch him ? He smacks your head on his knee and let you dead on the floor before getting another drink. 

Woozi : Does alcohol affects him ? I can just see him taking joshua’s guitar to beat hoshi’s ass because of how loud he is. 

DK : Friendly and social, just trying to have a good time with his friends by meeting new people and laughing with them. 

Mingyu : Dancing drunk. Please take him back cause when he goes on the dance floor he never leave it, trying to grind on as many person as he can. 

The8 : Cute drunk, giggling and dozing off after a few drinks. (Or fighting with everybody I’m not sure) 

Seungkwan : Never stop talking drunk. Never stand next to him when he drinks cause he’s going to talk to you all night about anything : His mom, his weight, his mom, Jeju, his mom, food, his mom…. HE WOULD TALK ABOUT HIS MOM.

Vernon : I can see him enjoying himself alone by rapping for himself too loud and making weird dance moves… Alone 

Dino : Lmao baby is drinking orange juice at home.

  • MAVEN: *sees nanny as maven*
  • Nanny: ...
  • Maven: OMG
  • Mare: ..youre not disturbed at all that there is another you?
  • Nanny: ...
  • Farley: can we just kill him already
  • Kilorn: so if mavens marrying nanny can i marry mare-
  • Everyone: *busts out in single ladies by beyonce*

As every white feminist puts on their party hat and starts an early celebration because “omg finally a female president in the United States!!” just remember she’ll be stopping women of color everywhere from reaching their dreams/goals/aspirations by 1) bombing the shit out of women in the middle east 2) turning every conversation into a ‘but look at me rich white woman- i suffer too–my diamond glass ceiling is finally shattered!! We made it!’ 3) stomping on black kids futures, landing poc in jail, and breaking up and deporting families.

so if you really care about women/poc/anti-racism and equality- check yourself cause you about to wreck us all.