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View these celestial beauties taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and released as a set of views in a modern day “Messier Catalog." 

Spotting comets was all the rage in the middle of the 18th century, and at the forefront of the comet hunt was a young French astronomer named Charles Messier. In 1774, in an effort to help fellow comet seekers steer clear of astronomical objects that were not comets (something that frustrated his own search for these elusive entities), Messier published the first version of his “Catalog of Nebulae and Star Clusters,” a collection of celestial objects that weren’t comets and should be avoided during comet hunting. Today, rather than avoiding these objects, many amateur astronomers actively seek them out as interesting targets to observe with backyard telescopes, binoculars or sometimes even with the naked eye.

Hubble’s version of the Messier catalog includes eight newly processed images never before released by NASA. The images were extracted from more than 1.3 million observations that now reside in the Hubble data archive. Some of these images represent the first Hubble views of the objects, while others include newer, higher resolution images taken with Hubble’s latest cameras.

Learn more: https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/hubble-s-messier-catalog

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I did a Halloween thingy!

Sorry for being so absent, I know I have a lot of asks to answer and way too many ideas for drawings and comics, but I couldn’t find the time to draw anything.

ALSO! Be prepared because I’ll be starting with comissions next week! I’ll buy a new computer and I need money :’D

Look at how Marvel built their empire!! Each movie connected to one another!! Seriously can’t wait for Thor : Ragnarok and The Avengers : Infinity War!!!

I’ve seen the idea of Peter visiting Meredith’s grave once he gets back to Earth (be it in Infinity War or after or another time) and while I really love that thought, I also think that Peter would be the kind of guy to drag his new family along to have his Mum “meet” them, in a way. Not to mention that I can totally see the Guardians wanting to tag along, and be it just to the cemetery to be there if Peter should need them.


Just – this mismatched group wandering through Earth’s street, standing out so extremely, not really knowing if they should joke around on the way there to lighten the mood or if solemn silence is more fitting. Groot has sprouted flowers that Mantis is carrying, Kraglin and Gamora have changed into clothes that are more fitting the planet (“You do know the fin and the green skin are still standing out, right” – “Thanks Rocket, we wouldn’t have noticed”) while Drax could not be convinced to put on a shirt, and Rocket climbs up on Kraglin’s shoulder and insists he’s not going to run alongside them just because they all have way too long legs.

Peter basically pushes them forward towards the grave when they hesitate and shuffle around awkwardly at the cemetery’s gates

“It’s yer Momma, Pete…”

“Yeah, like, aren’t you supposed to want to talk to her alone or…?”

“Oh shut up,” Peter answers nonchalantly, laughing when they look offended. “She would want to meet the whole family.”


And after a while of awkward and solemn and sad silence, Peter tries to lighten the tales he tells Meredith’s grave by jokes and funnier stories, and his friends readily chime in with anecdotes from Peter’s childhood (Kraglin provides embarrassing memories of Peter all too happily until Rocket is basically howling with laughter), the latest trouble Peter has gotten into (“Do not worry, we take care of him” Drax assures, and Gamora adds “We try”) and Groot tells how “boring” as a parent’s figure Peter can be while Rocket translates - until Peter waves his arms and yells “Okay, okay, she got the gist, okay, enough embarrassing me, you jerks!”

And Mantis laughs and laughs because she’s the only one who can feel the longing and the love and who thinks that, for just a second, she felt something pass like a whisper, a Thank you breathed right into her ear – Thank you for taking care of him – before it’s drowned out by her bickering and laughing friends again.

Don’t just give me a grave-visit, give me a family (re)union.