with food in mind

i think one of the only real surprises about being a legal adult is that no one tells you about that particular kind of grossness you feel if you go for long enough without eating a plant of some kind

okay so i wanna talk about how yuri decided to keep skating next season during the inner monologue of his free skate. like a lot of people attribute yuri deciding to continue to skate because he watched yurio’s performance and felt so inspired and stuff, but honestly, i’d argue that yuri already decided to keep skating the second he stepped onto the ice for his final rendition of yuri on ice.

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Reasons Yuuri Katsuki is the most relatable anime character ever

• Deals with an anxiety disorder

• Chronically low self-esteem

• Completely inept at socializing with people

• Doesn’t realize when people are flirting with him or are trying to be his friend

• Confused about gender roles

• Romantically inexperienced bi

• Probably on the aroace spectrum

• When asked to think about sexual pleasure his mind goes directly to food

• No sense of fashion

• No such thing as a casual hobby; his interests consume his entire life

bts x neighbors

taehyung: the neighbor that is always knocking on your door and asking to borrow stuff and screaming your name at 3 am from across the lawn when he ran out of shampoo 

jimin: the annoyingly attractive neighbor that literally all of the girls in your apartment faun over and he knows it (make him wear a shirt when he washes his car please

hoseok: the extremely friendly neighbor that says hello every morning as he waters his grass and who looks EXTREMELY attractive when he’s washing his dog

seokjin: the neighbor that always finds excuses to come into your house, not that you really mind because he’s always making you food to eat and bringing over treats 

namjoon: the neighbor that lays on his lawn at 4 in the morning and contemplating life while blasting sad music and calling you over bc he’s having an existential crisis an hour later

yoongi: the neighbor that glares at anyone who steps on his lawn and plays rap music loudly at night when he’s working; you always telling him to turn it lower and he transforms into a fluff ball and apologizes with the softest voice

jungkook: the meme neighbor that normally keeps to himself but does weird things in his house when he’s alone;; most people find him attractive at first sight but you really know what goes on in his house