with finding all the reblogs from that reposted gif


Welcome to JisooNet! The first network for stans of Hong Jisoo (A.K.A Joshua) a member of the vocal unit in Pledis Entertainments new rookie group seventeen.

  1. You must follow the network.
  2. You don’t have to be a 100% Jisoo blog, as long as you love him you can join. You can be multifandom.
  3. Reblog this post.
  4. fill in the form Here
  5. Link the network somewhere on your blog.
  6. Track the tag jisoonet for updates and posts.
  7. If you make original content (gifs, edits e.g.) about jisoo and you wish to have it reblogged to the network, just make sure you tag it with jisoonet so that we can reblog it to the network. It must be in the first five tags for it to be recognised. 
  8. When talking on the group chat, be respectful of everyone. If you break this you will be removed from the chat.
  9. Don’t repost others work. If you are caught doing this you’ll be removed from the network.
  10. Follow Admin Clauds, Admin Kait and Admin N (Optional)
  11. Lets all cry about Joshua together 

If you have any questions go here. You’ll also find the FAQ.

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