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To mark the actress’s first-ever Vogue cover, we reimagined the rising star in a multitude of scenarios, from Elle Fanning fanning a rock to Elle Fanning fanning The Rock. We even caught Fanning sifting through a scrum of brightly colored fan mail—while dressed in the latest feathered and embellished Prada, no less. Watch this exclusive video for more. 

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For such an adorable starter, Rowlet sure has a spooky pokédex entry. In Pokémon Moon, the dex describes how Rowlet stealthily flies without making a sound, sneaking up on its targets before violently attacking them. What it doesn’t mention is how Rowlet is able to fly so silently. That’s what we’re here to answer.

Owls are known as silent flying predators, and their magic is all in their wings. Sound is created through air turbulence when flying. The wings push around the surrounding air, which creates small pockets of noisy wind. An owls’ wings are broad and flat, which makes them suitable for soaring and floating. In other words, owls don’t have to flap their wings as much as other birds. Less flapping means less chance for noise.

Secondly, owl feathers are fluffy, which is better for absorbing sound waves. Like screaming into a pillow, the fluffy feathers capture and absorb the sound waves that are created, muffling them and making them quieter.

Most importantly, however, is the structure of the feathers themselves. The owl’s primary flight feathers are fringed and serrated like a comb. With other birds, the wing creates one big turbulence as it pushes through the air: one big noise. The comb feathers of an owl split up the turbulence into a bunch of tiny micro-turbulences. Instead of one big sound, an owl’s wing creates a bunch of tiny sounds. These tiny sounds are then easily absorbed by the fluffy, velvety feathers, until they vanish entirely.

Rowlet’s wing feathers are fluffy and serrated like a comb. The comb structure breaks down noisy air turbulence into micro-turbulences, which are then absorbed in the fluffy down. Ultimately, this allows Rowlet to fly silently.

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So the bird Inquisitor thing is my jam rn, could you do DA:I companions react to an avian Inquisitor who's in the process of molting? Non gif - Romances if possible c: Thank you!

Cassandra: She thinks it’s sort of funny at first, but then less so when their feathers are EVERYWHERE. She asks them if they can somehow manually get them all off to halt their process of leaving feathers all over. She grumbles at the mess, but does feel a little bad for them when she sees them itching. If Romanced: She tries to help get the molting feathers off, or at least itch a little in places he can’t reach. “Maker’s Breath,” she says, “how many feathers do you even have?” “Not enough for you to have to spend forever with me. A pity.” he teases, and she groans but laughs.

Iron Bull: “Man, where were you when we did that job trying to scare the shit out of that noble? We could have used all these feathers.” He just suggests flapping them vigorously to see if that helps get them all off. If Romanced: He suggests some exercise to “REALLY ruffle those loose feathers right off. Repeatedly, if you want.” His bedroom is absolutely COVERED in feathers later, but he doesn’t complain.

Blackwall: He just takes it in stride, laughing as they sneeze and kick up a whirlwind of feathers. “Here,” he offers, handing them a wooden back-scratcher, “made this for you. Maybe it’ll help, eh?” He may take a feather to use as a reference when carving his rocking griffons. If Romanced: She’s embarrassed by the mess when he comes up to her room, but he gets a kick out of it. “It’s not so bad,” he laughs, “at least I can find you for a kiss. It’s a little trail of Inquisitor-ness.”

Sera: She collects some of them for pranks, and has to compete with Leliana’s agents and Josephine’s cleaners for them. It’s all worth it, though, she cackles as she prepares to dump feathers on nobles after getting glue on them and tickling feet and noses. “You ought to drop your feathers more often, and tell me first.” she laughs. If Romanced: She calls first dibs right away, but fewer of them are used for pranks. Instead, she saves them and hides them for herself, though she tucks feathers into places she can see readily to remind her of her girlfriend. She also gets the spots her girlfriend can’t reach.

Varric: “Hold on, get those feathers in a bag– I’m going to feather-bomb the Merchant’s Guild the next time they start asking me to respond to their letters.” Alas, he has to compete with several others going for the feathers, so he gives up on the idea and salvages a few to keep as backup quills. “Tell me ahead of time you molt, next time. I swear it’ll be a great prank.”

Cole: His main concern is trying to alleviate the Herald’s itching and irritation, because no one is hurting because of the molting but them– in fact, most of Skyhold finds it mildly amusing, if anything. “Don’t itch. The hurt will be worse.” he warns. “Vivienne can make medicine that helps. Raw, tickling, itching irritation, wind carrying scales of color away, it must be hard…”

Vivienne: She wrinkles her nose at the mess and arranges for a tailor to make them “wingsocks” to contain the feathers– “Before all of Skyhold is covered in feathers.” she says dryly. She also scolds them if they itch at raw spots too much– “it will make the itching worse.” Instead, she offers a cream that’s supposed to help soothe itching.

Dorian: “Ah. Molting season, I see.” he says dryly as some spots on their wings are bare and feathers follow them wherever they go. “Just do be careful up in the library, else I’ll find my nook covered in feathers. Josephine is already fussing over the mess your feathers are making.” He might pick up one or two to use as bookmarks. If Romanced: He takes some time to try to get loose feathers free and clean them up. “Amatus, you’re positively a mess.” he teases. “Fortunately for you, I find it sort of charming.”

Solas: There’s not much they can do about it, so he doesn’t find reason to comment much. His nose does wrinkle in distaste, though, as feathers always land on the floor, on the desk, on the bed in his room in the rotunda whenever they go through it. If Romanced: He finds it sort of amusing, really. He gets at spots she can’t get and steals a feather for himself.

Josephine: She has to ask some poor workers to clean up the feathers– they pile up quickly and make quite a mess. She cringes as nobles and visitors pick up feathers to keep, and even as a few Orlesians offer to scratch at particular itchy spots to relieve them, in exchange for the feathers. The DeLauncets even offer to pay for all of the feathers for some sort of… pillow or bed composed of the feathers. Josephine doesn’t want to ask or know. If Romanced: She’s sympathetic to their struggling, and in her time off, massages any irritated or itchy parts of their wings, in spite of the feathers rapidly dropping off. 

Cullen: “Maker’s breath, what a mess.” he grouses as he tip-toes over a pile of feathers or two. He has the decency to not make a single comment, however. If Romanced: He follows the feather trail right to her to give her a kiss. She giggles and asks if he minds the mess. “Not at all,” he laughs, “the feathers are almost as beautiful as you.”

Leliana: She advises collecting the feathers for use later. She uses them to throw off Venatori in the field, who follow the feathers thinking it leads to the Inquisitor. It works effectively. “Do let me know ahead of time next time you start molting.” she says cheerfully.

The AU where everything is the same except Alix is Chat Noir

I’m compiling it all into one post because why not, I’m ill and sleepy and for some reason thought this was a good idea, basically it’s just “Alix is Chat Noir and Marinette is super duper gay”

@yourfavouritekindoftrash HERE YOU GO HERE’S THE REST OF IT

  • Fu doing that “help me up I’m an old man” thing @Adrien but our lil pink-haired rollerskating bean gets there first like “here you go here’s your stick thing” then sees poor sunshine child not being allowed to go to school so she’s like *scares away Nathalie and the gorilla* “idk who you are but you’re my friend now bc you should totally be allowed to go to school and I will protect you” and Fu’s like “ok she’s hardcore I’ll give the ring to her instead lol”
  • (Nino’s still there too okay) (he’s now best friends with Mylene and sits with her, I’m so happy about that too) (Nino and Mylene… dang now that’s a brotp I can get behind)
  • Adrien can now stand up to Chloe’s bad behaviour because he has his Cool Tough Punk Friend backing him up all the time, anyways no one’s scared of him but everyone is scared of Alix who will fight you
  • Umbrella scene: “Adrien let me borrow his umbrella bc he takes the limo home but??? I have a hoodie??? I don’t need this??? Marinette here you go” “asjdhaksjskjdfh you’re cute I MEAN THANK YOU”
  • The Animan Episode tho. Adrien having a crush on Marinette and ENDING UP WITH ALYA OMG THIS AU HAS ALYADRIEN I’M SUPER DUPER HAPPY NOW
  • The watch never gets broken because Alix gives it straight to Adrien like “protect this with your life” and he actually does because this is his cool best friend’s watch so NO CHLOE YOU CAN’T HAVE IT
  • Dark Cupid episode… “Roses are red, I’m aro ace as hell, Valentines Day is overrated, but I think you’re kinda not that bad I guess…” “TIKKI DO YOU THINK SHE’S TALKING ABOUT ME” “Marinette it doesn’t even rhyme” “SHE LOVES ME TIKKI IT’S A LOVE POEM”
  • Omg Ladybug and Chat Noir would still have a height difference, just… the other way round
  • Mari: “Who is Chat Noir??? We just don’t know???” Alya: “So if you photoshop a mask and costume on Alix she kinda looks like–” Mari: “NOOOO THAT’S RIDICULOUS SHE CAN’T BE CHAT NOIR EVEN THOUGH SHE’S TINY AND HAS PINK HAIR AND LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HER AND”
  • Reflekta episode, oh my goodness poor Alix ending up having to be TALL and fighting in HEELS and a big flouncy pink DRESS and good lord the horror (I mean she got transformed in the original episode too but anyways)
  • Omg that statue in Copycat, imagine Chat!Alix being like “um excuse me I’m actually taller than Ladybug???” aksdhkajsdh (and also “Theo wth you’re like way too old for Ladybug also she’s gay so back off she’s mine”)
  • On that note, MARINETTE STEALS ALIX’S PHONE (which was pointless anyway because it’s connected to her smartwatch, duh)
  • Pigeon episode is unfortunately less silly without Chat sneezing at feathers every two seconds
  • The Volpina episode just wouldn’t happen because Alya would immediately tell Lila “sorry Adrien’s my boyfriend” so Lila wouldn’t steal the book or get akumatized and yeah
  • The Ladynoir kiss is now gay, you’re welcome
Clipping Wings

Is Like:
• Declawing a cat
• Stalling a horse the majority of its life
• keeping a goldfish in a tiny bowl
• stalling a cow for veil
• forcing a dog to stay with you and only move to where you want it

Is NOT like:
• cutting hair
• trimming nails
• leashing a dog for safety

Clipping a bird’s wings is detrimental to their health and completely unnecessary except for a select few medical reasons such as surgery. While it is painless if done right, there’s a good chance you can do it wrong and cause your bird to bleed to death since their blood doesn’t clot, and when done at all it could completely ruin your bird’s health and happiness. Flying is as natural for birds as running is for horses. When we take that away from them because it’s “dangerous” or inconvenient because we don’t want to bother teaching them a basic command like recall it does far more harm than good.

Clipping leads to permanent muscle deterioration and greatly increases the chance for fatty liver disease. It does not reduce or limit the chance of a bird flying away or escaping, in fact it increases it since the bird has far less control than if they had all their feathers. It leads to a bird becoming dependent on you for mobility and getting frustrated when you insist on it being somewhere it doesn’t want, leading to depression, feather plucking, and mutilation.

If you want a bird that doesn’t fly, get a chicken or heavy breed of pigeon. If you’re worried about it hitting windows, put decorative stickers on them, use window markers, or get blinds. If you like taking your bird outside (which is far more dangerous with a clipped bird) then harness train it or take it out in a cage. Just please, don’t clip your bird’s wings for your own damn convenience. It’s cruel and unnecessary.

Wings: Molt

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: OMG. I’m floored. I was going to wait and queue this for Friday but the response to the first one after just an hour was stunning. Tagging @beccaamm and @fabmagines

Author: Holly

Warnings: I don’t think there are any?

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel

Word Count: 2,148

Y/N = Your Name

Part Two: Molt

            Soulmate. Âme sœur. Alma gemela. Línghún bànlǚ. Sōrumeito.

            According to the legends, humans all had a soulmate, another half. They were one entity when together, with two hearts that beat as one. In a fit of jealousy, Zeus struck down all of the soulmates, forcibly separating them so that they would wander the world, eternally searching for their missing half. According to Castiel, that was a ridiculous notion; souls were rarely perfectly compatible, but it did happen, and it was always predestined because God would never make such a precise connection on accident.

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drabble series: monsta x | blind

title: blind
fandom: monsta x
member/reader: changkyun, female
genre/warning(s): fluff, suggestive, implied sex, i tagged @urmomstax in dialogue she helped with BC SHE’S A PETTY NARWHAL
summary: in which changkyun isn’t as innocent as the other suspect, or perhaps he is

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The demon paced back and forth, worry heavy on his brow because the one he gave everything for - hisgracehiswingshishome - was late.  What if something happened to him?  Maybe the others discovered Dean hadn’t abandoned his brother, hadn’t left him to rot in hell or earth?  

Maybe they had him captured, tortured, punishing him for treating Sam like maybe he was still worth something.

Maybe he was waiting for Sam to save him - and then here was Sam, failing at that as he failed at -

“You’re not the prettiest when you scowl, ya’ know?”  A cheery voice broke into his not-so-cheery thoughts, and gold eyes met the bright vibrant greens of Dean.  Who was safe, and not harmed, and perfectly fine.

“You are here…”  He muttered, wide eyed, and Dean chuckled at himself, scratching the back of his head.

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that, there was a hold up and -”

Dean didn’t finish his sentence, Sam pulling him into a desperate hug with the angel still upside down, his own, leathery, feather-less - graceless - wings folding around his brother as well.

“You had me worried.”  Sam mumbled, feeling stupid for the panic still zinging through him and were his shoulders shaking?

Dean just huffed softly, Sam flinching at the sound, ready to pull away but then Dean’s arms encircled his shoulders and head, the angel pressing a soft kiss to Sam’s chin and petting through frazzled brown hair.

“Nothing to fear, Sammy, I’m here, you’re here, and no angel in heaven or demon in hell can stop me from seeing you, ‘kay?”  Dean said, soft and gentle like a parent to a child and Sam curled in closer to Dean.

“I to you.”  Sam muttered, after a few minutes of enjoying the warmth that always gave him such comfort.  Dean pulled away at that, pressing another reassuring kiss to Sam’s forehead before coming to land on his feet, stretching his wings out and grinning.

“Alright, ‘nough of this corny shit, let’s go see a movie.”


au where sams a fallen angel turned demon and deans a sneaky bastard who always shirks his duties to visit sam bc sam was his favourite and the only angel dean ever considered his brother so fuck the rest sams chill af

Reasons to Join Team Subaki

No, I’m not talking about min-maxing feathers by joining not as popular teams to have less competition to rank and then jumping on the winning team last minute, I’m talking about all the style reasons to join Team Subaki.

First Playable Male Pegasus Rider

Subaki is the lone male of the “waifu gauntlet,” which kind of makes sense as he’s the first ever playable male pegasus rider. There are male wyvern riders but they’re not in the game save Michalis and Narcian who are not in the gauntlet, but in Fire Emblem history we couldn’t play as male pegasus riders…until Subaki came. 

Underrated Hero

Subaki is a tank. If you just started to play the game or maybe you don’t have good units or maybe you’re saving up for Ike and never summoned or maybe you just want to be impressive and run all 3* units in battles or something, chances are Subaki is one of your saving graces. Dude can basically tank reds for days.

Flattest of Them All

If you’re against characters who get a lot of popularity for two very big reasons and want to send a message or something that those reasons aren’t everything, look no further than the contender with the flattest chest. 


“Expect perfection!” Ask and you shall receive. Just don’t put him next to any greens. That hair doesn’t lie. He literally breeds perfection too. 


I implore you, please support only best boy in the upcoming gauntlet.


The most important thing to remember when working with anything preternatural is Trust Your Gut. Magic is a science of instinct and association. Your eyes and ears are rarely used, navigate by what feels right.


1 - The older something is the more attuned it is. For example if a mage has a choice between working with a three year old tarot deck and a thirty year old deck, the older one will always produce better results.

2 - Natural materials are the best mediums for energy. Found wood, stone, feathers, twine. The less people who have touched it the better. I have generally found fallen Elkhorn to be the best readily available material. No human Ivory. You know why.

3 - You work in terms of sunrises. A sunrise is powerful unraveling force, most lesser enchantments will only last one or two sunrises before they have to be rebuilt. This can be designed around but requires extra time and energy.


Your eraser is running water. Running water grounds most energies. Always have a bucket nearby.

If you are trying to talk to something, cover your face and be polite. Never say your full name.

Silver for the curses, lead for the spectral, iron for the fae, fire for anything that burns, faith for the demonic (a cross only works for a Christian, a star of david for a Jew, etc)

Magic is a study of balance. All comes at a price.

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Two questions: What's a crop and how does one feel it?

The crop is a sort of sac in the throat area of a bird, it acts as a place for food storage so a bird can consume food and fly off to digest later, in an area free of predators.  Once food enters the digestive system it goes in to the crop and just sits there until the bird is ready to digest, throughout the day food will leave the crop and go through the rest of the system.  Once food leaves the crop is enters the Proventriculus which is sort of similar to our stomach in that it uses acid to dissolve foods.  The Proventriculus is the first chamber of the bird’s two chambered stomach, the second chamber being the gizzard, the gizzards job is to grind up any remaining foods and further digest the nutrients before shipping waste through the intestines and out the colon.


Crops are most visible in baby birds, during this stage the crop takes up a larger percentage of the body and there’s less feathers hiding it.


As for feeling the crop, you just sort of..

Just lightly touch that area, it’s actually something you should be doing regularly to check for any crop compactions, feel around it a little bit and you can actually feel every individual seed, if the crop is large and feels too hard they need to drink more water, if it’s large but really soft they need to eat more seeds.  A healthy crop should feel almost like a blown up balloon, in the morning it will be completely depleted but after a meal you’ll feel every veggie, pellet, and seed they just had!

Welcome friends to my special brand of shitposting.

Basically this started as a crack idea of giving Yui wings and devolved rapidly into a 10-page Googledoc that will never see the light of day. EVER.

Everyone’s favorite boy detective!

If I were to try and classify gijinka magic, in terms of origin point in cultures and such, I would pin my bets on Wind clans and Shadow clans as being the two cultures that really took the magic and developed it into something useful, and Wind dragons, generally being travelers by nature, would have brought and shared and spread the magic with them to other cultures.

Given the nature of nocturnes, I’d imagine the very first general shapeshifting magic was invented by them, or at least by the Shadow Flight in general. And it was originally developed as a trap, or an illusion. 100%, shadow-style gijinka magic is supposed to lure some sorry fuck into thinking they’ve found easy, squishy prey or some poor lost soul, and then all of a sudden, your tiny target is actually a 20 foot guardian, and you’re on treacherous ground. Alternatively, you make yourself small and flexible so that you can hide better, because who’s going to look for a ridgeback in a crevice not even wide enough to pass their shoulders?

The Wind strand of gijinka magic would have been looked at as an ‘equalizer’. Bring all people to roughly the same dimensions of size, and in theory, this would help disperse certain prejudices and arrogances. For example, I can see larger dragons like Ridgebacks and Imperials and Guardians more or less writing off smaller breeds like Spirals and Fae, on account of, well, I could squash them with my foot, how much do their opinions really matter? But when you’re all roughly at eye level, give or take, perhaps it’s easier to look at another dragon and go ‘oh right. That’s a person.’ 

I’d also imagine that ‘true’ gijinka-ing is the Shadow-Style method of doing things. No horns, no feathers, no wings, no real signs of what your actual breed is, you hide all of it. Meanwhile, Wind-Style method is more loose with its transformations. You allow the horns and the feathers and the so forth because the magic is less about hiding yourself and more about finding common ground with one another. 

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(@daily-pompom-oricorio) Alola, friend! Oooh, I've never seen your kind before! You kinda resemble our Pa'u Oricorio cousins, but with...even less feathers. How are you flying like that?


Oh yeah! That’s the way you say hi in the Alola region!

Alola @daily-pompom-oricorio !

I’m a porygon-z! I’m like, a digital bird… I guess. I still like to think I’m a bird at least. =‘)

But yeah, I’m not really flying. I’m hovering. I don’t really know what causes it, but I’ve always been able to do it. ^^;

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Regarding your article today: there is another admittedly less well-known tradition of ancient Egypt that you didn't mention, one that involved weighing the heart of the deceased against a feather of truth; that those whose hearts were more true than the feather would be granted a positive afterlife and those whose heart weighed less would essentially disappear. Was this top-down idea discussed? Was there a card for this in the file? Can I get a maybe on this card being in Hour of Devastation?

We did talk about it.