with fate conspire

Wherever I Go (You Go With Me)

This fic was written as part of an ongoing challenge. We each select random numbers and are given a specific emotion from the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. To read the other fics written in this challenge, click here, or you can find the masterpost on tumblr here.

This fic was inspired by prompt number 672: “The worry that everything’s already been said.”

Harry reaches out and pats Louis. Sometimes, late at night, lying next to his husband of twenty years, he can’t help but feel a little lonely. It’s a good life they’ve built for themselves, he reminds himself, an incredible life. They’re both blessed to be working in their fields, they’ve got three amazing kids, they’re both still healthy and active with very little lower back pain, but late at night, deep in the dark, a still, small voice from somewhere inside of Harry wonders if this is really as good as it gets.

But then, the fates conspire in Harry’s favor, and provide him with the perfect opportunity to help Louis and him get their groove back.

Copley Square is never going to know what hit it.

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I will be so disappointed if any future drama that contains a concubine selection sequence does not have this trope, where the demure innocent girl from a lesser family spills water/tea/soup/insert-liquid-here on the snotty, bratty rich girl from the powerful family, requiring the plucky female lead who is a Strong Female Character™ to come to her rescue and have an argument with the bratty girl in the middle of the palace.

Also related is the trope of the plucky female lead who is a Strong Female Character™ entering the palace for concubine selection, planning to hide her talents because she doesn’t want to be chosen, but Fate conspired against her and made her reveal her talents anyway, leading to her being the Chosen One, thus starting off a whole epic herstory of palace rivalries and intrigue.

falling in love starts with her smile
she shocks you speechless with her beauty
but it’s when you see her in the firelight
that you know that you’re a goner 

because the fates conspired to make you two meet
the universe rewrote itself to craft a legend and a love story

but fate, the stars, they hold nothing on her
she’s the reason your heart beats
the reason your soul sings 
and she ignites a war within your veins

of course you love her, that was never in any doubt
because love is friendship set fire and legend inflamed by desire
and the two of you outshine the stories in the constellations 
the two of you are infinitely powerful and desperately devoted


And The World Bows by Abby S

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMS @blyedeeks!!! there are not enough words in the english language to describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I wish you the very best for all your tomorrows and all your todays because if anyone deserves all that the world has to offer it’s you!


I know it’s late, and our hearts stay far
Apart now, but I want you to have stars
And the moon in your thoughts tonight
Because while our love faded
The roof top memories of our distant and jaded spring stargazing did not

I know it’s late, and maybe simple fate conspired against us
Because with every new day
We simply found one more way to be ineffective with each other
So look at the stars, look at the night and Mars because while we faded they will not.

I know it’s late, and while you may hate
My metaphor’s meandering styles
Look up
Because that’s my only wild chance of one last midnight dance with you.
And right now I’m just gazing at the moon.

That Feel When:

You keep changing your mind about how a certain scene should go.

You want to write a quick stand alone piece, but quickly reach option paralysis.

You want to get xxxx number of words written, but you can’t think because of a cold or allergies, or both at the same time.

You need to write something happy, but you’re feeling the sads.

You sit down to write, and THEN a bunch of stuff happens that demands your attention.

You need to write, but you’re about as relaxed as a cat that was just surprised by a two year old.

You need to write, BUT ALL THE FREAKING ABOVE!

Dream Snatcher

Is there a place where lost dreams go
I have to ask as I’ve got to know
All those happy wishes that people desired
Those taken away as fate and circumstance conspired

Is there a place where lost dreams go
I have to ask as I’ve got to know
Maybe it’s in the stars up there shining bright?
As stars like dreams come out at night
Maybe they’re snatched away from us ever so soon?
Forever to hide in shadows on the moon

Is there a place where lost dreams go
I have to ask as I’ve got to know
I know life ain’t fair but its bloody cruel too it seems
Fooling around with destiny and stealing people’s dreams
Maybe there’s a dream snatcher on a mission
To take all our dreams into one big collection

Is there a place where lost dreams go
I had to ask as I’ve got to know
If there is such a place where lost dreams are in cages
I’d go there & free them all, return them to their creators
Returning dreams so people live in blissful hope once more
I think that’s a worthy mission to ask crowd funding for
So I’ll set up an appeal where people can donate
Once there’s enough my dream hunt begins, can’t wait
Who wants to come with me?

—- just being bit whimsical after watching The BFG movie 😊

A Different Fate - Chapter 11

Summary: Fiona learns that Rumplestiltskin is the Dark One shortly after Cora breaks his heart, and leaves the Dark Realm to find him. Slowly, they build the relationship they should have had - and Fiona grows determined to restore the destiny she cut away from her son.  Years later, when Belle makes a deal to become the Dark One’s maid, she never expects to find his mother living with him, or to find Fiona encouraging her growing relationship with Rumplestiltskin.

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Chapter 11—“That May Not Make Me Wise”

Bae had been hiding with the pirates—or, technically, with Smee—for days.  He’d lost track of how many, because telling time on Neverland was absolutely pointless—but he knew he’d be found out eventually.

He just hadn’t expected it to be by Hook.

“What have we here?”  The pirate captain pulled away the lid of the barrel Bae had retreated back into with a laugh.  He’d been hiding on the far side of the ship, mostly, except when the Lost Boys came back in that direction.  They were still looking for him, but no one seemed to have gone to get Pan, at least.

Maybe Rufio and Felix didn’t want to admit they’d lost Bae yet again.

“This doesn’t look like rum!”  Hook’s men all laughed, of course.  Bae had noticed long ago that they always laughed at Hook’s jokes, either because they were drunk or just stupid.  Or maybe scared.  Still, Hook’s grip when he pulled Bae free was firm and sober enough.  “You’d make for very poor drinking, lad, and I have an agreement with Pan not to steal any of his Lost Boys.  So, you’d best start talking before I make you walk the plank.”

“Right now, walking the plank would just put me in the sand.”  Bae shrugged as he straightened, figuring that he had nothing to lose by being brash.  “It’s not a great threat.”

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shitty hotel wifi and skype calls

Hotel Wi-Fi is officially Tsukishima’s greatest enemy. It’s been a long day and all Tsukishima wants is to see his boyfriends’ faces when he talks to them, but unreliable Wi-Fi and all the fates are conspiring against him so all he can do is stare at Hinata’s text from several minutes ago—sorry!!! we’re looking for our ethernet cable!!—and another one from Kageyama that says, is a 5-star hotel really 5-star if it has SHITTY INTERNET.

Finally, finally, Hinata logs onto Skype, and Tsukishima can’t click the call button fast enough.

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Red Sky

The sea breeze woke him that morning with the smell of sea salt and a gentle howl, like wolf in the distance. It did not care for his weariness, nor for his partner’s unwillingness to stir as it caressed her through the window. 


Not even his own touch could pull her from the realm of dreams. There was peace on her face, and he found himself afraid to wake her. Maughlin ran his shop below as he always did, and Shanalotte tended to the bonfire, outside. Nothing had changed, but Majula had become alien to him. It was like coming home after a lifetime away. Indeed, they were away for quite some time, but how could so much change in such a short time?

Pulling the tattered cloak from the chest behind him, Jarrod stood up and threw it over his shoulders. Taking his weapons with him, he descended from the loft into the main room. Giving Rosalind’s fellow Volgenese a nod, he stepped outside, his hood almost immediately blown back by a gust. 

“What a pain,” he grumbled, pulling the old black fabric closer around himself. 

When did Majula get this chill? 

The small settlement was bathed in red and orange, bleeding from the sky that was bruised with purple clouds. He basked in the morning sun, admiring a beauty that he never quite noticed before. He could understand why one would praise the gross incandescence over them. 

Were mornings in Majula always like this? 

He was ignorant of many things, until recently. Each experience felt like greeting an old friend, after many years. Much like that woman, Marylin. It felt like fate was conspiring to send anything his way. To cram every little thing into the gaping hole left by what was lost. He wished he had thanked the scholar in a better way for the gift of helping him find his ability for spells once more. It gave him a worthwhile distraction, at least. 


slyth-princess  asked:

I think my top 3 favorite cliches are bonding or getting stuck together somehow (though I've read a lot of the classics), slytherin!harry, and jealousy or misunderstanding. I just don't like Mpreg, veela, creature (beastiality), and rent boy. But otherwise bring on the cliches!

Oooh, yay!! Hey slyth-princess! Love these! I’ve read way more bonding/stuck together fics than the other,s so lets roll with that. These are ones where they’re either magically bonded or physically stuck together (as opposed to forced proximity ones, where they share a space but aren’t literally stuck together, which, there are so many great ones of those it would need to be its own list). And they’re all awesome! And hopefully there will be some new stuff for you! Enjoy!

D/H Stuck Together Recs

The Dangers of Faulty Handwriting by ashindk - NC-17, 6k - The difference between mind-blowing sex with Harry Potter and all-eclipsing disaster is just one gentle stroke of a quill. Pansy Parkinson’s quill, to be exact.

Hungry by birdsofshore - NC-17, 24k - The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy.

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy by themostepotente - NC-17, 15.5k - When Harry and Draco are conjoined in a freakish accident, they must learn to set aside their differences if they’ve any hope of survival.

Salt on the Western Wind by Sara’s Girl - NC-17, 60.5k - When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected. 

The Ties that Bind Us by faithwood - NC-17, 28k - An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

D/H Magical Bond Recs

Skulking by teshara- R, 8k - When Harry follows Draco out of the castle, the last thing he expects is to become caught up in a bonding ceremony. When they realize they’re going to have to learn how to live together neither of them is happy, but sometimes things have funny ways of working themselves out.

Three Boxes and a Scrapbook by dracogotgame - R, 30.5k - One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. But perhaps, what they needed was here all along. (This pics up as a bond ends, fyi)

Twice as Much as an Earthquake by firethesound -  NC-17, 18.5k -Accidental bonding. Breaking and entering. Conspiring, however unwillingly, in the strange one-man war Malfoy’s waging against detention. This isn’t the normal school year Harry anticipated having, but at least it’s not boring.

Tug-O-Want by Cheryl Dyson - R, 16.5k - Harry is back at Hogwarts minding his own business when he finds himself magically drawn to Draco Malfoy. Over and over again.

D/H Bond-Adjacent Recs (wherin a magical bond is somehow involved but is not the only compelling factor)

Cure for the Flu by ivyblossom - R, 10.5k - Harry, Draco, sickness, and accidental telepathy.

The Lesbian Muffin Debacle by abusing_sarcasm - NC-17, 7k - It was one of those things that made Draco sure that fate was conspiring against him. It had started with a muffin. Well, truthfully, it had started when he’d decided that sixth year was long enough to make Pansy Parkinson wait and he’d finally acquiesced, mostly gracefully, to being her boyfriend. It seemed like a suitable distraction to take his mind of the whole unpleasant “killing Dumbledore” business.

One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This by Duinn Fionn - PG-13, 9.5k - Secrets and imp magic make a bad combination, and Draco will never, ever forgive Blaise for any of this

As always, remember to leave comments and kudos for all of these awesome authors!

The Model Fic (no i cba to think of a real title for now i’m open to suggestions)

This has been written for close to 2 years now as a McFly fanfic, but is now coming to the world as an apology phanfic for being bad at updates.  But it’s 7k so that’s not a bad apology I think!

Phil and Dan were dating, once upon a time.  Then Dan got scouted for modelling, and Phil broke it off between them before things could go bad.  And yet a fateful reunion could make all the difference to their fate…

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Oh my god I actually wrote a fanfic that isn’t an AU or a headcanon or a vague plot-bunny what happened

this was kinda fun to write but I don’t like the ending unnnggg

So yeah this is ’A Knight in Black Lace’ it’s… something, a Paulina and Sam-centric something

“Oh no… oh no oh no oh no oh no.”

Paulina leaned against the sink in the Casper High girl’s bathroom, a white slip covering her body and a pink dress in her hands. She held up the silky material to give it another look over, hoping beyond hope that the damage wasn’t as bad as it had seemed in the darkness of the gym. The dress was beautiful, strapless and form-fitting, it was cool to the touch and shimmered in the light, it made her feel like a magical fairy-tale princess. It was almost perfect, it seemed the only thing it had been missing was a decent seamstress if the huge tear up the side reaching almost to the white, lacy edge of the armpit was any indication.

She had barely managed to make it to the bathroom without the whole thing coming apart and leaving her practically in her underwear in the middle of the dance floor after one little thread had come loose and found its way under her foot. Paulina had never run so fast in her life, especially not in heels.

The bathroom being completely empty was both a blessing and a curse, there was no one to see her in this incredibly embarrassing moment… because they were all waiting for the moment the Prom King and Queen would be crowned, it was supposed to happen any minute now and nobody wanted to miss it.

Paulina felt her eyes burn and quickly blinked away her tears, she already had to deal with a ruined dress, she would not allow her makeup to follow. It wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t left her bag at the drinks table, she always kept some lipstick and mascara on her person, of course she’d also have her phone too and would be able to call Star for help. It was like fate was conspiring against her, some otherworldly god had decided that today would be ‘Ruin Paulina’s Life’ day. The only thing that could possibly make any of this worse would be-

“-ly be a minute, it’s not like I care who’s picked anyway.”

The owner of the muffled voice opened the bathroom door with her head over her shoulder, but once she’d finished speaking to whoever was outside she closed the door and turned around. Sam Manson froze for a moment, taking the scene in. A watery eyed Paulina handling a torn piece of pink material.

“What?!” Paulina snapped at the intruder, eyeing her intricately laced, high collared, perfectly intact, gothic, black dress with what she refused to admit was jealousy.

Sam raised an eyebrow and set her shoulders back, ready to retort, but the potential snarky comment died on her lips when Paulina’s mascara began to run down her face as her self control finally broke. Paulina uselessly fanned her face with her hands as she sobbed, though the action seemed to be more self-soothing than practical. Sam watched for no more than a few seconds before heaving a ragged sigh and dragging herself over to the near-hysterical girl with whom she was unfortunately sharing the bathroom.

“Look, give me your dress.” Sam said as she pulled a small white box out of her bag. Paulina gave her a distrustful look instead, Sam rolled her eyes and stuck out her hand. “C’mon, it’s not like I can make it any worse, so let’s see the damage.” She flexed her fingers expectantly.

Paulina clung to the remains of her dress with delicately painted, nails. “What are you going to do?” she asked, her voice ripe with suspicion. Sam opened the little white box in her hands, it was marked with a red cross. Paulina gave it a quizzical glance. “Why did you take a first aid kit to prom?”

Sam opened it up and said, “With the amount of ghost attacks in this town? I’m surprised there aren’t more people carrying them everywhere.” she pulled a small curved needle and a piece of thread out of the box. “This needle’s supposed to be for stitching up injuries but I could probably still use it for a dress.”

Once again she stretched out her hand. Paulina, against her better judgement, hesitantly handed over the useless piece of fabric. Sam shook it out and studied the torn side, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. “It’s not so bad, just a split seam.” Paulina heard her murmur before she promptly turned the dress inside out and began to sew.

Paulina watched in careful silence, keeping a firm eye on Sam’s sewing until her improvised seamstress spoke again. “There’s some mascara and eye-liner and stuff in my bag, you should probably clean yourself up.” Paulina took a glance in the mirror behind her, immediately noticed the black tears streaking her face and quickly made use of the paper towel dispenser to her left.

By the time she’d cleaned up and replaced her make-up Sam had put her first aid kit away. Paulina picked up the dress, looking over it for any signs of tampering, but the only thing wrong with it that she could see was…

“You didn’t finish.” Paulina sniffed and held the dress out, the seam had been sewn up between the armpit and past the waist, but the rest had been left hanging open.

Sam finished packing up and strung her bag over her shoulder. “I ran out of thread, you’ll just be showing off a little leg. It’s not like you’d be the only one, people will probably think your dress looked like that the whole time.”

Paulina ran the fabric through her hands one more time before slipping it over her head. She posed in front of the mirror, turning around and swishing the shimmery fabric. She stood side on and lifted her arm, analysing the seam. It was perfect.

“Wow… you’re really good at this.” Paulina commented. “I didn’t know you could sew.”

Sam looked over her work, a satisfied smile across her lips. “Yeah, my grandma taught me.”

Paulina paused in her posing and turned to Sam, she narrowed her eyes as if she were searching her face for something. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Sam almost look embarrassed, she turned away and folded her arms. “It’s not that I was trying to be nice… it’s just…” she paused, her hands flew away from her chest as if she could catch the words she fumbled for, “this one time there was a ghost attack at the mall, and when I jumped over a broken wall to hide something yanked my skirt and tore it off, I had to wait in the bathroom for Danny and Tuck to go buy me a skirt to wear home.” for a moment Paulina saw a soft smile grace Sam’s face, “The one they got didn’t fit right but at least I could walk home with it.” the smile faded and Sam’s mask of indifference was in place once again.

There were a few moments of silence before Paulina realised that Sam had nothing else to say. The awkward feeling in the air was almost tangible and Paulina struggled to find the appropriate words to break the silence.

“So…” she began, “You’re not gonna be asking me for any favours after this, are you?” Paulina made sure to keep her tone light, and to lace a playful smirk on her lips. She was delighted when Sam played along.

“God, no way. If I go ‘round asking you for favours, people might think I did something nice for you. Or worse, they’ll think we’re friends.” Sam finished her sentence with a dramatic horrified shudder that almost pulled a giggle from Paulina. Almost. “You better get out there.” Sam nodded towards the door, “I haven’t heard any applause so they probably haven’t crowned anyone yet.” and with a swish of black lace she was out the door.

Paulina glanced into the mirror, checking her make-up one last time before following her saviour back out onto the gym, just in time to hear two names called out. Dash spotted her from across the room and hurried over to walk her up to the stage to collect their crowns. Paulina grinned as she picked out all of her friends clapping and smiling.

The one in black lace had the widest smile of them all.